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Found 84 results

  1. is there is anyone out there who has started to complete their ACS recognition of prior learning with the new PASA form based upon the "Key Areas of Knowledge". ???/
  2. Hi - I have a total work exp of 8+ years 40 hours a week. I have filled at RPL application and I also do not have degree in IT or computers. I have heard and read somewhere that now 20 hours a week would be taken and fulltime work exp. What does this mean for me can anyone please explain a bit. Also, is there a differnece in time which ACS takes to publish normal ACS results and RPL results. Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Dec05

    ICT Skills assessment & RPL

    Hi all we have finally started on the the visa application process & have been reading up a lot here & on the immi site. I need to get my skills assessed by the ACS, I dont have a degree but have 10+ years of experience so will have to go down the rpl route :eek:. Has anyone here any experience of this ? I would really appreciate some pointers . Looking forward to chatting here with y'all.
  4. Can someone Review my RPL report ? - Software tester (8 years of exp) - No formal college or diploma I am going to file it on Friday.
  5. loveshellybeach

    Help with ACS RPL aplication

    Can anyone recommend a migration agent who can help with the ACS RPL application as we are finding it rather tricky at the moment!?
  6. We've just started the painstaking process of completing the RPL for Business Analyst. The first section my hubby has been asked to complete is the Core - Hardware fundamentals. He is an Analyst and doesn't have a computer science degree but 10+ yrs of work experience. We're not sure what information they are looking for. Does anyone know what kind of stuff to put down? It's a bit of a minefield and impossible to know if he's barking up the wrong tree. Any help would be just so much appreciated. We need to get this right first time. Thank you
  7. Yorkiesx5

    ACS RPL application

    Hi Does anyone out there have experience of doing the ACS skills assessment via the RPL route? Anyone with SAP specialism but a Degree in another discipline might be bale to offer helpful tips or advice form their experience of this process and we would be very grateful. Many thanks
  8. Trying to find out if there is a way to obtain RPL for occuption normally assessed by VETASSESS. Tried emailing but reply was of no help simply copied the page from website!! Tried emailing an immigration website who told me that as my occupation was not on any smp they could help me..... Currently on SA SMP!! ANZSCO states 5 years experience may substitue formal qualification. I feel I am going round in circles. Help appreciated
  9. Hi. Could someone shed some light on the fate of skilled RPL applicants come the new visa changes on July 1st? My agent says that the chance of a skilled visa application under RPL goes out of the window as the new regulations will only favour qualified applicants. My situation is that my 263111 Network & Systems Engineer application is currently being processed with ACS (under RPL - 8 years exp), and then I have to get State Sponsorship before my agent can submit my visa app prior to the new changes whilst there is a window of opportunity. My ANZSCO code qualifies under various SMPs (looking at Adelaide), so have to wait further if/when I get positive assessment. Cheers
  10. Hello everyone, We are getting rather confused regarding my husbands MCSE qualification and his need (or not) to do an RPL when he does his ACS assessment. We have done loads of searches and are getting loads of people saying that it qualifies as an Australian Diploma and so won't needed the dreaded RPL and will go throw on Option B. Only one agent has mentioned that we might not need an RPL but to know for certain we need to pay for a full assessment. My hubby will call PTLabs tomorrow as they haven't responded to our email from last week. We should also hear back from another who is consulting his ACS expert. Unfortunately time is not on our side as with the points changes that come into effect in July we wont be eligible after this date so need to get our application done before this. Mind you, I don't know how far into the application process we need to be by the 1st July to qualify on the current points system? Is it our WA SS application or this and the main Visa application? Anyone know? It will be fantastic if he doesn't need an RPL as we then might make the deadline and be successful in our application. The last thing we want to do is throw money down the drain. Please if any of you have knowledge of this or have been through it yourself we would love to hear from you, our heads are hurting! Thanks for your help! Nicky (and hubby Mark!) x
  11. Hi, I am looking forward to apply for ACS RPL and need sample/template/format as I need to know how to fill that particular section. Kindly note that I am not looking for content but only template/Sample as I am having over 10 years of IT development so I have more than 20 pages of content ready for technology resources as per the ACS. Thanks in advance Srini
  12. Guest

