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Found 120 results

  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone know the answer to this ?? The exchange rate is so Poo at the mo and i dont want to lose £££££ by exchanging at the wrong time when we will only be renting initially anyway.. ( Land in Perth Jan 09 ) Im quite happy to have my lump sum earning intrest here and just play the waiting game for the intrest rate to go back up even if that takes years... But is it poss. Any advice would be great x x x
  2. I first looked at this visa last year and started getting all the evidence required together but then thought i was a few months short of the required 9 years. But now after receiving back movement records from Australia it seems i have 9 years and a few months:smile:. I under 45,only just,so thats ok. But i have no close family,just cousins on my wife's side.But i have kept in contact with friends for the last 30 years,we moved back to the UK in 77. I have no xmas cards or anything like that but i can do a stat dec and my friends are willing to do the same for me. Would this be enough and is it worth my applying.Is this visa automatically granted, as i know they are very rare. Any one have any thoughts on this, i just don't feel it would be granted after spending over 30 years away from OZ. Deanno
  3. Guest

    Melbourne resident, hello!

    Hi All, Just wanted to say hi, my names Ben, my girlfriend and I have lived in Brighton East (Melbourne) since August`07. Ive started a thread on the victoria section offering any advise on Melbourne in General, so if you need any just ket me know and ill do my best to help. All the best. Ben
  4. Hi folks, Can anyone help? I've been reading threads on 'money & finance' but am still a little confused about moving money from the UK to Oz after having taken residence in Oz (STNI visa). If I was to leave the bulk of my money in a UK savings account here in the UK (& continue to pay UK tax on it) whilst waiting for the exchange rate to improve, can I then bring it across later than a year or longer without any penalties. Surely I wouldn't have to declare an 'overseas income' if I am paying UK tax on any interest earned? I'm just thinking ahead as the rate may not improve for a substantial amount of time..who knows...12 months or even longer....18 months plus......who knows???? I'd be grateful for your help with this one. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Hi All, Been looking into life insurance and income protection policies and wondering where you stand on being a temporary resident?? Most online companies state to be eligible you have to be a citizen or permanent resident of australia. Then the uk insurance say you must be residant in the UK?? :err: So what are you suppose to do in the 4 years you are here on a 457 visa? Any info would be great as to what you are suppose to do Thanks Gail
  6. Hi Just wondering if anybody out there has much info regarding the five year resident return visa. I have a permanent resident visa but was just wondering if you go home for a few years after the permanent visa expires for example mine will expire after 2012 i think even though its permanent. just wondered if I went home for some years and decided to come in after 2012 would i be elgible to come back in again permanently if I have spent less than two years in aus only been here for 5 months but was thinking of going back to do a 3 year couse in uk and then may want to stay in england for a bit but a bit worried that if i decided to come back a few years later that I would not be elgible to get back in. Unforntately dont want to wait 4 years to get citizenship and then do course any info would be appreciated just looked on goverment website but this is a bit confusing. Also if you cant get back in do you have to go through visa process again or would they not allow you back because you did not make the most of the first permanent visa you were given. cheers vicky:chatterbox:
  7. Hi I emigrated to Oz with my parents from the UK in 1970. After 18 months in Australia my Grandfather in the UK became very ill so we had to return to the UK as I was living with my parents at the time, I had to return to the UK with them, which was to be a holiday with every intention of returning to Oz after his death, but my Grandfather made a recovery & lived for another 7 years ! in that time I got married & had children. Since the day I left Oz I have regretted it & still look on Oz as my real home, but I had my wife & kids to consider too so sadly never returned. My daughter is now in the process of applying to emigrate to Oz, as both her & husband both have skills that are needed in Oz so they will most likely be accepted. My question is: As I still have my passport that was issued in 1971 which clearly states 'Country of Residence:- Australia' does this mean I can return to live in Oz? the passport expired in 1981 but clearly states 'Country of Residence: Australia' the passport is a British passport issued by the High Commision in Canberra with the Canberra stamp. That is the only proof that I was a resident of Australia, with a bit of luck there is a possibility that I may be able to get hold of the original acceptance documentation which was sent to my parents. I'm 53 & my wife is 52 so re-applying doesn't seem to be an option. Thanks in advance for any replys
  8. gundog

