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Found 52 results

  1. inspiracoon

    child subclass 101 visa!

    Hey everyone, I'm in Year 10 of schooling and I'm from Singapore. My mom's currently an Australian citizen - she's been there since 06, and I'm planning on settling in Australia permanently after I graduate from university, which will be in 8 - 9 years, an extended period of time due to Singaporean military service obligations (2 years). I'm planning on applying for the Child Subclass 101 visa now, while I'm still under 18 (heard the dependency issue becomes hard after that), activate my visa in January next year, then complete my schooling in Singapore (2 years), go for military service (2 years) then possibly university in the UK, USA, not really Australia, since there isn't an uni particularly strong in what I'm planning to major in, but still keeping that in consideration due to lower costs if I were to be granted the visa. I'll be visiting Australia this end of year for a month, after my A levels for 2 months, after my military service for 6 months or so while waiting for my university course to start (probably for a working holiday of sorts). The issue, however, is that my visa will expire midway during my freshman year at university, and after I wouldn't have fulfilled residency requirements (2/5 years, if I wasn't wrong) to qualify for a new 5-year Return Resident Visa. After I complete my degree, which would be probably 3-4 years after my visa has expired, would I be able to qualify for a 3-month RRV for me to Australia and thereafter settle, or what'd happen after that? What should I even do now? THANKS FOR READING!!!
  2. onepearlyb

    Resident Return Visa

    Hi guys, Bit complicated but here goes. Spent 18months in Melbourne on a PR Visa.Came back Feb 2009 and PR visa has expired now by a year. We are looking at returning to Oz for a holiday and recce in Jan 2014 with a view to returning to settle in Oz after that. Can anyone advise how long a RRV we'd get if we applied now and how we'd go about renewing it? Any up to date advice you can suggest will be much appreciated,folks. onepearlyb
  3. Guest

    RRV in Australia

    Just wondered if I could ask anybody with a bit of RRV knowledge the following. If I enter Australia on a 3 month tourist visa and decide that I would like to try and regain my residency would I be able to apply in Australia or is it a problem that I have entered on a tourist visa. I ask as I have an expired residents visa without 2 years residency (expired Nov 11) and am thinking of going out in Feb, I will be honest and say I am goiing for a holiday with the hope in the back of my mind that I may find something to make me stay. Any help appreciated
  4. Guest

    PR and RRV related

    Dear All, Pls help me in clarifying some doubts related to PR and RRV: 1) PR related question - Even after the first 5 yr visa term expires, the Permanent Residency remains valid and one can continue to legally stay in Aus indefinitely in normal circumstances, right? - As and when one has to leave Aus and return as a Resident, needs to have a RRV to re-enter, right? 2) RRV related - One can apply for a RRV even after the first 5-yrs Visa term has expired, right? - Criteria of getting a 3 months RRV is to have stayed in Aus at least for 1 day in last 5 yrs - and Criteria for 5 yrs RRV is that one has stayed atleast for 2 yrs in Aus in last 5 yrs and compelling reasons of being away from Aus 3) RRV related - My PR 5 yr visa term expires on 4th-April-2012 - I have visited Aus last in June 2007 - I plan to visit Aus in Dec 2011 for 3 weeks for a vacation - Can I apply for a 3 months RRV say in Feb 2013 from offshore and get it FOR SURE because I had stayed in Aus for atleast 1 day in last five years? - If I get a 3 months RRV and enter Aus in Feb 2013, can I still stay in Aus indefinitely after that? Me and my wife want to eventually migrate to Aus in long term but may not be ready to do so by as early as April 2012. We may need another year or so to settle some current medical matters and then move to Aus long term. Had some clarifications related to above questions sometime back from couple of the members but have put all my doubts once again on a single page for ease of understanding. Would appreciate reconfirmations, clarifications and guidance. Thanks & regards.
  5. Dear All, I am currently out of Aus and hold Skilled Independent PR Visa. Have couple of queries: A) RRV - 5 yrs 1) My PR Visa expires on 5-Apr-2011 - Skilled Independent 2) I have been in Aus to validate the PR in May 2007 for 3 weeks 3) I have my brother-in-law and his family (PR holder) and cousin sister (Citizen) in Aus : can this be considered as strong family ties? 4) Could not return to Aus in last 4+ yrs due to ongoing medical treatment for wife and self : can this be considered compelling reasons? 5) I have a bank account and medicare registration in Aus Query A : Can I make a 5 yr RRV based on the above data and what are the chances of getting one? If they do not approve 5 yr RRV, will they automatically consider for 3 months RRV and grant it in turn reducing my overall time left in hand to return to Aus? B) RRV - 3months and future travel to Aus Query B: Can a previous PR Visa holder not living in Aus keep on getting a 3 months RRV and keep on travelling to Aus anytime as far as he/she visits Aus at least once in 5 years? Explanation: My 5 yr first tenure of PR visa expires Apr 2012 and I have been in Aus say in Apr 2010. Does that mean I can apply for 3 months RRV in say Apr 2013 and get is for sure as I have been in Aus atleast for 1 day in last 5 yrs? If yes, can I continue to do so for the next 10~15 yrs i.e. visiting Aus once at least in 5 yrs by getting a 3 months RRV? Really appreciate your help on this front as my clock is ticking to take a final call of being in Aus long term and being a citizen eventually. There is a lot at stake in terms of career and personal front for me to take this decision. Thanks in advance.
  6. dinkydoo