    SAP skill and ACS assesment

    Hi, I am SAP Functional Consultant with non-IT background degree. Just wondering how come SAP functional fall under IT, in my company people with SAP knowledge called as management consultant or bussiness analyst. IT people are those related to infrastructure, network, database, programmer which we called them SAP Technical Consultant people. Anyone know what is the. ASCO code for SAP Functional which not required ACS? I failed ACS assesment due non-IT graduate and required RPL which to me complex and not really map to my SAP job. Anyone can help either with ACS RPL or without? Thank you.
  13. I'm becoming increasingly confused and disheartened so would be delighted to hear some good news... In another thread, George Lombard suggested the new points test will spell the end of RPL based applications, which I'm sure will affect many people currently going through this process. Potentially these massively painstakingly complex applications will be scrapped meaning RPL is no longer acceptable for people who need to prove their extensive experience when they don't have the relevant qualifications. I accept that qualifications matter but sometimes people may change direction and realise their full potential in another field of work. The RPL I'm mainly referring to is the ACS one but I'm sure there are many people doing different RPLs who would be relieved to hear their efforts won't/aren't going to waste. Sorry for the rant!
  14. Guest

    help with RPL Projects

    Hi there!!!! I am looking forward to migrating to australia by next year.... I have doing all the process via an agent. (He is doing a good job).. My experience is totally in IT infrastructure(system admin) Currently supporting L2 vmware and windows servers. My query is I have to submit 2 projects as part of the process inorder to migrate to australia. My qualificatons and Experience dont match...hence the the projects....(tht was told to me by my agent) The RPL part2 is very confusing..... Can someone please help me out here....:unsure: Regards....
  15. Hi, I heard from another thread that DIAC is not going to honour for skill assessment via RPL route which is currently in place. I am worried about this point whether it will have any impact if you have qualification not in the occupation on the SOL but extensive experience in the occupation on the SOL. My profile is as follows -Bachelor of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 25 Engineering Colleges in India -Master of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in India -10 Years Extensive Experience with various top Indian IT companies in the IT (all in IT) I am calculating my points as follows Age (34)-25 points English Language (IELTS 7 in each band)-10 points Overseas Work Experience (10 years)-15 points Qualifications (Bachelor)-15 points This makes my points to 65.Please let me know in case I am doing something wrong:daydreaming:. If my qualification is not considered due to RPL route I will not be able to make it. Can anyone please clarify this for me?:unsure: Cheers
  16. Dear all, after my somewhat inflamattory post was last closed, I decided to get on with life and have (hopefully) a valid question to ask everyone. at the start of the year (january 4th) all my hard work on applying to the ACS for an RPL (work in IT) paid off and I got a positive Assessment (as ASCO 2231-79 unix specialist) which was great as it was on the old CSL. Unfortunately my Emigration company didnt move fast enough and things started to change and chance was missed. Now that the new system is in place and the ANZSCO rules the nest (along with the SMP's slowly trickly out) I find myself with a Positive assessment that doesnt do me any great favours (as trying to go down the route of a 176 Family Sponsored Visa) and need my code to be on schedule 3. Do the ACS offer a service (baring in mind my assessment only has under 2 months to go before running out) where I can put in for re-assessment to move the ASCO code to a more beneficial ANZSCO code? (I have emailed ACS but I know their answers can be rather confusing most of the time and usually just pop in a few weblinks)? Any info greatly appreciated as if I can get my ACS stuff sorted then I dont have too many worries. Kind regards
  17. Guest

