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Found 87 results

  1. Hi there, Just thought I would try my luck, as applications through the usual websites are slow. Does anybody need a fantastic salesperson or know of any sales vacancies in Sydney? I have been working in print and stationery sales for the past 4 years and have an excellent track record (I'm happy to PM any one who would like a copy of my resume). We arrive in Sydney on the 14th Aug and any temp or perm job would be of interest as we have a 175 visa. Looking forward to your response Danny Saunders
  2. kernow43

    House sales jump 40% in March

    BBC NEWS | Business | House sales 'jumped 40% in March' A 40% jump is what a lot of folk need.
  3. Was just wondering if there is a certain time of the year where they have big sales in Australia like in England they start them all boxing day and January sales. We are planning on coming with just personal items and starting a fresh with no furniture etc. and just wondered if anyone knows if there is a good time in Australia to grab a bargain and get a house kitted out??!!
  4. Hi all, after reading everyone elses posts for the last year we've finally got around to posting one of our own. We are hoping to move to Perth sometime next year, we have baby number 4 arriving in Feb so we are planning to come out about September. We have searched lots of job sites but wondered if anyone in Perth could help us out. My husband is a technical sales engineer for a cutting tool company, and we are wondering what opportunities Perth has for this kind of job. We see lots of jobs advertised for Sydney and Melbourne but are really keen on Perth but obviously if there are no jobs we would be silly to move to Perth. If there is work what would be the best area to move to? Any info would be much appreciated as we keep searching and seem to be getting knowhere.
  5. Whingeing POM WA Magazine Expands again! Due to recent rave reviews on the Nathan and Nat show, Today Tonight on Channel Seven, The West and 6PR, our big and glossy magazine needs more advertising sales executives...urgently! If you have telesales experience or are willing to be trained by our talented sales managers, there is a job waiting for you at our offices in beautiful Fremantle. A decent basic and uncapped commission will help you live the dream! If you are a good communicator, aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and like working in a fun and lively environment then get in touch with us or send your CV to ceo@editoratlarge.com.au For more details of the magazine visit www.whingeing-pom.com
  6. I have no sales experience? Does this limit me from getting an interview?
  7. I have no sales experience? Does this limit me from getting an interview?
  8. I am recent college graduate with limited work experience, can I still get a pharmaceutical sales job?
  9. Guest

    Us Poor Sales Guys!

    Hello all! Newbie here; hoping for some good news... My wife and I are planning to move out to the Gold Coast in (maybe) 12 months. She's a neonatal nurse so shouldn't struggle to find work (fingers crossed!). Trouble is, I'm an industrial sales guy and I can't imagine for a moment that Australia desperately needs the likes of me!! As my wife will only be looking for a part time job, I'm becoming a bit concerned that I won't be able to find work! Does Oz have a place for little old me??
  10. There have been rumours today on the news that the government may introduce a stamp duty suspension for some properties in order to kick start the housing market (or even scrap them). This would be great news for people selling their houses to move to Oz if introduced. However if it doesn't emerge immediately or starts say in 3-6 months time it would kill off a lot of sales that are imminent for exchange. With the current government and their incompetance could this be another thing that they screw up?
  11. Guest

    Property sales WA.

    Hi everyone, I was just reading the WA news page.. thewest.com.au.. Apparently property sales in WA have slumped to the lowest level in a decade. So to everyone, like ourselves, who have struggled selling their house in UK. It is a global problem. :sad:...... I still think we're making the right move though. Cheers Jay.
  12. Hi I have a boutqiue recruitment agency in Joondalup,Perth WA and need a good tele sales person to work with me to build up my business. Part time, term time flexible hours to suit. Contact me to have a chat. Jan
  13. Waitingawhile

    Blooming house sales!

    Well tomorrow feels like it is D day for me and my OH. i am due to start work in WA on 29th July. Our house sale has been postponed from the 30th June to the 4th July. there are only 3 in the chain one cash buyer buying our buyers house- our house has no mortgage so should really be simple process but the buyers buyer decided he wanted to pay Julys rent and therefore did not want to complete until 24th July Ahhh. So asked if all parties could at least exchange contract sso could make concrete plans. Then finally we got a call from the estate agent saying the buyers buyer had said itwould be all go on 14th July yippeeeee but......my estate agent checked it all out and said the buyers solicitor was unaware we were workign to the 14th on Friday. Well my OH had given up his job on Friday and I am working my notice - I am so terrified it will now all fall through plus all the cheap flights to perth are going and we are going to be lucky to get there now on time! I hate this feeling of being up in the air is anyone else in the same boat trying to do things last minute and quickly :arghh:!
  14. Hi all, Melbourne is number 3 on our top 3 places we wish to land in when we eventually make it oz. I lived there for 6 mths back in 2001, as a singleton with not a care in the world. Now Im married with a 3 and 5 yr old. We have to consider Melbourne, due to my oh working in IT and there is plenty of jobs for him in Melbourne but....I can't drum up any enthusiasum to move there...... So for all of you with families living within commuting distance to the CBD, please sell me melbourne, tell me everything....... Thanks mandisfam
  15. Guest

    House Sales!!

  16. Guest

    Car Boot Sales!!!

    Just HAD to write this and have a likkle rant :arghh: do people go to bootys to find a bargain or to insult the sellers? We did our second on sunday at Barleylands, having spent days getting things together and cleaning it all. I felt that presentation was important so sorted things into relevant piles of "treasure" I even wore my best smile :yes: not that THAT was appreciated!!! We made £150 though "made" seems the wrong word really, and I feel I sold my treasured possessions short! Does anyone watch Benidorm on a friday night? a "lady" on a motorised scooter asked me how much I wanted for my set of six matching bone china BRAND NEW beakers, thinking she was probably short of money 50p each I said, I will even wrap them in newspaper for you and put them in a carrier bag ...... "I will give you a quid for the lot" she said ....No thankyou said I to her face though I said much more under my breath!! .. I could give you MANY more examples ..... but you get the idea! Only about another 3 or 4 car boots to do...then we have to sell Cilla .... my .......:cry: car.
  17. Hi, we've just had an offer on the house and they seem really keen (yay). Just wondering roughly how long things have taken to go through for others because I need an idea of when to book the flights for. They are first time buyers coming straight from home, so it should literally be just as long as the banks and solicitors take. Cara
  18. Hi all I am hoping there maybe someone out there who can help me! I am looking to see how i can get a contact for medical sales people in Oz. I am currently in this role in the UK and have been so for 8 years. I sell implants hips and knees at the moment and would like to do the same or similar in Oz. Any top tips, leads or advice welcomed!
  19. Guest

    House sales updates!

    Hi all Well after a very long process we are now at the point of exchange of contracts and we are moving out on Jan 31st! We have a million and one things to think about and are just starting on the packing. The house is upside down and I cna't believe we've only got a week left to go. I hope everyone else is bearing up with their house sale nightmares and that you are getting positive news. Its a total stress out but I know we are lucky to even be at this stage. Good Luck to everyone Mandy x
  20. Guest

    car sales

    Hi to all. Can anyone help me, i'm abit confused with the whole tax thing when buying a car. I understand that you have to pay a tax when buying a car, think this is 2%. Is this payable to the government? Do you only pay this on new cars? Do you only pay this when buying from a dealer? Do you pay this if you're buying a car privately? any info would be a great help.:goofy::goofy: eddie,tina
  21. I'm a radio sales manager working for GCAP media in the UK and want to contact the larger radio groups in Australia to explore the possibility of working there. Please can you let me know about any forums / sites you know of for people who work in radio both in broadcast and commercial. Many Thanks Dan.
  22. I been reading different threads about houses not selling in the UK and buyers backing out at the last minute - I don't understand how they can I would appreciate if some one could explain these two points to me please I only bought houses in Australia and as a buyer once you sign the contract and put the deposit down thats it you are going to buy the place and at the least lose your deposit plus if they want to bill you for the all cost of re selling the house if you pull out.
  23. Hi all Well now almost 14 weeks after receiving an offer we are still no nearer to moving. We heard nothing at all since the buyers had the survey done 4 weeks ago & our agents rang this morning to say they've a query with the survey. So now we are waiting to hear from our conveyancers. Hubby and I are so stressed over this sale its unbelievable. I've even looked into those companies that buy your house for cash just to see if its worht taking a drop in the price just to get moved but they really don't offer anything like the market value. We are also discussing asking the agents to send other viewers round so that if this 'query' is a major one then at leat we are still open to offers from other buyers. Don't know what we'll do if its something major and they pull out or ask us to drop the price even further. I know we may be worrying over nothing abd it mayjust be something minor but we just want to get on with the rest of our lives and this sale is in the way! Sorry to whinge I know there are lots of you out there in the same position but I am feeling very very fed up. I reckon its cause its the New Year & we just want out with the old and in with the New-lol Thanks for letting me rant!!!! :arghh: Mandy x
  24. Hi, my family and I are moving to Australia in June of this year. (2008) I work for one of the largest radio broadcasting groups in the UK and would like to continue my career in Australia. Please can anyone offer advice on job opportunities / radio groups & stations in Australia? Maybe you work in radio or know someone who does? If so please get me at mrdannythompson@hotmail.com Sydney and Brisbane are our first choices but please contact me regardless of location. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  25. Guest

    house sales

    Hi, just having a moan. All the talk of a property crash is getting a bit much. Hope they dont crash. Cant stop thinking, without house sale it would be hard for us to go. Is anyone else thinking the same. I know its Xmas time, fingers crossed things will pick up after. Jane:twitcy: