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Found 84 results

  1. claireg

    Passed ACS RPL Skills Assessment

    Havn't been on here for a while as have waited patiently for 10 weeks to hear whether or not I have passed the ACS skills assessment and as the title says, I password, phew... glad that bit's over. Now feels a little more real. Agent will be getting in touch shortly to discuss Visa app. Claire:biggrin:
  2. Hi, Anyone work in IT going via the RPL/ACS route and/or heading to Sydney? Anyone in Sydney already that found work from the UK sucessfully or works in IT? Cheers Dan
  3. Guest

    Rpl for program administrator

    Hi All I am looking at the 176 WA SSV. I am 39 so time is running out fast. I have 10 years experience as Medical Administration Officer in the NHS (before that admin in various sectors). My job description is the same as Program Administrator. Now, I do not have any degrees etc, just certificates in medical terminology, business numerary nothing that qualifies to a diploma, been too busy working! Can Program Administrators gain RPL and, if so, who does this? Am also checking out Orion but only have till end of January, when I'm 40.that would me I'm 5 points short... Many thanks:biggrin: Susie
  4. Hi all at POI I've been reading various threads and think this is a great forum that will really help me with my immigration plans. Like wise if i can help others i'm more than happy to try. My oh and I have been wanting to make the big move for years and promised ourselves that if/when we have kids that we would bring them up in OZ. Well last year my son was born so we decided to start acting on our plans to bail out from the UK. Dont get me wrong i love the UK at times but overall OZ wins out overall in so may ways. We have been to OZ 6 times since 1999 for holidays, weddings and visiting both our sisters who recently made the move. We are sure we are making the correct choice as the lifestyle just cant be beaten and each time we visit we are more convinced. We attended a OZ Expo just b4 my son was born and did all our research. Then hired an immigration consultant who was a great help and we got a finalised plan together. I have spent almost a year working on a RPL for the ACS. This is currently is OZ being processed and i hope it will be approved any day now. Once it is i get my 60 points for my skills for a skilled migration visa and have been assured i will then have enough points to complete and send off my visa application. Once thats approved we plan to move to Sydney where i think i have the most chance of finding work in my profession and where both our sisters live. So i'm currently waiting which i'm not too good at! i must work on my patience lol :biggrin: Dan
  5. Guest

    RPL submitted to ACS

    Hi all, I just had to post as finally after 3 months of hard work, we submitted my RPL application to ACS. We are both excited and nervous at the result. We sent the document via DHL and are tracking the package at each stage, currently it's on a plane to Sydney aaaaaaghhhhh. Fingers crossed that we get a positive result!!
  6. Hi All, First time poster so please forgive any mistakes! Here's the situation: we are currently in the process of applying for PR with an agent. We're going based on my partners 10 years + IT experience and we're just at the stage of submitting our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to the ACS Board and then we can submit our permanent visa. Our agent has informed us that once we have our RPL approved we can go to Oz on a temp work visa until our PR Visa is approved, at which time we would just have to leave Oz for a day or two and then re-enter the country. We are now just about to submit our RPL and then that takes around 3 months for approval then we hope to (try to) get my partner a job and apply for a temporary work visa so we're hoping to get there by Jan/Feb/March next year (or sooner if possible !!!!).:jiggy: The problem is that we are now talking about having another baby (2nd) so I'm not sure how this would affect our visa application and the cost of medical care when we get there. If my child is born in Australia will he be an Australian Citizen? Would they allow this? My sister has been in Perth for 5 years now and that's where we're planning to go so I'd have all the family support I need and hopefully wouldn't have to worry too much about getting a job straight away but I would hate for our temp work permit or permanent residency application to be rejected because I am or get pregnant.... The idea would be to have the baby over there as the plans are already in motion for us to get over there as soon as we can.... we are eager little oz bunnies!!!! Any help or clarification anyone can give would be really useful so many thanks in advance! Lausy
  7. Anthony71

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    I have just had an initial assessment and been advised that my best hope of a visa is via RPL (I am in IT current qualification MCP). Does anyone have any experience of this route and the process involved? Thanks
  8. Guest

    RPL - May be of interest

    This may be of interest to those who came as dependents and didn't apply for RPL before arriving. If you are a permanent resident, it is a free service. As you may know, Yvonne (of andy&yvonned) came over as a dependent and in view of that, she had no RPL. We have spent hours searching for a job for her but most of those that she fancied, required a Certificate III in Learning Support. This morning, we grabbed her City & Guilds Certificate for learning support and popped up to our local Tafe to enquire as to how we find out what it's Australian equivalent was. The receptionist took us directly to the Principal's secretary who couldn't have been more helpful, showing us where to apply: http://www.training.qld.gov.au/resources/skills_recognition/pdf/app.pdf A downloadable form with all the info needed to process (free) your application for Australian recognition of your UK certification/skill. Needless to say, the forms were downloaded, printed, filled in, and certified copies of other documents required were all in the post within a couple of hours, to hopefully arrive at the Gov't dep't Monday. We will let you know the outcome, and how long it takes. kev
  9. Guest

