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Found 27 results

  1. AaronS

    RIP Andy Whitfield

    Saw some interviews with him. Great guy it seemed and I really liked Sparticus. RIP Andy. http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-andy-whitfield-lymphoma-20110912,0,7280299.story?track=rss
  2. ali

    Gary Speed RIP

    So sad to hear that Gary Speed has died - 42 years old. Tragic loss.
  3. Anyone else experienced this sort of rubbish? We have just left our grotty smelly house in Greensborough which we treated with respect in spite of the fence falling down, a large collection of wood being left in the garden for a year, a leak in the hallway that was never fixed, a leak in the garage that leaked constantly and ruined all our stuff that was in there, a garage door that was falling off, ineffective heating, a urine smelling kitchen cupboard and numerous other ailments. We always paid the rent on time and never caused any issues. On moving out the agent has decided we need to pay for a cleaner, a handyman and a gardener to get the place "up to scratch" (a bulldozer would be more appropriate). She expained we needed to do a "a bit of weeding" and pointed out there are scratches on the polished living room floor. My argument is that we have lived there for a year, a carpet would get worn and it is surely understandable that a floor will become marked, were we supposed to float around for a year? We just found out today the gardener has quoted $385! To pull some weeds out! It seems the landlord/real estate agent treat our bonds as a Christmas bonus. On top of this, our new house (which does not smell of urine) was advertised for $440 a week and an invitation to call the agent for an appointment (ie not an "open house") I did this, arranged my appointment, and to my astonishment they then decided to advertise this time as a time for any other potential tennants to have a look. We got the house and were about to sign the contract when the agent decided they would actually charge us $450 a week!! If we refused to pay then we would lose the house! Having moved in I put the key in the shed lock and it broke (thats my fault and I have to pay to repair it). the airconditioner does not work (we reported it and its like talking to a wall, they sort of listen, and then do nothing), the blinds dont work in any of the bedrooms, you have to physically pull at them (which breaks them which will presumably be our fault and will result in the landlord getting new blinds at our expense). They have not even bothered to replace light bulbs that have blown! Overall renting over here is a thoroughly awful experience.
  4. Cables

    Anyone used Montfort ??

    Does anyone have any past experience with Montfort International? Thanks
  5. We shipped some of our belongings from Glasgow to Melbourne earlier this year through Crown for about £550 all in. Was only about about 1.5cbm so not a lot. Things haven't quite worked out as we had hoped and we are moving back for a really good contract in Cork, Ireland. Definitely looking to move back again in 9-12 months time, as we do like the place, just bad timing. Anyway, back to the reason for this post. We contacted Crown regarding shipping our belongings back to either Ireland or the original address in Glasgow. The first quote I was given was for $3500. I nearly fell off my chair when I read that quote. They revised is to a groupage shipment to their store in Dublin for collection (no delivery to a residential address) for $2200. Nearly 3 times what we paid to ship over here.... I contacted another removal company here in Australia for a quote - Grace Removals. For 2cbm they quoted $1200 all inclusive and including delivery to an address in Ireland. As our belongings are less than 2cbm the actual cost will be a little less, more in line with what I was expecting. We were happy with the service and price from Crown when we moved down here but after the quotes I've been given from their Australian office I will definitely not be using them again when we do eventually make the move back down in a year or so. I've spoke with someone from their office and exchanged several emails and they've been completely unwilling to accommodate our request or give a satisfactory explanation to why the cost is so much higher than to ship from the UK to here.
  6. twinsmom65

    RIP Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile died today !!.... I still remember him from Jim'll fix it and also the seat belt ads (clunk click every trip !!), I remember seeing him in person when I was a youngster !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2055045/Jimmy-Savile-dead-Jimll-Fix-It-presenter-dies-home-aged-84.html
  7. Guest

    Steve Jobs, RIP.

    Well the fella who gave windows a run for their money has finally departed after a long illness.:cry::wubclub: All I can say is: Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  8. twinsmom65

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Breaking news Steve Jobs CEO of Apple has passed away at the age of 56. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2011/10/05/apple-jobs-death.html Karen
  9. Guest51810

    RIP Hope the bear

    I dont know if anybody can remember me mentioning them a few weeks ago or if anybodys saw them on tv/internet but theres a family of bears that have been on tv, The mother is called Lily and her cub is called Hope. Researchers have been following them in minesota and we've watched hope grow up. Theres a few bears that have radio collars on them so the researches can track them etc. Sadly theres news that a hunter has killed Hope :cry: very upsetting for everyone who watched her grow up, you couldnt help but grow attached. anyway the non animal lovers on here will probably think im nuts for posting this lol but just thought id mention it and see if anybody else has watched the program or knows of them
  10. Mandy28

    Rip amy winehouse

    I'm gutted about Amy Winehouse dying. I hope she has found peace as in my humble opinion I found her to be a troubled young woman. My favourite song of hers is Back to Black. What another sad thing to happen today. Rip to all those that have lost their lives today and yesterday. Peace to all xxx
  11. thewebweazel

    Rip off Britian

    For all those people out there that are sick of the rip off Australia threads, like me. I made a trip on Saturday to our local Police Station (Telford, UK) to have my + the wife's finger prints taken, luckily there was a PC on the desk that actually knew that mere non-crims like ourselves may require our fingerprints taken for Police clearance from other countries ( e.g. South Africa). As we had not made an appointment we were made to wait an hour for them to be taken (only Crims get fast track VIP service). I then had to teach them how to take the finger prints as they didn't have a clue how to do it, supposedly they don't take finger prints any longer as it is all done with a scanner. Once the fingerprints were complete, all of 15 mins instruction by my self, they "demanded" £66.70 per person. I nearly fainted what a rip off! In S.Africa Finger printing is free at the local Cop Shop or Internal affairs. Now all I have to do is post my application off to South Africa for the PCC with the £5.25 per person fee. Yes folks it is not a mistake Police clearance only costs £5.25 per person in SA not £35 like the UK, and S.Africa doesn't expect you to be honest and declare your previous misdemeanors, they seem to know it is a criminal record check and that they have to work for their money.:biglaugh:
  12. TrishP

    RIP Sally Brooks

    I didn't know this lady, but what an absolute tragedy. Thoughts go out to her family... xx http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-14178696
  13. tonyman

    Columbo R.I.P.

    I Know it was a few days ago but its sad news as Peter Falk was a legend for many people , i loved his humour that he put into his detective work ........use to love spending an hour in the afternoon watching Columbo , easy watching with some humour ........God Bless....
  14. AUSTRALIAN retailers must explain why they charge huge mark-ups on products that cost half as much from overseas internet companies, consumer group Choice says. And global companies with a presence in Australia prevent local customers taking advantage of cheaper prices offered on their overseas websites, it says. It comes after a study yesterday found retailers were marking up products by as much as 142 per cent unbeknownst to shoppers, with clothing and shoes the most expensive of the lot. In its submission to the Productivity Commission's retail inquiry, Choice says the strong Australian dollar should enable local retailers to pass on savings to their customers. It has found that the same pair of Nike running shoes costs $240 at a major Australian sports retailer while consumers can buy the same shoes for $134 from an online store based in the US. Choice says the top 12 music albums cost 73 per cent more if purchased from the Australia iTunes store instead of the US iTunes store. But Australians are barred from using US iTunes. The popular video game Portal 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 costs 91 per cent more from a major Australian online retailer than from a website based in Asia. "There are too many examples, from white goods to motorcycles and TVs to video games, where we pay more," Choice campaigns director Christopher Zinn said in a statement. "It's up to those in the supply chain here in Australia to justify why this is the case. "Importers and retailers should not cry foul if consumers chase better prices, wherever they may be.... Last December, big retailers such as Harvey Norman, Borders, Target and David Jones waged a campaign against the $1000 GST-free threshold for retail products purchased overseas. They labelled it unfair and argued it would cost jobs. The National Retail Association representing 3700 small shops followed suit. The debate urged the Federal Government to announce a Productivity Commission inquiry into the future of Australia's retail industry. Choice said overseas retailers offered better prices, better service and a much larger range of products. Eliminating the GST-free threshold would do nothing to dissuade Australian customers from continuing to enjoy big savings from buying online. Choice also attacked global retailers with a presence in Australia for preventing the use of Australian credit cards on their overseas sites. "We are challenging global corporations to drop the artificial technological barriers used to block competitive prices online, such as those affecting software and music downloads," Mr Zinn said. "There is no reason why Australians should pay more than consumers in comparable countries for digitally delivered items like software." The Productivity Commission has been asked to report on the current structure, performance and efficiency of the retail sector and the broader issues contributing to the increase in online purchasing by Australian consumers. May 27th 2011
  15. rockola57

    R.I.P. Professor Richard Holmes.

