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Found 120 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to get some advice as an Australian resident who will be receiving an inheritance from the UK. 10 yrs ago my sister ( with dual residancy Aust/UK) died leaving her property in London to our father ( who is an Australian resident only ). At that time the death tax was paid. The mortgage for the property was set up from a bank on the isle of mann and over the last 10 years the rent from the property has paid out the mortgage. Nothing left. Our father is now the outright owner of both the property and the bank account. He is of ill health and prepairing to leave the estate to my brother and I ( Australian residents ). How best should we structure the handover? What tax's need to be paid? Advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance Cam
  2. Hi, would it be possible for me to move over based just on the fact i have a sister who is a permanent resident over there? I have already had a working visa a few years ago so that would be out of the question. any help on this issue would be of great help to me? many thanks Dave
  3. Its becoming very apparent that my ex will not let my son undertake a medical in relation to the visa application even though he will not be included on the visa. I've noted that a statutory declaration can be obtained to overcome this, but can anyone provide input on the content required of the declaration as i wish to get this right first time. Any help in this matter, or advice from persons in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for all your help and assistance. Best wishes, Chris.
  4. Please can someone tell me how the residential rates are calculated (council tax equivalent). I just read that the rate is So if I've understood that correctly, a property valued at say $275,000 has rates payable of $11825. Surely not! :shocked: The rate was taken from the City of Perth Gov site.... Please can someone advise. Thanks so much
  5. Hi All, Apologies, I am an Australian!! However, I am in a long term relationship with a guy from England. Our dilemma is this. He came to Australia, initially on a working holiday visa, and was than put onto a 457 visa. As our relationship has esculated, he would like to gain permanent residency. I was always under the belief that you had to be 2 years in the country before you could apply for PR, but I have since heard differently. Our immigration site is SOO confusing, and I have found more information on here than I have on the proper site. So does anyone know what we can do? Is there another visa he can apply for? The company he is working for at the moment isn't great anyway, but he needs it or else he will have to go home. If he could change visa's, then he could look for another job (that doesn't need sponsoring, which can be difficult to obtain). I am currently still studying (in my final year of university) so getting married or pregnant right now isn't really an option at the moment either. Anyway, I hope it makes sense, and thanks for any feed back I get, Klasey
  6. Guest

    Apply for permanent resident

    As a holder of student visa when I apply for permanent or temporary resident I will be granted a bridging visa. At that time, is the student visa still valid until it expires as there are a few more months to run? Thanks
  7. What are we going to be when we grow up? Chefs, health workers and hair-dressers - some courses are sure to land you a job . Meanwhile, undergraduate nursing applications rose 6 per cent nationally this year but this is unlikely to reduce needs across the health-care sector, particularly in aged care. Federal Government projections to 2013-14 show health care and social assistance, education and training, scientific and technical services and the retail trade will be the main employers. Interesting, many in Australian media were proclaiming no such shortages exist?
  8. Either I'm reading this wrong, or the permanent resident visa expires after five years? At what stage does it actually become permanent? I understand if you never plan to leave the country again it stays valid, or you can apply for an RRV. Is becoming a Citizen the only way to gain the right to come and go freely?
  9. Guest

    'Settled' permanent resident

    So, I just took a look into how a parent can be sponsored to live in Australia and it says that a 'settled permanent resident' can sponsor them, but I couldn't find a definition for what this means. I seem to recall someone mentioning a 2 year period - is this the date from when the PR is granted or the period after you arrive? Thanks in advance
  10. Belinda

    Going back to the UK and the NHS

    Hi there, I'm English and have lived in Australia for 10 years now; became a perm resident and citizen. Due to a few things, but mainly illness, I have decided to go back to the UK to live. Does anyone know where I stand with using the NHS again as I am not and have not been a resident for a long time but am a citizen ? Any help, much appreciated, Belinda :unsure:
  11. Hi !! I've been reading the forums and it's a great community out here! And now I've got a simple query too. I have a 309 sub class visa (Spouse, provisional resident). I understand that this will be converted to a permanent resident typically after 2 years. I believe this 'waiting' period is to confirm genuineness of the spousal relationship. Question: What evidence of relationship or procedures will be required after the period of 2 years for my visa to be converted to a permanent resident visa? Or is an interview with my wife and I be sufficient? Any advice of experience to share? Thank you in advance. Ryan
  12. Our permanent residence visa runs out next year along with some of the family's UK passports and we are wondering what we should do. Should we apply for resident return visas which last for 5 years and renew our UK passports or apply for Citizenship and Australian passports? If we did apply for Citizenship should we still keep our UK passports current...is there any benefit in doing this? Any suggestions/advice on the pros and cons?
  13. I am probably going to be doing a trainee ship with a company in Australia to build on my skills developed during my degree. What visa do I then apply for once I have completed my further training? xx
  14. Hi there, my question is that I am in Australia on a subclass 309 visa, and have been lead to believe that someone will just come to our house and check my wife and I are still together. Is this right or do I have to email someone to gain perm resident visa?
  15. Hi I have a skilled migrant resident visa sub class 136. Already visited within 1st 12 months after grant back in 2005. 5 years is up in April 2010. Is it possible to extend this deadline ? Nick
  16. Can you still have a uk bank account once you have emigrated and become resident in Australia? Does it need to be a particular one? Any recommendations for ones to keep once you've left. We do most of our banking online anyway so could we just leave a sum of money in a uk account that we could use for sending cheques to family/friends or payments needed. Can you continue with life insurance once you have left? What about pensions? We just presumed that when you went you went and all ties were cut!!! Thanks
  17. Hi All ive searched the net and cannot find anything that relates to my situation After gaining my Aussie permenant residency last week:jiggy: im now looking at getting my baby girl dual citizenship. Hopefully someone out there has been in a similar circumstance Our baby girl was born in Aus 9 months ago and has a british dad and an Australian mum. She is regarded as an Australian citizen. Im hopeing to get her registered as a British citizen so in a few years she could get a passport etc to make it easier for us when we go too and from the UK. Is this possible and roughly what do i need to do and can i do it from over here and not the UK? :arghh: Thx
  18. We have just been approved for a 175 visa and are hoping to move July time. My mum has applied for a CP visa and is intending to come with us on a 12 month tourist visa while the CP visa is being processed. She has her house on the market over here but is unsure where she stands money wise in Aus. She will need to use the capital from the house sale to fund her Aus rental. She opened an Aus Bank Account for 'pocket money'when she was there at Christmas but really needs to know if she can transfer larger sums into this account if she is only there on a temporary visa? She seems to remember the banks telling her there would be additional charges if she wasn't a resident? Can anyone recommend someone she could talk it over with (dad used to deal with it all and now he isn't here she is stuck!!!) There must be a way around these things and she can't be the only person in this situation? Also what is the situation with regard to buying property if you don't have a permanent visa? Thanks in advance Sarah x
  19. Guest

    Can a resident sponer me?

    Hey guys, and girls.... Im new to all this but my 457 has fallen through the company i work for cant afford it anymore, im sure alot of people are getting that at the moment.. i have looked into applying myself but the agency said they dont know whether i qualify they are still looking into this but no looking good. So i am not suer what i can do, my boss who is an australian resident wanted to know if he could do a personal sponsership or if he can help me in anyway.. was wondering if anyone know about anything like this?? Thanks Jon
  20. ali

    Resident return visa

    Whist at the dept of immigration yesterday I bumped into a colleague whose been here 6 years. She recently went on holiday overseas, when she landed back in Aus, she found that she couldn't easily re-enter the country as she hadn't got a resident return visa. She had not been awar that she needed one. she was granted a bridging visa for 30 years in which she had to go and sort out her visa at immigration. So a word of warning for those who've been here longer than the 5 years on the PR - remember if you're going overseas to obtain a resident return visa to get back in. Ali
  21. Hi there. I have recently returned to the UK after spending 12 months in Australia on a WHV. I totally fell in love with the country and wish to move back out there as soon as possible! I have been looking into all the different visa's which are available to people wanting to migrate and it may be a possibility I can get an employer to sponsor me on the 457 visa. I wanted to know if anyone was able to tell me roughly how long this visa takes to be processed and also what the procedure is to then apply for permanent residency once you are in Australia? Many thanks to anyone who can help with this general enquiry :smile: GG.
  22. hi everyone, me and partner have lived here 2 years now, and want to buy a boat, but we would need to get a loan, does anyone know if theres any chance of gettin a loan as a temp resident? tracy xxx
  23. Guest

    Returning Resident

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could throw some light on this senario, or even maybe have been there?! My partner has spent more than half her life, (26 years), living in Victoria, Australia. She moved to Cornwall, UK in 95, where we met. We are at present living and working in France. We want to move to Australia, and of course for my partner it will be great for her to go home, as she considers herself to be Australian and there is her home, although not a citizen. We are using a registered migration agency to help us. We asked about the 'returning residents visa' catagory. We were told that my partner cannot use this catagory. We asked why, and were told that although she complies with all the relevant criteria for this visa, she is over 45 years of age. Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone managed to get back home using the returning residents visa and been over 45? My partner, as I do, feel strongly about this rejection of not being able to return home. She was educated there. Maried there. Home owner. Had a mortgage there. Worked and paid her taxes there. Etc, etc. Her sister lives there (Almost 40 years). Yet she has basically, from what we can see, been denied the right to go home. Can anyone explain why the Australian Government has put this rediculous age limit on ex residents that wan't to come home, work and pay their taxes again? As we are very keen to get to Australia, I am at present in the process of applying for an RSMS visa, as we are both over 45, (but not by much!), and were told that this is our only option, with the hope of obtaining an offer of work within my line of work, the Construction Industry. But obviously, if my partner can get back in as a returning resident, this would be a better option. Any thoughts or comments on this subject will read with great interest. Happy New Year to all and hope all your wishes and dreams of getting to Oz come true for you! Surferjoe. :smile:
  24. Guest

    non resident landlord

    As nothings selling in the UK housing market at moment im thinking of letting me house. This will mean I'll be a "non res landlord" and subject to 20% tax on gross income on the rent. If I rent out my house for say £600 a month and my mortgage repayment is 450 a month, do I pay 20% on the full 600 or just the 150 profit? I realise that 20% would be deducted from the full 600 (by the letting agent) but I wondered If id be able to get the rest back at the end of the Tax year. Anyone know?
  25. I have been in Australia for just over 3 years on a company sponsored 457 visa. Im thinking about asking my employer to sponsor me for a permanent resident, if I can bear to lose the LAFHA! Im also quite keen to leave my employer and start my own business, and thats my driver for becoming a permanent resident. My question is: If I become a permanent resident am I then free to work for any other company or indeed create my own company?