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Found 374 results

  1. My cousin was asked to lodge form 80 by his CO. Does this mean all his other documents have been checked by the CO and that they are alright? Also, once form 80 is lodged will the CO ask for more documents verifying some of the information in form 80... such as parent' and sibling's names, IDs and birth dates, cousin's previous addresses, the police checks for parents and siblings... etc? What is the experience of other applicants who have done this? I am thinking if the CO requires extra documents then we might as well get the police checks done now for the family members not included in the application... i.e parents and siblings. I mean, otherwise it would cause unnecessary delays, right? Also, how long is it going to take them to process the information in form 80? My cousin has done a lot of travelling. So, will they be checking every single country he went to... which I assume will take a long, long time to process... or is the border control system or whatever they use, is it more sophisticated and faster than we think?
  2. Estimator/QS reporting to the Senior Estimator Be exposed on a $400M Prison Development Work for a Top Tier Company with projects in excess of several $100M across Australia Send cv to mail to: mailto:henning.schulze@nowcareers.com.au or call for a further chat 02 9955 4418
  3. Hi, Just wanted to ask, has anyone ever imported a car in a container without the help of an agent? If so how easy was it or is it worth biting the bullet and paying an agent to do it for me?
  4. Hi all, I am currently working in regional australia on a potato farm. All i am doing is potato grading. That is on a conveyer belt, and picking out rotten ones and making sure the right sizes go into the relevent crates. these crates are then sold on, so the work could vaguely be desribed as packing although the potatos i let through the machine actually packs them so to speak. On the IMMI website they are a little vague "harvesting and/or packing fruit and vegetable crops". Does what i am doing qualify as specified work? anyone done this work and been granted a 2nd working holiday vida for it? I am basically on a farm (in a shed) in regional australia sorting the potato crop. Surely this is ok. Anyone confirm?
  5. susieo

    Info required for newbie

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to all this and am looking forward to gaining some insight into life in Australia before my family and I move down under. My husband has SS NSW in Riverina region as an electician and we cannot wait to move although I think it will be this time next year (hopefully) before we go. Our visa application was submitted on Friday and the relief that it's finally in is immense. Even though we have an agent it has been a long process but I think there may be light at the end of the tunnel now! Any info would be more than welcome especially on what the first while will be like and any tips to make things easier and to combat homesickeness. I know that we have a year but I have a funny feeling that the time is going to fly by and I'd like to be as clued up as possible. We cannot wait to start our new life!:biggrin:
  6. Hi everyone, I am desperately looking for advice here... Applied for a 176 family sponsored visa in Jan 10 as a Hotel/Motel Manager... due to the changes is processing times and lists etc I now seem to be bottom of the heap ie. priority 4 with little or no hope of getting to Oz soon. So it now appears my only option is to find an employer sponsor. However I have no idea where to start. Any jobs I have found online state that you have to be eligible to work in Oz to apply, and the few I have emailed enquiries to are not interested as I am not in Oz and ready to start now. Any suggestions how to go about this?? Or anyone been in a similar situation?
  7. Guest

    Advice required urgently!!!!

    Hi all I have logded VISA Application on 3rd Dec, 2010. Still waiting for a CO. I dont know how much time i needed to wait. Have sent a black mail to aspc@, found they are now working with 17th Feb, 2011 application. That means i have already passed their timeline. Some people applied 2011 assigned CO already. Is it normal? I guess something is going wrong in my procedure. I even tried to send a email enqury by post lodgement form at 23th Feb, 2011 still no reply from them. Anything i can do, at this time. Anybody put some light on me will be appreciable. /// Scorpio123 SA SS Rcved: 24nov, 2010 / 176 Visa App: 3rd Dec, 2010 / CAT2: 5th Jan, 2010.... Now waiting..
  8. ElToro