    What a shock i have just had.The eminent Military Historian Richard Holmes has passed away.How sad to see such a great man die at the relatively young age of 65.He brought a reality to events that IMO no other could match.His knowledge of the great Battles through the Centuries was phenomenal.Both his TV documentaries and Books on WW1 and WW2 have left me spellbound by his genius.The War Walks series were unbelievable,it was as if you were there!A great man .R.I.P. Richard.
  16. tonyman

    Poly Styrene R.I.P xray spex

    http://blogs.ocweekly.com/heardmentality/2011/04/poly_styrene_of_xray_spex_rumo.php This is such a shame ,sadly missed ,just released an new album in March 'generation indigo' suppose to be real good, even two of my daughters know the full lyrics to this classic .....R.I.P Poly
  17. Guest

    Rip sian o'callaghan

    Although we had great news today about our visas, we also had sad news of the death of Sian O'Callaghan. A town brought together, hundreds joined police in the search for this beautiful young woman, who's life has been cut short far too early. Thoughts are with her parents, family and friends. RIP Sian. X
  18. rockola57

    Jane russell r.i.p

    Well one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen in my life has just passed away,and i am a sad soul tonight.Rest in peace Jane,and thanks for the pleasure you gave us all on the Silversceen.:sad:
  19. tonyman

    Malcolm Allison R.I.P

    Malcolm Allison the former Man City Boss and legend passed away today aged 83 ......he was a great character..........R.I.P :notworthy::hug:
  20. tonyman

    R.I.P. Kelly Groucutt ELO

    ive had a bad day today , trying to find out which member of ELO had passed away as the news on the radio was a little unsure .........i now know it was the very talented bass player kelly groucutt .........heart attack ........and ive just seen celurbuses (robs) thread about the founder member of ELO who passed away today after a giant haystack rolled over his car....!if it had been Roy Wood the wizard he may have seen it coming ........it has been rummered that the wurzels were loritering in the feilds and may have something to do with the rolling giant haystack .....the case continues .........seriously tho , my first fav band for many yrs ......and never got to see them .........R.I.P Kelly
  21. Guest

    Rip off

    Me little mute ,had his little one done this week if you know what i mean $280 to cut them off. Here,s the moan ,they (vets) gave him a collar thing to were to stop him getting to the stitches ,the collar was far to small and he got to them ,another $90 today to re stitch him and give him the right size collar . If he had been given the right size collar in the 1st place ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.:shocked:
  22. Hi all, Yesterday I booked a shipping company to pack up our belongings and put them into storage. Today the people who were arranged to rent our house pulled out on us forcing us to have to postpone our move. I called the removal company and explained the situation (less than 24 hours after booking confirmation) and they told me that to cancel the scheduled removal it will cost us 30% of the total cost of the move which is over £4k. Even though I have guaranteed them that we will definately use them, just a month later and that we dont want to cancel just postpone, the best they have offered us is the cost of cancellation waiver fee which is £205.00 (for 1 phonecall and one email)! The have told us that they have had to turn away work for the dates we have booked (in a fortnights time). We are undecided what to do for the best but what I can advise you all is to make sure you consider this when you book! I am absolutely devastated to be this 'robbed' at such an early stage but I guess if this is the service we are receiving now, heaven knows what would probably happen further down the line. FYI, they are one of the BIG names to BEWARE!!! :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  23. Guest

    Rip off flights???

    Hi does anyone know out there why it is so expensive to book a flight away from this place? Want to go home to see family this xmas on holiday but the flights are so expensive. Looking on Singapore Airlines website this morning; Brisbane to London return 11 Dec to 2 Jan 2 adults 1 child 1 infant $7683.06 (£ 4684.79) :sad: London to Brisbane return same dates and details £ 3653.20 This seems alittle suspect to me! Why is everything so bloody expensive here. When I lived in UK we heard a lot about rip off Britain.......nothing to here!
  24. kernow43

    Flight rip offs to Europe

    The cheapest BA return economy ticket next week was quoted as $7500 but soars to nearly double the price on some days, with customers warned that many of the quoted prices have “only one seat left”. In one instance BA has a single economy fare of $8217. Air NZ had a price of $9000 return economy. Travellers stung with expensive flights | Courier Mail
  25. Guest

    Jade Goody

    I for one thought this was very sad when I heard, despite some of the things she has done, BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jade Goody 'has months to live' Dan xx