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Found 704 results

  1. Guest


    We are going to be with relatives in Redland bay for a few weeks in November before we found somewhere to rent.... I'm wondering whether to send my little girl who's 6 to Redland bay state school or Victoria point state school..... My Sister in law has sent me over enrollment forms for redland bay, but i'm not sure what to do!!!! :wacko:
  2. My husband has just been offered an amazing opportunity in Oz so we are moving to Sydney at the beginning of Oct. I was last in Sydney 10 years ago, so have no idea of the best areas to live to ensure a good education for the kids (aged 3 and 5) - any advice is welcome. We need to be fairly close to the city centre within a 30 min commute if poss. Areas I know and like are Balmain, Paddington, Surry Hills, Glebe, Bronte, Bondi - does anyone have recommendations for primary schools within these areas? I'm also looking for an area with a community feel - do any of these tick the box? We have temporary accom on arrival but I'll need to be making enquiries before I head out to ensure the mnimum gap in my 5 year old's education so help is appreciated to whittle down a short list.
  3. Guest

    Primary schools Hampton

    Hi we are moving to melbourne in august and fancy settling in Hampton. From the web, it would seem there are only two schools in hampton, hampton primary and st mary's . Is this correct? Does that mean if you want a non catholic education then Hampton PS is your only option? Confused!
  4. Guest

    Primary Schools

    Hi, We are moving to Adelaide in October this year, with our 4yr old and 3 yr old and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the following primary schools: - Unley primary school - Highgate primary school - Mitcham primary school or - Westbourne Park primary school Cheers
  5. Hi guys, Can anybody recommend good schools in Brisbane for our 12 and 10 year olds (2 boys, 1 girl)? We are thinking of moving to Chapel Hill, Brookfield, Jindalee, Mount Ommaney or possibly Cleveland. It feels like a bit of a mine field at the moment - any recommendations or advice gratefully received.
  6. MazPaul

    Berwick high schools

    Hi we have been looking in Berwick at rentals and really love the place we need schools for our 6 year old and our 13 year old. Is there a lot of difference between Berwick secondary college and Kambrya school. This is just for the catchment areas.Any advice most welcome.I have to say its hard work trying to sort out a rental most agents are not interested at all.
  7. Pipp


    Hi everyone, moving to Perth Jan 2012 with 3 kids 17, 12, and 7. We have sourced a Uni for our eldest but we are having problems choosing schools. My O H has a job in Bibra Lake and we have been recommended Winthrop as a good place to live. Any thoughts on areas around there to rent in and also does anyone have kids at Winthrop or Melville High School or any feeder primary schools? All info is most appreciated. Thanks in advance Pip :biggrin:
  8. Hi Guys, Does anybody live in Winthrop and/or have kids in Winthrop primary and Applecross High school? Would love some feedback on the area and the schools please as it's looking a likely place for my family and I to settle Thanks in advance Pip x. :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Best schools in Adelaide

    My husband, our 4 children and I have finally decided to take the plunge and start our application process for Adelaide, I think!! With everything that Adelaide has to offer we think it is the best choice for our family however I still need some clarification. I would just like some advice on schools for our children aged between 1 and 12. We would really like to live as near to the beach as possible without being too far from the city. I have read that the best places to live are on the east of the city but this means you aren't right near the beach. Are there schools of the same calibre on the coast? This is quite important to us as one of the reasons we want to move to Oz is to be by the beach (we live by the beach in the UK) but obviously we don't want to compromise our children's education by being in the wrong location. If it means we have to look at a different city to get the best of both worlds then so be it. I should mention that we would be on a provisional regional visa if this makes any difference. thanks for reading.....:cute:
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone give me some pointers/recommendations? We are moving and want to be near a good school for my 5 yo. Any tips gratefully received!
  11. We are looking at moving in September to WA based in Bibra Lake office , looking to live in Rockingham area. Can anyone give any details/thoughts on Rockingham Senior school or Kolbe Senior and primary schools in the area. Is this the best area for us to be looking at south of the river. We have 3 kids 15,9,5. Any suggestions for areas and schools would be appreciated. We are more concerned about our 15 year old who who is just starting S4 in Scottish Education System... Thanks
  12. Guest

    School in Glen Iris Melbourne

    Hi - Our daughter is currently in Year 6 in the UK and is due to finish prep school in July moving on to a selective grammar school here in the UK in September. My husband has Oz citezenship and we are considering relocating to Melbourne in September, I figure from looking at term dates our daughter will actually start school in term 4 of year 6 (she is 11 will be 12 in November). With this in mind we are looking for either selective or private schools that take from Year 6 or pre year 6 through to year 12 so she will not be at one school for a term and then have to move on to senior school. We would be looking for a school in Glen Iris or surrounding suburbs any advise or reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Also doing some research we have found that the selction process in Oz tends to be at 13+ rather than 11+, is this the case or are there any 11+ selective schools? Thank you AC
  13. NZPom

