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Found 704 results

  1. My daughter is currently at the end of year 10 (15 years old) and will be starting year 11 in September. One year from now she will be finishing year 11 and completing her exams. Would it be best to make the move at the end of year 11 or after her A-levels? (A-levels are years 12 and 13). I understand that schools in Australia have different timings and holidays, so I would like to know at which point in the year we'd be moving to, and what you would suggest. Any personal experience would be great to hear too! Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi all, We're planning a potential move from the UK into the area, and have two girls of 12 and 16. We're interested in high schools we could get to from Thirroul. I'm seeing Keira, Bulli and Corrimal High Schools showing up local to Thirroul, and then there's the Performing Arts High School in Wollongong, which might appeal to our dancers. One of the things we're interested in is whether schools are using innovative new ways to teach, eg through project-based learning, use of technology, etc. What's the vibe out there? Thanks! Simon & Jackie
  3. Bexskeet

    Teaching in Brisbane

    Hi All, I am a recently qualified teacher but trained in post compulsory ed in london and therefore do not have a QTS but do have a PGCE. I finished training last year so am currently doing my first year of classroom teaching. I have been doing supply working in primary, secondary food technology and art (my specialism) at a school for BESD kids, this is all in my first term, we shall see what the rest of the year brings! My brother lives in brisbane and has been begging me to come visit for years. I decided that I wanted to visit on the working visa and stay for a year. I am trying to work out if I can teach in Oz and how I should go about it. I have read so much but would appreciate any advice! I am particularly wondering: Do I need to have QTLS or QTS to be recognised? Do I have to register with the Queensland college of teaching (QCT)? Can I work on supply? Is there a minimum amount of experience required? Thank you!!
  4. Hi I am a uk qualified primary teacher with (QTS) who moved out to oz with our family in 2005. It just hasn't worked out the way we thought it would over here , I've never been able to secure a FT teaching post, Husband has always been very keen to go back I'm wavering wondering what is the best thing to do.Our children also happy enough to go back one 16 one 10. My concerns are whether I would be able to get work, happy to do supply to gain experience and how our older child would get on at school, he has just completed grade 10 and does well. He want a to go to university/ army to do electrical/mechanical engineering degree and had planned to apply to the oz army officer training college in Canberra. We are thinking about moving back to Wales , brecon area. Any advice welcome:)
  5. Hi, just after advice regarding schools in or around the Bunbury area, we are hoping to be over there around March 2011. At the moment they are in Y6 and Y2, so I am also having to look at secondary schools over here just in case!
  6. We are moving to Perth next Easter and I am just looking at schools for my two children. I have looked at Kingsway Christian College (as I think we will be living in the northern suburbs) and wondered if anyone on this forum has children there or has any other knowledge of the school and would be willing to give me your opinion of it! Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Private Schools Sunshine Coast

    Allo All , just wondering if anyone has their children in private schools on the Sunshine Coast ? We are looking to enroll 2 boys 9&6 into a school in the Buderim area around May/June and was wondering if anyone could recommend a school and why. If anyone has a preference for a particular school over another , the info would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be a really good choice of quality schooling , however we are not biased about public education either , just prefer to know what schools not to go to .if anyone has had any experience good or otherwise it would be terrific to know , as this is a very important decision for us . Great forum this , best to all JohnyE:cool:
  8. We are moving to Perth next Easter and I am just looking at schools for my two children. I have looked at Kingsway Christian College (as I think we will be living in the northern suburbs) and wondered if anyone on this forum has children there or has any other knowledge of the school and would be willing to give me your opinion of it! Thanks.
  9. Hi can anyone give any advise on primary schools in or around the Halls Head area. We are moving to Halls Head in January 2011. We have a 7 year old boy. I'm not the best on the internet, but i'm finding it impossible to get an email address for any schools. I would like a good sized school for him, preferably with a 60 children intake or more. Can anyone give any info on any of the local schools, or has anyone got a good link. What are the waiting listd like? Is it realistic to think that he could start school in Feb? Thanks Zoe x
  10. I am relocating my family to Sydney in September on a Business sponsored 457 visa. We have two young girls aged 6 and 4. My office is based in Neutral Bay but we are likely to live in the Eastern suburbs, Rose bay or Bronte as we have friends in these areas. Mosman is also an option as it will be close to work. Can anyone help with one or all of the following questions. What are the good schools to look at? How difficult will It be to enrol in the schools if we don't arrive until September? Should we do this before we leave? Will my girls get into Catholic schools if they are not baptised although I am a Catholic? How negotiable is the rental market, 3 bed houses seem to be in the region of $1200 a week upwards? How long would the commute be from Rose bay to Neutral bay if I was driving at 7am? Can my wife work on my business sponsored 457 visa? We are planning to take a container of furniture. Is there any point bringing white goods and TV's? Will they be compatable? I have tons more questions but any help with these would be great Thanks in Advance Mark
  11. http://bettereducation.com.au/Results/Hsc.aspx http://bettereducation.com.au/school/secondary/nsw/nsw_top_secondary_schools.aspx
  12. Hi all .. Really glad we found this site as we're at the early stages of looking at a job for me within finance in Sydney. I guess at this stage any guidance or advice would be great so feel free to tell us the good, bad and ugly on schools and accommodation in Sydney .... Private or state, manly or bondi, ???? Many thanks in advance B and B
  13. So I landed in Sydney this morning. Now, we all now it's a long flight but... CRAP it's a looooong flight! I thought the 'novelty' of flying alone without the kids would fuel the journey (ie movies and Jacke Daniels) but no. It got old about 3 hours in. But hey. I'm here and after a very wet exit from the airport, the sun came out! I'm here for a week on my own having a couple of meetings but also looking at some suburbs mainly in the Northern Beaches. I'm also booked in to see a couple of schools and plan to snoop around some houses too. Will update here on how it goes. But feel free to get in touch if you're thinking about that area and would like some 'eyes on the ground'. Also, feel free to get in touch if you're in the area and have got some spare time for an Oz/Move/School/Kid brain dump over a coffee!
  14. Hello everyone For those of you that haven't bumped into Koala Konnection yet let me tell you that Gill and I run this web site dedicated to "Poms" and other migrants coming to live on the Sunshine Coast. Since Tim's been on our forum telling everyone about his excellent forums, I thought I'd do the same. You have excellent forums Tim! :biglaugh: Koala Konnection is a full blown web site plus a forum. As a result we have photographed and offer information on different parts of the Sunshine Coast - from Caloundra to Noosa, Nambour to Maleny, and there's plenty of documented material to digest - from healthcare, a property build diary, actual property and businesses for sale on the coast through to motoring issues and a very important schools league table, to name just a few. Now the schooling information will be of utmost importance to those of you looking to have your children settle down in the right place and that's why we've compiled it into a sensible form and added it to our site. It's often asked where the best schools on the Sunshine Coast; here's your answer. You can visit our site at http://www.koalakonnection.com.au We have lived on the Sunshine Coast for just over two years now, emigrating from the UK, and have met plenty of UK migrants living in the area. It really is a special place to live. Cheers. Paul & Gill.
  15. Finally WA falls into line with the rest of Australia link here
  16. We are thinking of send our 2 children 7 & 11 to Currimundi State School. We went to see it on our reccie last year and it seems really nice. Does anyone have children at this school or know what it is like. Also does anyone know of any other good schools in that sort of area. Any help would be appreciated as getting the school right is the one thing i am worring about the most. x
  17. craig filer

