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Found 35 results

  1. Just read about the changes taking effect on 1st July and all I have to say is......... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:arghh: These changes mean that I am going to have to go back before we had planned to or can afford to so yet again going to have 6 months apart from OH! There is always something!! Moan over Emma :cute: p.s here is the link detailing changes Australian Citizenship – Changes to the citizenship residence requirement on 1 July 2010
  2. Hi, I am thinking of asking my Company to sponsor me for permanent residency (subclass 856). What are the benefits to the Company to sponsor me? It's quite expensive (around $6000?) so how can I convince them? Also, do I need to be working in the occupation in the Company for 12 months? I heard this visa is processed much faster than the skilled one (around 3 to 5 months) Thanks
  3. Guest

    Residence for purpose of jobs

    Hi all :hug: Just wanted to know whether a holder of (TR) Temporary Residence (Provisional) Visa - Sub Class 475 is considered to be having residence in Australia for the purpose of jobs applications. Thanks in advance Bye Raja:huh:
  4. Guest

    new zealand residence

    hi I have a diploma in chemistry achieved in italy (high school 5 years) and i have 12 years experience in a chemical industry. can i apply for new zealand residence? thx
  5. Guest

    main residence status???

    here is a question for you, we are moving out to oz in june next year and need to remortgage our house in the uk before we go. I want to keep on a residential mortgage and benefit from the lower rates of course. My brother lives abroad and has managed to be lucky and acheieve this for the past 4 years without being questioned somehow. The question is does anyone have any insights on how to do this officially or by other means? My plan is to say that we want to keep it as our main residence as we plan to return in a couple years? thanks in advance
  6. Guest

    457 visa to permanent residence

    Hi can anybody advise !!!!!! since June my husband been in Melbourne on a 457 visa can he apply for permenant residence straight away or does he have to wait 2 yrs , also if he could apply straight away would i as his spouse have to have took up temp residence we bit in limbo as to which way to go due to my medical condition (multiple sclerosis) we know we are facng a tougher battle for PR if he could apply for PR while im still in the UK at least we might get to know after medicals if i would be accepted
  7. I have 2 aged parents... and being an only child i am now thinking of how to get them over here for their last years... dad was born in 1916 and mum 1920.... if they came over on a holiday visa could we apply for this whilst they are here?... would this aged parent visa be the way to go or can anyone else give any other ideas or visas we can try? thanks min x:wubclub:
  8. Hi all, My 137 visa was granted Feb 06. Validation visit (3 week holiday) took place in Oct 06. We re-entered and settled in Oct 07, and are very happy with our move so far. I am trying to determine my position concering citizenship. My reading of the Citizenship Residence Requirements Calculator small print ("If you were granted a migrant visa offshore your permanent residence date is your date of first arrival in Australia on this visa.") is pretty much unequivocal, but I can't find the same clarification anywhere else. So, the question is - having paid a validation visit on a PR visa in Oct 06, did my permanent residence start then for the purposes of gaining citizenship? If so, it seems that I only have to reside for two years cumulatively from that point in order to meet the eligibility criteria? By my calculations, and that of the webpage, I can apply from Oct 09 onwards if I stay in the country till then. Has anyone been in this situation and proved my assumption is correct? Or been turned away and told that they can't apply until approaching 4 years down the line?
  9. What s with this thing I just read at the: Step 1: Am I eligible? – General eligibility ??? It says you can be exempt from the residence requirement if: have served three months in the permanent forces of the Commonwealth or have served six months in the navy, army or air force reserve or were discharged from defence service as medically unfit for that service. Does anyone have personal experience with this or knows someone who did it? Apparently the reserve option s the best as you can do administrative stuff and are not committed to stay in the army for years. But, it s not clear whether the compulsory training is or not part of those 6 months. :skeptical: There are as well other concerns. I would like to hear what you people around here think about it.
  10. Just read this on the net A FORMER director of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's forward strategy unit, Geoff Mulgan, will be South Australia's next thinker in residence. Premier Mike Rann said today Dr Mulgan came to SA with a wealth of experience in innovation and policy development. He was known for his groundbreaking work in social innovation including research on unmet social needs in areas as diverse as health, education and housing I moved to the other side of the world to get away from these ***king nutters and one follows me to Adelaide. Health, education and housing there is no problems with any of them things in the England is there?? It's good to know no matter where in the world you are you tax money is spent on S**T! And another thing what the hell is a thinker in residence I needed a trade to get here he gets here because he thinks. I think he would be better cleaning up the mess him and his mates made in England before he was allowed to think about things here.