    Acs rpl

    Hi All Ive been a business analyst in the Civil Service for over 7 years now, befoe that with the NHS. Our migration agent has stated he isnt sure if my experience before 2004 can be classed as professional IT work and that he considers out application to be risky, evan though Im convinced it is, but he states that all applications are subjective, and that the ACS may be happy. Has anyone else out there applied with a risky application, and how did you get on? Any information would be welcome, as this next stage will cost us over £800, and were unsure whether to risk the money knowing we could fail. Thanks All, Lee
  10. ACS has asked me also to Provide the detailed experience letter from company xxxx. However I cannt understand the reason behind this, as the company for which ACS is asking detailed info is one in which I had worked in my fucntional job not IT. After leaving this company I changed my career into IT (SAP Consulancy). Moreover I have provided them the 6 Years experince in IT already and I understand that they have accepted tht also as 6 years ( because they haven't asked for any other company) just mentioned one.:shocked: Now its very tough for me to arrange for this because I am outside delhi (India) since last 6 years and dont have communication with that comapnay any more , as I quitted that job to change my Profession from Production Executive to SAP Consultant , obviosly they didn;t like that. FYI , I am a SAP consultant with qualification as 3 years Diploma in Engineering ( I think it serves as Tertiary Qualification)and SAP Certification + I do have 6 years experince in SAP Consultancy out of that 1.5 years in Sydney only as I am here on visa 457 since May 2007.I have submitted my RPL report as well Could you pl revert whether the Sat.Declaration will be enough for me? As I have fear if they dont recognise my diploma qualification ( which they should , as per George Lombard) they might be looking for some IT experience in first company for which they have asked for detailed exp letter.. really frustrated in this process ..irony is that one side IT-SAP is on CSL and other side ACS doesnot consider the SAP Certification as accepted Vendor Qualification..Really Weird isn't it? I am waiting for other thougts to help me in this?
  11. Hi all This is my first post. We've started the process of looking at moving to Oz (probably Skilled Independent), something I've been waiting for for about 15 years! I'm a plumber/ Corgi registered, been through NVQ 2, NVQ 3 awaiting on workplace assessments for the latter, Unvented and Water Regs and 5 years experience. Our Agent has said that since I have very little experience of areas 1,5,6 (Levelling, Irrigation and Welding) in RPL to basically give up. I did oxy-acetylene welding at college L2 for lead work but that's it. I can't believe this. :arghh:There must be loads of general plumbers with a very similar background to me, with the same qualifications that have got their visas. Can anyone give me some advice ? Can i do courses in these areas over here to get some experience? Would I be assessed on a theoretical knowledge (ie can i gen up these so that I don't have to give a practical in them? Any information very gratefully received. Regards Gaunty
  12. The Ozcans

    Waiting for RPL result Thread

    Hi All:GEEK:!!!!! Thought it'd be good to see who's waiting for RPL assessment results, and how long they're taking, what with xmas break and all. So just add yourself and the date the RPL was received at ACS and the date it changed to In Processing.Then when you get the result we can see how long it took. Ours is: Received 6th Nov 08 In processing 16th Nov 08 Plus if you received a positive assessment recently let us know how long it took. Cheers. Good luck all. Sue x
  13. Guest

    Succesful RPl going alone

    hi all my husband is about to begin his RPL. we are in two minds whether to go it alone or hire peter chiam. we could really do with saving the money it wouldcost to pay him though, so my OH really wants to go it alone. has anyone else prepared it all themselves and passed? how difficult is it? how much work needs to be put in? we plan to have it ready to send of to ACS in may, we are starting now as my hubbie does not have alot of spare time to do it. many thanks in advance :jiggy:
  14. basil

    ACS RPL - project manager ?