    confused.... RRV

    Have read some posts about the return resident visa and am slightly confused.... When do you have to apply for a RRV? Do you have to have one if you are just going on holiday outside of Oz? I thought that once you had PR you could come and go in and out of Australia???? Thank you
  7. Pallen

    RRV (I require extension)

    Hi all I currently have Skilled Migration residency Visa (Sub/Class 139) and I hav to be in Australia for March 2011 BUT my father has recently had 2 strokes and is now recovering. He is not allowed to drive for the short term and I would like to stay another few months to help with his rehabilitation Is this possible and how will I undertake this? I have been in Australia, to activate my visa, in 2007 and was there for about 2 months and again in 2009 for about a month. I know that if I had been there for 2 years then I would be granted an RRV easier.. but I believe it is possible to have one granted on compassionate grounds. Best regards and thanks Antony
  8. Hi If i have a Australia bank account, a medicare card, will these be considered as "substantial (business, cultural, employment) and beneficial ties" for me to qualify to get a RRV? I have my Australia VISA approved but due to some personal issues, i won't be able to migrate them in the coming 5 years and i won't be able to fulfill the 2 out of 5 years requirement too so i definitely need to apply a RRV when it reaches the 5 years limit. Besides bank account and medicare card, if I buy a house there and rent it out , will that boost up my chance to get the RRV approved ? As someone mentioned if i buy a house there for investment purpose, it won't be considered, is that true ? Also, if i invest a house for renting purpose there, will i be taxed by Australia government ? If i buy a house there just to qualify for RRV and leave it vacant for 5 years , it sounds like i don't have any ROI there , that is the reason why i am thinking to rent it out :cute: please advice thanks
  9. Hi all, One of the requirements to gain a 5 year RRV (Returning Resident visa) is one must show that s/he has "substanial (business, cultural, emplyemnt) and beneficial ties" with Australia and compelling reasons for absences in excess of 5 year. (Refer to Form 968i) Could anyone enlighten me the "interpretation" of "substantial beneficial ties" and "compelling reasons"? is there any source of reference/guidelines i could refer to have better understanding what constitues "substantial and beneficial ties" and compelling reason? If possible, some examples would be great. Thanks
  10. Hiya... I am currently still waiting for my PR (856) hopefully its going to come soon... I'll be nipping home in a few months, and have been getting all confused about how the RRV works! Would appreciate some facts! I have been in Australia for 3 years, 1 on a 417, 2 on a 457. Ok, so once i have my PR, am I right in thinking that if i want to leave Australia and come back, whether it be for a week or a year, I need to get a RRV? How long can I leave Australia for and still be able to return as a resident. When i return as a resident (presuming i can) am i then able to still go on holidays or whatever overseas, or will i then have to stay in Australia solidly until i get my citizenship? Sorry if these are silly questions... help is much appreciated! Thanks K
  11. Guest

    RRV 3 months or 5 years

    Hi there Would it be logical to wonder if I failed the criteria for a 5 YR residents return visa that they may consider me for a 3 month one? Or is this just wishful thinking. Or would I need to apply for the 3 month one seperately? Any help appreciated
  12. We wondered if there are any tips or advice for submitting a RRV application - we do not have the 2 years residency, we were last in Australia in April 2007. We do not have family ties though. We were on the way out to Australia 2 weeks ago and had to turn back, we had bad family news as we stopped over in Singapore and had to reroute back to London. The only problem was our visa ran out 4 days later. We have all the boarding passes, etc. We are now wondering if its worth a last ditch attempt and just applying with a statement outlining what has gone on over the past 5 years and just being upfront. We did have reasons, albeit economic such as the UK property market collapsing and family reasons. Not sure if they would be deemed compelling. We thought of sending the statement above but wondered if it was worthwhile sending any other documents. I thought about boarding passes of our recent flight, we were definitely heading to Perth. Not sure if I am clutching at straws. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone, Am off to the UK next month to visit everybody, and was just chatting to my friend and she seemed to think i may need a RRV? seeing i haven't been here 2 years yet? Hadn't even given anything like that a thought....needless to say i have no clue whether i do or not??!!! If anyone can let me know one way or the other i would be very grateful....worrying now as i didn't even give it a thought!!!! Thank you! Claire x
  14. mr luvpants

    Do I need a RRV?

    hi I am coming out next week to attend a job interview and will obviously activate my visa. Do I need a RRV when I leave the country. If the answer is no, is there any paperwork to fill in? JOHN
  15. supa

    RRV question please

    Can someone help please We have a 175 permanent residency visa which expires in 2014 and when we EVENTUALLY move over we are wondering what the ruling is for returning to Oz ie, when we have a holiday. We do intend applying for citizenship after the 4 year period. From what I can see there are 3 month and 5 year RRV visas. If we leave for a holiday before we get citizenship what criteria do we have to satisfy, ie do we have to have lived in oz for 2 years before we can apply for an RRV. Thanks for reading
  16. Woofyhugger

    RRV from outside of Aus.

    Hi Guys. I just have a question or two on getting a Resident Return Visa from outside of Australia. I had every intention of getting a RRV before I left Australia the other week, but I was in such a mad rush, it had slipped my mind. I know, I know, I don't need a lecture on what I should have done before leaving, the fact is what's done is done, and I now need to apply for a RRV from the UK. Has anyone had any personal experience with applying for a RRV outside of Australia to return home? I have read the eligibility and it seems I am definitely eligible. But I won't be happy until the fat lady sings. Basically I arrived in Oz in 1974 as a 3 year old on the folks passport. Lived there all my life as a permanent resident and never ever left the country at all. 36 years later, I get my first british passport (a few months ago), and just over a week ago headed to the UK where I am now. Without a RRV or Citizenship. Yes.. I know! Now I know you can apply for them whilst overseas, and I fit the eligibility as I have never left the country my entire life up until a week and a bit ago. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not I will get a RRV or not? Considering my whole life is in Australia. I still have a rental property I am renting, my bank accounts, job, finances, everything is Australian.. even my dogs are there still with my partner. I just want to have the opportunity to go home. Again, I know I should have done this before I left but the bottom line is I didn't and I don't need reminding. I am already beating myself up enough over this stupid matter. I just want some hope or advice. Matt :confused:
  17. Dear all, We have a residents visa that expires end of April 2010. I read that it is possible to fill out a Form 1085 residents return visa. I haven't been in Oz since 2005. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the likelihood of succeeding or methods to improve chances of an application - whilst remaining in UK ?
  18. emmaroo

    RRV Question

    Can a de-facto partner be included on a RRV application? Thanks Emma
  19. Guest

    rrv ?

