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Found 374 results

  1. Hello, i'm new to this forum, i'm about to apply for the Skill Assessment required for the visa application, by ACS (Australian Computer Society) One of the requirements for the SA is an abstract from the master thesis. Anyone knows what exactly is required? How many pages? Which pages to chose? I would be grateful for any information.
  2. wanderinred

    Information Required!!

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I've just began my quest to migrate to Australia from the UK. I've sought assistance from different agents / received a few quotes and as yet I'm unsure as to which one to use. It seems a lot of people on this forum have successfully been through the whole process and I'd greatly appreciate it if they could share their experience and proved me with information. All 3 of the agents I have spoken to have advised that the best route for me to go down is that of State Sponsorship. I am very happy to do this, but the agents have given me conflicting information on one particular requirement that may hinder me. This is that I must have approx £20,000 in my UK bank account before I put my app in. I will admit that I dont have this type of cash, and my initial funds to Australia will be funded by a house sale leaving me with well more than the £20,000. However, I do not intend to sell my house before I know that I can definitely get the visa for Australia. One set of agents did not tell me about this at all, another agent state that I need to prove that I have this sum in cash and the other agent said as long as I have it in assets (ie the house) then I would pass this requirement. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? - Is there any particular agent that anyone can recommend (or that I should avoid) in the Manchester area? Thanks for any help! I hope to use this site a lot, it seems very informative.
  3. Guest

    Agent Information Required

    Hi all: I'm currently trying to find an agent to manage my (hopefully) eventual migration to Australia and was wondering if anyone would mind either replying here or private messaging me the name of an agent they would recommend and an indictation of the costs involved for a skilled migration? Thanks in advance! Simon
  4. Hello again, Happy New Year to you all. I was having a nose on the DIAC website this evening and decided to have a quick check on my application. I did notice though that on my second page, the Document Checklist where it lists all the required paperwork it still shows mine as "required" yet i sent it all off together with the payment (via the migration Agent) likewise, it still lists the State Appication evidence as required, yet the State Gov sent off the form 1100, i did receive an email confirming this the day after the visa application was lodged with DIAC. I know i am jumping the gun as without an SMP i am still sat at Cat 3 (waiting for South Aus) so didnt expect any movement, but was somewhat suprised to read that none of my paperwork appears to have arrived. Is this the norm, i.e. it will not appear until a Case Officer is assigned, or sould i raise the question with DIAC as to why my forms have not been received?
  5. If you have the skills and experience my employer is looking for a Sharepoint developer an is willing to offer a 457 visa to the right candidate. So if your sat reading this in a cold office in the UK and have .net sharepoint skills why not get in touch, within 3 months you could be enjoying the Perth sunshine. Expires end Dec 2010.
  6. Hi folks we have been in Brisbane for 7 months and have settled in on the whole very well. We have 3 teenage children though and my oldest son who is seventeen is struggling a bit for mates. Hes working in the week but is a bit lost on the weekends and needs a bit of teenage spiritual guidance. You know what i mean. Us over forties cannot help with. What do we now about life. So if there are any other families with same sort of issues would love to hear from you as we might be able to cure a common problem. Hes a typical 17 yr into sport music and learning to drive. We are currently living in Murarrie right by the train station :rolleyes:. Many thanks for any help.
  7. MattC

    457 Visa Sponsorship required

    Due to my sponsor having a lack of work, my contract was terminated on 18th November. As a consequence and a condition of the 457 I have 28 days to seek another sponsor-is there anyone out there that can help or provide advice on where I can seek employment? I have a degree in Construction Management and have four years site experience within the water sector constructing many water treatment plants within the UK. I also have 5 months work experience within earthworks here in Western Australia. I'd be grateful for any help or advice.
  8. jojy125

    Help Required!

