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Found 374 results

  1. I have applied for 485 visa before 8 feb 2010.so I am eligible for transitional arrangement.Please tell me what documents are required.My wife is secondary applicant and her aunt is going to family sponsor. Thanx in advance.
  2. My husband is a fully qualifed plumber with over 10 years time served experience. has been thinking of getting a 457 visa as we do not qualify for 175, 176 or 475 because his lowest score on IELTS was 6 and he doesnt not have accounts for the last 12 months as we were on a year out travelling. He does have accounts from his self employed period between 2004 right up to 2010 but we have been told he will get knocked back by the immi.gov as he is unable to provide the previous 12 months accounts if he was to apply for a 175,176 of 475 visa. Would this still apply if he had a job offer on a 457 visa? Our thoughts were to get his Vetassess done and then apply for jobs or even flying out to Australia and basically try and get interviews lined up and maybe a job offer out of it as an employer is unlikely to take him seriously without having his qualifications recognised. We are therefore wondering whether Vetassess will accept his application for skills assessment without having his 12 months accounts/work history? We have all the required documentation except for this 12 months accounts. It would be a crying shame to be knocked back just because of this. Has anyone else been in the same boat and been successful/unsuccesful? Totally stressed over this!!
  3. Hi there, My husband is due to start his ETLC (Electrical Trades Licensing Course) in a few weeks and been told he needs to get a book on wiring rules & jeffery hanson pack. Was just wondering if there was anyone in the joondalup area who had these for us to borrow or buy. Many Thanks Leanne.
  4. My name is Chris Baddeley and I am the Sales Manager for Vodafone in Victoria and am currently recruiting for Business Development Managers due to headcount growth in the state. If you have a proven track record in sales and are hard working, energetic, hungry for success and looking to earn in the region of $80k - $100k please pm
  5. Hi, Going to Canberra (from UK) soon, and I am wandering what to do with finances such as: Life insurance Critical Illness Pension I've been paying these in the UK - am I able to continue paying into these policies when in Australia or will I have to start again? If I have to start again I imagine it'll cost more as obviously I'm older since I started the payments. Thanks, Mike.
  6. Hi guys, My dream to have a swimming pool almost came true but unfortunately it just didnt happen.:sad: We dont have lots of money so have organised everything ourselves, we have bought a second hand fibreglass pool shell, had it certified by an engineer, have the go ahead from the council, have got a contact for a crane but dont have anyone to install it. Everyone that installs pools want to provide them too so wont look at ours and of course its the wrong time of the year cause everyones getting them, thats why our orininal guy cant do it. It was supposed to go in 4 weeks ago and we got so excited I was probably more excited than the kids!!! If anyone knows someone that could help please let me know. Thanks
  7. My visa has been granted and now its all systems go, flights booked for the 14th Nov. But I really need to sort out the shipment of clothes (wife & daughter), bikes and general stuff, we're not taking furniture. Only had 1 quote so far for 100cubic feet and that was around £700 door to door, is that good? Any help greatfully received. :arghh:
  8. Dear Poms, Apoloigies if this is the wrong forum. I'm hoping to move to SA at the beginning of 2012. I would be grateful if anyone can provide a list of documents I'll need to rent acommodation and start a new job. Things such as references/ tax file number would be useful and anything I should prepare in the UK before leaving. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. Ploppy.
  9. Guest

    Help Required

    Hi there everyone, I'm new to this, but me and my partner are looking to travel to Oz. I'm a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience in construction and wondering which way to go about a visa application for state sponsered? 1. Do I go through australian engineers for verification of my degree or through the TRA because I'm working in construction for the last 10 years? 2. I'm currently employed at the moment and dont want to jeoperdise anything by asking for a letter of recomendation. Any ideas or views on this? Payslips? Copy of current and previous contract? How far back with the payslips? 3. DIY or visa specailist??? Pros or cons? Have quote back from a guy for £1980+Vat!! Liz O'Hagan is on maternity leave so no joy there. Would be confident on applying myself but am busy in work and with the new rules for July 2012 coming in would need to get visa through first time round with no hiccups! Any help on the above much appreciated. Will read the other posts to see what else is up there. Thanks :confused:
  10. Hi All, Just a little confused as to whether and IELTs test and a skills test is always compulsary on a 475? Also, reading from previous posts, its seems I am in a unique position... I got a job for a council and am in Oz working for them. I came in on a working visa (on their instruction) and they are about to send off my application for a 475, but I am a bit lost as to what exactly I need to fulfill on my part i.e. skills and or english test, xrays/ police check etc... Can anyone offer advice? Thanks
  11. Hello, my partner and I have been living in Sydney for a year now. We're looking at buying a car very soon and wondered if anyone can spell out for us what you need to do in terms of rego, insurance, pink slips, green slips etc. We've done a lot of research so far, so have some understanding of the basics, but it seems to be very complex compared to the UK. Is rego like the UK's MOT, or is this simply a registration of the car in your name - and is this the pink slip? Green slip I understand to be a basic third party type of insurance, that covers you for injury and/or damage caused to the other vehicle. Then you also need to get further, more comprehensive insurance, is this correct? Also, do we need to have our licences converted to Australian licences? Hope someone can help us navigate the motoring minefield. Thanks in advance. Kate and David
  12. doing a geographical

    457-856 nomination required?

    Hi everyone! I'm on a 457 visa wanting to get a 856 permanent visa. Does my employer need to nominate me agian for the 856 visa? Cheers!
  13. Guest

    Hi to all...help required!!!!

    My wife and I are planning on moving to Perth in January/February 2012...she has already been given a position at Fremantle Hospital A&E who are also going to sponsor her on a 457 visa. We also have 2 children, Thomas 12 & Erin 11 who are both really excited about the move. At present I am a self employed builder and apprentice trained bricklayer. We could really use some first hand information on schools, places to live etc. I am also looking for work at the moment...mainly through recruitment ageny websites, which keep coming back with nothing. Advice on potential work contacts and trade assesment would be greatfully appreciated guys!!!!
  14. Guest

    Hairdresser urgently required

    I am in desperate need of a hairdresser - can anyone recommend a good one? I live in Carina, Brisbane, but would be willing to travel for a good hairdresser. Or if anyone knows of a good mobile hairdresser? Any help much appreciated.
  15. Hi, I got my ACS assessment in March 2011 and gave IELTS in July 2011 with L-8.5,R-8.5,W-7,S-6.5. I went for remarking in Writing and Speaking and got my speaking band upgraded by 0.5 which is what I need. I am in the process of applying online 175 myself. There is a section to fill the duration of stay in different countries(provided totay stay is more than 12 months in last 10 years). I have been to Germany for 1.5 years in three different trips , currently in US for more than 2 years and rest of the time I was in India barring 9 months in UK in 2003-04. So my question is do I need to account for all the stay in all the countries like in India from 2001-2003 before moving to UK. I am sure people have filled this in the past with more or less same scenario so could you please help me in getting the right information for me to submit 175 as soon as possible. Thanks Srini
  16. Guest

    Help required for 176

    Hi All I am planning to apply for immigration under 176 visa subclass, I have few queries: (i) My sister is going to sponsor me, but we both don't have birth certificates. So please guide if we can use our passport or high school certificate containing our parents name to prove the relationship. (ii) Do we need to show funds in our account while lodging the visa? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  17. Hi all I would appreciate some advice on one part of my 47/40 de facto ap. I am currently in Oz on a WHV with my partner. Visa runs out in 2 weeks so are in complete panic and rushing to submit 47 de facto application. We are v worried about my partners eligibility to sponsor me as he is not working and has not worked in the last 2 years due to a serious medical condition. So in fact I am supporting him and centrelink know about me and my income. I have a good job here and could get my employer to confirm that my contract would be extended once my WHV restrictions waived. We are terrified that we will be asked for AoS - we do not have any relatives in Australia and having only been here 11 months (partner returned to live here with me for first time in 15 yrs) so do not know anyone sufficiently well enough to be able to ask them to do it. I am hoping as we are already here and settled money wise with my financial support that this will not be an issue once explained... but I'm absolutley terrified will be deported! Anyone been in a similar situation or anyone with advice I would be extremely grateful! Thank you Rachael
  18. Needs 3 years work experience to gain my extra 5 points for a 176 visa. I have references for 2.5 years work experince (that has all been positively assessed by ACS) but am struggling to gain proper references for the last 6 months where I worked. I have a very basic reference from the company stating the dates I worked at the company on headed paper but it does not meet the strict requirements set out by DIAC (ie no signature, job duties, working hours etc). Has anyone used something like this successfully before or do you need exacely what they ask for? I have payslips and group certificate (ie p60, it was a job in oz while on whv) but unfortunately have lost my contract. Are they likely to accept this of will the application get thrown back in my face? Cheers
  19. Young, friendly, hard working couple required (22yrs+) to work on small island in the Great Barrier Reef, in exchange for accommodation for 2 weeks plus. This is an ongoing opportunity... A good sense of humour, friendly demeanour, neat appearance, tidy and clean living standards are very important as we work and live within the hospitality industry. Work includes cleaning of cottages, general maintenance and gardening for 3-4 hours per day. After work you will be free to use the island's facilities including snorkelling gear, glass bottom kayaks and paddle boats. Fishing off the island is great! Staff return to mainland once a week for fresh groceries and you will be responsible for your own food and groceries. References are required. Qualifications None required Experience & Knowledge Cleaning, hospitality and trade experience a plus. Profile Location of Job: Pumpkin Island, Great Barrier Reef. Length of Employment: 2 weeks plus* Date Job Posted: 2 July 2011 Contact Name: Wayne or Laureth Contact Email: info@pumpkinisland.com.au Contact Phone: 0749394413 Closing Date: No closing date
  20. Hi Can somebody pls te me what is the required education that a recruitment consultant must have had??? My sister did her bachelors (hons) with her Speciaization in Human Resources.We think that this is the required education for recruitment consutant becauyse HR is the field and recruitment consultancy is its branch....Do you think Vetassess will accept this education eve for RC???? I hope they donot make an issue out of nowhere????????????????? Give me suggestions pls??
  21. or Hocking, Mindarie - (Unfurnished) My wife & children will be arriving from the UK on the 1st Nov (Kids aged 4 & 2) & i need to secure a quality unfurnished rental before they arrive. We are a proffesional family looking for a quality rental. We are a very houseproud couple & so would look after any rental that is offered. (details of our property in UK are attached below for your piece of mind) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-...-33301616.html Hope you can help this desperate man, as having a nightmare with the group home viewing where sometimes 40+ people are turning up!:wacko: Regards Richard
  22. Hey, I am off to Perth in 11 days and am currently waiting for AHPRA to prosess my paper work for Nursing Registration. I am aware that I will need a police check and a working with children check. How do I go about this? Do I need to contact the local police force here in the UK and also obtain another police check on arrival in Perth?? Any info would be much appriciated.. Thanks Carly
  23. Hi Everyone My husband is a mechanical engineer incorporating air con, heating, water, ventilation, gas driven engines and all types of gas and renewable energy, we were just wondering what job type to put him under when trying to sort a visa, its such a mine field as he is qualified to do so many things, any help would be much appreciated thanks
  24. Hi we are currently looking to hire a full-time sales consultant in the Perth area..(Home improvements) Ideal candidate should have a car, current license and be of a presentable appearance. As a company we are one of Western Australia's fastest growing private businesses and we are in a sector where rapid growth can be expected within the next 3 years. All our current sales team recieve a minimum of 3 pre qualified leads per day and conversion rates of 1 in 2 are not uncommon. Please reply by private message if you are in Australia and want a new challenge with outstanding rewards. John
  25. Hi, I am looking for accommodation for single male, 45 yrs old, FIFO 9/5 from 31 August 2011 ongoing until mid October. Need a room with en-suite. Willing to pay approx $125 p/w As close to the Perth domestic airport as possible. Urgent request! Thanks