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Found 754 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any/knows anyone with children at Woodleigh School, Baxter. Do you know how long it will take to get from the junior to senior campus and how long it would take to get there from either Mornington or Mount Martha during school run traffic. Any info much appreciated. Given the choice would The Penninsula be a better school, ie, which school would you send your school to. Not sure where to post this so I'll doing a duplicate post in Education, Brits in Oz and Victoria Suburbs. Many thanks.
  2. Caroline Baxter

    Which school to choose

    We are moving to Melbourne in January and are currently looking for schools for our two children, one will be 11 when we arrive and the eldest will be 15. We have seen two schools for our eldest, one is Bayside P-12 and the other is Point Cook Senior. We were wondering whether anyone knows anything about either of these schools to give us any ideas which one is best :confused:, also any ideas of any good Primary schools for our youngest. I have looked at lots on the internet, there are so many to choose from lol. Thanks x
  3. supa

    Woodleigh School, Melbourne

    Just wondering if anyone has any/knows anyone with children at Woodleigh School, Baxter. Do you know how long it will take to get from the junior to senior campus and how long it would take to get there from either Mornington or Mount Martha during school run traffic. Any info much appreciated. Given the choice would The Penninsula be a better school, ie, which school would you send your school to. Not sure where to post this so I'll doing a duplicate post in Education, Brits in Oz and Victoria Suburbs. Many thanks.
  4. Guest

    School times!

    hiya me and my family are moving to ACT and i was wondering what the usual school times where forthe day i have just started year 8 and have a really long day! any information would be much appreciated! Clo :laugh: :cute: :biggrin:
  5. Angela820

    Primary School fees on a 457 visa

    We are moving to Canberra in December and Im getting in a tailspin about my son who is starting school in Feb there. I am completely confused by the school fee structure and enrollments for Canberra and really hope someone can help. It seems that as we will be on a long term temp visa, we have to pay 9K for a years kindergarten fees to government education dept BEFORE we can apply for a government school. If we go for a Catholic, Christian or Grammar school there are separate fee structures, what I would like to know if this is in ADITTION to the 9K or INSTEAD of. Does anyone have any experience of this? We dont know where to start with the primary schools given this and given we may not have secured permanent residence when we arrive. Also - we may be arriving mid December when all the schools are about to close ~(arghhhh). If we decide to go Public school route, would we need to ensure our temporary accomodation is in the catchment area to get a place for Feb 2012? The private route seems easier assuming the fees are stand alone and not in addition to the government 9K as we then dont have to worry about being in the right catchment- would this be the right assumption to make? I would really value some input on this as Im currently tempted to tell my husband to go to Canberra alone till we get my sone a school place and house to live in and then we will go!!:mask: I am still considering an exploratory visit in November but not sure what I may be able to achieve given the above. My other panic is arriving 10 -15th December and have no time to apply before the schools close and not being considered for the schools we may want as we will be in some temporary apartment for the first month till we find our permanent residence. Angela:arghh: i hope someone can help.
  6. My daughter is in Year 6 and will be entering Year 7 next September. There is an awful lot of hype already about joining Year 7 and being in Senior School. I'm just wondering what effect it will have on her to be doing this about a month after arriving in a new country. It's different for my youngest as he's in Year 4 so has some primary years left. I've just found out that there aren't any places left in the school we wanted them to go to when we arrive which has gutted me tbh. The school would have allowed them to remain together until Year 12 but it looks as though they'll have to go to different schools:sad: Any experiences would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi folks, Can anyone share their experiences/give feedback on the above school? We are arriving next week and will be contacting this school to see if they have any places. Thanks in advance.
  8. Guest