    ACS RPL Template

    Hi, Can anyone please share the RPL template.I am not asking for any contents of RPL but the format of the document i.e. how document should be structured. I did RPL successfully in March 2009 which is expired and format has been changed since then becauze of changes in CBOK. Can anyone please send me the RPL document template please as it will be of great help to me. Thanks in advance Mandhani
  18. Hello everyone, This is my first post so please be gentle with me :wink: I have a question on my RPL application with regards the knowledge areas and I would be grateful for any advice. I have selected unit SM (Services Management) which then has 2 areas under it; SM1. Service management SM2. Security management I have put my KA document together based on SM1 and have covered a selection of sub topics from the 3 topics with SM1. I am now wondering if I was supposed to demonstrate knowledge on SM2 as well? I have pasted a link to the form and would really appreciate it if anyone has time to take a look and tell me what you think? http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/doc...edgerev4_2.pdf Many thanks in advance mavine1
  19. Guest

    Needs help on RPL

    Dear everyone I have already got positive assessment from ACS in Jan-2010, but in recent changes of DIAC I have to resubmit the PASA. I have some queries are and hope they will be answered. Do I have to submit all things again with new PASA application? I got positive assessment in “Network Security Professional (ASCO code: 2231-79)” but after adoption of ANZSCO codes, the said category falls under “261314- Software tester & 261399- Software & Application programmers nec”. As my field is security but specifically network security and in new ANZSCO codes “263111 – Computer Network and System Engineers & 263113 – Network Analyst” closely matched to my field. Can I apply on my closely related ANZSCO codes or i have to apply with new codes which relate to Old ASCO codes? I would appreciate for any helpful reply. Thanks
  20. Hi, I have been doing plenty of reading in my quest to move to Oz but am still a little unsure as to the requirements. I have been an analyst programmer for 5 years and have a BSc though it is not IT related. The link below suggests that I need 5 years experience. Computing Professional -Applications and Analyst Programmer 2231-17 - Australian Skills Recognition Information The entry requirement for this occupation is a bachelor degree or higher qualification or at least 5 years relevant experience. However, in the below thread the response was that you need 6 years experience, which is also what appears to be suggested in the ACS page. (I am wondering if this was not updated as I am sure the years required dropped from 6 to 5 recently). http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/81829-can-anyone-advise-acs-requirements.html I have also emailed ACS but not had a response yet. Any advice would really be appreciated as I cannot do anything if I do not know my eligibility. Thanks
  21. Hi, Just hoping that someone would be able to help me: I am an Engineering graduate from an Indian university and have done my engineering degree in Electronics. I have started working in IT from the begining and have 10 years of IT experience( in Oracle domain). I would like to get a skill assessment done through ACS. I would like to know whether I need to fill up form "Form PASA 1.0 (General)" or "Form PASA 2.0 (Recognition of Prior Learning)". I am providing the details of subjects I have studied as part of my engineering: -------------------------------------------------- First year Communication skills Mathematics Engineering physics Engineering chemistry Engineering graphics Applied mechanics Basic Civil Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering Basic mechanical Engineering Second year Mathemetics Electrical machine ElectrOnic devices Linear circuits Electronics material and compositions Electronic Engineering practcice ElectrONIC devices and circuits Principal of electronics communication DIgital circuits Numericalcomputation methods Transducers and mesuremnets computer programming Third year Linear Integrated circuits Digital systems and microprOcessors Electro magnetic engineering Communication systems Control systems Pascal programming Microprocessor perpherals and interfacing Industrial managemnt Microelectronics computer organisations Industrial electronics C programming Electronics design Fourth year Power electronics Electronic system design Electroincs instrumentation Compuer graphics Electronic measurements Project/seminar Advanced micro processor Computer networks Optical communications video engineering ----------------------------------------------------------------
  22. kubanpete