    Moving over in January

    Hi There, I am after you advice! I am currently in the process of agreeing a contract that would see myself and y family move over to Australia as of January with me coming over 1st and the family to follow sometime in March/April. Now i will be based in South Australia covering western Melbourne over to Adelaide and everything in between and we need to decide on area in which to relocate. Firstly the area has to be suitable for me with good road transport links, good schools for my 14 & 10 yr old and enough entertainment to keep everyone occupied. My son is a very keen footballer who is currently at a proffessional club over hear so would be looking to play a decent level and my daughter is a very keen gymnast and swimmer so again somewhere for them. We are looking at the Highton, Torquay areas and wondered how this area would suit us. My wifes family happen to live in Torquay in the UK and for sentimental reasons she is keen on living hear but is not overly worried as long as we are only 30-45 minutes from the sea. We are looking at modern style housing in a family area with plenty of kids to keep my youngsters occupied. I would be very grateful if you could assist me as we have just of 11 weeks before i have to depart and having only found out about the move this weeks makes things all a little scary (as you can imagine) Regards Craig
  18. Hi guys- hoping people in Oz have woken up by now! :rolleyes: Just looking for people's opinions on schools in the shire-- any personal experiences? I need ( as we all do) a good primary for my kids-- somewhere they will feel at home(they are coming from the Uk) , where they will feel welcomed and happy, and a good place for academic excellence. An after school club will be great if present. Not too bothered about sports as my son couldn't care less. Public or Catholic schools are both ok-- just that it should be a good school. I would be grateful for people's opinion, and please pass on any hearsay as well:biggrin:!
  19. kirsty3008

    Good Schools in Brisbane Area

    Hi We are looking to move to the Brisbane area and I am looking for ideas for Areas where we can access good schools. Does anyone have any suggestions of locations and names of schools we could review Also thinking of going private and would appreciate any advise on how the system works in Oz Many thanks
  20. Hi Can anyone in Australia give me an opinion based on experience of private schools VS public schools? Has anyone sent their kids to private school and was it worth the cost? Thanks Karen
  21. We are looking to move over to the Brisbane area in the next few months Does anyone have any suggestions of areas around the Brisbane area that are suitable. Children are 10 and 13 so we need somewhere that have good schools. If you have any suggestions please get in touch Thanks
  22. Hi, We are moving to Gladstone, Queensland in Feb 2012 and want to know about primary schools for our 6yr old son.....do we organise now or wait till we get to Gladstone??? so much to think about....any help would be greatfully received....any good schools in which areas...? thanks so much
  23. markandtraceyessex

    High schools in maitland area?

    Hi all, we are looking at schools in and around maitland. we are arriving in Oz at the end of june 2010 and our girls will be 13 & 16. anyone have any views on Maitland Grossman high school. thanks in advance for any comments.
  24. The Pom Queen

    Special Needs Schools in Melbourne

    We are often asked on here about special needs schools in and around Melbourne. Some I would recommend are: Elwood Primary Caulfield South Primary Williamstown North Primary Trafalgar Primary Gippsland and one that the parents sing the praises for is Manor Lakes College. Also take a look here http://www.independentschools.vic.edu.au/schools/pubs/special_schools_2008.pdf
  25. I am planning to move to Brisbane or Sydney, I would be comming there on PR - 176 (hopefully) wanted to know how much would it cost me to rent a house, how much will I have to pay as a tution fee for my 2 daughters and ideally how much does it cost for a family of 4 (2 kids, me and my wife) to live there. Please give your imputs as this is a very imp for me to decide.