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Found 168 results

  1. Homesick1

    Second move with a teen…

    I moved my family back to the UK after 11 years in Oz. My daughter was 13 at the time & was happy to return, but my then 19 year old agreed to come for a few months. We agreed that it would be a trial for all of us & kept our house in Oz in case we should decide to return. we’ve now been in the UK for 18 months, and my son moved back to Oz after 6 months, but my daughter loves it here & doesn’t want to leave! Due to health reasons, we now need to move back to Oz as the NHS has failed my husband. Obviously we have other reasons to return, but my daughter is so settled that I don’t know how to tell her we’ll be returning. She still has friends in Oz & we recently returned from a visit there (to see my son) but her feelings are unchanged. I know her life was so much richer there & she seemed to have more opportunities so I’m hoping she’ll settle in time. Anyone done the move twice with a teen and returned to Oz for year 10? Any advice or experiences would be so appreciated.
  2. Emmy_18

    Getting back to Oz

    So following a horrific phone call back in March regarding my mum's health I was granted exemption to leave Oz to return to the UK. Thank goodness she is recovering and I am currently living with her and supporting her in that journey. I however left behind my job (who have so kindly let me continue working remotely), my partner and my home. I was granted my 820 visa a couple of days before leaving the country also. My question is, as my mum continues to recover i'm beginning to think about my return to Oz. I always knew it would be incredibly hard but I wonder if anyone has managed it and how hard it was? From what I gather as an 820 holder I don't need exemption to get back in it's just getting flights that's the impossible part? Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Alan Collett

    Avoid that fine!

    The 2019 UK tax return filing deadline is now less than 2 months away. This tax return can now only be submitted electronically - the deadline for sending paper 2019 tax returns to HMRC was the end of October 2019. If you: * Have a 2019 UK tax return to submit, and * Are not resident in the UK, or moved to the UK during the year to 5th April 2019 you will need to submit your 2019 UK tax return using tax software, or through a tax accountant who submit UK tax returns using the accountant's tax software. A UK tax return in such circumstances should include a Residence supplement (form SA109) which cannot be submitted through the HMRC Gateway. Best regards.
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me what costs are like to return to the UK compared to moving out in the first place? Has anyone returned and fallen short on money due to a massive difference in the housing costs, shipping and every other cost involved? Just heard that coming back can be very hard for people and want to be able to know that I can do it. My hubby is 100% certain he would not come back, but I am definitely not so sure and worry that I will be stuck. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this because we haven't left yet, (house here in the UK is about to complete). But with 2 kids under 8 and years of household goods coming with us, I need to understand the problems that may arise. Thanks Sarah
  5. Hi PIO: I'm a new PIO member and do apologise if I'm in the wrong forum with my very first post. As you'll see, my story is a bit complicated, but I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. I would really appreciate any feedback you might be able to give after reading my story: -My husband and I (both English) were both 17 (although not known to each other at the time) when we first migrated to Oz in 1957. (My husband went to Sydney under the Big Brother Movement sponsorship scheme operating back then). -We met and married in Sydney in 1960, and our daughter was born there in 1961, soon after which we returned to England. -13 years later, with two young children (our son aged 11 was born in Manchester in 1963) we returned to Oz (South Australia) where we happily lived and worked full-time for most of the next 19 years. For personal family reasons (too sad to tell here) my husband and I returned to England in 1993. Still only having Permanent Residential status at the time (yes, we know it was a foolish oversight on our part not to have become Citizens after nearly 24 years living there by then, and we now regret it very much!), we were issued with 5-yr re-entry visas on leaving Australia. Just before these visas expired, 5 years later, for reasons that prevented us from returning to live there permanently at that time, we were granted a second 5-yr re-entry visa, for which we were very grateful. Another five years later, and still not being in a position to return to live in Oz, our second RRV expired about 8 years ago, and because we were told it wasn't possible to be granted a third, accepted that we'd lost our chance to return to live in the country we looked on as 'our second home', and regret to this day that we allowed it to happen. (Another story). Today, our (Australian) daughter (now 50!), and our two grown Australian grandchildren, still live in S. Australia (as well as our two sisters and their families, and all the many friends we made during the 24 (mostly) happy years of living there, and although we have all enjoyed occasional visits with each other over the years since our departure, we miss them so much and very much wish to return there to live, although, from research I've done lately about Aged Parent Sponsorship for migration to Australia, it seems unlikely, given the excessive costs and up-to-20-year wait for completion of application processes, we will ever be able to achieve that now, and feel very dispirited and extremely sad indeed about it. However, it has just come to my notice that it might just be possible for us to apply for permanent residency under a different category than the Aged Parent Sponsorship Scheme if we are able to provide evidence of compelling reasons for our long absence and of our close personal ties to Australia, which is my main reason for posting this thread to PomsInOz now, in the hope someone might just be able to advise us further and perhaps give us renewed hope that all is not lost. Any help and advice would be extremely welcome and we thank you in advance for taking the trouble to read my story. With grateful thanks. barbaitch
  6. Herbster

    Taking dogs/pets back to uk

    Hi - can't believe there's not been a thread on this one... What's the deal so far as taking dogs & pets generally back to UK - whether they were born in Auz or not???:wideeyed: Also any ideas on costs & procedures... Just in case! Thank you :spinny:
  7. I think your all mad, you'll be back five minutes and realise what a dirty stinking dump the UK has become!! I was back for a holiday in August and everyone is miserable as sin........ Wild horses would not send me back, here I can go to the beach and walk in blazing sunshine.......back in the UK they'll stand in the pub all day, look at the pissing rain hitting the window and moan about the place....... That is half the problem with people emigrating to Aus, there here 30 seconds and want to catch up with English people and have there fish fingers and chips and beans and expect it to be the UK with sunshine.... Embrace the Aussie lifestyle not the English, this isn't the Algarve!!! Good luck if your returning, I wish it worked out for you but half the people on this forum who moan and groan I'm glad your leaving the place.........I can't argue when the Aussie's call us whinging poms, on here we are!!!! I'll wave you off from the Airport and return to a House I can only dream of in the UK, and kids leave their bikes on the front lawn all night.........where will you get that in the UK..........I don't even lock my car and I haven't heard a car alarm go off in two years!!!!
  8. Guest

    Resident Return Visa

    Can anyone advise me how long it takes to to approve an RRV? I spent less than 2 years in Australia.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good accountant in the Mornington area? This is our first year to do the tax thing and I have 2 kids and lots of receipts!!:biggrin: Cheers x
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I have a question that I would like anyone's thoughts. My family and I migrated to Australia and subsequently returned to the UK in 2003. I wanted to stay in Australia however I was 11 years old at the time and unable to do so. My permanent residency visa expired in 2008 before I was unable to return as I was only 16 years old at the time. I am now 20 years old and am in a position where I would be able to return to live and work in Australia on my own. I believe I may be eligible for a one year resident return visa as long as I meet the certain conditions. I have returned to Australia on a tourist visa in 2011 so this is the last year I can apply as I would have left Australia as a resident 10 years ago in July this year. I have an employment offer from the company I work for, Apple, so feel confident I could meet the substantial ties due to employment condition. I also have family who have been citizens of australiangor over 30 years however they are Aunties, Uncles and cousins so not immediate family. I also will have completed a degree in BSc Computer Science in June this year so I am sure this will benefit Australia as I will be employable in an area that is in high demand. For compelling reasons I feel that the fact that I wanted to stay in Australia and was forced to come back to the UK because of reasons out of my control would suffice. If I had been of an age and in a situation where I could have stayed then I would have done so however I was unable to. I also would have acquired a college and university education in the uk which was another reason that I did not apply earlier or return before my visa expired. I am in the process of completing the application currently and would love some advice from anybody on what would be necessary in the application and any advice anyone can give on whether you think that my reasons would be sufficient to secure a resident return visa. Another question I have is can documents be certified by univeristy lecturers or do they have to be certified by certain people in particular? Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. Andy
  11. Guest

    Resident return visa

    I have noticed that the requirement for the resident return which is to spend two (2) of the last five (5) years in Australia as a permanent resident. But i am not sure this 2 yr mean accumulate of a total of 2 yrs stay in australia over the 5 yrs or at least 2 yr stay in australia without leaving the country at all over the 5 yr period?
  12. Guest

    Resident Return Visa (5 year)

    Hi can anyone help? I was granted PR (subclass 175) as I am a nurse. Lived in Australia with my family from 2004 - 2006 a total of 18mths. Came back to the UK as a very close family member was very sick and has since passed away. Our PR visa's don't expire until May 2009, but our 17 year old son in middle of A level's and does not want to come back to Australia to live with us. He has no close family in London and we don't feel we can uproot him Realistically, we can't go before summer 2010. I was told by 3 people (including the Australian Immigration dept in London) that I may be able to apply for a 5 year RRV on the grounds of 'compassionate and compelling' reasons. I was told today by case worker there that my application will fail as I am not entitled to apply on these grounds. I can only apply if I have substantial ties to Oz (ie a family member there) or cultural, or other strong reasons. The case worker did 'hint' very heavily that if I were to apply in Australia where I don't need to complete an application but just turn up at a migration department I am quite likely to get a 5 year RRV issued. He couldn't give me a definite and was very careful with the words he used, but that was definetly the message he was giving me. Has anyone applied for a 5 year RRV inside Australia having spent less than the 2 out of the last 5 years in Australia. I am quite willing to go to Australia to do this but would like to know if I stand a chance. I am unable to call the Brisbane branch as calls can only me made from Oz!! Thanks Sam
  13. Mollie007

    Pmv visa and return to uk

    Hi I am new here and seeking some advice. Much apperciate if someone can answer my questions please? My fiance has duel Citizenships both UK and Oz and currently living in Oz. I'm in UK and waiting for the PMV visa to approve so we will get married next summer in Sydney. If I have been approve PMV visa and my fiance decided to come back to UK. Does anyone know what will happen? Can I still apply for Partner visa if we decide to come back to UK or I need to live and stay in Oz? Also I have sent all the docs and medical, police check to my CO. Do you know how long I need to wait for my visa? Many thanks.
  14. Has anyone been planning a return to UK but postponed or even completley cancelled a move back to the UK due to the precarious state of the economy? If you have postponed- when will you go back? Or will you go back? :eek: Emma
  15. Hello, We are now one week into our adventure in Melbourne, still looking for places to live and everything is crazy, it's certainly an experience but we're enjoying it all so far! Anyway, here is my question. I am the main 457 visa holder, but my partner needs to come back to the UK in February for 2 months. Are there any issues with this from a visa perspective? Appreciate your responses in advance. Steve
  16. If you have lived outside of the UK for five full UK tax years and intend returning to blighty, consider your UK pension options carefully. It could be worth hanging on for a few days/weeks to be able to benefit from some significant facilities. In theory it should be possible to transfer UK pension schemes to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme of any country. NZ QROPS are the most flexible in the world, bar none. If you can get your UK funds into an NZ QROPS, many will allow you to withdraw the entire fund as a tax free lump sum once you are ex-UK for the five years and non-NZ resident. Thus, somebody who has lived in Aus for the required five year period satisfys both these rules and if you are a few months short it might be worth staying on for even a few days to meet the five year requirement. The transferred funds can be held in the QROPS and be payable to you in Sterling so you can take them back to the UK with you! It may seem unbelievable but you can effectively unlock your UK pension fund/s and have them paid entirely UK and NZ tax free at any age, into a UK bank account. Even more hard to believe is the fact that you can take the released funds back to the UK with you and pay them back into a UK pension fund and get upto another 40% tax relief on top! This is all totally possible under the QROPS and UK legislation.
  17. Juliep

    resident return visa ??

    i got my PR last year in June when we lived in Brisbane, we came back to the uk in December but are thinking of moving back over to oz do i need a resident return visa ?
  18. BritChickx

    Resident Return Visa

    How hard is it to get? Asking on behalf of Paul :wubclub:
  19. Can anyone help pleae? I have been an Australian citizen for some years. I recently inherited a house with my sister in the UK which has been rented since last year. When completing my Oz tax return I declared the income and have paid tax on it. I recently received a letter from the UK tax authorities stating that I was required to complete a UK tax return. As this seems a bit daft as the only income I have in the UK is a paltry sum from the rental of the house, is there a form I can send them from the Oz tax authorities to show tax has apready been paid here?
  20. lebourvellec

    Melbourne - £579 Return

    http://www.statravel.co.uk/travel-australia.htm Flights with Royal Bruni - only seats left are for Nov. To fast for us, might help someone else.
  21. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me. I have been a PR residing in Australia for the last 11 years, but only having residency for the last 6 years. In previous trips back to the UK I have not had to worry about a RRV as I was covered for unlimited travel under my original visa. So when my grandmother suddenly died, I didn't give a second thought to booking my flight over to stay for three weeks to attend the funeral. It was only when I reached heathrow to come home that they informed me that I wouldn't be allowed back in Australia as my unlimited travel ran out in May! I ended up getting a 3 month E-visa at the airport and travelled no worries and had no problems entering Australia. I now assume that as I am back in australia that there will be no further issues? I can't find any information on the net about this situation, but as I will be applying for citizenship soon I want to make sure that there is nothing I should be doing to ensure that the two visas I currently hold will not cause any issues. Can anyone give any advice? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Christina
  22. Apologise if this has been covered elsewhere in the site. I am about to do my final UK tax return and first Australian one. I am renting out my UK house (rent not covering the mortgage), but need to know which tax return I declare this. Hope someone can help, or give me a link to another discussion.
  23. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/passport.jpg[/WRAP]Nearly 800,000 British Expats appear to have decided against returning back to blighty with the UK's gloomy economic prospects and the recent riots believed to be contributory factors in discouraging a return to Britain. Earlier this year, Lloyds TSB International published it's 'International Expat Survey' which indicated 67% of expats had no plans to return to the UK – up 11% when compared to when the a similar survey was conducted 6 months previously. Further research by Lloyds TSB has now indicated that even more expats (69%) are planning to permanently stay overseas. 15% of them indicated that they had cancelled plans to return in the last 12 months. The survey indicated that improved financial prospects and the belief that the oft-quoted 'quality of life' is higher aborad were the principal factors driving expats’ decisions to remain living abroad. In spite of the economic hardship that many expats have had to put up with due to unfavourable exchange rate movements since the start of the economic downturn, 64% said they were still financially better-off living abroad, only 25% reporting that the cost of living was higher. Amongst the surveys findings: 74% of British expats said their 'quality of life' was higher. 68% of British expats say they prefer being based overseas. 51% of expats said that their new home was 'a better place to bring up children'. 'Feeling safer' - only 13% of expats said that their neighbourhoods back in the UK had been 'less dangerous' when compared to their local neighbourhood abroad. Tony Wilcox, managing director of expat banking at Lloyds TSB International, said that concern over Britain's economic problems, and the riots which took place across the country earlier this year, were likely to have cemented the decision to stay for many. “The perception from abroad of Britain is driven largely by what they see in the paper and on TV, and what they’ve seen this year is increasing inflation, low growth, unemployment, and the summer's riots. These go together to make a collage of Britain that is not as appealing as it would once have been, and it is not surprising that expatriate life starts to looks more favourable.”
  24. Guest

    Residents Return Visa

    Hello to all at this Forum I wonder if anyone could give good advice on the following dilemma: My wife & I had a Skilled Migration Visa which ran out at the end of 2010. Over the intervening years we had remained in the UK to nurse and care for a close relative. Towards the end of 2010 the relative went into a Nursing Home and we ended up going to Australia, unfortunately though we had to return as the relative became very ill. The long and short of it is our Visa ran out and I thought that was the end of it and we did not have the 2 years residency in Australia to get it renewed. Over the last month I have started to look closer and now wondered if there would be any possibility that we could obtain a Residents Return Visa. It seems to me that we would struggle to obtain a 5 year Visa but may be looked at for a 3 month one. In honesty, I really believed once a Skilled Migration Visa had expired and if you did not have the 2 years residency, that was it. Looking into it deeper there seems that there is some possibility that an RRV may be issued. I really wanted to ascertain whether I am dreaming thinking that we might get an RRV. I can document all the above. The only thing that I lack in terms of a 5 year Visa would be family connections, compelling reason or business links. I think it is our last hope that I may be given a 3 month Visa but I still wonder if I am dreaming and being unrealistic. Any help or advice would be REALLY appreciated. Thank you
  25. Maria1970

    Australia Tax Return question

    We lived in Australia in 2007/2008 and filled in Australian Tax Returns for our time there. Should we also have filled in Australian tax returns whilst we have lived in the UK. Just a bit worried we are going to be given a tax bill when we return to Australia for not putting in tax returns. TIA