    ACS RPL template required

    Hi All I am a newbie on here. My family and I have just come back from 4 weeks in Oz (Perth) and it was superb. I have been in the IT industry for over 24 years here in blighty, as an IT support Technician along with a lot of other IT roles. I have currently been working as a systems manager for the past 3 years. I have no degree, so i will have to go thru the ACS and apply for the RPL. Does anyone have a a good template that i could use as the migration agents say they will help write one but want $3,300 for helping which i think is a bit steep as we will need all the spare cash for a house etc when we get out there. Any advice on this will be appreciated. ps my brother in law who is a Australian citizen has said if it helps he can sponsor us !! Best Regards Zac
  23. Hello, this is my first post having just joined the forum today... hopefully I'm posting this in the right place... I have been drafting the Australian Computer Society (ACS) 'Recognition of Prior Learning' form for a while now :arghh: and I'm keen to know if I am going about getting my skills assessed in the right way. Do I need to do the RPL or is my degree sufficiently IT related to count as a IT degree? I'm a web developer with 9 years of experience and I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under the 2231-79 'Computing Professionals (nec)' category. My core areas of expertise are in web development/programming, specifically Java/JSP in an Oracle environment. While I have learned the majority of these skills in employment, my degree - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Linguistics joint honours - had a large amount of programming and IT concepts but may not been seen as an IT degree. I actually successfully completed the first year of a Computing and Electronics degree before changing course to AI & Linguistics. The Computing course was based on C+ programming. To give a flavour of my education, I've listed the I.T. related courses that I completed during my 5 years at Edinburgh University. _________________________________________________________________________ Final Year AI and Computer Science :AI and Education AI and Computer Science :Advanced Techniques in natural language processing AI and Computer Science :Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming AI and Computer Science :Philosophical Issues in AI 3rd Year Computational Linguistics 2nd year Artificial Intelligence 2 1st Year Artificial Intelligence 1 1st Year (of my Computer Science and Electric Engineering degree) Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1h Computer Science 1h Mathematics 1D1h Mathematics 1D2h _________________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.... :hug:
  24. So here's my story: Way back i the dark ages I did the old style "State Registered Nurse" training in England, and worked pretty much solidly in the NHS for 21 years. I then moved to Ireland and gave up nursing until 2002 when I did the Return to Nursing Course in Dublin. I then worked very part-time until 2004 when we moved back to England. Once back in England I found that because I had not worked enough hours I could not re-register without doing the return to nursing course again. I didn't do it. So now we are in Australia and I pretty much guessed that I wouldn't be able to register but felt sure that i would be able to quite easily work as a care assistant or something. However, I was interviewed at the local TAFE and have been told that none of my previous experience can be counted as recognised prior learning so I have to do 6 units of Aged Care Worker Cert III in order to then go on and study the whole of Cert IV. So, I have enrolled for my first module, but as I complete the workbook I am getting so very irritated that I my previous experience counts for absolutely nothing. Is there any way of checking that I have been given the correct info? Is it possible that the TAFE just wants to enrol a full fee-paying customer and just can't be bothered with the whole RPL for me? Or do I just have to knuckle down to spending hundreds of dollars and at least a year in jumping through all these hoops? This (and the mozzie bites) are the only sour bits about our adventure so far. In all other ways we love it here, but could use a bit of paid employment tbh! :eek:
  25. George Lombard

    New ACS RPL Procedure

    ACS has foreshadowed changes to the Recognition of Prior Learning procedure on its website. Anyone currently preparing an RPL application has until 31 January to submit it; after that date there will be an entirely new form and competencies. Most IT professionals will be delighted by the content of the change as for the first time there will be scope for expressing ITIL or human-computer interaction, and no more doubt about where to include business analysts. See http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?action=show&conID=skillapplication . I understand that the new procedure will be underpinned by a detailed list of key competencies, however at the moment there is only a list of headings on the ACS website: KEY AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE TR.Technology RESOURCES TR1. Hardware and software fundamentals TR2. Data and information management TR3. Networking TB.Technology Building TB1. Programming TB2. Human-computer interaction TB3 & TB4.System development and acquisition SM. Services Management SM1. Service management SM2. Security management OM. Outcomes Management OM1. Organisational and Management Concepts OM2. Change management We handle a significant volume of RPL applications and I will be preparing templates to assist our clients over the next couple of weeks. Strangely, this does not seem to have been developed with the current MODL in mind, except that there is a much more detailed prescription for determining who is an IT security practitioner and who is not. Cheers, George Lombard