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Found 57 results

  1. kellyjamie

    Honest opinion on student route now?

    Hi all, so with the recent announcements i was looking to find out those with some knowledge what are your honest opinions on the student route now? Many thanks Kelly x
  2. harmitraj

    Which route should we take?

    My boyfriend is currently studying at UQ. He is doing Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounts and due to graduate at the end of 2011 while I have a Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and am currently a secondary school teacher in Singapore. We intend to apply for PR but am not sure which route to take. Should I wait till my boyfriend graduates to apply with him as the main applicant in 2011 or should I apply now with my teaching qualifications as I saw that it was on the CSL. :skeptical:
  3. Hi all, I spoke to a migration agent at a small seminar on Tuesday evening which was mainly focused on the student route but i thought id go along anyhow see if could get info on all the recent changes etc as it was only 2 mn form my office. Anyhow once there i had an extremely interesting chat which threw up this idea for us in our situation.... Jamie has been trying pretty much every nite on the phone to oz employers to find an employer sponsor but all and honestly he has not had one negative phone call, have said we'd love to see your c.v and would be really interested in you BUT once your here!! Primarily this is because he will be working with youths so understandably they want to physically see him and vet him. So we are fairly sure we wont get an employer to sponsor us from here! We have only recently applied to WA for regional sponsorship and so our visa app wont be in until start of next year so we will have atleast minimum 3 year wait from next year if successful, unless Mr Evans reverses his processing times, which given his history of chopping and changing could happen but prob not! So idea being we go over on student visa as me being the one to study, Jamie gains part time employment, he already has positive skills assessment and hopefully within the 2 years of study he can secure an employer willing to sponsor him for full time job? We are fully aware of all the negatives with student visas and all the cost involved. We would not make any choice until after the new announcements regarding MODL/CSL and the student issues. Just throwing the idea out there so i could get some feedback? much appreciated kelly:wubclub:
  4. Hi all, Has anyone gone down this route and got a permanent visa, after studying for 2 years ? Please let me know details Thanks so much
  5. This came up on the Vic SS thread but I thought it may be interesting to know what reason people are going for sponsorship, extra points or faster processing? For myself I had 115 points when I applied for SS, did IELTS to get the extra 10 so I could apply for 175 but as I've visited all of the states to decide where I wanted to go (Vic in my case) if my SS comes through I'll convert to 176. Anyway this is just for general interest, if you feel you don't want to say for any reason just don't vote!
  6. Guest

    Whats the quickest route.

    Could anyone give me advice on the quickest route to P/R. I could wait and hopefully apply for an 856 visa after I have been working for my employer for a year(a few more months to go yet)... What are the rough timelines for this sort of visa. Or could I go for a vic. State sponsorship, now.... What are the rough timelines on this one please. Are there any others I could apply for, sorry I know I seem to be getting a bit desperate now. I have tried speaking with immigration, but have not got any further on to be honest. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Its all happening. Pickfords arrive today to start the packing with a plan to finish off tomorrow and load onto the container. Have yet to finish packing clothes and still havent sold the motorbike, which is currently parked on the path outside the house with a for sale sign. (you cant fault me for my optimism) All too stressful, already had tears this morning and to top the lot IM STILL WORKING. Having to continue working until tomorrow PM. Boss hasnt suggested i can take the time off. Have no annual leave and am -4 hours in toil. So have left hubby and 4 yr old son at the house to direct the removals team:err: :arghh:
  8. Guest

    Best Route

    Ok I'm just trying to work out what most people to when applying to Oz for a Temporary Work Permit. I understand that you cannot have one unless you have sponsorship from an Employer, correct? If so, do people generally try to get a job over there before they leave the UK or do people just go on a 3 month holiday, try and find a job first and then ask for sponsorship? I know that everyone is different but I just wanted to find out if one is more common than the other? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give xxx
  9. Guest

    Confused on 457 to PR route.

