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Found 754 results

  1. Davross

    School Waiting Lists - Melbourne

    Hi, Can I just ask, is it possible to put your child's name on a school waiting list in Australia before your final visa has come through? Or would you need to have your visa granted before beginning to even look at schools? It is a difficult one, with some of the schools already seeming to be enrolling for January 2014, never mind January 2013? Any advice on this would be appreciated. :unsure:
  2. Hi, We are hopefully moving interstate from the Central Coast to Melbourne looking at the East and Bayside areas. I have already emailed a whole heap of private schools and so far two have got back to me saying there are no places for my 4.5 year old and no chance of getting my 3 year old into ELC next year. Does anyone have any tips or experienced this and what did you do? Cheers CC
  3. Just a quick question, we are due to move over in January and just wanted to ask wheter anyone thinks it would be difficult to enrol my son into school as most schools like to sort out enrollements before the school term ends in December?:swoon:
  4. Hi All, I'm a recently qualified primary school teacher moving to Perth within the next 6-8 months. I'm wondering if there are any other overseas teachers who have got jobs in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia and did you find it difficult to obtain jobs in Australian schools? What kind of process is involved? I'm a bit worried about the job prospects because of my lack of experience, I'll have a year of relief teaching by the time I go. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Guest

    Pre school options

    Hi everyone I wondered if anyone could offer some advice. We are planning on migrating over to Perth in 2012 and we have 3 children, our youngest will be 4 . At the moment in the UK she is in reception class and doing really well , what would be our options in Oz ? is they anything part time , or pre school ect ? Ideally we would like to wait until the starting year but we feel my wife may need to find work therefore we may have a childcare issue. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated:biggrin:
  6. Hi just a quick question we are hoping to move to the sunshine coast next year and I was just on a school website and read the High school starts from year 8. Is this right and does this mean they get an extra year in primary school as my eldest son is now in year 6 here in the U.K. and is getting ready for High school. Thanks Karen x
  7. Guest

    Pre School options

    Hi everyone I wondered if anyone could offer some advice. We are planning on migrating over to Perth in 2012 and we have 3 children, our youngest will be 4 . At the moment in the UK she is in reception class and doing really well , what would be our options in Oz ? is they anything part time , or pre school ect ? Ideally we would like to wait until the starting year but we feel my wife may need to find work therefore we may have a childcare issue. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. thanks riknbev :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Registering for school - help!

    We are due to get our visa by the end of Feb, can anyone tell us when we can register for schools and if there is a general criteria for enrollment? We have a specific school in mind in Carine, Perth, for our 10 year old as he already has a couple of friends attending there. The problem we have is that when I emailed the principal she said we had to live in the catchment area to get him in. This makes sense but as a new arrival in early Jan we will need furnished accommodation for a couple of months until our stuff arrives, and as the catchment area is purely residential and quite small there is nothing at all, it seems all furnished properties are by the coast. Once we have our furniture it wont be such a problem as there are always a good few decent long term lets within the area but until then we seem stuffed. It seems we will either have to register him somewhere else (as you can imagine a 10 year old moving to the other side of the world wants to be with his friends) or wait until we have our belongings and can secure a property before we send him to school, which means he would miss the first month. Anybody else had a similar problem?
  9. scmercer

    What school year?

    Hi Just looking for some advice on school years in Australia. My son started school in the UK (this year) aged 4. We are considering returning to Australia next year in which case he would be in year 1 in the UK, but reception year in Australia. Does anyone know what happens when your child has already completed the reception year in the UK, would they have to repeat this year in Australia or would they allow him to go straight into Year 1, even though he would only be 5? He is doing really well at the school he is in and I would hate for him to have to repeat the reception year again. I know he wouldn't be eligible to start school in Adelaide until May 2012. Thanks Sheila
  10. Hi, what did your school give you to take across to Oz, as a transitional pack as such? Is there anything you will or would have asked for if you'd had known? thanks Cal
  11. Hi All, I am new to this site and after some informtaiom about primary schools and how to enrole. My husband had just been offered a job in Brisbane. It has always been a dream of ours to live in Australia for a few years so we are very excited. However my pratical head has taken over and I have no idea how I would find a school for my son who is nearly 6. My husbands company (He would be on secondment for 2 years from the UK) would like him to start this summer but the AU school year starts in January so DS would be starting mid school year. He is currently in Yr 1 here in the UK. Who do I contact to find out about schools. Does anyone kinow the good primary schools in Brisbane. Can you start at a school mid school year and will that not be very hard for my son in terms of making friends etc. Once we have accepted the job we will be given a relocation advsor who will help with finding a house etc but I dod not think I can make a final decsion on the move untill I know what we will do about school. Any advice would be useful including what it is like to live in Brisbane with young children (Also have 2yr old twins!!!!!) Are we mad to think of moving abroad with three young children!!!!! Kate
  12. It looks like we will be arriving in QLD during the summer holidays. How do you go about enrolling your kids into school when the schools are closed for the holidays? Is there a central office that is open? Anyone done this? Thanks
  13. Trudiva

    Cost of public school fees.

    Hi everyone, i am so glad i came across this website, my hubby and two kids are moving to central coast in January and one of my concerns is getting a good school for the kids. Does anyone knows of a good public kindie in the central coast possibly in and around tuggera, and finally can i have an idea of how much will go into school fees. We are on 457. Regards
  14. jamesnparry

    NSW School fees

    Hi Guys Can you clarify something for me please.... Would I need to pay school fees if we come over on a RSMS permanent visa? Our girls will be 6 and 4. So 6 yr old will be in school and 4 yr old in kindergarten. Thank you.
  15. Staffing Organisation Services is Victoria's longest established and most competitive CRT Agencies. We are currently recruiting enthusiastic and professional teachers for both government & non-government schools, in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat & surrounding areas. If you are keen to expand your Casual and Contract teaching options, whilst receiving the most competitive wages, then contact us directly: +61 3 5256 1963 sostchrs@stafforgserv.com.au Or apply directly via our website: www.stafforgserv.com.au
  16. Hi, is there anyone on this whose child/children goes to or has gone to Caloundra State Primary School? We are currently in Gympie and looking to move to Caloundra in two months time, we can't decide whether to send our daughter (who will be commencing Grade 1 in January) to Caloundra State Primary or Meridan State College. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools for us? Thanks.
  17. Hi, We are hoping to emigrate in the next year or so and have a daughter about to turn 15 (plus 3 younger boys!). She has just started her GCSE's and is in Year 10. Does anyone have any advice as to the best time to try for the move? Should we wait until July 2012 when she will have completed her GCSE's or would it be better to get there asap so she has more time in Australian education? Has anyone emigrated with similar aged children? Is the transition from the UK educational system to the Australian one easy at this time of their lives? Any help greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever arranged for kids to temporarily visit a school while youdecide where to settle? We are Planning to visit SAfrica for a couple of months if we can before we go over, so I was thinking about trying to get the kids in school for a few weeks before Xmas next year (to get used to it, etc). Any views? Mrs W
  19. Jackboots

    Out of school holiday clubs ..

    Can any one reccomend out of school holiday clubs .. south of the river Perth ? need one for one day a week through the school holidays at xmas ... i know of camp australia ... just wondered any more ?? Also can anyone reccomend between karate or tae kwon do classes for some one starting out ?? any thoughts on either please , or even places to go for them :smile: again Rockingham areas .
  20. Guest

    School applications

    Hello, Am hoping someone who's been through this can help me. My husband and I have decided to move back to UK with our 2 children. He still hasn't got a job in England and ideally we'd wait until he got one before going over. However, in England you really need to applly to schools by middle of Jan in order to have any chance of getting in. Therefore plan is that me and child due to start school will go over in December and live with mother in law until husband is able to join us later in year (June 2012) with other child. My question is, (both children were born in Oz but have UK passports) how do I prove to the council that me and child have moved into the area? As we're staying at mother in law's house, we won't be paying council tax etc. My child won't go to nursery so won't appear on any databases. I know that we won't be eligible for child benefit until we've been back for 6 months (and hopefully we won't need it anyway) but know that the child benefit book is a good way of proving your address, etc. Added to that, it's likely that between Dec and June (deadline for other half moving over) I'll go back to Oz 2 or 3 times (can't bear to be away from older child but he has medical need so needs to stay in Oz until then). So how do I get my youngest child to have a footprint- to be on lot of official databases? The only thing I can think of is to register at the doctor's.
  21. hi im 13 and moving to melborne. im really exited but woried about settling in because i dont know anyone :unsure:
  22. Guest

    Date to start school

    Could you please inform me what are the different dates to start primary school in sydney? I am not sure whether i will get to enrol my child in february , so i would like to know what would be the next month in which i can try to enrol him Thanks!
  23. Hi all, are there any History teachers out there or anyone working in a school who knows a little about History as a subject in Oz? My family is currently going through the application process for a move to OZ, but I was wondering how my subject is taught in Australian schools at the moment. Is it like the US system whereby they have a catch-all 'social studies' lesson, or is there a specific 'History' lesson? I believe that it's changing soon (or has just changed?) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. What's the one Song that immediately takes you back to when you were a Teen at School?The one that has you living and breathing that time,like it was yesterday.Mine is the great,and probs the best of all time in my opinion,Maggie May!:notworthy:What a time in life to be introduced to such a wonderful Song!:yes::wink:
  25. Anyone got some advice on schooling in Rockingham - moving there on 23rd Jan and need to find a school for my 14yr old. Help please