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Found 705 results

  1. Guest

    Secondary Education in Mackay

    Hi, As my 457 visa is currently being processed after a recent job offer i thought it might be time to gain some information from the forum in regards to secondary schools in Mackay. We are looking for a good school for our 13 year old daughter, we have had a quick look online at a few but really want to have some "local" knowledge and advice. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future and maybe meeting up on the "other" side. Many thanks Sean & Lisa
  2. Hi - Does anybody have any experience of the select entry system in Melbourne? Am hoping my daughter will be able to sit the exam before we come over but would welcome any guidance on the exam and Mac Robertson Girls school. Many thanks.
  3. Dan dontknow

    Aus Dreams

    Hi I'm new to all this but here it goes I'm a 24 year old married man with 2 young boys. I'm a fully qualified diesel mechanic and I've been wanting to move to aus for a while. I Recentley spoke to a recruitment firm who said they could job match me in QSL or NSW not sure where yet. I think I would go for the 457 visa, obviously I'm very early on with any plans but I like to think I would move fast when I put my mind to it. my biggest concerns are cost ,accommodation (renting) and schools (4 year old has just startded) any advice welcome and merry christmas. Cheers Dan :wink:
  4. Jibbah24

    Central Coast Schools....

    Morning all.... We are deep into the planning of a relocation from Victoria to the Central Coast and are looking for some advice on the best public schools in the area. We've been up here for a week and like the area around Terrigal but are also considering the corridor from Terrigal through Erina and Gosford as this will make my commute to Sydney a little easier. I'll be doing the commute two or three days a week and am fine with that but it is the school which is the driving factor. My wife is a teacher and we have both done a lot of research online particularly with the Better Education webiste and many of the schools get very similar rankings so we are now looking at the location of the school, facilities etc....! Hope you can give some good insights. Cheers S
  5. PityTheFool

    Where to live in Perth???

    Were are currently investigating places to live in Perth and we are hoping the Perth experts out there may be able to help with our rather optimistic wish list! We would be looking for; A family friendly area (I will be 32, my partner is 29 and our boys will be 8 and 6) As close to the beach as possible (making morning / evening visits possible) Close to good schools I will be working in the city and would like the commute to be under an hour (ideally 30/45mins). We like the feel of being out of the city but would like our local facilities to be the city as opposed to a small local town, suburb, etc. We would be looking to rent initially but when we do buy we would hope to have a budget of around $450k. I understand this will be a tall order and that something will have to give but if you could start us off that would be great! Also are the any main differences between the north and south of the river??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, My family and I are looking to move to the Sunshine Coast after living in Auckland for over 8 years. I have 3 teenagers and am looking for a good High school for my 2 boys (ages 14 & 15). I like the look of Mountain Creek State High from there website but would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanks Emma.
  7. Hi to all, would like to pick your brains as hours on the internet is not getting me far !! We have a five and an eight year old and will be moving to the Caloundra area next year. Not too stuck to an area so just wondering about the primary schools. I have seen Currimundi and Caloundra, both looked lovely. Are there any other I have missed? Would really like to know how the catchment area's work and if there is something that could tell me that? Also did you register your children before you arrived or wait till you got there? Thanks for any info Judy
  8. Hi , we are moving over by March 2012 . I am looking at catholic schools around the shire area (caringbah /miranda/ sylvania)and possibly the hills areas. We have a Boy age 9 born 04/2002 and Girl 7 born 06/2004 and as they are currently attending a Cofe school here i wanted them to attend a catholic school over there. Does anyone know what chances there are off getting them a catholic school place mid term next year? I know our local uk church school is full and the waiting list is extensive but thought as you have to pay for the church schools there maybe there would be places or is that being optomistic?:smile: Could anyone also advice what school year they would be in ?? I think eldest would be year 5 on arrival and youngest year 3 is that correct?? My youngest is nearly 3 born 12/2008 could anyone tell me when she would be due to start kindergarden? And again what the waiting lists are like for preschools over there?? Thanks in advance for any help (finding it hard to get my head round their schools ):biggrin: Mandy
  9. Guest

    Schools in Mentone - help please

    Hi - Finally we have a house in the Mentone area. Husband is moving in next week and we will be coming over end of November. I'm looking at Mentone Primary School, Mentone Park Primary School. Am also interested in information on St Patricks school in Mentone but can't seem to access their website. Any advice information would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jersey Beans

