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Found 754 results

  1. Guest

    School help!

    Hello I am arriving sydney in january with my partner and my 7 years old child. I guess the firts step is start looking the school before being in OZ. I will be working in lidcombe and i dont know yet in which area i will live but it will depend at the school. How can i start looking for schools , is there any web page where you have information, evaluation, prices , and process to follow in case you choose 1 school? Regards
  2. Hi, We are based in Quinns, been here for 4 weeks. We have our kids, 7 year old girl, and 4 year old boy booked into Alkimos school for Feb 2012. Anyone out there going to Alkimos who would like to meet up? Anyone in Quinns with children who fancy a meet up? Would be great to hear from anyone. Rache
  3. Would you choose an area to settle because of the reputation of a school? :wideeyed:
  4. hi there! Ive now graduated from uni in the UK with a double honours degree in criminology and social policy and wondering how i would go about becoming a primary school teacher in australia? me and my partner would both be on a sponsored visa (he has been sponsored). and we will be in queensland. is there such thing as a PGCE in australia like there is in the UK? trying to decide what to do with my time while the fella is at work haha :biglaugh: xx
  5. debbie13

    Tappin or Atwell high school?

    Trying to decide whether to move to Tappin WA or Atwell WA- does anyone have any experience of the primary and high schools in these areas as this will be a deciding factor on which one we choose.:arghh:
  6. Guest

    School fees under 457 visa

    Hi, We are only starting the whole process, so know doubt we will be checking out a lot of info already on threads. Can anyone tell me if the state school fees apply to different states? Hoping to be moving to Queensland and wanted to clarify it applies accross the board on the 457 Visa. If yes, is there much of a difference between Private fees and state school? Many thanks
  7. Does anyone know if this is a good school please. Many thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, Im new to your site however hoping you can help??? Were in the process of moving from the northern suburbs to Rockingham, can anyone tell me which is the best state primary school??? Not sure how many there are, ive heard of Rockingham beach and bungaree, were thinking of maybe moving to the Anchorage estate depending on the school. Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  9. jo greenway

    Pre school advice

    hi We are moving to west pymble this weekend, and I need to start looking at pre schools/kindergartens for my three year old he is a July birthday. I know there is a KU pre school very close by to us, just wondered what these settings are like, or anyone has children at the one in west pymble or others who can let me know what they are like. Also any other experience or knowledge of any other pre schools in the area would be great Thank you Jo
  10. Hi All, Last week we arrived in Brisbane (Wife and two kids 7 yrs & 5 yrs) and busy in searching for private school and accomodation. My work site near to Eagle Farm. So we are looking for school & accmodation within 20 KM. My friend told me Clayfield, Camp Hill & Upper Mount gravatt are good areas. Please suggest me some good private school (primary) names and good suburbs to live. We prefer catholic school and live near to the school. Regards Paul.
  11. Does anyone have recent experience of sending their child(ren) to Darlinghurst Public School in Sydney? Any good?
  12. Hi there, this tread is not intended to be polemical. I am a biology teacher in a secondary school willing to migrate to Australia. As such, I am interested to find out about the australian school system and the way it can be compared or distinguished from other systems. According to PISA standards, Australia stands above the OECD average for student performance in mathematics ( Error[]=&regions[]=&indicator=1&domain=1&95conf=on&mid90percent=on&meanMale=on&meanFemale=on&oecdAv=on&sortOrder=mean&1_options=true&theme=1&cmd=storeGraphRequest&requestid=1291803140055&items=2&) However, looking at the Naplan test 2010 for year 9, I was struck by the level of the questions asked in the numeracy test which seemed to me to be very easy for kids 13-14 of age. (http://www.naplan.edu.au/verve/_resources/nap10_numeracy_9_calc.pdf) :chatterbox:. Am I missing something ? How would you compare the australian school system versus the one of your country ? Cheers,
  13. Guest