    Hi, We have just completed our first sketchy draft of our RPL assessment for the ACS. I say 'our' but really it's OH's! I've since spent a good few hours using the search function on here today and have gained lots of usueful nuggets of information on how to make our application as water tight as possible. But, and I know it's a huge ask, I wondered if anyone had a successful project manager RPL they would mind sharing? (there are none on the rplhelp website) I hope it goes without saying it's not to plageurise. It would just be a nice reassurer hopefully on length and detail. OH is a little worried about his not showing enough technical stuff as in essence he manages the techies and doesn't actuall write software himself etc. - is this the same for other PM's? Lastly, a general Q for RPL applicants - how long was yours? Some old posts on here mention 25,000 words. Was that the whole thing including references, CV , project reports etc or just the CBOK sction? Other threads mention a rough guide of a page per section of the CBOK. I know there are no hard and fast answers, it's just nice to know we are on the right lines (or wrong ones so we can sort it!) Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  15. Hi All, We are an irish family with two young children who hope to move to Australia in 2009 sometime on a 175 visa.We are at the early stages yet and OH has been doing written assessments in carpentry and at present we are waiting on assessors to visit his work sites. Just wondering is there anyone else out there going down this route and is most of the paperwork OH has done for these assessements very close to what TRA want. Claireeee
  16. Hi There Just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice on the ACS and recognised qualifications. We have completed the RPL ( PHEW!!) but am still a bit dubious if we needed to or not. Hubby has lots of qualifications but none that seem to fit the criteria for Group A or B. He did a 1 year full time Diploma in Networking Technologies but is that equivalent to the AQF Diploma?? Cant seem to find out for sure. The RPL is done so its not the end of the world if the Diploma is a no go, we are just worried that he has 8 years experience and if ACS disregard any we are going to fail!! Any advice would be great Many Thanks in Advance Jen x
  17. Hi all I'm about to start applying for RPL assessment through the ACS and then a 175 visa. Not wanting the whole process to take forever, I'm thinking of using either PTLabs or Go Matilda. Does anyone know roughly how much extra this would cost me on top of the visa costs? Thanks
  18. Hi to all you IT Wags and IT :GEEK: For those of you who included Stat Decs in your application, can you tell me what you wrote in them. Oh has to do 2 stat decs, for references, 1 for his current employer because we are not prepared to rock the boat so to speak and the 2nd stat dec is because the company oh worked for no longer exists. Have ask our agent for guidance but not heard back from him as yet (he is based in oz). Any tips greatly received. Also do they have been witness by a solicitor or can a jp do it??? Thanks Mandisfam IT Wag
  19. Hi, This is my 1st Proper Post, I am currently going through an Application at present. I have just received the R.P.L. document. As I am a Mainframe Computer Operator with 20 Years Experience my Migration Agent said that I qualified for Computer Professionals nec. Reading the R.P.L. document, the majority of wording relates to UNIX skills ?? I am left bemused and have asked my agent for anwers. Can any of you guys and gals assist me please ? ? Also as Most English Companies will not supply Compant references will a Character reference be satisfactory.
  20. thekevjones

    ACS RPL Reference

    Wouldn’t mind peoples opinion here…almost completed my ACS RPL I've been gathering refernces from my past companies , till now I have all but 1 reference. I have references from companies I worked >10 yrs ago, both cases never had my record because of how long ago it was. So I got the technical refs from ex bosses (fine!) My current company since 2000 I have a letter from HR clearly defining my different positions within the company. Since I’ve not discussed the situation with my manager or ex-manager I don’t have the corresponding technical references. Should I just send the HR one, come clean to my boss and get the ref or just include names and contacts in case ACS decide to contact them? Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks Kev
  21. Guest

    RPL form - your thoughts please

    Hello again, I have been working on my RPL Application form and am not sure about the level of detail required based on training etc. As it stands I have 27 IT related courses but does that mean I have to include the following for each course: Quote from ACS: RPL Assessment for ACS Membership "If you are claiming attendance at training courses, professional development seminars, etc, as being one avenue for your acquisition of knowledge then: Provide the course name, presenting organisation, date, the presenter, a detailed list of its contents and any assessment which may have taken place; Provide a statement of what you learned from the course; Describe what aspects of the course content you have been able to apply to your working environment - or what prevented their application." Any thoughts/ideas/experience as this seems a lot of data to share and is based over 10 years? Regards, Steve
  22. Hi Hope someone can help!!! I read a thread which suggested that RPL Help assisted to allow IT people with no degree a positive assessment through their work experience. I am in IT however in the sales and business development side. I also have no degree and was wondering if there is an equivalent site to assist me? Any help would be great. I have spoken to migration agents and i just seem to be hitting a brick wall. There must be a way. Thanks Keith
  23. Guest

    general RPL completion time

    hi all, hubbies just starting to gather info needed for RPL. Any experiences on the sort of time frame to complete rpl's ready for submission? the ppl who did it without an agent did you find it hard? would you recommend using an agent we were thinking of going alone as we have been quoted £800 for rpl help alone! any advice greatly appreciated!:smile: Emma
  24. thekevjones

    Supplementary Documents for ACS RPL

    Hi y'All, Assuming I need to send certificates from qualifications and training courses plus passport bio-data, paylsips, P60's, P45's...etc Well do or should I send the originals OR get them certified? If the latter, any recommendations on best place to get them certified? Cheers Kev