    Brisbane Schools

    I put a question on the Queensland forum but have had no replies so I'm guessing that isn't the right place to put it. We are currently in Chch NZ and are looking to move across at the start of next year, with my daughters who will be 12 and 14 and 6 year old son. I'm not overly concerned about primary schools but am looking for State high schools for my daughters with a good academic reputation - they're both top stream and also love art and music (one not sporty at all - the other is). At the moment we're contemplating Redcliffe State High School and North Lakes State College (think that's what it's called). We'd also consider moving closer to the city if we'd be better off school-wise there! Being close to good schools is very important to us. We live in a beautiful suburb here but there is no local high school and our zoned school is a bit dodgy and don't want to be in that situation again! Many thanks in advance Kate
  14. andyjackie

    dyslexia in oz schools

    Hi new to pominoz hope to be moveing to qld or wa early 2012 does any body have information how oz schools deal and cater for dyslexic children as our son who is 8yrs old is dyslexic :unsure:
  15. Please can anyone recommend government primary schools in Inner city Melbourne and Camberwell areas - basically up to 10K radius of CBD We are moving to Melbourne soon and I want to make sure we get a nice school with a good reputation. Poor boy has only just started his current school (may) and loves it I want to settle him as soon as possible. :jiggy: Any thoughts appreciated.
  16. Hi there We're looking to relocate to Brisbane from Christchurch NZ at the beginning of next year. We're Brits and will have been living here for 6 years by then (citizens so need to sort out visas etc, thank God). I will be dragging my kids screaming and kicking with me as they cannot understand why on earth we want to leave here (despite the earthquake and continuous aftershocks) - especially my 13 year old who is in year 9 at High School (they start high school in year 9 in NZ) and absolutely loves her new school. I really do have to make sure we make a sensible choice re high schools (private is not an option, I'm afraid) as I don't want to have to move her again - the kids have all had more than enough to contend with recently! Looking roughly around the Redcliffe area (we're fairly flexible though), what are the high schools like? She's in the top stream, is quite nerdy, loves books, English, art and music - not remotely sporty!! If anyone could help, I'd be grateful. Many thanks in advance! Kate PS I can't believe how cheap properties/rentals are over there compared with here!!
  17. Guest

    Geraldton Schools

    Hi All, Myself, my wife and 2 kids (both 12) are looking at Geraldton as a location, does anyone have any info on the schools and areas in Geraldton, I don't want a bored wife or kids, also my wife is concerned it will be too isolated. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. Guest

    Primary schools Melbourne

    We will be moving to Inner city Melbourne soon (Don't know where yet!). Any personal opinions on primary schools would be appreciated The good, the bad and the ugly. Areas like - Richmond. Kensington, Camberwell, North Mel, Fitzroy, Carlton, Yarraville, Malvern etc etc I know it's not cool :cool: to slag off schools especially on an open forum so please PM me if you like. Thank you in anticipation :yes:
  19. Hi guys I guess I am calling on those lovely folks that already live in Mackay to help me. Whilst trawling through the houses to rent on the internet I had sort of set my heart on the Blacks Beach area because I LOVE new houses and the thought that we could walk to the beach if we wanted to. Now, the practical side of things - my daughter is 8 and is currently in a religious school in the UK (because it is a good school - not necessarily because it is a church school). We often walk or cycle to school and my DD loves it when we do. HOWEVER, whilst doing my research on Blacks Beach - I haven't come accross any schools in that area. Am I missing something or are they really not there? We have a friend who has just moved into Slade Point and so I guess that wouldn't be a bad area to move to as long as there is a school that we can easily get to. The other thing is - I am not sure how soon we will get a car when we get there because OH will be cycling/getting company transport Edit: I have found Eimeo Road State School - Is this within cycling distance to Blacks Beach? Thanks MB
  20. Guest


    heyy, i have recently chosen my options in England & i have chosen an animal care course. Does anyone know if they do anything like this in Australia ???
  21. Hi My Family and I are moving to Brisbane in December so we'll be trying to get the kids (Boy 12, Girl 9) into a decent school, some of the private ones look great. My problem is that pretty much every good looking school that I can find as a religious connection. I was brought up catholic, but stopped practising many years ago and neither of our kids have being christened/baptised into any faith. Is this going to prevent us from using these schools? Are there any good schools in Brisbane that take non-Christians?
  22. Guest


    Hello, We are hoping to move over to Brisbane (Redland Bay) later this year and I was wondering if anybody could help me regarding schools near to this area??? My Daughter is currently in Yr 1 Infant school.
  23. Hi, Looking at areas in PERTH. Medium budget. Schools. How far from shops? Parks? Beach? I have 3 small kids... Hubby will work away. Need friendly/social area. Any idea/ comments....
  24. Guest

    Berwick schools

    Can anyone give me some information about alkira secondary, and berwick secondary. We are trying to make a decision................ Anything you know is helpful. Thanks! Jenny
  25. Guest

    Horse Riding Schools

    Hi I am trying to locate a horse riding school in the Hills District for my daughter to attend. Does anyone know of any in the area? Many thanks Cara