    School information

    Hi all! We are moving to Coodanup, Mandurah, WA and the school that was suggested for my 2 kids are Dudley Park Primary School. I can't find a website for them. Is there anybody out there that can tell me about this school, please? Thank you very much.
  9. Hoping someone can help, I am a qualified secondary PE teacher, however when I graduated there were no secondary jobs in the area so took a job as a Primary school PE teacher. I have worked there nearly 4 years now and I am in the process of completing my IELTS and getting skills assessment, documents collected together. I am hoping that I am able to apply for 175 visa as a secondary teacher. Since Primary teacher is not on the SOL. I have contacted AITSL and they advised me to apply for skills assessment as a secondary teacher as my degree was in secondary education. Which i have done. However I am hoping that I can claim the points for the specific employment section of the visa. I am hoping to claim either 10 points before 1st July or the 5 points if I apply after. Would my 4 years experience in primary education count towards this or as a closely related occupation?
  10. Hi everyone. I am currently trying to work out what school year my daughter would be in when we get to Oz. She was born Nov 2004. We are looking to move in 3 years once I have finished my degree so she will be in year 6 in the UK, we hope to move anytime after March 2015 but hope to get her into school for the beggining of the Oz school year 2016. Help, im finding this so confusing! Oh by the way we will be moving to the Melbourne area.
  11. We are arriving In Sydney end of Sept and I have approx 2 weeks to find us a rental unfurnished property we can call home. We have decided we want to live Eastern Suburbs - at the moment we are thinking Bronte, Bondi, Clovelly, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Randwick with Coogee being the most southern point. I have 2 questions - firstly I have heard most primary schools are pretty good in these areas but are there any I should avoid? Second question - We need to ensure our property is an easy commute to CBD on public transport (around 30 mins?) Are we on the right track with these areas or are we spreadingthe net too wide?
  12. Guest

    How to choose a school?

    So, if we head to Perth, we have a school sorted out. However, if we head to Brisbane, how do we go about finding a good school to send our son to? My wife wants to pick a school first, then based on that decide where to live - I'd rather see where my job is, and decide where to live / where to school from that. My wife of course will win the argument..... So, how do people go about picking a school, and making sure it's decent?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice. We are moving (back) to Aust at the end of the year. I have 2 kids, a girl who turns 4 in early Feb so I'm guessing she would do a year of kindy (?) next year. My son turned 11 in May and is starting secondary school in the UK next week. He is a young 11, quite immature for his age and incredibly easily led. I don't want him in a class full of older children and have pre warned him that he may do year 6 again which he is okay with - does this sound reasonable/possible?? I would really appreciate any input those who have been in similar circumstances can offer. Many thanks Tracey
  14. AaronS

    Old school surf movies

    I've been watching the old school surf documentaries like Endless Summer. Man, sometime I think I was born 40 years to late. Was such a simpler time back in the early 60s. To be 20 back then would have been a beautiful thing.
  15. Guest

    Success Primary School

    Hi there, Has anyone got any comments/feedback on Success Primary School? Viewed a property there on Friday which we like, however we don't know the area that well (currently in short term rental in Butler) until we did a recce yesterday. Area seems good, coupled with the new primary school, however if anyone had any comments, these would be welcome. Need to submit an offer by close of business Monday..... Many thanks. Alistair (30), Louise (nearly 31), Ruby (4 going on 14) and Ella (2 going on 20):confused:
  16. Just wondering if someone could clear up a query that I have. I am trying to find out whether we can claim 5 partner points for my wife's occupation. She is NVQ assessor in childcare and she also just completing her PGCE QTLS in Teaching (She'll have full teacher status in Feb). She mainly assesses and teaches 16 - 19 years olds (however there are some 14 year old students). She is a qualified A1 assessor and she is currently about to finish her Internal verifier qualification as well. I've looked at various occupation choices. I know now that despite her degree in Early Childhood Studies and working in the childcare sector she is unlikely to gain skills recognition for a childcare manager. I've checked and the most likely occupation is that of a Vocational Education teacher which is on schedule 2 of the SOL. Is it correct that to claim the 5 points that both occupations has to be on schedule 1 of the SOL or can we claim the points as long as the occupation is on the SOL? If not would her experience of teaching 16-19 year olds along with the degree and PGCE be enough to be assessed as a secondary school teacher which is on schedule 1? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  17. loveshellybeach

    Primary School Teacher State Sponsorship SA

    Hi there, am looking into SA State Sponsorship as Primary School Teacher - is anyone in this process at the moment ? Just wondering if things are progressing as have read some older posts with teachers waiting for long periods of time...
  18. Guest

    Shall I move?