    Ens/permanent Resident

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me, when you are granted your permanent residency through the ENS application are there any conditions or restrictions placed on this visa.
  9. Guest

    expired permanent resident visa

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help with my hubbys question. He was granted a permanent resident visa back in 1981 with his first family. Unfortunately the ex-wife changed her mind and they did not go, he did not validate his visa at the time but has been on holiday three times since then to Australia. Is there any way he can get this permanent resident status back or is it lost now. Thanks for any advice anyone may be able to give. We thought about him applying for a return resident visa but do not know if that is posible. Heres hoping. Thanks
  10. Hi, We’ve transferred some money to our Australian bank account, taking advantage of the recently good exchange rates. Unfortunately 46.5% of the interest is being deducted in tax as we’re non residents. The bank is legally obliged to deduct the tax as we are unable to provide them with a tax file number. We’re going out in Jan and hoping to get PR granted before then. Perhaps we could talk with an Australian Financial Consultant or transfer the money back to the UK. Any advice appreciated! Thanks,
  11. Hi, Hope someone can help. We are hoping to emigrate on a Sponsored Regional Visa subclass 496 which means we are Temporary Residents. My hubby works in the Criminal Justice field. He is not allowed to look for work with any Government agencies until we have Permanent Residency. I have been checking up with Careers Agencies online and they all seem to require you to be a Permanent Resident before you can apply for them. Is there any way we can speed up the process of getting Permanent Residency as it looks like he might not be able to get a job!!! :wideeyed: (He is willing to look in other areas of work, he is Programme Manager at the moment but not IT). Now worried :nah: Hope one of the very kind Migration Agents/Employment Agency people can give some advice on how likely he is to be able to get a job! Thanks folks Gill, Phil and Harry
  12. As part of the Family Test how does the permanent resident issue work. eg If I want to apply for a visa for my dad will I meet the 50% test if a have been granted my visa or do I have to be living in Oz? Can anyone help? Regards Jim
  13. Guest

    Possible Perth Resident!

    Hi, we are now three weeks away from making the biggest decision of our lives (aside from having kids) so I thought I would try and pick someones brains about where to rent in Perth. My husband is going through the application process for transferring to WA Police so after 6 months in the making we'll know on 28th Feb whether has the job or not. We will need to rent property in or around Joondalup but having never been, we like many, need a bit of advice as to which areas to to be/avoid. We'd ideally like to be near the coast, not too expensive, close to amenities and somewhere child friendly as we have 2 small children. I heard Edgewater is nice from a previous posting, does anyone live there? Thanks in advance Caroline
  14. Hopefully some of you can give me a few pointers, we plan to go tot perth 17/04, my current employer has offered to continue to employ me for a 1yr fixed contract - renewable yr by yr keeping my current uk salary The question is - do I continue to be paid from the UK, or i have the option of setting up a small office in perth. What are the tax (aus) and super implications of both options, and how does being paid by a uk company effec mortage etc. any help appreciated surfersi
  15. Has anyone got any experience of the former resident visa (sub class 151) I was brought up there for 15 yrs in the late 70's and early 80's and am currently reapplying to move back out there? I've been told only about 1 every 16,000 are this type of Visa so the odds aren't good! Just getting all my final paperwork together,the police checks, medicals, and all other evidence has been sent off. Any help would put my mind at rest!!!!!!!!!
  16. Guest

    10 year resident on Friday

    Hi all This Friday, I have been resident of Australia for 10 years. What a great experience and Country. I'll be hving a couple of tinnies with my mates and celebrating with a barbie. When I first came here I looked at people who had been here for 10 years and thought it was a long time. It has flown. Haven't regretted a bit of it. There is no doubt a migration process and I reckon it takes a while to adjust. but...... when you do, its fantastic. Phil
  17. spud-u-like

    Former Resident VISA

    Former Resident VISA My complete file went off to a tribunal (case by case assessment) on Friday. Does anyone have any idea as to how long the process takes? I have sent off Medicals reports, police checks, letters of correspondance, school reports/photos etc. Any indication of timescale of this type of visa or advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards :?:
  18. Has anyone got any experience of the former resident visa (sub class 151) I was brought up there for 15 yrs in the late 70's and early 80's and am currently reapplying to move back out there? I've been told only about 1 every 16,000 are this type of Visa so the odds aren't good! Just getting all my final paperwork together,the police checks, medicals, and all other evidence has been sent off. Any help would put my mind at rest!!!!!!!!!
  19. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has tried to buy in Oz as a non-resident. Having lived in Australia previously but residing in the UK I would like to buy property over there(Melbourne to be exact) for a renovation project when I'm visiting friends(who are residents). This gives me chance to make some dollars while in the sunshine for a few months. Thing is, Can I just buy as a non-res? Can I get Australian mortgage or Uk mortgage for overseas property? Could i set up a partneship/business with my resident friend and inject my cash and use his staus? Further to that does anyone know any areas of Melbourne worth looking at? Thanks in advance and hope to be with you in the sunshine soon.
  20. can you help? Lived in Aus from aged 2 - 13 qualifying for former resident for first 9 out of 18 yrs in Aus. What I need to know is do I REALLY qualify with husband to be and 2 children aged 12 and 7?My dad lives there and in contact with him and about 6 friends also have half brothers and a sister. My mum lives in U.K. It doesnt specify jobs, so WHAT DO THEY LOOK INTO? I can prove all contact etc. IT IS NOT JOB RELATED SO WHAT GOES ON? DOES ANYONE KNOW????????? i am very curious!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou in advance for any answers x