    Primary Schools in and around Narangba

    My husband has been offered a job in Narangba and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on primary schools in the area. I don't really know where to start! Any advice would be much appreciated :arghh:
  11. Hello, We are moving to Sydney around 2nd week of January 2012 so have started contacting schools to get a place for my 5yr old daughter. She was born in July so currently in KS1 in the UK. However, some of the schools (eg. St Luke's Grammar) I've contacted in Sydney have stated that she'll be enrolled into Kindergarten based on daughter’s date of birth. This really worries us; it'll be a big setback for my daughter if she had to go back to Kindergarten as she has been identified by her current school as a gifted and talented child and is sending her to KS2 class for English and maths. Has anyone else experienced similar situation in the past? Could we ask the school to evaluate my daughter and place her in an appropriate grade based on ability rather than her age? We are mainly looking for catholic and private schools around Northern Beaches as I'm coming on 457 visa. Any help or advise is very much appreciated!
  12. Nickster

    Pottsville Area primary schools?

    Hi, We are currently living on the sunshine coast but finding work hard to come by and may need to move down to NSW for my husbands job. Found the school that my two boys (8 and 5) go to here a little big(around 1200) pupils and would love to move them to a smaller school more like the one they come from in the uk. Does anyone know of any good smaller size(about 400-500 pupils) schools around the Byron Bay - Pottsville area?????? Also what areas are nice to live? Would be most grateful for any information anyone can give!:laugh:
  13. My husband flys to Perth on the 3rd Jan and has 10 nights booked in a hotel in central Perth. He's not sure what to do after this as short tem lets don't seem to be economical for 1, so he thought it would be best to look for flat share whilst he is in Perth. Myself and the rest of the family will arrive later (March?) once Jon has a job or our house sells. Given it will take a few months to get the furniture shipped I assume we will need to get a short term let then a long term let. The kids are 8 and 6 so will be in school when we are in the short term let - but I was hoping not to have to move them when we rent long term. How did you get on with this? If we are booking the short term let only a month ahead of arriving what if we just end up settling where we can get a place to stay.
  14. Hi, I've been looking at Pittwater House and St Luke's in Northern Beaches as possible options for our potential move to NSW next summer and just wondered if anyone had any knowledge or information beyond the usual website stuff. My boys will be in Year 7 and Year 11. Thanks x
  15. Hi, my husband and I are planning to move to Sydney from UK in November with our 4 kids: 7, 5, 3 and 1. We're hoping to rent somewhere in Avalon but I don't know anything about schools there. Can anyone help? Thank you D
  16. Hi all, I am currently in Adelaide but heading up to Qld next week to check out schools before making the final move in December. I called a couple of schools on my hit list the top of which was Narangba State High. I got quite a chilly reception from them and when I requested a tour around the school, I was told they didn't allow people to look around? And I could speak to someone who would tell me everything I needed to know and enrol with them. Anyway that person wasn't available so I am waiting for a call back. The second school on my list was Dakabin State High. I had a nice lady greet me on the phone and she said they would be happy to show us around. Anyway I found a website http://bettereducation.com.au where you can see the school rankings. Narangba far out-rates Dakabin at 82-68 My head is a mess I don't know how to work this. If I could actually go to both schools I could probably get a feeling for which one suits my daughter best and she could give her feedback too. But to enrol without actually seeing the school doesn't sound right to me at all. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools or know of anyone who does. Thanks in advance from a :confused: very confused Deb
  17. Hi - my husband has hopefully secured us a house to rent in Mordialloc. Can anybody recommend any schools in the area. My children are 6, 8 and 10. Many thanks
  18. johnhenryshammer

    Primary schools in Rockingham area

    Hi all, i'm coming over at long last this month and my family comes out end of november. I need some serious advice regards state primary schools. i'm working in Medina and i'm thinking of looking for a rented house in Rockingham/safety bay/cooloongup area. My daughter is 9 and obviously it's imperitive i make the right decisions for her. Any advice would be welcomed.
  19. Could have been a newspaper headline out of one of the UK newspapers couldn't it.....? but no, this is one from the West Australian in Perth. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/10679839/schools-warned-sharpen-up-on-teaching-skills/ Have attached the link, was part of the reason for returning to Uk from Perth. I found the early childhood system and what was available to our son, immensely limiting and very frustrating, with a poor focus on socialisation and independence from 3 yrs old through to 5 yrs, never mind the literacy and numeracy! can't comment past that as we are back now and what a difference in the teaching. I am utterly over the moon seeing him absolutely thriving in his new school back here in the UK. He is slightly behind on his phonics but they have something in place to assist him with that and helps that he only missed the reception year, so time enough to catch up with the right support, which in essence he is getting. What a difference in the teaching method including socialisation things like learning to work on his own, in pairs, in a group, responsibility etc, sounds quite basic, but it just wasnt happening whilst he schooled in Perth - daycare was a hugely worrying start for the early years too, visited so many and had to pull him out of x2 and he was only going x1 day a week and one of them was for a morning when he was 3 yrs! Upped him to x2 days daycare when he was 4 yrs with probably, what was the best in the area, and although we finally got good carer, he spent most days painting and surrounded by 3 yr olds, (that was mid this year) and he was 4 & 1/2 yrs. Understandably he never wanted to go, on those morning, but funnily since being back in UK have not had any resistence to school - they are learning in a fun way, they did bingo last week but I can really see the difference, he is like a sponge and lurving it. Hard to believe that if we had stayed in Perth he would still be only doing x2 days a week till next February. On a positive note, at least they have recognised there is an issue and will I hope be putting things in place to rectify it, though whether it is enough, time will tell......
  20. richselina

    Primary Schools in ACT

    We've got our 176 State Sponsorship and will be coming to Canberra in a few months to look for schooling for our 6 year old daughter and would appreciate any guidance on some good schools that we should look at. Our main concern is finding a good school in a good area for her. We've done some online research, but nothing is as good as first hand knowledge, so would appreciate some viewpoints. Thanks so much, Richard
  21. Hello all, We are possibly moving interstate from the Central Coast NSW to Melbourne, Vic. Hubby's future (fingers crossed) office is on Collins Street, near Merchant Street so a way from Flinders Street railway station. While we love the idea of living in Mount Eliza for the space, we have three young children (4.5, 2.5 & 1) and two large dogs. We fear the commute might be too much. Hubby at the moment is commuting roughly 2hr each way. He said he doesn't mind just over an hours commute and likes the idea of the tram. He also wants the kids to go a coed school. So, which suburbs (preferably East, Bayside) are within an hour commute be near to private coed schools that have an ELC program ideally? I am also looking for somewhere with a community as being a pom married to an Aussie I haven't found it that easy in Sydney to make new friends. Cheers
  22. I am new to this site but really need some advice. My OH is a Diesel Fitter and we have PR visas. We did a recci 3 years ago to Sunshine Coast and to Perth. The thing is I didn't really warm to Perth, (we stayed in Hillarys) but all the employment opportunities seem to be in WA. It was nice, don't get me wrong, it was June...nice weather, nice facilities but there just seemed to be a bit of anti social behaviour, joy riding, vandelism etc. It was just off putting and yes I do know this is everywhere but I read here that so many people love Perth so maybe I just got the wrong impression. I am more than willing to give Perth another go as employment opportunities are of the upmost importance but I have no idea where to start looking for a nice location to settle. We are from Ireland, small village, small school, 2 kids aged 10 and 12 and I would like a really nice school (bullying is a worry) and good activities for them locally. I am so confused at the moment, we are moving in January but have not confirmed the flights yet as I am completely torn. All advice is welcome.
  23. Hi guys!! very new to all this forum stuff so bear with me!! I'm planning on making the massive move to the Melbourne area with my two boys, 11 and 3, in late March next year. I've got a job offer from a Hospital in Wantirna. I'm trying to find Kindy near to work for the wee man and a good Primary School for my 11 year old. Just don't know where to start in looking for decent, affordable suburbs with good schools that are not too far away. I think 45 mins travel to work in the car is the furthest I would consider. Any help or advice would be great, thanks... :biggrin::twitcy::confused:
  24. Guest

    schools in melbourne

    Hi we are moving to Melbourne in January and would like some advice on suburbs and schools. My husband will be working in the cbd and we need a good secondary and junior school possibly in Bayside. Any advice would be invaluble. many thanks
  25. Guest

    schools in victoria

    we are moving out to oz in february to victoria and would really like some info on schools in that area? i have a 6 and 3 year old?