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Found 95 results

  1. hi , does any one know of a website, giving results of both junior and high schools in the Adelaide region?:cool:
  2. We got the medicals done for 2 of our children in April because one has ADHD and the other has Phonological Disorder (speech problems) as we wanted to find out if they'd pass before wasting time/money/effort on the visa (176) but we still haven't got the results! I have the visa form ready to submit and our agent doesn't know if we will even get the results of the medicals before the end of June, which is our deadline before the changes come in and we run out of points! Is anyone else in a similar situation? I wonder what is best to do? We want to get the visa as soon as possible, so would ideally like to submit it ASAP before a whole load of people submit before the deadline in June.
  3. Guest

    WOO HOO IELT results!!!!!!

    hi everyone just thought i got to share my news!!! Got my ielts test results yesterday, was praying for at least 7's to start the ball rolling with my anmac skills assessment. I actually got : listening 8 reading 8 writing 8.5 speaking 9 overall 8.5 in the academic version, i cannot believe it as really did not feel confident afterwards at all!!!! :laugh:
  4. Guest

    TRA results in

    Hi all Just to say I got my tra results through after 6 week wait and got all docs into SA for SS just in time so the wait begins again.
  5. helene73

    TRA results in

    Yeah whoop whoop just had the email to say I am through my first hurdle TRA passed so happy, Will be lodging SA SS in the next few hours, this is the best wedding anniversary present ever Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, my OH has in the last few months had a hernia removed! I had never thought of it until now as was more worried about my high BP!! But I have seen on here something about having surgery and how that can affect the outcome of ur medical!?! Anybody any info to put our minds at rest!! Aymie x
  7. Test centre asked me to find out which adress should they post the results to? If send before a co is assigned like in the case of the email sent last week, what is the possibility of the results getting lost? Please Help
  8. Guest

    TRA results

    Woohoooo finally heard back that Darren has passed the Trade evidence part and we have booked his practical test for 11th April :biggrin: Now he has to do the hard part so we can get our visa app in :wink: Mandi
  9. Guest

    Vetassess Jan 2011 results

    Hi, just seeing if anyone who did there pratical assessments in January 2011 have received there results yet. I know they said you'll hear within 10 days and it's 8 at the moment but i just need to know as i feel i'm constantly checking my emails and it's doing my head in wailting. :wacko:
  10. Evening All Well, we have decided to go ahead & get Medicals & Police Checks done ahead of getting a CO ( we are Cat 2 SA, visa submitted 12.02.10) but I have a few questions:- When we get the police checks back, where do they get sent to & do we have to keep them sealed? getting medicals done t Maidenhead, do we ask them to send the results to the offices in Sydney? feels fantastic just getting this done! Lynda
  11. kellyjamie

    how long for ielts results?

    hi can someone tell us once youve sat your test how long they take to give you your results?
  12. Guest

    Ilets results yipeeeeeeeee

    I sat the general test in Liverpool on the 4th Dec, very nervous but thought ah well if I fail I can always re-take it. Just picked them up and I feel like I have won an Ice skating competition Reading 8.5, Writing 8.5, Listening, 8.5 and Speaking 9.0 So one hassle down lots more to go but can't believe it. Broke up from school then got these results what will happen now, lottery win maybe...... :laugh:
  13. Guest

    Ielts results...what??!

    I completed the ielts for the second time, and ended up with L=7.5, R=7.5, S=9 and writing 6.5. With an overall score of 7.5. However I have been informed that I need a minimum of 7 in each section and I dont know where to go from here. I have checked comments online with some saying that a minimum of 6 in each section is required...allowing me to proceed with my 175. Another has said that 6 in each section gains 15 points, while 7 in each section gains 25 points. I only require 15 points to achieve the 120 points required. Does anyone know if I gain points and whether I can go ahead with my visa application? My dilemma is that I am 45 in less than two weeks and therefore a remark is out of the question. Please offer advice, Many thanks, Paul
  14. Hi friends,I would like to know if IELTS results of my wife are to submitted when I apply for State Sponsorship?
  15. Guest