    Hi All. My hubby has accepted a job offer in Melbourne and we are taking the 457(4 year visa) to PR route. His employers told him at his interview that we could apply for PR immediately after taking up the position and that they would sponsor our PR application. I have read some of your threads on this subject and have got myself confused (not at all difficult for me !!) because some of you are saying that you can't apply for PR for 12 - 24 months after taking up employment or even longer. Now, I'm not too concerned in the respect that we are still moving to Oz, wild horses couldn't stop us, but what does concern me is what our limitations/entitlements will be in relation to mortgages, health care etc on a 457 as opposed to PR. I've just re-read this post and hope it makes sense.. L.O.L. Lots of questions and even more cofused post from me to follow this one I'm sure:biglaugh: Ripha.
  10. Carrier To Begin Operating First Australian Service On December 6 Brand New Boeing B777-200LR To Begin Flying To Melbourne Wednesday 17 June 2009 This is good news as more competition means that it will hopefully lead to reduced fares on the kangaroo route.
  11. Hi guys, I've been trying to work out the most efficient way to get my lady into the country. I've tried to include all the angles and information, so this is a rather large post. Any specific responses to questions I have posed or general comments/advice from people that have done/considered these options will be much appreciated. Law student here, so feel free to get technical! General Circumstances I'm an Australian citizen and NSW resident. In 2006 I went backpacking Europe and Canada and I met a lovely Canadian girl. Although we haven't been physically together for much time we've stayed together since then. We met up in Hawaii and she came to Australia in January this year for a month holiday. Skilled Migration I had a look at skilled migration but it seems without employer sponsorship this primary school teacher doesn't have a chance of getting in without 3 more years full time work experience. State sponsorship for primary school teachers no longer seems available. I calculated that she has 105 points - with potential to get another 10 points through some kind of English language test? (not sure about the requirements on this one, her native tongue is English though and she was a top university student). Working Holiday Visa + Spouse Visa (De facto) A working holiday visa should give us some time to see whether we do in fact want to live together permanently.A working holiday visa seems useful to me in 2 main respects (concurrently). 1. The 12 months could be spent searching for an employer sponsor - from what I've read about employment opportunities, I wouldn't bet on this for a primary school teacher! Question: Has anyone in similar circumstances used a working holiday visa to get sponsorship? I imagine the 6 months single employer limit is a problem. 2. If no employer sponsor is available, we can still technically use the 12 months to qualify for an offshore de facto spouse visa with me as her sponsor. If we rent somewhere together from day one up until the end of the 12 months and we have joint bank accounts etc. then we should be able eligible for de facto status. We will also provide photos, letters etc to evidence the relationship. After 12 months she will then need to leave the country - maybe we could holiday in New Zealand? She then immediately applies for spouse visa and anywhere from 8 days to 6 months later it will, hopefully, be granted. Question: Has anyone done this successfully? Will the fact that she resides overseas and was only able to live with me for 12 months due to a working holiday visa potentially lead to a decision that we live apart on a permanent basis? In such case, I could leave the country at the end of the visa and live with her for a while in order to bolster our case. Extended Working Holiday Visa Another option is to use 3 months/88 days to qualify for a second working holiday visa which will give further time to seek an employer sponsor for skilled migration visa and/or enable her to apply for an onshore spouse visa. Neither of us is really keen on this but I guess we could use it as a chance to backpack around Australia, I seem to have seen more of the rest of the world than my own country! Question: If she seeks to qualify for an extended working holiday visa, how do we maintain de facto status whilst roaming the Australian wastes looking for regional seasonal work? Ie will hostel/share accommodation prove a problem? Thanks in advance!
  12. hi we are hoping to go over to oz early next year by military route is there anyone else on here doing the same ?????????????:laugh:
  13. Chaps My parents are driving from Melb to Sydney and back when they come over here to visit in June and will aim to do the trip the first direction in two days. Thus they are following the coastal route, and wondered where would be a good place about 2/3 thirds of the way, to stop on route. I can find a B&B but anyone recommend a good location on this route to stop, and secondly, are there other recommendations of places to stop on the way? Any thoughts or comments most welcome. Thanks Andy
  14. Just wondered, after all the changes recently, alot of people are opting for sponsered.... But who is sticking with their original visa route & why? We are planning to stick with our 175 visa route & hope that it wont take much longer than a year to come through Looking forward to hearing from you & your views Kelly :v_SPIN:
  15. Guest

