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Found 120 results

  1. Am I Eligible For A 5 Year Resident Return VISA (Subclass 155) To Australia? Hello In May 2003 my family and I emigrated to Australia under the Skilled VISA Designated Area Sponsored (subclass 139) and unfortunately we moved back to the UK 2 months later because my parents didn't feel that this was the place for them to live and we have not been back since. I was 11 at the time and didn't want to leave. I am now 18 and the VISA expired in February 2008. Would I be eligible for the 5 year resident return VISA (Subclass 155)? Under the grounds that I had no choice in the matter to return to the UK? I still have family over in Australia, my aunt and uncle and cousins. I would very much appreciate any knowledge you can give on my situation. Thank you.
  2. paddygunner

    college fees for permanent resident

    Can someone please confirm what level fees ( domestic or international) that I will have to pay if I apply to college for a pstgraduate course as a permanent resident.
  3. Can anyone answer my urgent question ? I came to Australia with my Husband in august 2009 he is a new zealander and I was granted a visa to Australia. My visa is called "Temporary resident sub class 461" and is re- newable every 5 years. I had been with my husband for 8 years and married for 19 months. I have been living here in Australia since August 2009. I am 54 years old and working and renting in Sydney . my husband and I are now on the brink of seperating and divorce is on the cards . He takes delight in telling me i will be shipped back to the uk . I want to stay in Australia my life is here , I have a comfortable life style with many opotunities for my son and his wife to join me here , but my question is can i stay if im no longer with him? is there some other visa i can apply for? all help and advice will be appreciated
  4. Hi I am a permanent resident but am returning back to the UK next June (2011) for the foreseeable future. By that time I will have been living in Oz for just over 3 years, and 2 as a permanent resident. If at one point, I want to come back and live in Oz can I apply for a RRV? I have no idea when I will come back but it will definitely be after 5 years. Does anyone know the process involved or give any advice as to whether I can come back to live? I have an Australian partner and co-own a property in Sydney, which I presume will help in proving 'my commitment to Australia' as mentioned in the blurb in the immi website. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Now Im sure this subject has been done a few times but Im confused!!!! We will be renting home out probably so we can get going to Perth. My question is....when we do sell our home in the UK will we have to pay capital gains tax on it as we are no longer resident in it? And if so how much do you pay? Thanks very much for any help on this. Rache
  6. Guest

    Former permenent resident 151

    Hi there all. I have put my application in, subclass 151, in Canberra 2 weeks ago. Any body been through the process? Love to know how long it takes also. Thanks alot:biggrin:
  7. I'm not sure this is the right section to ask this question. We're on PR visas. OH and I may be posted by our Australian company to Singapore temporarily for 2 years. We'll have done 3 years out of our 4 years residence requirement by then. Does anyone know if we'll have to start our 4 years residence again or have problems obtaining a RRV as we'll exceed our 5 year visa too. I looked at the Australian citizenship residence requirements and found that under ministerial discretions section: If you have spent time outside Australia as a permanent resident with your spouse or partner, or are the surviving spouse or partner of an Australian citizen and have a close and continuing association with Australia, then that period of time may be treated as time spent in Australia. I assume we'll be classed as having a close and continuing association with Australia if we're working for an Oz company. We don't own a house here so we'll not have any assets while we're away to prove association to Oz. If we don't go OH will probably spend a lot of time travelling for work in Asia. Will this be added up towards any time spent outside Australia or is it exempt if it's work related? Hope someone's got some knowledge on this. Thanks in advance. Gail
  8. friedparsley