    Medical Results Referred

    Hi, im new to all this. I just checked my online application and is says everything is met for my wife and child but that my medical results are referred. Could there be something with me that i don't know about. Or is this normal procedure. :skeptical::skeptical:
  16. Guest

    ACS skill assessment results

    Hi friends Any idea about my situation I applied for skill assessment at ACS and received yesterday however my transcript and completion letter had little mistakes in name and birthdays. My assessment letter does not depict wrong name and no mention of birthday. Do I need to approach them to correct and how long will it take? Appreciated a lot:wub:
  17. Guest

    IELTS results - advise

    Hi, bit stressed out the minute after getting my results. Hoping someone can shed some light on my situation tonight so i can get some sleep. Well, this IELTS exam is the last peice of the puzzle before lodging my visa application. Came home to find the results....7.0, 6.5, 8.5, 9.0 Overall Band Score of 8.0 Im am aware that I need a result of 7 in all categories but to fail the requirements for skilled migration by half a point is just a killer to deal with after putting in all the time and effort. Is there a way around this instead of having to do this all over again? Could I contact the college where i did my IELTS exam and appeal this, just so I can get the extra half mark? Or, could it be Aussie immigration look at the individual scores 'or' the overall band score (which is over 7.0 average)? This is my second time doing this exam and as your aware, the regulations for skilled assessments are being changed shortly. I really need to get my application in ASAp to avoid more disappointments. Its becoming a bit of a downer now i have to say. Any help would do. Thanks D
  18. We've got our medical booked for Friday at The Bridge Clinic. They've asked us where they need to send the results, either Australia House or Sydney. On the letter we had from our CO it send to send the results to the Local Clearance Unit in Australia, so I'm assuming that's Sydney?? I've no idea? Any thoughts? The medical is for our 176 visa. Can anybody who's had their medical done for their 176 shed any light on it? Cheers! Lou
  19. Received envelope from my recent medicals (for partner visa - onshore). It is sealed & multiple stamped, with 'DO NOT OPEN' on. Surely this is unfair?! What happens if there is something wrong with me? Do I not get to find out about it & have it treated? Do I pay the huge amount of visa fees only to have it rejected on the base of some underlying condition? Sorry, prob being complete hypocondriac but the words 'DO NOT OPEN' straight away make me want to open!
  20. Guest

    Immigration Fraud - results

    The other side of the coin, or why DIAC treat everyone with suspicion: DIAC Investigations Branch report. :policeman: Investigations into GSM document fraud and irregularities so far have identified: 850 cases involving 23 organisers and 300+/- employers, and it is expected that by the end of the year 2010, 9 training providers will close as a result of these investigations, several individuals have been referred for prosecution as well as some 3000 visas will be liable for cancellation. The investigations also revealed that RMA involvement in these schemes is very low.
  21. Vetsses results for my mechanics assesment returned and ive passed !! Its been a long road and im glad it all turned out well Best of luck to anyone else who has/is taking a similar test. Its well worth all the worry and nail biting !!! Now to lodge the app (well in july anyway) :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  22. Hi All, We sent our paper based vetassess application form off early last week so was just wondering if anyone knows how long they norm take to come back with a result? I know they have received it as they have taken the money off my credit card!! We are just both so anxious!! Thanks in advance Danielle and MJ
  23. Guest

    IELTS Results in

    Hubbie sat the General test couple of weeks ago after the changes in January meant we needed an extra 10 points. Good news is that he got 7.5 for Writing and Listening and 8.5 for Reading and Speaking with an overall 8 scored. I am so pleased he doesn't have to go through it all again. Just waiting on the TRA result and we can get our application in, hopefully before more changes cause us more setbacks!:rolleyes:
  24. Hi all, Like many im waiting for wa ss, Lodged on 17.06.09. The only thing im stuck with is how they will contact me with the results? I look at my emails every morning with hope, And having looked at wa update on pio i know im due to get my results very soon. I am not going through any agent doing it alone. Does it come through email or do they send a letter out or both? Thanks Carina.
  25. mr luvpants

    What were the results of THAT meeting?

    hi all We are in Majorca on holiday and every morning I am paying good money to check the PIO for any news on THE meeting? Anyone got anything for me so that I can be put out of my misery? JOHN