    The 457 Route

    Hello Everyone, We have just contacted Go Matilda to see if and how we can get to Oz. The only two ways they told us were either myself on a student Visa or my wife on a 457 for makeup Artistry. We have decided to try the 457 route but need some questions answered if possible about this particualr route. 1) While my wife is working will I be able to work and study at the same time ?? (We're 37 and to make sure we stay as permanent residents is to make sure i go to University once were there as well as work) 2) if Anyone has gone this route, we would appreciate any guidance as to how the accomplsihed it as its all a little overwhelming at the moment and if anyone could also reccomend any good sites for us to look would be very uselful. Thanks Michael&Audrey
  16. Hi, we are flying from Sydney to SA, in August to validate our visas. Which route would you take, to take advantage of the best areas for work (husband in roofing, I am in admin - but honestly we will do anything at all) then to fly out from Adelaide two weeks later back home? Need recommendations so we can plan our route for inns, motels etc etc. We will be giving our details to agencies etc and visiting schools to see what their curriculum is and what they have to offer. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. :biggrin:
  17. Want to submit visa after hubby passing pratical. On the online visa it asks for a ref? Is this online or does it come in the post?
  18. Guest

    Best route to a permanent visa

    Hi, Im heading out to Perth mid of Feb 09 on a working holiday visa(just managed to get one 2 weeks before I was 31!) looking at getting work asap as a welder fabricator, Ive just sent off for my TRA, knowing I can only work for one employer for 6 months, can anyone advise on the best way to upgrade my visa to permanent whilst out there? Thanks Tim
  20. Hi, Can anyone tell me what route I should take to get the proper Electrical License.:unsure: I served my time in the Royal Navy as an electrical mechanic. I have numerous C&G, and the 16th edition. I now work as a electrical service engineer on catering and bakery equipment. I would like to carry on this type of work in WA. Many Thanks
  21. After looking into Migration Agent or DIY for the last 6 or so weeks after the kind advice recieved we have decided to go the DIY route. I have been in contact with someone in OZ who uses the Software I work with and been advised there are many jobs for someone with my qualifications, so now we are having to narrow down where we would like to begin life in Oz! My OH is a Carpenter / Joiner / Wood machinist and here, we live in the middle of nowhere and enjoy tranquillity. having said that, I know we would love to near the ocean too!!! OMG, this is sooo difficult, does anyone have any pointers / web sites / particular forums that may help? We are looking East coast, maybe Brisbane or NSW? Does anyone have good / bad / really ugly experience of any of these areas??? I could spend another 10 weeks searching....but the housework and ironing which reach catastrophic proprtions! I would really appreciate some help! Thank:unsure: you!
  22. Hi Gang, looking at a choice of two routes to a skilled visa. I'm a JIB approved electrician currently working (and planning on remaining) as a electrical engineer. I design electrical services in a building services consultancy. As a guy who came up through the tools i obviously lack the formal qualifications needed to go straight in (CEng, etc) This means i have to do a rather complicated skills assessment with Engineers Australia to prove competency. Or i can go through the TRA and be assessed as a General Electrician. Is there an advantage in going for option 1 in finding a job once in Oz? BTW i scored 135 in the points test Cheers
  23. Hello I am a fully qualified bricklayer and have a years working visa. I hope to work for a few months and hopefuly earn some good money to fund my trip around Oz. I have heard there is good money to be earned on the west coast although when searching the web i found hardley any results for this area. I would apreceate it if people in the know could point me in the dierction as to where I should go to do my hard graft. I can't wait to get there.:jiggy:
  24. Guest

    Student Visa route

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this post goes on a bit but it looks like the only route open to us is the TAFE student route. (except for the employer sponsored route, but finding a sponsor could take forever, if at all). We are very jittery about taking this route as it is scarey to go from earning 2 full time wages to 2 part time wages and having 2 kids 15 & 13 yrs. But we are willing to try it.....I think????? As anyone on here taken this route? If so did you manage to keep your head above water re: paying the bills etc. We will have the proceeds of the sale of the house but thats about all. Does anyone know of anyone that did manage to get PR following this route? I am sorry for all the questions but we are a little bit scared, at the moment there seems to be an awful lot of what if's but that shouldn't stop you following your dream should it? It would help if we knew others in similar situations HAD managed it. (OH is a Production Manager with 13 years experience BUT no degree, I am in Admin) Love Jane & Gary
  25. hash

    457 to PR Route

    Hello everyone, This issue might have been discussed on the forum already. Sorry about it. I am currently working in Sydney on 457 visa. I want to switch to PR ASAP. I already have my skills assessment done recently. I wanted to know which route is the easiest and quickest for me. Should I try for ENS or GSM. I also have a relative in AUS which can sponsor me and boost up my points. I can contact a consultant if required. Also, my IELTS results are expired. I will have to do IELTS because I am not from English speaking country. Can I submit my application now and then send IELTS later on? Or I will have to submit the IELTS result with the application for all types of PR visas. Thanks