    Hey, my names Poppy and I'm 14 (15 in november) I am debating whether to move to live with my older sister and her family in Perth but have loads of questions I'm about to go into yr 10 and start my GCSE's but I know nothing about how GCSE's work in oz? Also for anyone who has already made the move, is it easy to make friends? I think a fresh start over there would really do me good but I'm kinda nervous... What's school like? (for people my age) Any advice would be great (: Poppy oxox
  19. OzzHammer

    High School Issue

    Hi there, Wanted to see if anyone is in the same position as us with regards high schools in uk, basically our son is 12 in Jan but will just be starting high school in Feb,so right now still in primary school,obviously in the uk our son should be in 2nd year of high school(year8). Im very concerned about this & have spoken to the education board uk,but even they could not confirm the high school would be ok with letting him start year 7. Other than advising us to get a letter from the principal stating the situation we are left guessing whether or not he will be able to stay back a year. The other concern is we are planning to go back in February so this means he has already missed 6months of high school,would love to get back before then but for many reasons this is not possible. :wacko: any advice most appreciated
  20. :embarrassed:Help ive told my daughters school she isnt going back after 6 week holidays as we will probley have our visa's by then but not so sure as we will now had our medicas 20thjuly says finalized in diac 23rd july we have co but no sign of visa yet not sure how long we will be waiting now in panic as she has no school in september as i told her school she isnt going back dont no what todo now i know there is still time and might get it before september but not confident we will as seems like we have been waiting for ages and other sre getting theres within days of meds ?
  21. Guest

    Port Kennedy School

    Can anyone give me some info on Port Kennedy primary School ie how would you rate it? http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/port-kennedy-primary-school/port-kennedy
  22. Hi all, im looking at the possibility at being accepted into a Uni in St Leonards, Sydney. Can anyone offer any advice as to where would be nice to live that is good for children ie.teenagers for good, state schools and babies for childcare etc.... also any knowledge on where are nice areas but not too expensive.... I was looking at rental properties with 3/4 bedrooms and they were going for nothing under $850 a week!! Is that correct? soooooo expensive! Please guys give me some good news! Thanks xx
  23. Education fees for foreign students' children 'breach' UN rules. INTERNATIONAL students and other temporary visa holders are being forced to pay thousands of dollars a year in fees for their children to attend public schools in a potential breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  24. paulswin

    School problems???

    Hi can anyone tell me have they heard of a school that is a self disciplin school?? Short story a friend of mine has a son in school who is 12 and has been bullied bruises on arm etc etc and the school is'nt doing alot about it they say we're a self disciplin school whatever that means?? Also what is the average price per year for a private school roughlyish!!!!! She lives in Success so am kinda getting worried if theres alot of trouble in most public schools over there. If anyone can let me know which schools to steer clear of please pm me!!!!!
  25. OzzHammer

    Starting High School

    :confused:Hi there, Dont really know if anyone can help with this.We have made the decision to move back to Uk & our kids our 10 in Sept & 12 in Jan. Hope to have house on market in the next week or so & have a dog who has had his rabbies shot,however cant go anywhere for 6mnths because of the dog & even if I arrange for a friend to organise the dog to come out after - if we can go before,I still think with all the things we need to sort out we would not be in Uk before Sep when kids go back to school,so this means missing 6mnths of a very important & first year of high school & if we end up going next year say feb its going to be hard for our son to suddenly be in high school. Does anybody know if you can hold their child back a year in Uk like they do here in Oz Any suggestions appreciated:cute: