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Found 117 results

  1. Guest

    Can I Be a Resident? (Please!)

    Hey, Was wondering if anyone could help us! We are a young couple (23) looking to stay a lot longer in Oz. I have a business degree and several sporting qualifications, and my boyfriend also has sporting qualifications. Would we be elligible to apply for residency to stay for another few years? Any advice would be appreciated as we don't really want to do farm work and hopfully there is another way! Hopefully someone can help as we are a little confused! :confused: Thanks, Jenna :wubclub:
  2. Hi everyone, My sister in law is a surgical nurse in the uk, she would love to emigrate to Brisbane, Australia. We have heard of agents that help you find a job and for the employer to sponsor her. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone got any views on if a permanent visa maybe a better choice for her? i appreciate any help or views you all may have :wub::wub:cute: Rachel
  3. Hi, Under the 457 visa i was under strict work-sponsor rules regarding what i could do for employment. Now that i have my Permanent Resident visa (856), i am wanting to know if i have to find another work-sponsor in the event of me being fired or if i quit from my current sponsor. Also, under the 856 visa, am i able to open my own business instead of working through a sponsor? Any information and or references would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I’m sorry this is a long post. I have not been on this forum for a very long time as I have been desperately trying but failing miserably to put Australia behind me…..My long and sorry story is on a variety of other posts scattered throughout the forum. Long story short, my OH, children and I all got PR visas in March 2007 and moved to Sydney in August 2007. My then 11-12 year old daughter and I found it extremely hard to settle and I couldn’t get a job. I returned to the UK with the children in March 2008. My OH refused to come back with us as he was convinced that we would get off the plane, see grey sky and return. He then returned to the UK in July 2008. We were planning to return in 2010 once we had saved the money up for it again but then I just could not face going through it all again. It was then decided that we should just lay it to rest and put it all down to experience and get on with our lives here. Now here we are and have come full circle and want to give it another go but we really are in a dilemma now. We would love to go back asap but my daughter is now slap bang in the middle of her GCSEs, she goes into Year 11 in September and doesn’t do the final exams until June 2012. And our PR visas expire in March 2012! Obviously, we are looking at trying to get RRVs but looking at the eligibility criteria, I think it looks tricky, am I right? We were in Australia for less than two years; we have no business, employment or cultural ties. We do have my OH’s sister there, who was also our sponsor for our visa but that isn’t a great relationship; she came between my OH and me a fair bit while we were there, had far too much to say when I left and hasn’t really bothered with us since we got back – I can’t blame her for all of the help she gave us sponsoring us and when we first arrived. Also, we are planning to move somewhere else, not Sydney, where she is. We just think we should leave that situation alone now. I’ve spoken to the Australian High Commission in London and they were fairly helpful and said to put in the application in now and then if refused, at least we have until March to come up with another plan. I contacted a migration agent and he said that just based on telling them that we can’t move yet because of my daughter’s education at the moment is not a strong case or enough of a compelling reason as to why we have stayed away so long and that the DIAC don’t care that we have had to save money etc. He said one of us should try and get a job offer and we should re-open our bank account and just think of other ways to have stronger ties and looking at the forms for RRV, this seems to be the case but is easier said than done. I spoke to another agent and she was more positive and said that the education issue is a compelling one and that as my husband had a job in Australia previously, it shows that he has contributed to the country and can and will do so again!! I have looked at similar posts on here and it’s a pretty mixed picture, some seem to suggest that they are quite sympathetic to education issues, others seem to say that they are pretty black and white and need to see strong ties to Australia and others seem to suggest it’s all luck and depends on the case worker or day!! Others say it is better to be in Australia when applying for the RRV. We are considering all options and just don’t know what’s the most likely to succeed and also have to think of the cost as we are now just moving back on what we have and can still save. We have thought of: 1.Just bite the bullet and apply from here and put the best case we can together for compelling reasons why we can’t go before next March. Hope for the best and see what happens before deciding our next move and fingers crossed, we get the RRVs. 2.Go to Australia for a holiday and apply for them – can you do that a few days after arriving in the country after an absence of three years? 3.If all else fails, my OH goes back in March, hopefully gets a job, sets up a place to live etc. and then in June, the children and I apply for the RRVs based on our tie to him. We really want to avoid this one if possible – he will be on his own for months in Oz and already has a bad association with this - and it will be costly to run two homes, when we could really do with the money for when we’re all there. On another forum, I also saw a case where the RRV was refused offshore and the person then went to Oz and it was granted! Can you just re-apply or does it have to be appealed (on the DIAC website, it says an appeal needs to be lodged by close family in Australia, if any and I just don’t think we can go there). So sorry for the length of this - any advice or experience or knowledge that anyone has would be greatly appreciated as we really would be foolish to lose our visas and have felt that more than ever these last few days!!!! I wish I could turn back time and battle my way through those dreadful lows in those early days in Australia – we could be taking our Citizenship by now!! Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing! :arghh:
  5. Guest

    Return Resident Visas

    We have permanent residency and have yet to become citizens. We need to get new Return Resident Visas. I have applied online and paid $260 for another 5 year visa. So if I want the visa actually placed into the passport it is another $60. But the immigration department are saying that I no longer need to have a visa in my passport. How does everyone else go about it? I feel at little concerned about not having a visa in my passport. The person in immigration stated that the visa is linked to my passport number and that this is enough for most countries and airlines let me board a plane to Australia. Has anyone else used their passport to travel overseas without a current return resident visa label in it? Tia
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in Sydney who has knowledge of the tax laws between Australia and the UK? There are loads of tax offers about but I would like to know I am paying someone who knows a fair whack about owning property in the UK etc, not just a standard tax return I could do myself. I am boggled - not sure if I have to declare my rent and mortgage (and a few dividends) in the UK as I am still a temporary resident here (waiting for decision on perm res application at the mo). Would like to know I am doing my tax right from the start (this is my first aus tax return, emigrated in Aug 2010) and not end up having to pay heaps back for not declaring things I have to. Any advice/recommendations? :eek:
  7. Tom Brody

    Resident's Return Visa

    Hello everybody, just wondering if anyone here may be able to throw some light or lead me in the right direction. First let me say a big thank you to anyone who responds, I appreciate it. I was granted a skilled independent visa in August 2007 as the secondary member of the application. My wife who is now my Ex wife was the primary applicant. Off we went to Australia in January 2008, spent a great 18 months there but then came back temporarily in July 2009, as we had a house still for sale here in Wales, and the wife wanted to complete a 4 months course in UK for her work. Sadly everything went wrong, the buyer for the house pulled out, the sale fell through, the wife decided she was unsure about returning to Aus and had set her sights on Miami, Florida. As I had no intention of even visiting Miami even for a holiday, the marriage was doomed and we divorced. It was quite a shock. She has now set herself up there in Florida so good to know one of us came out of it OK. On top of this my Father's health here had deteriorated and he had become disabled, so there was a bit of an obligation to try and help him. Even so I battled away and didn't give up my dream to live in Aus. It had been something I had wanted since a teenager. Well, I went back in July 2010 alone, but sadly returned after 3 months, due to ongoing problems back in UK, house still not sold and the rental arranged had moved on, also my Dad needed some operations on his knee and all in all it was just too worrying being so far away. I have until August 2012 on my visa, but I know for sure I am not going to get back there in time to qualify for having lived for 2 out of the 5 years on the Visa to enable me to get a RRV. I do have genuine reasons and mitigating circumstances which have conspired against me to derail my migration, but I am unsure as to how the Australian authorities will view all this. Does anyone have any advice on this. I have tried to summarise my circumstances rather than go rambling on. I have read there is a 5 year Resident Return Visa and also a 3 month Resident Return Visa. I can't quite get my head around the 3 month Resident Return Visa? How does that work? Is that valid for 3 months only? That can't be correct can it, seems a bit pointless. Thanks to anyone reading this and with any information or help. I really appreciate it. Best wishes, TOM
  8. Hi Guys! Just wondering if there`s any particular differences between each and every different sub classes of Australian permanent resident? I am currently holding a CLASS BW Resident, Sub Class 857 ( RSMS ). Any responses and answers are appreciated!! Cheers
  9. http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=%22AID%2FAID201153%2F00001%22 This Ruling might be of interest to some who maintain high quality contact with both countries. Note: It is recommended that those with complex tax affairs (those who migrate generally fall into the complex category, at least to the generality of tax practitioners and financial advisors) take advice from a competent tax professional about their personal tax position. Best regards.
  10. Guest

    Perm Resident rights

    Hi, Hope someone can shed some light for me....to be honest I am trying to find a way to get back to the UK ASAP. We have been here over 2 years and at the mo the thought of another 2/3 years to get passports fills me with dread! Whereas that is my partners ultimate goal!! as a Permanent resident of Australia can I come and go as I please as long as I keep renewing the visa. (Does anyone have an idea how much this costs?) Or would I have to do my time and become a cit before I could do this. Alsoif I have 2 children who both have aus passports and later in life we wanted to move back over here is it likely that they could sponser us? as this is the only reason I can see myself wanting to live over here again. Any help gratefully received Thanks L
  11. last night i got this news to cap off a real bad day......!!!!! im really not too sure about this move , i will not go back to routine as i detest routine .......apart from the obvious , work, school ect ........has anyone else had there MIL come over to live ....not with us , she will be getting her own gaff local...we have both lived a private life for 4 yrs now , we love the fact we can wear what we want around the house and not be expecting anyone ....we dont like unexpected guest ....any advice ............:wideeyed:
  12. Hi I am thinking of applying for a temporary resident visa just because I think it will be quicker - then apply for permanent residency once in Perth. We have 4 children so I need to know can the children attend school with temp residency ( without paying??). Is the situation the same for primary and secondary?
  13. Can anyone please help me what the visa level on my passport means.. what's Nill means ..does that measn i dont have any condition and free to work any where now..i recently got my residency but im still confused abt the condition mig.regs.sched.8 NILl means.. any one have the same visa label on their passport ..please post some information.. cowboy:eek:
  14. Guest

    Evidence of permanent resident

    Folks, Please advise on how to get proof of permanent residency statement or evidence of being a permanent resident, who and how they issue this when we are working overseas. Is there a PR Card issues in Australia as of canada to carry and to submit such evidence when needed to employers or for any major purposes, that requires a proof of PR as an official document, apart from passport visa evidence of PR. Earliest assistance will be much appreciated.
  15. I recently received my permanent residency. I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree at an Australian university. I know I have to pay the international student fee for this semester since I received my permanent residency only after the census date at uni. However, for next semester what fees will I have to pay? I know I am not eligible for a Commonwealth supported place as I am not a citizen yet but is there a different fee for permananent residents?... or do I still have to continue paying international student fees until the end of my course since I was not a permanent resident at the time I applied for the course? The new domestic fees will only apply to me for any new courses that I enrol in...? :confused:
  16. Does anyone know what happens with a 309/100 visa is you have PR (or indeed citizenship) but are currently living in the UK? I can obviously explain why I am resident here (to be with my partner!), and explain that I have family in Aus, and give details of my recent earnings. And can even get a family member to offer AoS if needed. Does anyone know if this will be enough? Can't get a straight answer from Aus House, and don't want to put in and pay for the app if this will blow it out the water, especially when we could get a prospective marriage, then apply for the 800/820 instead. Anyone got any experience? Thank StS
  17. Guest

    Usually resident in australia

    Hi all, I am british and also I am an australian PR holder, my PR expires Feb 12. I have lived in london since my PR was granted and have at most spent 3 months in total in oz in last four years! Since I was granted PR, I have married and we have two children, now I would like to emigrate to oz with my wife and two children. Looking at the Partner Booklet, it says the Sponsor( me ) has to be 'Usually resident in australia' which I am definetely not. So, I read it as I cannot put in an application without falling at the first hurdle. So, we cannot afford to waste the £4000+, but do we try or is there another visa option we should think about. ie 1 year tourist visa for wife and two children( 1 child 9 months, other years). My PR status is running out fast, so I need to make a decision quick. Hopefully someone has been in a similair situation, and can let us know what to do. Thanks
  18. Hello everyone! New members here hoping for a bit of advice, if possible! We're hoping to emigrate later this year but we're having a bit of trouble working out the best visa for my boyfriend. I have permanent residency but have never lived in Australia; when reading the criteria for a partner/de facto visa it would seem that the only way to obtain one of these is if the permanent resident is living in Australia at the time. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? If we can't apply for a partner visa we're looking at applying for a working holiday visa for him so that we can move out together, and then apply for a partner visa once we're out there. Does anyone have any experience of emigrating this way? We've tried calling the government's visa hotline today but have given up after being cut off every time we got through. Many thanks!
  19. Hey guys!! I know this probablly sounds like a stupid question! But on the form to Sponsor Paul for this Visa, which one do I tick as my citizenship/residence status in Australia?? I moved to Australia when I was 4 with my mum who became a citizen after marrying my step-father and living there for 2 years. I became a citizen because she did. Do I tick that I am a permanent resident or citizen by grant? I have lived in Australia for 19 of the past 20 years of my life (I am 23 almost 24). It's probablly a simple answer and I feel silly asking! hehe! xxx
  20. Hello everyone. I grew up in Australia between the ages of 5 and 16 and then came back to the UK with my parents. I am looking at applying for a Former Resident Visa Subclass 151. I've been back here 9.5 years now and I've not really settled, Australia is my home. Has anyone else here applied for a Subclass 151 visa? Just wondering how much close ties evidence you have to provide. I have a lot of family in Australia and we've had the odd phone calls, video chats and emails but I haven't any proof and we keep in touch regularly on Facebook. Also what does the visa mean- would my children be eligible for free education, medical and subsidised childcare whilst I am working? My children are 6, 4 and 2 and I have a partner. How long does the visa take to go through?
  21. Hi all, I`d like to inquire about my status - I am still holding student visa, we`ve lodged our (flawless) application with my (Aussie) wife for 801/820 visa 8 months ago. I was told that all applications have been put into 12 months backlog - that means, I am (if mostly luckily) getting my TR somewhere after july 2011. However, I`ve just finished undergrad and want to study postgrad. My student visa are expiring in august 2011, then I`ll get automatically bridging visa (if not already having TR by then). My question is: Is temporary residence more like PR or is it just extension of student visa? Will I have to study full-time on TR visa? That is my biggest concern - I cannot afford paying $24.000/year after completing undergrad here. My idea is to do is part-time. Any ideas would be appreciated. Moreover - if holding bridging visa - do I have to study full-time? Thanks, Good luck to all with your stuff guys :v_SPIN:
  22. lyndalelodge

    UK Capital Gains Taxable in Oz

    I wonder if anyone can help with a fairly technical tax query: I'm likely to be leaving the UK before 6th April 2011 and possibly arriving in Australia sometime in June after touring around Europe, etc. After leaving the UK, I may decide to sell some assets and realise some capital gains and will do this before arriving in Australia. Assuming I remain non-resident in the UK for the next 5 years, then broadly speaking these gains will be non-taxable in the UK. However, if I arrive in Oz before 30th June 2011, I believe I will resident for tax purposes for 10/11 and as such, I wonder if my capital gains will then become taxable in Oz, which wouldn't be particularly clever!!:confused: Any comments and advice would be much appreciated.
  23. Hi guys, have noticed that my occupaion is on new SA SMP. I applied in August 2008 for 885 and have resided in NSW for past 6 years. Have 3 years work experience in my nominated occupation approved by Vetassess. Currently in Cat 4. Do you think I have any chance for SA SMP? I tried ACT but was told I needed 8 in every IELTS part and be either offshore or residing in ACT. I sadly only have 3x7.5 and 9 in IELTS and am onshore. Thanks!
  24. Am I Eligible For A 5 Year Resident Return VISA (Subclass 155) To Australia? Hello In May 2003 my family and I emigrated to Australia under the Skilled VISA Designated Area Sponsored (subclass 139) and unfortunately we moved back to the UK 2 months later because my parents didn't feel that this was the place for them to live and we have not been back since. I was 11 at the time and didn't want to leave. I am now 18 and the VISA expired in February 2008. Would I be eligible for the 5 year resident return VISA (Subclass 155)? Under the grounds that I had no choice in the matter to return to the UK? I still have family over in Australia, my aunt and uncle and cousins. I would very much appreciate any knowledge you can give on my situation. Thank you.