    My other half lived in Australia from 1979-1986 with his parents, and returned again in 1990 on his own and left again in 1996. We are are now back in Australia on my sponsored visa 457, and have been here since march 2009 While looking trough his old passports from the time he was in Australia as a child he has a number of stamps from immigration that say Permitted to stay and reside in Australia. He thinks that his parents had been granted PR. Is there any way we could find out if he was granted PR as a child. and if so would that visa have been canceled. any advise would be welcomed. Ali
  20. MissionAussiePR

    Applying PR again - Not eligible for RRV

    Hi All, Continuing my thread http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/66776-returning-resident-visa-substantial-ties.html , I think willn't be able apply for RRV. It would be a great help if you could share your experience in re-applying PR. In other word, if you had PR and you stayed only 3-4 months on PR. And then after 5-8 year you would like to apply again. Will it create any problem. I understand we don't know what rule might be there after 5-8 years but still we can understand the things as per current rules. Please share your experience and suggest. Cheers, MA
  21. embydoops

    RRv Visas

    Hi nigel,we plan to go back to the uk soon, and we already have pr, so we can come as we please,so if we return a week before 2012,do we still need an RRV also how long would it take to get RRV? THANKS::unsure:
  22. Guest

    Any way to get RRV

    hi all I hope someone can offer advice. We are moving to Aus on our PR visas next month. However we have left it quite late as the altho the visa has been validated, the "no entry after date" is only a month or so after we arrive. We are planning on staying in Oz fo rgood so no great probs except we want to return to to the UK for a 2wk holiday early nexyt year (important family event). Bearing in mind our visa would have expired we will need an RRV. We will be able to get a short term one, even tho we havent been in oz for 2yrs? I have family in Oz and really hope to have a job by then and will be tied into a rental agreement on a house - is that likely to be enough to qualify? just trying to plan ahead and any advice greatfully received Thanks
  23. Guest

    Returning Residenst Visa RRV

    Hi, Has anyone gone down the route of obtaining a RRV visa lately? We would be interested in hearing anything about this type of visa. We have got all the info on this, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been down this route and got one. Thanks, surferjoe.
  24. Hi, I am applying for a Spouse Visa through Go Matilda, but my wife's RRV runs out in April and we are now concerned that she will only be able to renew it for 3 months and will have to remain in Australia after that. She lived in QLD for 27 years, has 3 children born and living in Brisbane, and 4 Grandchildren. She also owns a house in QLD, rented out and rent being paid into an Oz account. My wife held a Permanent Residents Visa from 1974 to 2003. She left Australia for personal reasons and has returned for her children's weddings, for 5 months to nurse her husband through terminal cancer (which was the time she got her RRV) and with myself for holidays, but has not spent 2 years out of the last 5 in Oz. Her reasons for this are that she met and married me, her elder sister contracted terminal cancer and her elderly mother became unwell and has now been placed in a care home. We would like to try to renew her RRV in the UK, but because she always intended to return to Oz, all the paperwork is in storage, so will take a while to obtain. Does anyone have experience of similar circumstances and if so, what was the outcome? My Visa paperwork is just about to be submitted, but I am finding it a strain trying to get everything tied up by April, including arranging medicals etc. and my son is about to give me a grandson Feb/March. Help!!! Regards, Pete.
  25. Guest


    :err: We have our skilled 136 visa :v_SPIN:for which we need to be in oz by december 24th 2008! What happens if we can only go there for say a couple of weeks, will this then hold open our visa for the remaining 5 years or will we need to apply for an RRV (residents return visa) to get back in to oz. Its just that without the sale of the house quie soon I think we may struggle to get there permanently by the first arrival date on our visa stamps. Can anyone wh know offer any advice at all please. We wouldnt be at home for long on return, Probably no more than 6 months or so. Thanks