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Found 62 results

  1. Hi, we are flying to Perth in August to validate our visas. We hadn't planned on doing this but we have to enter Australia before November. We therefore booked the cheapest flights we could which was with Royal Brunei. I am now feeling a bit nervous as we are travelling with a four year old and an 18 month old. Has anybody used this airline? If so, what are they like? Also, if anyone has any advice how best to cope with young kids on such a long flight it would be much appreciated. Thanks Francine
  2. Guest

    The Royal Family

    After Fergies latest gaffe (I know she isn't officially royal any more) is the Royal family still looked upon with love, respect and admiration. What surprises me at times is that a lot of us seem to knock the royal family for each and everything they do, BUT. When you have travelled overseas for some considerable time you begin to realise that even though 'some' of us in this country look upon the royal family with distaste and distain they are more often than not looked upon by our overseas counterparts with huge admiration and respect. I for one have no time for the hangers on that seem to be surrounding the royal family wherever they go. Lets face it, there are some so called royals who need a kick up the arse and told to get a life instead of living of the 'aura' of the royal family. I think in the main the Queen has done a sterling job, and the reputation that precedes her is one that we should be proud of. Or do you think in the present society we inhabit the 'Royal' mysticism is of a bygone age and for all intents and purposes the royal family should be disbanded as it wreaks of wealth, privilege and not at all in touch with the common people. As I said at times in this country we view the royals with distrust and skepticism. But I reckon in the grand scheme of things we should be proud of what they have done and hopefully will continue to do, that is MY OPINON by the way. I think in the main they have done their best to spread the word that this country is still great and can achieve huge things in the future. I am in no way admonishing them of all their foibles and faults, be honest, some of the antics some royals get up to would make a docker blush. I realise that this is a very contentious issue. It seems to polarise public opinion, it normally falls into the 'Get rid of the Royal family' camp or the 'We should keep the Royal family at all costs'. Just wondering who else has an opinion. Cheers Tony
  3. Guest

    Royal Brunei

    Hi, im making my first trip on my own from London to Perth and back to visit relatives later this year and im wondering if anyone could answer my question! All the flights ive looked at for Royal Brunei have been the cheapest but i want a long-ish connecting time incase i get lost or something!! What im confused about is that for the leg from London to Bandar you have to stop in Dubai for any hour. Does anyone know if this means getting off the plane because it doesnt appear in the flight info as a connecting flight, just a rufelling stop!??! Anyone who could help it would be greatly appreciated!! Lexi.
  4. Guest

    Newbie- in a right royal mess!

    Hi fellow poms! I'm a new member who just registered after finding this helpful little site thanks to the wonders of Google. I thought I might share my current situation with you so you may perhaps shed some light on my terrible circumstance. Seven years ago I left the UK and my family behind to start a new life with the woman I loved who resided in Aus, I was 18 at the time. We eventually married and had a son. Fast-forward seven years to today and I am now separated from her and I suddenly realized I was very alone! At christmas I took a holiday back home to the UK and had a great time with family and friends inc a girl I dated when I was in sixth form. The chemistry was electric just like old times but now I have a problem. Because of a combination of (in no particular order) missing England family and friends, that girl, and my loneliness in Aus mostly caused by the social life robbing job- I decided to return to the UK. The decision has been a terribly hard one as moving back will mean I dont get to see my son everyday whereas staying will prolong my unhappiness. Am I a bad father if I leave Aus to where I know I will be happy? I wont be involved in his life as much but theres still telephones, weebcams and aircraft right? I love my son dearly but I'm unhappy and alone now I lost my partner. Sorry to ramble on... some members of my family back in the UK have now started to disown me saying Im not welcome there but they will never know my situation. You have to follow your heart right? Thanks in advance for any support, Ausram
  5. HI...... We are currently living in U.K and considering the big move down under. My husband is serving in the Royal Navy and we can apply to emigrate with him joining the Australian Navy. I would love to hear from anyone who has already made the move or are in the process of doing so. We would be based in Perth and would love to find out more about the life there. We are a family of 3...Scott (39) Deb (37) and Abbie (7). Look forward to hearing from anyone with both pros and cons.... Thanks.....:v_SPIN:....x
  6. Hopefully moving to Aus in just over 18 months when my husband has finished in the navy. I can easily find nursing jobs over there, however finding jobs which will use his skills is proving a little difficult. He is thinking of trying as a civilian firefighter - any ideas where we can get information on this for around Adelaide? Bev x
  7. Hi, Our medicals were posted to HOC Sydney on 04/11/09. After much worry over whether these got there under RM International Signed For, I discovered this morning that you can track it online in Australia. Go here: Australia Post- article tracking, parcel tracking item tracking and enter your Royal Mail tracking code (all 13 characters) into the Domestic Tracking number box. Click 'GO' and be amazed that your item details will appear (well, they did for our item anyway). Our Meds were delivered on the 12/11/09. Cool or what!? Mat.
  8. I am just wandering whether anyone could help me, i already know that i can not apply to join any OZzy police forces until i have residency, however, i am wandering if there is anything else i could do for the force. Ive been in the RNP for 6 years and have a diploma which i passed with Distinction, so i do have law background and i am secruity cleared through the UK government. Anyone with any job suggestions???
  9. Hi just wondering if there is any one from the navy going to Perth next year 13th Jan 2010 as i was on the phone to Portman Travel and he stated that there was a whole group going out that day. If so please get in touch would be nice :daydreaming:
  10. Hello, can anyone recommend any nice (& good for children) suburbs with easy public transport commute to royal mater hospital? thanx
  11. Guest

