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Found 705 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Special Needs Schools in Melbourne

    We are often asked on here about special needs schools in and around Melbourne. Some I would recommend are: Elwood Primary Caulfield South Primary Williamstown North Primary Trafalgar Primary Gippsland and one that the parents sing the praises for is Manor Lakes College. Also take a look here http://www.independentschools.vic.edu.au/schools/pubs/special_schools_2008.pdf
  2. I am planning to move to Brisbane or Sydney, I would be comming there on PR - 176 (hopefully) wanted to know how much would it cost me to rent a house, how much will I have to pay as a tution fee for my 2 daughters and ideally how much does it cost for a family of 4 (2 kids, me and my wife) to live there. Please give your imputs as this is a very imp for me to decide.
  3. Anyone know anything about the schools in this area?
  4. Where are the best schools on the Cental Coast? My kids are all still young so its primary schools really, and this would mean a lot about where we would live. My husband is a plumber so a commute into Sydney would not be so much of a problem as his work could be in any area really, although i would like to be as close to Sydney as possible for visiting. We have decided on the Central Coast as you get sooooooo much more for your money! We want to live a walk to the beach and a walk to resurants, cafes etc. Dont want to spend our weekends in the car!!! Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi experts :wink:, We are in the process of applying for a 176 visa to move to Melbourne. We have 2 young children who will be 4 and 6 when we move to Oz. We are looking to secure a rental property for when we move and obviously we need it to be close to good schools. Can anyone help me and my wife with finding the best suburbs to rent in with the main priority being locations close to good schools? Thanks in advance Mr & Mrs D
  6. I have 2 boys aged 9 and 3.5yrs and will be moving to Brisbane in June/July 2011. I am starting to get a bit worried now as the 2 schools we had decided on Ormiston or Moreton Bay (after advice from PIO) do not have places for either:cry::cry: Even so we are adding names to the waiting list and keeping fingers crossed. So we are now looking for alternatives around the Carindale area (one of the shortlist suburbs but not definate) or within east access. Any info at all about Sheldon College (awaiting places info) or Citipointe Christian College would be great....or any other good schools close by...?????? Lokked at Faith Lutheran but seems to be too far out. Many Thanks sunilisa.x
  7. Large, modern 5-bedroom home overlooking a lake. Located in Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. * 35km from Brisbane City * 30 minutes to Bribie Island * 40 minutes to the Sunshine Coast * 1 1/2 hours from Gold Coast -2 Bathrooms -Double Garage -Swimming Pool -Air-Con -Covered Entertainment Area -Kids Retreat -Gym Room -Study -Close to top-performing schools, train station, shopping facilities etc. Lovely family house - great location, lovely neighborhood! OIRO $525,000 (AUD) Contact:for more details & photos.
  8. aduffield76

    Victoria Schools

    Hi all, My wife is all in a tiz about schools in Victoria. She has read on other forums that they arent particularly great, that they dont have a national curriculum, that they arent any better than the schools over here in the UK.... Please can someone help us out with some info. We have 2 children, 5 and 3. Has anyone migrated out there and have children in school? What are your experiences? Thanks guys :rolleyes:
  9. sandramcd

    Schools in Newcastle?

    Hi there, my husband has an interview at Newcastle Uni at the beginning of June and will be going on his own to check the place out. Can anyone advise about good schools in and around Newcastle? We have 5 kids ranging from 1 month to 10 years and are looking for child friendly suburbs with everything walkable if possible. Thanks!
  10. Hello, we've been looking for the past few years to move to australia. My step-dad went out there for 8 months last year to work and we went out in the last month to visit but that was in Sydney. We found out about a month ago that there is a job in Melbourne. And we are all really excited but he's leaving next month if all goes to plan. I just wanna know how Melbourne is. Is it similar to Sydney? What are the schools like? Is there a lot to do there? Just wanna meet people and talk to them about how stuff is out there? x :smile:
  11. We are not really keen on private schools (unless they are charity-run or with plenty of scholarships), but wondered if there were any 'alternative' schools on the Sunshine Coast. (Like Montessori, Steiner, Maharishi..) Where we live in the UK they are opening a state-funded Maharishi school near us and we would love to find something similar in OZ. Am I dreaming to think any alternative achools are state-funded in Queensland...? Or....are there state schools which encourage individuality, resourcefulness and creativity, not just academic prowess? Our eldest boy will be 4 in May and entering the school system next year (I think?) and we'd love some feedback on decent schools. Thanks very much for any help! Vics
  12. Hi all our first post! We are hoping to move out to the sunshine coast, has anyone got a view on what the state schools are like, is it worth paying for private. Bearing in mind we will have to pay for state schools as we are goig on a 457 Visa. If anyone has any suggestions on good schools or where we can compare school performances, that would be great. We have been attracted to Buderim and Peregian Springs area. Thanks Daz
  13. Hi We live in Newcastle and hubby has been offered a job in Sydney we were thinking of moving an hour from Sydney on the Central Coast but somewhere that rent is affordable or to buy with good Catholic School and good preschool. Will pay up to $450.00 a week rent. We would like to be 20 mins from the beach. Which areas are good areas to live in with good schools train line and 1 hours drive from Sydney ? Really appreciate any advice. Thank you
  14. Hello My family is moving to Sydney (we're Brits relocating from Melbourne where we have lived happily for four years). 2 daughters: youngest year 3 and at a public primary, the other just started (bad timing) year 7 at a private girls school. Husband will be working in Crows Nest, I will be in CBD or Kings Cross. We like the idea of the lifestyle of north shore or northern beaches but are concerned about travel time. I hear the bus is better than driving? Also, although we are both professionals we are certainly not 'mega earners' and are wondering if areas like Mosman (which has been recommended to us) is a bit 'rich' for us. Lastly schools are a huge concern and a deal breaker area wise if we cant get into good ones. (Very aware we don't have their names down and will be trying to jump in mid year). Any views / advice would be gratefully received!
  15. Hi I hope someone out there can help me. My family and I are looking to move out to Mount Eliza area,as soon as visas etc granted. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I have been looking at the schools out there. Penninsula School was my number 1 choice but they have no vacancies. What are peoples opinions to the other state/private schools in the area?? I have seen mentioned before that Kunyung is not a good choice, but what about Mt Eliza North, Mt Eliza primary, St Thomas Moore and Toorak College?? Plus , are there childminders out there for my 2 year old or does everyone use day care - any suggestions for this?? Final Question- Anyone know of a very good gymnastics coach/ academy for my 5 year old. Thank you in advance for all your help :hug:
  16. I am in a dilemma - If we go to Oz, NSW to be exact my husband & I will have to pay $4500 x 2 for my daughters schooling. (on a 457 visa) This will eat away at our budget, some of the threads I have read is that it could be cheaper to send to a private/catholic school. To be honest a catholic school would be ideal as my oldest has just been confirmed and my other daughter is making her 1st communion here in N ireland in May. I sent an email to a school when I was looking in the glenmore area of sydney, they emailed me back saying fees were $1800 per year but unfortunately there were no positions. I have been looking in other areas for housing as this is our prime hurdle that we need to get over, next would be schooling. But I am wondering will schooling be the 1st. My husband has been offered a sponsorship with a company in south sydney in the CBD. Would it be cheeky to ask them to include the schooling fees with the 'package'? They havent come back to my husband with the 'package'. The main thing at the mo is negotiating the $$ - which at the mo is nowhere near what we could survive on. If someone could guide me - it would be great. Thanks Jo
  17. mellymop