    Hello All, I have lodged 176 Family sponsor in Oct 2010 and currently in CAT 3. This seems to have a very long wait. I want to know the following: 1) Is there any possibility for me to be in CAT 2 after applying for SMP ? 2) For that do i need to file another application and with draw my current FS application? 3) My occupation is on NT list and most probably will be on WA (ELECTRONICS ENGR with 2 years Experience) Kindly advice if there is any way out for me. I have seen many people waiting for such long and understand how waiting can be depressing.. Hope to hear any way out.. BR.
  9. Richym88

    Urgent Visa Help Required

    Good evening PomsinAus, this is my first post and I really need some visa advice, Both me and my partner are currently on one year working visas in Melbourne, Aus. Our visas started in March 09 and run out March 10. We want to apply for permanent residency and I meet the points for either 175/176 skilled permanent visa. I wrongly assumed that if submitted my application that we would be converted to a bridging visa and both would be able to continue working past March 10 until a visa decision was made. My problems are two fold Firstly, my partner is working for the government and only has two weeks left before she has worked there for six months. She really wants to stay there, and they really want her to stay too. What options do we have to ensure she can continue working there? At the very least until March? Could they sponsor her on a 457? Do we have enough time? My second problem, is that I have signed a six month contract with a company that takes me until may 2011, i was hoping that if i submitted my 175 visa in the coming weeks that I would be able to obtain a bridging visa so I could carry on working past the end of my working holiday visa, however speaking to DIAC today, they said bridging visas are not available for 175/176 visas. Apologies for the long and possibly confusing questions but we really need some help Thanks in advance
  10. just for information I want to know the consequences of telling a lie for following question: Have u applied for any other stage. I believe if I say Yes ten it would be negative point for my application If I say No then what would be the consequences. Regards
  11. I was driving along a road near me a couple of days ago and happened to notice a big sign saying "Electiricans Required" Not sure if it's of any use to anyone, but the company is Sea Eagle Electrical and they are based on Boundary Road in Thornlands - Bayside Brisbane. Their number is (07) 3206 0504 Good luck! Love Rudi x PS I know nothing about the job or the company - I just saw the sign - so if you need any info you are best calling them - not asking me!!!!!!!
  12. Hi, Just retired. I need a golf partner 2-4 times a week at Wembley, Perth WA for 9 holes. I am just getting back to golf and after a bit of practice will be able to play off 18-20. Cheers....Golfisgood
  13. We have now decided that I will be the main applicant for our SS 176, The nursing registration board are taking too long to sort their end out, so we will carry on with that for the OH in the background whilst we apply for SS once the SMP is released, hopefully i'll be on it !!!!! Just to let you all know, I have recieved confirmation from a WA government representative, whom I spoke with at the expo in Manchester last sunday, that if you want State Sponsorship from WA when the SMP is released then you MUST sit the IELTS GENERAL exam and receive an overall mark of 7.0 !!!!!! regardless of where you are from !!!!! yes that applies to us from the UK also, no exemptions !!!! After the problems we have had with the Academic test for the OH's nursing it looks like now I have to sit it, luckily it should be a little easier, not on the pocket though, another £110 !!!!! looks like the rumours where true after all !!!!!!
  14. Guest

    ACS assessment help required

    Respected Members, I am new to this forum and planning to go for ACS Skills assessment. Working in a Software development domain as a developer from past 5 Years and having MSC(Computer Science) from Pakistan. I have compiled/drafted my reference letters, I want some expert help/assistance in order to do cross check/proof reading of my drafted document. I would really appreciate if some one could share their email or send message to me at haidee.ali@gmial.com. I will then forward my document as due to limitation i cannot send all to forum. Thanks and Looking forward for favorable response. Regards.
  15. Hi I am finalising our cost of living budget for our move and wondered if anyone can tell me if the following are essential or required for renting in western sydney. Home Insurance Water TV License Life Cover (we have cover in UK already) I understand things are a little different renting in Australia. Your thoughts gratefully received.... Thanks .....
  16. I have just thought about something else. When me and my family came over in Nov09, we didnt keep any info showing our Visa numbers (visiting). My husband threw bits and peices out (clever!). I think there are questions on some forms-cant remember which ones, that ask for visa numbers when you have visited Australia for a holiday. Does anyone know if they must be put on the form or where we can obtain the visa numbers and who holds the records? Thanks ever so.:err:
  17. I inherited paper shares a few years back and have been worrying about what to do with them if we ever actually emigrate. Our visa's will expire Dec 2013 so we really are going to go next year as time is marching on. Anyway, back to the point. I will likely need to sell a lot of the shares to have some money to get us to Oz, pay for short term rental and set up at first. I would rather not sell them all before getting to Oz but have recently heard that there will be major tax implications of having shares in the UK as I would pay both UK and Oz tax on the dividend/any sales etc and I have no idea how the taxing of share sales work in Oz so maybe I am better selling the lot while we are still here in the UK? Help please. Anyone in the same boat at all? Also, if I get the paper shares transferred to CREST do I then lose the dividends? I am awful at all this.
  18. what are the documents that is required for 485/spouse visa? i need a sample of a completed/filled 1276 form.How long will it take for the grant of 485 spouse visa?
  19. We are moving to South East suburbs of Melbourne from the uk on Oct 26th. If anybody is aware of any 4 bedroomed properties available or becoming available for rent on or close to this date we would be pleased to hear from you. We are looking at a rental price around $330 per week ideally in Pakenham or Officer but surrounding areas would also be considered Any information of properties which fit into this catergory could anybody please advise Thank you Rich, Julie Harry 3, Max 3mnths
  20. Hi there, its my first post so please bear with me. My family of 4 are moving out to Melbourne from UK in 3 weeks. My husband is already there having started working in CBD. Our shipping won't arrive until middle of November so we need a short term furnished place to live until then. preferably 3 beds but could manage with 2. Does anyone have any advice? Cheers
  21. Hi Everyone - Newbie here! My OH is a sheetmetal worker and we're about to start the long and stressful visa application journey. :eek:In fact i'm not even at that stage yet!! I'll provide a quick introduction there's Me (Clare - 36) OH (Row - 38) & 3 rugrats - Adam 18 (in full time college) Steph (13) not in the slightest enthusiastic about the move whatsoever and Chloe (11) my little spacecadet who will go anywhere as long as she can have a dog! I'll warn you all now i'm hard work as in 'i'm a bit thick' and it takes ages for me to understand stuff so please be patient with me! I've just been on to the TRA website and I am trying to digest all the information but to no avail, maybe it's because it's so late - that's a lie i've checked it several times during the day and I still don't know what I should be doing! So i've decided it may be easier if some of you lovely people can help!! We are looking to apply for the subclass 176 state sponsored visa (is this correct?) so do I select the skilled worker program link? (see what I mean about being hard work) How much information is required? - How do we even start to put down the relevant experience - is it along the lines of Started at ...... on (date) and go from there? Once we have completed that and sent it off & hopefully the right result comes back, what do we do then - is there another stage or is that it and we just apply for the visa? Sorry for all the questions & thanks in advance Clare x :spinny:
  22. I want to apply for State Sponsorship visa 176 for Victoria. I have done my ACS as Dot Net Technologies Specialist. I am looking for the answers to following questions: What is IELTS requirement for Victoria State Sponsorship 176? what is the minimum time required for Victoria SS? Can I apply State sponsorship of multiple states at a time? What are my chances of getting state sponsorship as I am a .Net Technologies Specialist and have more than 5 years of technical experience? Can any agent,consultant,lawyer help me in getting State Sponsorship Thanks and Regards
  23. Hi, Me and my partner are currently doing all the ground work for our Visa application. We are going to hopefully do the application ourself as we can justify the money agents want!! We have had my partners skill assessed and have our ANSZO code for agricultural engineering. He has also under taken his ILETS exam where he scored an 8 so thats is all good. We cannot apply for a independent migrate as we dont have enough points because of his age so we need either state sponsorship or an employee sponsor. He works for a international company and we have approached the Australian side and are hoping we might get a job offer. We have started filling in the online form but guess we cant go any further until we decide if we need state sponsorship of employee?? Can anyone advise what the best way to go forward?? Thanks
  24. I want to apply for State Sponsorship visa 176 for Victoria. I have done my ACS as Dot Net Technologies Specialist. I am looking for the answers to following questions: What is IELTS requirement for Victoria State Sponsorship 176? what is the minimum time required for Victoria SS? Can I apply State sponsorship of multiple states at a time? What are my chances of getting state sponsorship as I am a .Net Technologies Specialist and have more than 5 years of technical experience? Can any agent,consultant,lawyer help me in getting State Sponsorship Thanks and Regards
  25. Guest

    Victoria Sponsership Required

    Hi, I am a Software Engineer by profession. I got accredited from ACS a few days back. Now I want to have Victoria State Sponsorship. Please tell me what are the requirements for that and is Victoria Govt still giving State Sponsorship? what is the estimated time required to get sponsorship? If Victoria is not giving SS, Is South Australia a good place to go for a Software Engineer? I have reviewed a lot of job search engines and I found out that there are very less number of Jobs for IT people in South Australia as compared to Victoria and New South Wales. Regards Stacy