    Brunei Royal Scandal

    The firm who shook the British Government to its core by exposing the UK government expenses scandal is now turning their focus on the Brunei Royal Family and the Sultan of Brunei. Their attention is focused on a financial scandal against a British business man who worked for a senior member of the Brunei Royal family. It is also looking into a court case in Sydney designed to silence the Sydney businessman, Michael McGurk. The web site Royally Shafted. A blog about dealings with the Brunei Royal Family is slowly releasing the details of what has been going on and according to the site, it's about to hit the main stream media. The firm exposing this has a massive reputation, especially after recently exposing the biggest scandal in the UK government for more the 100 years. The site is credible and is packed with documents and hard evidence to support it. Now that it's being driven by this professional firm to expose the scandal it will be interesting to see where it ends up! Especially the case in the NSW Supreme Court. Love to hear your thoughts and comments on AF. Have a look but come back here to tell us all about it Brunei Royal Scandal
  12. Guest

    Royal Brunei airline!

    Hi everyone, Im hoping for a bit of reassurance(i hope) Were going to do a rekkie in Perth in october and have just booked our flights with Royal brunei air. Ive heard mainly terrible things. Has any body flown with them and could give me some info please! Thanks Jodie :skeptical:
  13. Hi We are a professional couple who will be immigrating to Melbourne in July for 1 year to work in the royal Melbourne hospital. We were wondering if anyone could recommend a good 2-week holiday rental in south yarra/ toorak/ prahan area to base ourselves while looking for a more permanent house in these areas Are these areas feasibly in cycling distance to the royal Melbourne hospital or is there good/ fast/reliable public transport facilities connecting the two areas? Also any thoughts on the long-term suitability of living in south yarra/ toorak/ prahan while commuting to the royal Melbourne. We know Carlton and Collingwood are closer but have heard some mixed reports about these areas All help greatly appreciated
  14. Hi Guys, I stupidly sent my visa docs to my agent with Royal Mail International Signed For, after the lady at the post office told me it was no different to DHL and I may as well save my money. This was last wednesday and my documents still have not arrived! I know its only been a week but I thought it must be there by now! I looked at some previous threads which said to contact Aus post. I sent them a message with my tracking number and delivery address but got an out of office reply. Then strangely this morning I checked my email again and now I have an out of office reply from Royal Mail, I never emailed Royal Mail. My guess is that they have no record of my package and have bounced the enquiry back to them. Has anyone had this before? I'm so worried! Also there is a number on the Aus post website but it has no area code, does anyone have the number? Hopefully someone can help! Thanks!
  15. Hi All, Has anyone ever flown with Royal Brunei Airways, or has any info about them,I have flown with Singapore Airlines previously and cannot fault them, but I am now looking at price differences between different airlines and do not know much about this airline so if any one can help,(Nigel!!!), I would be grateful Thanks B.B.
  16. Guest