    schools in Cairns

    Does anyone know of any good school in Cairns. I have a 9 yr old son who has difficulty with his reading and writing and a very bright 4 yr old.
  18. nikkib

    Help, where do we start

    Hello, we finally received our visa (175) yesterday, and have a reccee trip planned for December. We are looking at the suburbs of Melbourne, close to the coast, but also need good schools and access to jobs for an accountant and a mechanic. I need help with what do you look at first the schools or the area? Any tips would be gratefully received. Thanks Nikki
  19. Hi can anyone advise if the private schools in this area are all over subscribed. I have read many conflicting opinions but these go back 4-5 years, so was wondering what the current situation is like. Our children are in years prep , 4 and 9 as of the new school year jan 2012. They are not baptised into any faith. Many thanks
  20. Hi all, were moving to the Edgewater area of Perth early next month. I've sorted out the primary school and my 2 youngest start edgewater primary on 28th February! I know that mater dài is a private catholic school so that is out of the question. I don't really wanna pay private school fees either. I emailed woodvale high school thinking that was in the catchment area. The only reply I got back was that I was to call mrs ******* when we arrive about applying for out of catchment area. I know belridge has popped up a few times but for all the wrong reasons so I do not want to send my daughter there. I suppose I was hoping for a lite more of a positive response from woodvale! Has any other pio peeps got any other suggestions or an insight into the Ozzie schooling. Obviously my daughter needs a place at a school as the commute is quite along one otherwise! Lol
  21. Just wondering if anyone has children going to a primary school in this area. We are moving next year, and I want to select the school before we go. I'm interested in Trinity College (although I'm not religous) - anyone know of this school? Or, has anyone done this research already and has some feedback for me? Thanks so much.
  22. Hi I need some help please - other half has job lined up in Woodvale, so we are now trying to find a nice suburb with a really good primary school for our children 4 and 6. Schools are really important to us and we don't want to move them around lots so any advice would be really appreciated. Only so much research you can do online, really need advice from people over there! Thanks Helen x
  23. Guest

    schools in bunbury area

    hoping to move over next year to bunbury area with my 15 year old son, where would be the best area and school
  24. Hello. I have just registered as I am a bit concerned about schools in Joondalup where we are planning to migrate to. My partner has his residential visa already and myself and my teenage children are waiting to hear if we can all go over to live, I am also expecting a baby. A friend of ours has recently gone already to Joondalup and he said he is considering putting his daughter into private school as the state school is rubbish. He has never done anything like this before (as daughter normally lives with Mum in UK or New Z) and although I have emailed him to ask about his school concerns, I wanted some other people's opinions. My children ate 15 and 13 and both are gifted in different areas. They are currently at a very good school so I am of course worried about moving them as I dont want their grades to drop as they are both getting A's and A stars. Any info would be really helpful. Thanks in Advance xxx
  25. I am looking for info on good schools around Ipswich and surrounding state and private as I am not sure. I have a 12 soon to be 13 year old son in final year of primary but from what I understand he would be jumping straight into secondary so I am looking for a school that is not too intimidating but good and friendly as he is currently in school in a small irish village. He is outgoing and loves sports by the way. On the other hand I have a daughter who will be 11 in her second last year in primary. She is quiet and doesnt like huge crowds so a big school might be difficult. I would appreciate any information as I am getting more confused on locations to settle. I just want to make sure we settle in a place where they can get a good school. If there are any Irish who have moved to this area with kids I would love to hear your views on the schools and education system and if it is a big transition from what we are used to. Thanks in advance D