    Visa advice required

    I'm about to make initial enquiries with regards to applying for a visa to work and live in Australia and I thought that this forum could be a good start point in getting some advice. Hope you can help! Our circumstances: I'm British however my partner is Australian. I live in the UK, she lives in Europe with her role. We've been in a relationship for 18 months, all long distance. We've been to Australia twice in that time and we've got a joint bank account in Oz. We've got plenty of photos, flight bookings, stamps in passport, hotels etc from our many holidays/weekend trips to verify our relationship however we lack that crucial '1 year living together' stipulation to qualify for the partner visa. She has been offered a role in Oz and ideally we would both like to relocate there soon. I'm over 31 so don't qualify for the working holiday visa. Sponsorship could be an option but i'm not sure what's needed to qualify for this. It's possible i could get an offer from my current or previous company to work in Oz however i work in Marketing which is not a 'skilled' area. Given all of the above info, what's the options available? Is a partner visa out of the question? If a company want to make me an offer could they sponsor me or do I need to be in a trade where there's a skill shortage? Would the fiancee visa be an option or would the fact we've not lived together go against us? Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
  9. Guest

    Advice Needed - 457 required

    Hi All, I am really desperate for some advice here, I have been trying to find a 457 sponsor for a few months now with no avail, I almost managed to get my company to sponsor me to transfer but unfortunately they are desperate to keep me in the UK instead. I have read posts about making my cv more attractive to Australian employers and have tried that, but I cant help thinking the agencies (I have contacted direct and via seek/jobserve), think its too much hassle to deal with someone who requires sponsorship. - Any ideas in this area greatly appreciated! I am now thinking in parallel I should try for skilled migration, but since the change in rules I cant work out what category my job falls into - IT Program/Project Manager - so any tips would be gratefully received? After making the decision on the move it just seems like its slipping further away (appreciate a few months is a lot less than others on the forum), but as we had the agreement from my job which they changed at the last minute we are feeling pretty hard done by! Many Thanks Tracy
  10. Guest

    Bromance Required :-)

    I've been in Perth couple of years and well settled living south of the river, however I've now separated and share two beautiful kiddies (boy 7 & girl 9) part time with the wife and wondered if theres anybody else in the same boat who would like meet up with kids around the same age. Love my time with them I do sooooo much fun stuff but can get lonely at times would like to have someone to talk have a laugh with (football, beer, girls, beer, football, girls....) you get the picture :-) I do have friends thanks but they don't have kids the same age of got lost in the split so it's not the same!! maybe a Joey & Chandler thing plus the kids!! Cheers
  11. Hi all, Please give information regarding my questions of my friend. My friend and her husband reached in June 2008. She has done Prepress graphics and multimedia diploma of 1yrs and 6 months. Then she applied for TR on June 2010. Now she (and her husband) is on Bridging Visa - A. Now she want to apply for PR...Still her till TR is not achieved.. So friends please give me detailed information that how her TR will come and how she will get her PR and the time required. What are the Various requirements? please give me detailed information.. I really want to help them by getting the detailed information from you people in the form of your help... Thanks... Regards Landarjatt[/size]
  12. Hi, Few questions which i am sure will have been asked before, but here goes- 1. We have submitted in april 09, Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- was just wondering if there is requirements for partner to have IELTS score if they are not included in the points etc-(not holding UK passport) 2. Is there any available time line for people in the same visa class-Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- carpenter/joiner- online application april 09 Been a long wait so far and hopefully as last indicated, all cat 3 should be finalised by Dec 2011- if they dont move the goal posts again ;-) many thanks for any info on the above!
  13. koala09

    Are P60's required???

    Hi all, Can anyone help please as i'm having a bit of a panic... Someone has put a post on here to say they have received their CO and have requested P60's.. Do they always request P60's or not. We can't find my hubby's in any off our paper work and must have been thrown out when we moved couple of years ago. Hubby is in a different job now since we lodged our visa's, and not doing the flooring at the mo. Please tell me all will be ok and this isn't gonna bugger up our visa's....... :arghh::arghh:
  14. Guest

    Help Required

    Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking to travel Oz in 2012, we are aged 25 & 23. This is a new venture and have not got a clue where to start even planning this trip. We aim to stay in Oz for approx 1 year maybe more if possible. If anyone can help to answer some of the questions I have it would be much appreciated. 1) We are looking to go in April 2012, is this a good time of year to enter Australia? 2) Where is the best place to start from? i.e sydney, melbourne 3) How much money do you think would be needed to go out to Oz with including money for flights e.t.c? 4) What are the hostels like & how much would you expect to pay a night on average. 5) What kind of work is available and how easy is it to get work? 6) What prices would you expect to pay for buses and trains. Any advice that anyone can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you :biggrin:
  15. labourer required for fitting garage doors no experience tools or transport needed just need own ABN
  16. labour required for instalation of garage doors full time position must have own ABN on tools transport or experience needed.
  17. Guest

    Advice required

    Hi guys Back after some time away trying to work out how we are going to get over to the wonderful place of OZ. Last ditched attempt is my wife re training as a paramedic as she is 27 this would be more realistic as i have no formal quals Anyone been down this route is it a good idea we understand she will have to do it for 3-4 years before we can apply for a visa And any ideas as what best occupation i could re train as building would be my preference but at 32 might be bit old lol Thanks for reading and all advice welcomed The Broadbents :biggrin:
  18. Has anyone got an exemption from taking IELTS for SMP if waiting for more than 2 yearfs for 885? I woinder about applying for SMP in SA but my IELTS is outdated. Should I ask for an exemption? Anyone tried this?
  19. Guest

    Visa Advice required :)

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on my visa options as I am thinking of emigrating, my current situation is this.. - I'm 26 and currently living in my own house (which is up for sale) in the UK - Currently have a good job here in the UK in the field of mechanical engineering (project management role) (3.5 Years Experience with good references) - Have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (UK based study) My Father currently lives near the Gold Coast (has done for 8 years) and is the owner of a newly formed company, he is also now an Australian Citizen. My goal is to work for him in that company however to do so I will need at least 6-12 Months training which I would have to pay for myself. So, I need to get a relatively well paid job elsewhere for 6-12 Months to pay for this training. My dads company cant sponsor me as its only 6 months old and doesn't hold the accreditation to sponsor employees. So my predicament is, which Visa would be best for me and what is the costs/timing involved in that visa? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Luke
  20. Hi all We are coming to Perth in mid February on a WHV. Just wondered do we need to produce any documentation at the airport such as the emails we received confirming that the visas have been granted? Or are the visas just tagged to our passports so that when the passports are scanned at the airport they know that we are authorised to enter the country? Many thanks
  21. I am completely lost. We hold 475, and have gone through the required medicals, police checks, etc to get this. When we apply for 887 (to obtain PR) it seems like new medicals are required?????????????? Why would they make us jump through this loop twice?? :skeptical:
  22. John Gilfillan

    Advice required for visa stamp

    Hi All, I am hoping some of the more experienced members can help with my question. We have been told by our agent that we are in the Pre Grant stage and have to leave Australia for 8 working days for our visa to be granted and the stamp put in to our passports. We are going to a relative of mine who lives in Dunedin, New Zealand and as I believe, the office which deals with the stamping of the visa etc, is in Auckland which is the opposite end of New Zealand from where we will be. My question is, Do we have to go to the embassy in person or can we use a courier whilst in New Zealand? If someone has used a courier, can you tell me how long it took? Regards, John
  23. Hi I am just wondering what level of education is required for applying for a skilled visa in Accountancy. Is there anyone out there that can suggest any suitable courses (qualified accountants or someone working towards their accounting qualification)? Many Thanks Carolyn x
  24. Hi everyone, How much information would you say would be enough to prove your commitment to the state? I don't want to bore the pants off them by sending pages and pages of our research but obviously at the same time I don't want to send too little. Can anyone suggest a reasonable amount of info that would be sufficient ie: 3000 words, 3 pages, a whole trees worth etc. Any help/guidance will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Clare x
  25. Guest

    Is IELTS required for a 457?

    Does anyone know for sure if IELTS is a requirement for a 457 visa, I've just been looking on the Australian Immigration website & it says 'Evidence of English Language Proficiency' & goes on to say IELTS may be required. There'll be a scream of frustration if that's the case, I went through VETASSESS for our 175 visa app so DH didn't have to take IELTS! Not that he would find it difficult but with our reccy booked the earliest he could have taken it was end of August and we were hoping our 175 would be in by then! It's not we're still waiting on ACS! If he does need to take it then we need to know so he can book up and get it done. Jules