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Found 754 results

  1. Hi My son will be 4 in July and will be starting school in the UK this Sept. We are moving to Townsville in Oct :biggrin: and I know that according to QLD rules he won't be eligible to start Prep until Jan 2014,as he misses the cut off date by 6 days (d.o.b 06/07/08) I know there are exceptions whereby they will allow him to start a year earlier, do you think this would be possible in his case due to the fact that he will already be attending school and is only a few days over the cut off? Does anyone have any experience in QLD on this issue? Many thanks in advance Zoe x
  2. Mummyof6

    Starting School

    Hi everyone just after some advice a week ago i moved to brisbane but am after some information My Daughter's r 1 yrs old n 11 yrs old My sons are 2 yrs old & 5 yrs old when do they start school?? Also can anyone reccomend any good schools in brisbane
  3. Guest

    Townsville Schools - Prep

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had some first hand experience of Prep in Townsville - any recommendations on schools? Also do the schools have before/after school and holiday care? I know I haven't specified an area of TSV but the area we move to will be dependent largely on schools. Many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  4. Hi I am moving to Townsville from UK in Oct (2012) with my 4 yr old boy. I have a friend who is relocating to Townsville from Gold Coast next week and I will be staying with them when I arrive so we could both do with some advice on areas, schools etc. Are there any particular areas I should avoid? Does anyone have any advice on good areas with good schools close by? My son will be starting Prep next January and I will also need before and after school care as I will have to work. I am looking for real family orientated areas as I am going to be 11,000 miles away from my family. :confused: Any advise is much appreciated :biggrin: Zoe x
  5. Hello all just looking for some advice pls, today i got offered a job by by old employer:biggrin: as a nurse in sydney. She has said will sort 457 visa with Hr soon and my nurses reg is currently in application. i have 2 children 5 and 6 months and am wondering about schooling. Originally was heading for queensland on a permanent visa but would take around 18 months/2 years to prepare. We could though be over in next year if sponsored and get PR in two years time and as ive previously worked with my boss/hospitalbefore know ill be fine with the job. Major concern MONEY many of our sydney friends have moved to queensland, i would earn around 70'000 and my other half who installs aircon ? in england??!! ha could get work he says as knows people, has qualifications etc. but schooling aand childcare?? please give advice :jimlad: x x x
  6. Hi. I was wondering how close we should live to a state school we like? I'm guessing catchment guidelines are different from the UK, where you have to be about five streets away (max) these days! Thanks. :-)
  7. whoiam

    Homeschooling / Unschooling

    Anyone on PIo doing either Homeschooling or Unschooling? I have heard about homeschooling before but the term Unschooling was a completely unknown concept until a few days ago when I came across it whilst researching education options for the kids. Would like to know what you guys think of it.
  8. Guest

    School Fees on 457 Visa

    Hi all, Its only taken me two weeks to learn how to post a thread Duh!!!:SLEEP: First can I say what a pleasure it is to see all your opinions on the journey we are all on. We are due to leave for Brisbane (if we ever sell the house) on a 457 sponsored visa and my dilemma is I have just been told I will have to pay for all schooling for my kids (ages 5,7 &9). :no:This seems very harsh as I will be paying tax at the same rate as everyone else. Does anybody know how much we can expect to pay? Any advice would be very welcome Thanks, Steve
  9. Guest

    Secondary School education

    My son is in year 10 at the minute half way through his GCSEs in the UK, and we will be moving to Western Australia July 2011. Does Western Australia schools use GCSE or will he have to catch up alot of work in order to take a different course and what age do they study upto. D.O.B - 23.7.96
  10. Hi All , looking a little guidance ,we've been here 4 weeks and just about to enrol my son in Senior High school , back home (UK) he would have just been starting into 5th year in September after the summer break !! I've been up to the local Senior school and they are placing him into the end of year 10 ..so after the Xmas break (School year in WA runs Jan>Dec) he will start in year 11 ..then finally year 12 then on to Uni ..... my question is back home he would still have to do 5th year then a final 2 years for A levels then Uni so three years remaining instead of two !! Are they placing him in the wrong year should it not be year 9..then starting year 10 after Xmas then another 2 years so 3 in total as per it would be in the UK !! Any and all experiences/help would be much appreciated
  11. Hi guys, me, my wife and two young children (two girls age 3 & 5) are planning to move to Brisbane. I'm looking at going on a 457 sponsored Visa. Does anybody know whether we would have to pay school fees for state school. I was told by someone that on the great state of Queensland there are no such fees unlike NSW. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi we are moving to queensland and i will be working in nambour, what are the secondary schools like eg nambour secondary or burnside secondary.....would i be better off living just outside these areas for a better school ....any ideas ( my kids are 16 and 13) :confused:
  13. Hey, i'm going to be 17 when we move to oz and i'd like to know what sort of out of school, activities there are for a girl of my age. If anybody has any information about stuff could they please let me know cos I would love to try something new when we finally move. Also, can anybody tell me what the education system is like over there? Thanks, Meg xxx:jimlad:
  14. Guest

    Primary School

    Hello, We are moving to Perth next month on 457 visa.We are looking to live around CBD area. I liked Highgate primary school for my daughter. Can anyone guide is that school good ? If not which is a better option? Thanks.
  15. Lurkio

    Back to School - at my age??

    Well, just thought I'd share the news that I've just started a GCSE maths course. I had my first lesson last Monday and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could keep up. I didn't actually take an exam in this at school and always wanted to see if I could pass given the chance. So I signed up for a fast track adult ed course (along with brat my 17 year old son) and am giving it a go.... ps. Does anyone know how to calculate the area of a pyramid??? :eek:
  16. We're going to be enrolling our daughter at school in nsw for next year and we need an immunisation certificate, has anyone had to do the same and if so, how did you get it? Thanks for any help Grant
  17. family of five

    Hillbrook Anglican School, Brisbane

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows anything, good or bad about Hillbrook Anglican? Many thanks Tina, Family of Five
  18. Hi, Anyone have came across Highgate Primary School located just north of Perth CBD? They have over 50 different nationalities in the school over 480 students. Also what I'm considering is because they have after school care located in their school itself and they have mandarin classes over the weekend. A government public school usually around 200 - 300 students in our country. Was considering that 480 over students might seem a bit scary. If you any suggestion or feedback on this school, appreciate if you share with me. Thanks Jenny
  19. Hi there, Anyone knows where I can send my child for after school care near Vic Park? My daughter is 5 years old, will be going to pre-primary. I am looking for a government school and the only choice here which is near my place is Victoria Park Primary School. Just out of my curiosity, how do parents send their kid to the child care after the schools end, while they are working? Your help would be very much appreciated. Ozwonderful
  20. once in a blue moon

    Can we get keep our daughter back a school year?

    Hello everyone, Can anyone answer our query??......We have a daughter in year 11 (she will be 16 in Feb 2012), it seems very likely that we will be moving to Sydney March/April 2012. Can we arrange for her to stay back a year when she gets to Australia? We know the school year starts in Jan/Feb and that she should be starting year 11, but if we don't get to Oz until April would it be wise to keep her back a year? How difficult is it to arrange this? All comments greatly appreciated, thank you. Sally-Ann
  21. We are moving back to the Uk in the next 6 months and I have a job waiting in harrogate. What are the best high schools and Primary schools there. My son is 10 and should do about 6months of primary school from Jan-June before he moves to high school. can anyone recommend a good school, Goods GCSE results/ No bullying that kind of stuff. I look forward to your comments. Sarah
  22. We have two boys age 12 and 14 who are currently at a private Catholic high school in the inner west. They've been quite happy there until now, but we're thinking of of moving them to another school because we sense they are becoming increasingly unsettled. Has anyone had any experience of Sydney high schools in the public system and have any recommendations or suggestions?
  23. Hi All, We are in a big quandry; husband has been offered a job with great prospects in Sydney. As we lived and worked throughout Europe for 5 years in the latter 90's (pre-kids) only returning to UK on an absolutely need to basis, we are probably better prepared than most to take the plunge. Other half could go out to Sydney as early as January with me and the children following on after 3 month probation period expired/passed. But we have only one big reservation, educating our kids in Australia; our daughter secured a place and is in her 2nd yr at King Edwards Grammar School in Birmingham and she is really flying there; if we stay in the UK we are going to have our lad tutored as he shows an aptitude and an interest to get into the KE Boys Grammar, although competition is massively fierce for boys. We have absolutely no idea about the Australian education system, but have found elsewhere on this forum stories about bright or gifted kids (they all are!) not being able to fulfill their potential when they have moved to into the Oz system which has really made us think twice about the move - having had to scrape ice off the car this morning, this is not good! Obviously you can find negativity about anything on the internet however wonderful it is to the majority, but we would really appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with us, particularly those who have forfeited their children's hard-fought Grammar School places to move to Oz. Unfortunately, whilst the job on offer is good, it is not at the level we can pay AU$20,000 per annum per child for private education; at a stretch we could do $5,000 per annum as long as the LAFH allowance stays! We have identified French Forest / St Ives as potential suburbs to live in if anyone can comment on the schools in these areas. Many thanks in advance for any guidance / reassurance! :hug:
  24. Jersey Beans

    Primary Schools in and around Narangba

    My husband has been offered a job in Narangba and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on primary schools in the area. I don't really know where to start! Any advice would be much appreciated :arghh:
  25. Anyone been though this? My son goes to an "outstanding" small town primary school (1 class per year). Everyone knows everyone and it works really well. The areas of Brisbane we are looking at all seem to have massive primary schools. I am a bit worried about the change from 1 class per year to about 6. Do sensitive children get a bit lost with it? Are bullying/problems kept on top of? I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks.