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Found 95 results

  1. Hiyahh Guys, I havent been on for a while, been on holiday for two weeks. Just wondering if anything has happened while I have been away? We are getting closer to moving now, my Dad has nearly finished his ACS, wondering how long does it take for the results to come back after you've sent it off? Thanks, Love Sian x :wubclub:
  2. Guest

    plumbing Results

    Is there anyone out there that have their plumbing Vetassess results???? We're still wating :arghh:
  3. Guest

    Vetassess plumbing results

    Hi, Is there any plumbers out there that have had their practical assessment results back yet, OH had assessment on 15th at Accrington. No result as yet. :arghh: Yvonne
  4. Hi, I am currently waiting for my ACS results to come back, and 5th of July I will have my IELTS done. I have already filled in my future online visa application in, and god I feel relaxed now. I just filled in "havetolookup" whereever I needed info from IELTS or ACS or whatever, and I was surprised I needed some additional info such as your previous 10 years of countries of residence, which I have now gotten plenty of time for to find out while I wait for ACS and IELTS to come with their results. I used to be continuously worried about what the Visa might require for info, but now that I have filled it in ( up to the part that I need to pay with my mastercard which I haven't done ) and saved it online, all I need to do is wait for the results, fill those few fields in , then click 'Send' and it will all be done already. I feel so good now that I have filled in everything, have all the info etc. God... the waiting game was starting to make me :wacko:
  5. Can it be done? I took my IELTS this weekend (I need the extra points), but I think I may have messed it up. The problem is, I won't have time to retake it before my state sponsorship offer expires in August. So I'm thinking of submitting my visa application before getting the results: 1. Is this possible? 2. What would happen if I didn't get all 7's? Would I then be able to retake it, or would my visa application be rejected? Thanks (a rather worried) Tom
  6. neilo

    medical results query

    Hi , after you have had your medical are how are the xrays and results sent to ASPC we are on a 176 online visa .are they scanned and sent by the panel doctor or sent by post by panel doctor or do you have to do it yourself?:skeptical:
  7. Guest

    IELTS test results

    Hi can anybody clear this one up for me please. :huh: I have just completed my IELTS test and got an overall score of 7.5. My skills assessment form says I need an overall score of plus 7, great so far but on another page it states I need a score of 7 in each of the four sections, which is true? :huh: I don't have 7 in each subject, (I only got 6 in one of them) I am a bit confused, has anyone been through this, can you give me some advice please? Yvonne.
  8. one of my friend applied 136 skilled visa.he is a trade person.accidently he done ielts academic but he got all 5.0 band each.but he really scare to submit the result because in 966i form it says only to sit on gt module.need senior member advice plsssssss . its very urgent . save him. he already got down date from his case officer .plsssss need valuable advice
  9. Hi, sorry to be a pain, but have noticed some of you getting results for Practical in April, are there many others still waiting for the results??? Thanks Andi.
  10. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good results my OH has just got out of expo and Queenlsand Gov will sponsor us,so we are able to start our journey to Oz I am so excited.Mind you OH said it was a night mare at Expo he said it was like a cattle market and was not very organized.But that doesn't matter as we got a response.They did say that it is the biggest migration they have had since 1969,and they have got a large back load and visa's could take as long as 12 to 15 months. :jiggy::v_SPIN: Luv Gwen x x x x x x
  11. Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had a long wait for blood results from the medical. Had mine on the 5th october and im still waiting!its really holding everything up-my prospect employer is not too happy either. I work for the NHS and its completely illegal to look up your own blood results, so of course i would never do that but i do have a 'strong feeling' that some are back and some are not. Am i being too inpatient or should i post which medical centre/panel doctor to avoid!!!
  12. hoorayhenry

    IELTS results

    Hi everyone Has anyone actually been able to collect their IELTS results from the test centre or do you always have to wait for them in the post? Thanks in advance HH xxx
  13. gaaaargh, OH did his IELTS on 20th oct and the results STILL haven't arrived. Both getting really narky now about it and off to the pub to comiserate ! Anyone else in the same situation ?
  14. Guest

    Results of a Medical

    Hi, Can anyone tell us when you got to know the results of your medical, do you just have to wait until the Case Officer has received and checked it or do you get to know sooner? Thanks Liz
  15. Guest

    tra results

    hi posted tra off to agent 7 weeks ago ,still waiting for results ,has any one else been waiting this long . I am beginning to think our agent is abit slack:arghh:
  16. Hi everyone We are just about ready to send off our 136 visa application. We already have a 457 visa but haven't activated this yet as it is taking us forever to sell our house. Anyway, we were wondering if anyone knows whether we will be able to transfer the medicals and x-rays we had done in Nov 2006 to this new visa application? We were under the impression that we probably wouldn't be able to, but my husband who is a nurse had a very thorough medical with loads of blood tests etc (more expensive), seems ridiculous if they won't be able to use these. I also noticed that the medical and x-ray forms have recently changed (don't know how much), but I was under the impression that before they changed, the same forms were completed for the 457 and 136 x-ray and medicals? Any advice greatly appreciated. Jenean
  17. Hi We are still waiting for our results from the TRA anyone else still on the edge of their seats and still waiting?Is there a holdup with the post. Cheers Trace.:sad:
  18. Guest

    Got our Tra results today !!

    Hi everybody Just got in from a day out and found out we've passed our TRA (maybe I should say Hubby's TRA !) first time. Absolutely over the moon. Can't apply for the Visa for a couple of weeks because we need to get new passports for the kids but hopefully it will soon pass. From a very happy Joanne and family
  19. Guest

    Awaiting TRA Results !!!

    Hi all, my husbands TRA was submitted 2 weeks ago today. our agent told us we would have a result in 2 weeks (ish) as hes a carpenter. Anybody else out there waiting a result soon..... so nervous,ont know what i will be like when we subit our actual application. !!!! Ang
  20. Guest

    tra results

    i got my tra results back and they said its unfavourable due to the workexperience yet i have worked for 6 years as a hairdresser part time and then full time....and i also did it thru an agent...gutted....can i appeal and have it looked at again....does anyone know what i can do?