    Meds Royal Mail

    Hi, Our meds were sent from the docs on the 24th Feb. They gave me a tracking number and I checked and they left the UK on the 25th Feb. I emailed the HOC last night, expecting to wait days for a response and they emailed me back with hours to say they had not received them. I was suprised how quick they were! I wasn't expecting them to have looked at them, just wanted to know they had hit Aus successfully. How long did everyone else's take to be received if you sent by Royal Mail? And should I start panicking? We took the docs advice re: the meds as they said they always sent them recorded delivery. I have gone onto Auspost's website and emailed them but don't know whether they can help. I also emailed HOC back to explain when they were sent to see if they think there is something wrong. I did a search there and saw a couple of posts about meds being lost and now I am worried. :wacko:
  17. Hi I have been told by the Panel Doctor who did our meds that they were posted on 19th Jan & was given the tracking ref. I have checked Royal Mail website everyday since & am not getting any tracking info. I rang the Surgery who told me not to panic as it can take a few days to show! Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks.
  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL :wink: Just some information you may or may not find of some use: - We had our Medicals on the 8th December 2008 in Huddersfield. These where all confirmed and posted on 17th December, but we thought “International Signed for” meant it was tracked all the way to Australia, in fact all you get is the following from the Royal Mail website: - “Your item, posted on 17/12/08 with reference RJ9999995GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in AUSTRALIA” pretty meaningless really. So I contacted Australia Post via there website and within 24 hours I had this reply from them “The article RJ999999005GB was delivered to GPO BOX CENTRE SYDNEY on 30/12/08” Here is the link to contact Australia post if there is anyone in the same position we was in. If you want a completely traceable service we suggest you use a courier: DHL UPS or alike. http://www.auspost.com.au/APC/CDA/Forms/APC_CDA_General_Enquiry_Form/0,1495,CH2545%257EMO19,00.html Regards
  19. Guest

    royal mail taking the p155

    posted our certified docs to OZ on 4th nov by signed for internationl ( airsure was unavailable) and even now they have not yet delivered it :arghh: im going nuts! the guys cant offer the job without the docs being ok'd by their agent. so we may or may not even have a job! UGH :mad:
  20. Guest

    Courier or Royal Mail?

    Hi all! I've just passed my Vetassess practical for bricklaying. Woo hoo!:biggrin: All I need now is to send off my final bits of paperwork. What is the best way to send it? My agent recommends courier, if so any recommendations to who to use and costs? Damien
  21. Hi all, Is there anyone out there working at the Royal Perth? I have a job offer there (registered nurse) due to start in Jan 09. Would be great to hear from anybody there already or worked there in the past... I would love to hear from other nurses working at other hospitals in Perth too, Thanks Fiona
  22. Guest

    The Royal Family

    It's not often that I concern myself with anything other than the immigration threads on PIO, but as I was perusing the threads today I noticed that some people mentioned that they loved the Royal family. I'm just intrigued as to why they like them so much. Is it the family values that they portray, or perhaps the history of the family itself ? Perhaps it's because of charitable causes they are involved in ? It would be interesting to know exactly what it is that makes certain people love them so much. I offer this question, not to induce a heated debate, but merely to satisfy my own curiosity. Eric.
  23. Hi everyone, You are all so helpful when I ask questions so just thought I'd help you back if you have lost a letter in the mail! My missing letter has just turned up at my agency... 18 days late! Also, my IELTS result took 7 days to get from Rugby to Milton Keynes first class! My Mum has also lost 2 parcels in the mail recently! My advice is post recorded or special, definitely worth it. And if something HAS gone missing - don't panic, I never thought my letters would turn up but they did... 3 weeks later. This forum is FAB. Little Miss Australia Xx Xx
  24. hi guy's as the title say's has any flown with them as found a great price for hols but have never heard of them? just wanted to know if any good and what they are like with kids,entertainment, seating (leg room) food any info would be great ................... julie :wubclub:
  25. We have had a quote for flights in October to Perth, The cheapest by far is with Royal Brunei. Are they any good? We will be flying with 3 young boys. Thanks Deb