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Found 95 results

  1. ozzbound

    GCSE results today!!!

    Well its results day and we have been up to the school with our daughter. She did fantastic!!! 5 x A's; 2 x A*s 1 x B and 2 x C !!!! We are very proud :cry::laugh: It is so annoying that all this hard work she has put in stands for nothing in Australia. We leave next month and have no idea what she is going to do; she is not keen on returning to school and we are trying to sell the VCE as A levels but its not going down well....
  2. Urgent help needed!!! WA sponsorship –IELTS results?!!! I did not upload my IELTS result to my online application for the WA state sponsorship. (I applied on 06.Jul.2009) What should I do now? Do they accept if I send it via email? Thanks for your help, siAvAsh
  3. Guest

    Vetassess results

    Hi guys, Well it's taken almost 4 WEEKS of waiting but finally got vetassess practical results through online this morning ' SUCCESSFUL ' in green. So to all of you waiting for results hang in there it's worth the wait. I am so relieved i can't tell you. Jo x. :jiggy::jiggy:
  4. suandianbrown

    Do we have to wait for IELTS results?

    Hi all Really want to get our 176 visa application in, but OH not taking IELTS until 26 September, Do we have to wait for the results before we submit our visa application?...If we have to wait until we get the results that will be at least another 13 days after 26/9, so about mid october, I don't want to wait that long!!! somebody please tell me we can send in the results when we get them. Suz:arghh:
  5. Guest

    vetasses results

    hi, if you check on the vetasses website for an update on if you passed or failed were to is it that you look,, i just had a look and it shows the paperwork bit sucsessful then the assesment bit it says sucsessful at the bottom in green writing? does this mean i sat the exam sucsessfully or does it mean my oh passed. thanx edit..... welll just had call from agent to say he passed his practical, woohoo cant believe it only sat his exam last tuesday..... now to submit rest of visa forms..
  6. Guest

    Vetassess practical results

    Hi, has anyone had there recent vetassess practical results through yet, the not knowing is killing me. My OH did his plumbing practical in Accrington last friday (17th july) & is desparately waiting for news. I know it was only 5 days ago but it feels like 5 weeks. I'm so stressed, checking emails every 5 minutes & seeing " no new messages ". ARRRRRGGGGHHH !!!!!!! Anyone else out there in same situation???? Jo . :arghh:
  7. Guest

    2008 QLD OP results published

    http://www.qsa.qld.edu.au/downloads/about/qsa_stats_yr12_outcomes_08.pdf Disappointing (personally) our local school slip from 1st to joint 7th of Brisbane state high schools in terms of %OP1-15s - must be a blip! (first time out of top 5 in 4 years) Top state school performers in Brisbane are: 85% Brisbane State High (South Brisbane) 80% Indooroopilly State High 76% Ferny Grove State High 75% Alex Hills State High 74% Kenmore State High 75% Wavell Heights State High 73% The Gap State High 73% Redcliffe State High I think thats the first time anything East of the city got a mention in the top 5 (although Redcliffe may have got a mention a few years ago)
  8. noel2538

    The results are in....?

    Hi Finally Pippa's, that our dog, got her blood result back for Lepto.....it was 1:100 positive and 1:800 negative, same as her first test, something to do with anitbodies, so she can come with us...yipeee:jiggy: Did have bit of a panic...didnt realise I had to advise DEFRA of her flight date in order for my Vet to have actual forms instead of specimum...guy was so helpful...I emailed him flight date...and they're sending the forms to my Vet by special delivery Friday by 1pm.....how lucky are we!!! So Pippa will go to Andrew at Pinehawk Kennels over the weekend, then she off to Oz on Monday...before us lol. Thanks to everyone, especially Kate, for be as worried as me :wubclub: Debbie xx
  9. Guest

    Skills test results are in

    Well just logged into the trade assessment site to find out if my OH had passed his carpenters skills test that he did last week in Accrington, has some of the lads have said the results are being updated. So we are pleased to announce that OH HAS PASSED YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......................... Now we can finally lodge our visa once our agent confirms he has everything he needs in the big envelope we posted to him last week Anyway well done babes you deserve a sparkly for & hope the others have also got a positive outcome xx
  10. Hi, My wife received her Ielts score day before and we are very upset. We are upset since we were informed by our agent that we have to have at least 6 in all, however, she got 7 and 6.5 in 2 and 5.5 in the remaining 2 with an overall being 6. We have planned to apply as her being the principal applicant nominated under Public Relation Officer. Even though she has achieved the band required in speaking (6.5) by the ACT for PRO, we don't know what to do:confused: I somehow can relate with the one who said " So close yet so far". any advise on what to do next is appreciated. Regards Jassi and Sheena :sad:
  11. Hi all, Hubby did his Vetassess practical in Accrington today and now we are waiting for the results (approx. 2 weeks), obviously we would like them yesterday! He said that the examiners were relaxed and friendly, could not have been nicer. Positive thoughts in our direction please, fingers crossed etc, etc, and to all the others awaiting results good luck. :hug:
  12. Guest

    Citizenship test results

    Well, we are another step closer! Today we passed our citizenship test! I got 18/20 and mark got 20/20! Our application is in and we have already been pre-approved! We have to send in two documents and then wait for official approval. Looking like a July ceremony unless there is a gap before that we can squeeze into! I have to say it feels like a huge weight has been lifted! For three months we have been swatting for this and now it is done! Good Luck to anyone else who is about to do their test (Cal!)
  13. Guest

    School Results

    Hi I am new to this site and hoping you can help. Does anyone have any info on the school resuts in the various states. I am looking at Adelaide and Brisbane at the moment. Thanks for your help. Anne
  14. mandymark

    Do IELTS results have an expiry?

    Hi I am looking into booking an IELTS test in April for my husband. We then plan to apply for our 175/176 visa, hoping to move around June 2010. Someone has mentioned to me that the IELTS test is valid for 1 year, although I cannot see this written down anywhere and see that lots of people apply for a visa which has taken a lot longer to process. Is this correct that the IELTS result would only be valid for a year? I am wondering whether this person is confusing this information with the meds. Thanks, Mandy
  15. I need to win it
  16. Hi, My visa enquiry status page says: Health requirements outstanding Further medical results received If they have received the medicals then why does it say Health Requirements outstanding???? thanks
  17. Hi everyone, I have done my medical but the results are currently sitting in Birmingham medical centre as DIAC requested we don't send them: MEDICAL RESULTS Please do not post your medical results to us. Do not open the sealed envelope or forward the results to the Department unless your case officer specifically requests they be sent. However, I have noticed that this week's said: MEDICAL RESULTS Please do not post your HSA onshore medical results to us. Do not open the sealed envelope or forward the results to the Department unless your case officer specifically requests they be sent. Does that mean I can send them? I have been wanting to send them for a few weeks but my agent hasnt allowed me to Just would like to send them now so they can get sorted and finalised rather than them sitting doing nothing at Birmingham? Agent is having none of it, but if I can show her the above email about HSA onshore results may persuade her to let me? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. Guest

    Medicals - results?

    Hi there, Sorry to post a new thread but I searched and couldn’t find my answer L Got my medical on Monday and just wondered how the results work? Do we get these before they are sent to Sydney? Or don’t we find out what they are until visa is approved? I’m guessing they’re not allowed to say on the day whether the chest x-ray etc look normal L Thanks for your help, Vicky xxx
  19. Guest

    ACS Results

    I got an email from my agent this morning confirming i have been successful in my ACS application and got my MODL for Network Security. I am over the moon, i only submitted it on the 30th September so 7 weeks to a confirmation is a result. Many thanks to Peter from PTlabs who was dilligent and responsive throughout the whole process and has been a pleasure to deal with. Visa app already in process and he is on the case :smile: Needless to say tonight i will be celebrating :jiggy:
  20. Hi, I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I am interested to hear from Diabetics who have had visas approved. We will soon be arranging for our meds to be done and would like to know what HbA1c results have got through ok. I think I have good control, but what do immigration class as good control. I saw on another forum the the result should be 7 or less ?? is this correct ?? We are applying for PR visa. Thanks.
  21. Guest

    Practical results?????

    I did my Carpentry practical on the 28th Oct in Accrington and i was just wondering if anyone did theres on or around that date and have got there results ?
  22. Oh my god - am i reading this right - just been on the vetassess site to check progress and guess what - it says final assessment status Successful Am I going mad (OH only did his practical on Monday 27th in London) - but I am sure it said something else beforehand..... Dont know whether to celebrate or not!
  23. Guest

    Medical Results

    Hi Can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes for our medicals to show as recieved or finalised on our online status page. We had them 3 weeks ago. Thank you in advance Lisa x
  24. Guest

    October Vetassess Results

    Hello Has anyone recieved their practical results back from tests week commencing 13th October? Cheers Stixblue
  25. CharmedP3

    TRA Results are in ....

    HE PASSED !!!!!! (Welder 1st Class) I've been biting my nails waiting for the email and just logged on this morning and saw the email heading "TRA SUCCESS"... am sat here with a little tear in my eye :embarrassed: Gawd only knows what I'll be like when we get the visas lol