    Start of the new year in school

    Hi What month does the school new term start in Melbourne? We are likely to move out there around Apr/May time. My son is 6 and in year 1 here. What is the advise of getting him into a school before moving? Also if he did get a place in a good state school and I wanted him to go to a private secondary school, would he be able to pass their entry exams as I understand primary school does not prepare you for this. If anyone knows or can answer any of the above, most appreciated. Thank you Hanna
  14. Hi all, We just arrived in WA last week and have signed a 12 month rental for a property in Merriwa. The house is on the Merriwa/Butler border, but I think Merriwa Primary will be the closest school for my kids. I have a 6yr old and 3 yr old, and I'm just looking for thoughts/opinions on this school, please? Does anyone have kids who go there, or have you heard anything (good or bad) about this school? I believe East Butler Primary and Butler Primary are both very good, but I don't think we'd be in the catchment area for them. (And apparently they are both full!) Any comments welcome. :yes: Thanks, From Catherine
  15. Georgiajoe

    School years

    Hi, were looking at moving to oz next year 2012, are the school years in front or behind the uk. Have a daughters in year 9 and reception and s son in year 5. Which year would they go into next autumn( ours). Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you
  16. zara283

    school advice for a 5/6yr old

    Hi I just wondered if anyone could give me advice on where to look for schooling for my son. He is currently 5yrs old & we are looking to move to WA not far from Perth. Is the education over there the same as the UK or do they do things differently?? What do their terms run like??? And do they still benefit the same out of their education as they do over here or do they get more from it???? Any advice would be much appreciated :err:
  17. Chardy

    School trips in Oz ?

    Hi, Just thinking ahead and realising my 6 year old will miss out on his week long residential school trip that my 8 year old daughter will do in May 2012. Just wondering if Oz schools do many school trips and especially any residential ones. I'm talking state schools BTW :wink: Cheers:biggrin: Justin
  18. Guest

    School Education

    hi all, we are hoping to move to Mackey around Christmas can anyone help me i have two fourteen year old's can anyone a great secondary schools in the area for them thankyou:wink:
  19. Hi, We recently moved to Australia, from Europe. We have found a nice house in North Epping. I would like to enroll our son (14 years old) in a decent co-ed public high school. I would like to ask if anyone knows which high school nearby is the best/decent (public, co-ed)? I found Carlingford high, Cumberland (Pennat hills) and Ryde Secondary college (Ryde) as an option and can not decide between them. Can anyone help with advice which is the best (decent, quality, nice teachers, schoolmates...) Thanks, Cathy
  20. The Pom Queen

    School Holidays

    Well it's school holidays AGAIN what have you all got planned? So far the kids have made me a list that covers Bungee Jumping Jungle Swing Snorkelling Green Island Fitzroy Island Movies Crocodile Park Cable skiing Cooktown Beach Lagoon Swimming in the local waterfall Quad biking Kuranda ParonellaPark The car show They don't ask for a lot do they:wub:
  21. Guest

    When to start primary school?

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice - my son turns 5 next June and would normally start p1 here next August. However we are hoping to be in Perth before then - hopefully around March, so does anyone know when he would start school over there ? cheers Linda
  22. Help!!! We have lived in Tasmania for the last 6 years and have now decided to move to Brisbane due to work for my husband. I am getting so confused with suburbs. My little boy turns 4 soon so will start school next year so although we will rent to start with, I don't want to move areas once we buy. House prices in tas are pretty low so when we do buy we won't be able to afford more than $400k for a house . Everytime I find a good school it is in a suburb that I can't afford!! I need a suburb no more than 40 mins on train from cbd! I know that school results are not everything so do you live in a nice suburb with a good state school that you would recommend? Thanks!!!!!
  23. Hi, My daughter has just started High School in the UK, we are moving over to Perth in November, what school year will she be in and when will she start High School over there. She was 11 on July 17th. Many Thanks
  24. The Pom Queen

    7 Year Olds Taking Knives to School

    Just read an article where it says children as young as 7 are taking knives to school in the UK. What's the world coming to, it looks like having your head pushed down the loo or being rolled down the banking is no more. I can remember before we left for OZ my son had a knife held to his throat on the bus home from school, it was a joke (not in my eyes) but what would have happened if the bus had slammed on. There use to be a time where a fight was fists and maybe heads, now it's guns and knives:no:
  25. supa

    Woodleigh School, Baxter

    Just wondering if anyone has any/knows anyone with children at Woodleigh School, Baxter. Do you know how long it will take to get from the junior to senior campus and how long it would take to get there from either Mornington or Mount Martha during school run traffic. Any info much appreciated. Given the choice would The Penninsula be a better school, ie, which school would you send your school to. Not sure where to post this so I'll doing a duplicate post in Education, Brits in Oz and Victoria Suburbs. Many thanks.