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Found 754 results

  1. Guest

    SCHOOL FEES 457 visa

  2. DrChris

    Living in Mona Vale

    Hi All, This is my first post. I moved to the central coast about 3 months ago but I am moving down to Mona Vale in 2 weeks. Does anyone know any good nurseries for a 3 year old? Also I would like to meet up with fellow poms in the area. Regards, Chris
  3. hi looking at area around gosford new south wales, could anyone give me any info on any good state schools, for both a 5 year old girl, and a 10 year old boy.could you please give me any info on any parental contribution costs, ect, as any info would be very much appreciated. looking to come over oct/nov time. from a demented mother of two x.:arghh::goofy:
  4. Guest

    GCSE schools and college age 16

    My son is in year 11 and currently doing his GCSE's, he is 16. If we wait until he has done them before we go (finish June) Will he go to school or college there when we arrive? He would like to do something sports related. Am I doing the right thing letting him do his GCSEs first? Any advice or information on where I can find on about school or college entry would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'm moving in 4 months, and will be 16. I'm really nervous about starting a new school, and meeting friends. I don't even know what year I would be in. This is probably what most teenagers say before they move, but I really would want to talk to someone about it all. We aren't to sure on where we are moving yet, but probably be near the central coast, but that isn't definet. So if anyone around my age is willing to talk, I would appreciate it! Cheers
  6. Hi all.... I arrived in perth 2 days ago, and its now time to start looking for a school for my kids: 9 & 6. i know of 2 primary schools: Brighton and one in currambine (France's John). does anyone else know of any other good catholic schools please?
  7. Ruth1972

    Secondary schools for Mentone

    Hi Howe are hoping to move to Melbourne and I have been trying to research ares based on decent state / public high schools. Berwick seems to be my favourite so far, so any opinions on that will be greatly received. PI have also been looking closer to the coast and Mentone sounds nice but as I have daughter (10) and a son (7) I seem to be struggling to find a mixed state school. Does anyone know of one accessible to those living in Mentone? Thanks
  8. Hi there. Me, my wife and 3 children arrive in Perth on 1st November 2013. We are aware that school fees of $4000 per child are coming into effect in Jan 2014 for each child of a parent on a 457 visa attending a public school. Does anyone know how the payment will work? Can you pay in monthly instalments or do you have to pay it all up front? We have 3 kids at school age so finding $12000 at the start of the year will be a challenge. Thanks, Philip
  9. Hello poms! :biggrin: we're moving around the mudgeeraba/robina area and looking for a good high school for our 13 year old girl. We can go to either Varsity College or Robina High. We'd like her to go to Varsity but we're out of catchment (mudgeeraba) and there is no bus to the high school anywhere near where we live. There's a bus to Robina a bit down the street but we've heard bad reviews of robina state high school :unsure: We'd REALLY like some local advice on what to do and she only started high school 3 months ago in oz and we're scared she might not adjust to a big city school, coming from a country school and all. Help please! Any info appreciated!:smile: (moving next week!!!:arghh:)
  10. Does anyone have or know children attending this school? I have searched and searched but cannot find out any info about other peoples experiences at the school...anything good or bad would help in deciding if its a possible school i would like to send my children to. Thank you in advance x
  11. Hi, I am breaking lease on my 4 x 2 house in Secret Harbour, WA on 2nd August 2013. Its in a nice location right by Comet Bay Primary School, which has a lovely reputation. If you are interested in the details, please let me know. Thanks!!
  12. Is there anyone that can give me some advise? I am 16 and have recently left school in the UK, me and my family are looking to immigrate to Perth within the next 7 months. I would just like to know if the English GCSE's are equivalent to any Australian qualification or if they mean anything at all , also would I have to go to a school or college when we immigrate. Finally, if I do have to go to a school what year would I be in ? Thank you
  13. Hi, I'm a recently qualified primary school teacher moving to Australia in the coming months - at the moment it's looking like Perth but haven't finalised flights yet - and I'm wondering if there are any overseas trained primary school teachers working in Perth or elsewhere in Australia who can advise me on the job situation out there. What do you think the chances are of getting a job as a graduate teacher? Any advice at all would be appreciated!
  14. The Travelling Alburys

    School at 16 - Or is it college?

    Hello, this is my first question (probably of many...) We are looking at moving to Australia in 2016 when my son has finished his GCSE's - Can anyone tell me what level of schooling he would go into? Would it be college? And when do they take exams and get ready for university? And is the school year any different? i.e.. does it go from September to July like in England? - thank you
  15. Finally WA falls into line with the rest of Australia link here
  16. Hi guys, have a question that i'm hoping someone may be able to help with, apologies if this has already been asked before:wacko: We are moving back to UK next year and i have been making enquiries about getting the kids back into schools, particularly my eldest who will be going into year 7. I contacted the local county council and they informed me that it would have to be classed as a late application as we have to residents at the time of applying. This means that my child will be allocated a place at the nearest school to us- and this could quite possibly not be the school of our choice! Has anyone encountered this situation when returning to UK and if so is there any way around it? :wink: Thanks xxx
  17. Hi I'm 15 years old and doing GCSE's in Maths,English,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,History,Geography,Photography,RE and Food Technology at my school. I'm quite academic at school and hope to go to university. My Family are very keen on leaving the uk and moving to Adelaide . I could be out there in weeks or months as people in Australia really want my stepdad to work for them and are keen to get him as soon as possible although I have the option to stay . My ambitions in life are to go and live in America but to do that I need good qualifications (dont know what career I want to take yet so have left it quite open).My questions are ....What's the education like there.is it good ? Is it better to stay in the uk? Are kids in Australia nice around my age? Would I suffer from the move as I have already done a quarter of my exams ? Thanks
  18. ScottM

    Mandarin in ACT Primary School

    Hi Everyone We recently received out ACT-sponsored 176 visa :biggrin: and are making plans for the move to Canberra. I'm Scottish and my wife is Chinese. We've been bringing up our 3 and 5 year old kids to be bilingual in Mandarin and English. Does anyone know of any primary schools in Canberra that have Mandarin classes? cheers, Scott
  19. Guest

    Transferring to UK school.

    Hi. this is my first post. Finding the site really useful. Having been in Oz for ten years, we are thinking of moving back home (yes the Uk is still home). We now have a 5 year old child and wonder how we go about finding schools etc. how long would we have to get him into a school? Although we know roughly where we would like to live, we don't have an exact location so are concerned about having to choose a school before we have bought a house and then perhaps having to move him again (something we really don't want to have to do). Is there a period of time a child can stay out of school for migration purposes? Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks so much.
  20. Hi there. We have just had a positive skills assessment back today and so next step is to apply for sponsorship from the government of WA. All very exciting! Hoping to move to WA in the second half of 2013. We have three children - currently 6, 4 and 2 years old. Can anyone give us advice on how we go about starting the eldest two in school? For example, how quickly after arriving do we have to send them to school? Basically, are we able to let them have a 'holiday' for a couple of weeks to get over jet-lag etc even if we land in term-time? We've got a good idea of the government primary schools in Perth we'd like them to go to, but how do we make that happen? Is there an information source on catchment areas? Can we secure them a school place before we arrive in Oz or is that not possible due to the need for an 'in-catchment' address before you are awarded a place? Is it always the case that if you live in a catchment area, the local school has to take your children, or are there exceptions to this? Thanks - any advice gratefully received!
  21. anithacu

    Choosing a school

    Hi, I am not sure whether I understood the school enrolment correctly. We are planning to move to Glen Waverley in Dec 2011. We are from Singapore. My son was born in June 2008. He will be 3 as of April 30 2012. When must he join prep and when must I apply by? Is it 2014? There seems to be some exception when the child can start earlier. In which cases is this allowed? In Singapore, the child starts level 1 the year he turns 7. I was wondering whether he can start in Australia at the same time. Thank you.
  22. jo123

    school fees!!!

    Hi everyone, My OH has been offered a job near newcastle, NSW, and our 457 visa application is now lodged (woo) but just got really depressed looking at the school fees for our 10 yr old daughter. We are not even a tiny bit religious but i could pretend to be if it meant getting her into a good , cheaper school. So, my question is this, Is there anyway around paying the fees? If not, can anyone recommend a good catholic school near belmont? Thanks. Jo:sad:
  23. Hi all Can anyone PLEASE help with suggestions. It's getting very overwhelming! I am looking for a nice, safe family area to live within about 30 minute commute (public transport) to City Centre (Central station). I also have a 4 year old daughter who will be starting school and trying to link a nice area and nice school within budget is rather tricky! Is $600 or less a week realistic? I would welcome any suggestions and advice! Obviously done quite a bit of research but not having ever been to Sydney it feels a bit like a stab in the dark with what area we end up in. Thanks inadvance
  24. Hi Can anyone in Australia give me an opinion based on experience of private schools VS public schools? Has anyone sent their kids to private school and was it worth the cost? Thanks Karen
  25. Hi, We are looking to move across to Sydney toward the end of this year / start of next. It is likely that I will be based around the Silverwater area, and we are looking at the Hills area as a possible location. From a surf around the net we have seen some school information, but would love to hear from anyone who is using these schools or knows anything about them. Thanks