    Non resident status in Oz

    Has anyone who has returned to the UK been declared a non resident of Australia.? OK you keep your Australian nationality and passport, but for tax purposes are a non resident. How long did it take? Did you declare yourself non resident?
  9. Hi all Slightly unusual situation which the ATO website hasn't helped me clear up.... I lived in Australia from Jan 2007 - May 2009 on a 457 visa. In the last tax year (09-10) I was paid commission (and taxed as normal) 2 or 3 times by my employer for sales completed prior to me leaving in May 2009. Company policy dictates that commission is only payable to the sales person 30 days after payment from client has been processed - hence payments (to my Oz bank account) in July 2009, October 2009 and February 2010 for sales accrued prior to leaving Australia the previous tax year. Super contributions were also made in relation to these payments. If it makes any difference, I have been on sabbatical since leaving Australia so have not engaged in any employment with any firm in any country since then, and do not have a "permanent abode" anywhere in the world (my last registered address would still be my Australian address, apart from c/o addresses in teh UK for post etc). My 457 visa was active up until April 2010, at which point I cancelled it (in order to begin the process of extracting superannuation). I have received a PAYG summary and need to file a tax return which I hope to do via the ATO's online system if it's not far too complicated for my non-accountant brain. I have no idea if I am a resident for taxation purposes or not.... any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Hello, I left Australia in March and left with a Friend (accountant) all of my information so he could fill in and lodge my Tax Returns. I spoke to him in April and he said "they have changed over systems and it takes longer when lodged manually" however he did say he had completed it and said we should hear something back soon. I was just wondering seen as it is July whether this is the normal wait to hear back, seen as its only just been the end of the tax year. Any information would be gratefully received please? Thanks Keith
  11. Hi, I am a 457 Visa Holder and live & work in perth since Jan 2009. I am due to apply my PR by Nov-2010. I have recently purchased my first home in perth and settlement is due by end of July 2010. Do i receive FHOG? Do i have to pay stamp duty.? House cost is below $450k. Any help would be apprciated. Thanks, Hari
  12. Guest

    Permanent Resident ship queries

    Hello All, I have been in Australia for last 3 years, initially I was on student visa now I am on General skilled migration visa under sub class 485. This visa is going to expire in November of this year(2010). At present I am able to make 115 points to apply for Permanent Resident ship but I need 120 points to qualify. Can you assist me how can I arrange 5 points, I have few options but I am not sure whether they can be used or not. • I got married recently, can I show her studies and experience to get 5 points, if yes, then what kind of certificate/diploma/degree is required and in which stream and how many years’ experience. • Is there any other option for the extension of my visa except student visa like state sponsorship, regional area migration etc. Your response would be appreciated.
  13. I have just had a phone call today to tell me that I am now offically a Permanent Resident. After being knocked back from a job yesterday, this has cheered me up a bit. Hopefully trying to get a job will be eaiser.
  14. I am an Australian permanent resident (856) who returned to UK on receiving visa. I then got married to an English girl, and had two children. I had to return before my five year visa expired and am trying to get my family on my visa so they can join me. Unfortunately, immigration here in Sydney and back in London seem unable to give me any straight advice. I was initially told if they applied in London, it would either move quickly or they would receive a bridging visa- I am now being told that no bridging visas are available outside Aus ? I also cannot find out whether they should apply for medicals and security checks, and which subclass to apply for- PLEASE HELP !!!
  15. Guest

    son is permanent resident

    My situation is my son is a permanent resident in Oz and We would like to join him and are trying to look at different visas, problem at the moment being the balance of family test, I am in a defacto relationship and my partner has 2 sons over 21 in the Uk I have another one also in the UK, i have always been very close to my son who is resident in Oz and would really like to join him Are ages being 50 myself and 53 my partner both working and property owners in uk, I know that the balance of family test is very clear are their any ways round this?
  16. Guest

    Permenant Resident from 457

    Hi all, I've had a search around the forum, but am struggling to work out what my options are for applying for permanent residency. I'm on a 457 currently (moved over October last year) Is it possible to apply for PR now or do I have to wait 2 years? many thanks Kate
  17. A quickie but one I have been over analysing. I am applying for defacto 309/100 visa. The first question on form 80 is whether I am applying for "temporary resident" or "migrant" and I dont know which to put. Isnt the defacto visa a temporary one therefore we are applying for a temporary visa??? obviously it will go permanent in 2 years but what is everyone putting down??? Help, sin
  18. Guest

    Resident return visa help...

    Hi All In 2005 me and my australian girlfriend were granted a partner visa. Since June 2006 we have been living in the UK and originally was only going to stay for 12 months. Due my my father being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and the eventual loss we stayed to make sure my Mum was alright and back on her feet before we left to settle in Australia. Unfortunatley too much time apart and the strains of the last 2 years, it has affected our on relationship and we have decided to take a break. We are living apart but hope the space will enable us to work our relationship out. The problem is my residency runs out on May 11th this year and i want to stay till then end of the year, and i need to appy for a resident return visa. I have no cultural or employment ties. I am worried that now we are seperated i can not claim personal ties as i don't have a joint tenancy agreement, joint bills for the last 3 months... What evidence do i need to claim personal ties? My ex has told me she doesn't want me to lose the visa, and would do anything to help. I Love australia and can't see myself living anywhere else. I have work contacts, many friends, savings and hopefully we can work our relationship out. If i cannot apply as personal ties, can i appy on compassionate grounds? Thank you for reading this and any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards Marc
  19. Hi My friend and his wife both hold permanent residency visas of Australia. Both have been living in Australia for 1 year. They have just had a new arrival in the family but the baby was born in the UK. They are planning to leave for Australia in the next 2 months but before they go, they need to sort out the baby's visa. Does anyone know if the baby is entitled to permanent residence status? If so, how to apply for this and what form to fill in? Or is is better to get the baby an ETA and travel to Australia and apply onshore for the PR visa? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Benny.
  20. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I found it interesting as many people can share with each others their experience and knowledge on whatever topics. It's really helpful. I will appreciate if anyone could advise me on the following: My family and I have obtained my Temporary Residence status expering Nov 2013 by virtue of visa 457 thru a sponsorship and am wondering how to go about converting it to Permanent Residence (PR) and when is the best time to start applying. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Guest

    brissy resident

    hi there im living in Brissy and wold like to meet fellow poms!!
  22. Dear All I am wondering if anyone can help. I hold a defacto spouse temp visa and just arrived in Australia. My partner and I are going on a holiday to NZ next week and I am struggling to get travel insurance because a. I am not a permanent resident or b. I have not been in the country for longer than 3 months. I dont quite understand this and wondering if anyone else has had these issues or can help me find travel insurance that doesnt have such ridiculous conditions. I am planning on beinh here forever so it seems unfair that I cannot get insurance. Help
  23. Hi. We are temporary residents of Oz, waiting nearly 2 years for residence visa. no idea how much longer we will have to wait! since the rules changed this year, temporary residents are now allowed to buy second hand properties and we are thinking of buying our first home. Can anyone tell us the disadvantages of buying when only 'temporary resident'? we realise we won't be eligible for the government first home grant, nor the stamp duty waiver. if our visa is refused and we have to leave Australia, will we be hit really hard with capital gains tax when we sell the home? and are there any other hidden disadvantages? thanks!
  24. Guest

    RESIDENT cat 5 Granted

    176 Visa Issued 5th January we have the Golden Ticket so excited heads in a spin so many people to thank Gill & Kelly spring to mind Gill for her many words of Wisdom and Kelly for helping me keep holding the dream even after 23/09 for all those cat 5's waiting it will come WJK:jiggy:
  25. A lady I work with is a british citizen by birth but has lived in Australia all her life, she wants to go and visit relatives but has a medical condition that requires her to have hospital treatment every two weeks. As I understand it, because she isn't ordinarily resident in the UK she can't get treatment on the NHS, is that right? She's been told it will cost her up to 1200 quid per pop which basically prevents her from going over there. Can anyone confirm that this is the case?