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Found 46 results

  1. Hi All, We have been asked by our CO for Meds and Police Checks on 2nd June and I can't see any requirement for Form 80. Our Agent says we don't have to send it as it wasn't requested... How many of you with your visa's/CO's have/had been asked for this? Julie x
  2. Guest

    Medicals requested!

    Hi guys, We've submitted our 176 application on the 15th May, and of course curiosity got the better of me and once I had our log-on details I had a wee look......:wideeyed: It said that we needed to submit our medicals/chest xrays etc and I just wanted to know if this is the norm? :confused: Do the DIaC always ask for medicals straight away? or is it just wishful thinking on my part????!!!! Any help would be great, Thanks IrishOzHopeful
  3. Hi Guys So we went ahead and did the meds before requested by the CO.. i know i know some will be shaking their heads :skeptical: at me BUT we have a CO now, it has really been processed quickly which is very exciting stuff! However, on the email the CO sent asking for more information i.e meds and employment references, it says i need to fill in the 'office use only' section with some reference numbers, the med forms are with Dr so i cant do this. i have left a message with the Dr to see if she hasnt sent them yet and the info can still be added. My question is have any of you had this problem i.e sent it all off before the CO gave you the reference numbers etc, did it delay anything, is there anything i can do to i.e phone HOC. Cheers guys
  4. Hi, Some people say that the CO only ask for the PCC and Meds when he/she has done all the verification required and has checked all the documents you submitted. Requesting Meds and PCC means you are ready to go. Cz Meds are not that cheap nowadays. On the other hand there are people who believe that the CO doesnt care about your money and its a routine thing to ask for the PCC and Meds. And once the dept receives all the documents (including PCC and Meds) the CO starts the document plus job verifications. In short, request for PCC and Meds doesnt mean any thing. You might get a refusal after submitting PCC and Meds. What do you say???
  5. Guest

    New Meds Requested??

    Hi, I have been asked to redo my meds. My question is, Me and Wife had our meds on the same day last year in April. Her meds status now show finalized but mine says requested. The mail I received says that your meds expired in Dec 2008 so you have to do them again. It specifically says (My Name) has to undergo the health examination. It says nothing about my wife's meds .. Why didnt they ask for my wife's meds?? Secondly, what is the current timelines of meds (from received to finalized)? thanks. P.S. 175/Online
  6. Guest

    Taxation Documents Requested

    Hi, I am 175/Online applicant. I have received a request which says: Evidence of employment Please provide evidence of employment in a skilled profession for a total of at least 12 months over the last 24 months (prior to your lodgement date of ** *** 200*). The evidence you provide must cover the entire period. Include as much of the following evidence as possible: a) Bank statements showing payment of salaries into personal bank accounts b) Taxation Documents I can get the salary slips and the bank statement as well. But dont have the Tax docs. My company deposit a lump sum amount to the tax department and the tax department just for no reason is willing to sign or provide any such statement. Now my question is, if i dont send tax docs then is it going the affect my case?? I have already sent salary slips, bank statement, promotion letters, increment letters. any suggestion or comment???
  7. Hi all, I am applying for a 475 visa and was supposed to be allocated a CO by this coming Friday. Well I was allocated one last Friday :wacko: They requested the following (my questions indicated like this): Employment duty statement - does anyone know what exactly is required here? Reference from my current employer Medical examination (1071i incl forms 160EH and 26EH) Police clearance certificates This all seems fair, but when I check my document checklist online, very few of all the other documents I have already emailed to then (such as my passport bio page have changed status to received, although the status against my wife's says received, although both was sent at the same time)?? A last question: request for information letter from the CO states that I have until 09 March to supply the information. This seems like an impossible date. Is it normal/ possible to extend this date? Any advise as always greatly appreciated!!
  8. Guys i uploaded my PCC as asked by my CO.... i Uploaded it on saturday 7/feb/09... & today 9/feb/09 all my docs on my document checklist are showing "MET" even the PCC which i had sent on 7th feb has changed to "MET"... can any1 tell me when can i expect my visa grant letter now?? PCC was the only document requested from my case officer..who contacted me on 4th feb 2009... Kind Regards Krisha
  9. valandbaz

    medicals requested already

    At last we have applied for online gsw 176 visa (wa state sponsered) and it is asking for medicals straight away. I thought they asked for them further into the process.
  10. Hi, My agent recommended I get my medical done to help speed things us with the visa, as DIAC like "decision-ready" applications. Just back from my medical today, to find an email in my inbox from my agent saying that DIAC are now asking that people NOT send in their medicals before they’re requested and that it'd be best if I ask the Panel Doctor hold on to the medical reports until they’re requested. I'm really confused, as my agent still wants a copy of my receipt from today... Is there a tick-box saying I have done medicals to DIAC know or was getting them done early a waste of time now? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Vicky xxxxx
  11. Guest

    Urgent help requested

    Hi, I am in Australia on 457 visa. My husband holds a PR and he is India now.He will be joining me in 2 months. But my project is going to end by April'09, But I dont want to go back to India. Want to stay with my husband in Australia. So for which visa I need to apply. Can I directly go for PR as I am working on SAP. Please assist Thanks in advance.
  12. got email from case officer for my partners visa saying that he didnt disclose his police caution in his application form. He did however write a statement explaining the caution on the additional info page but still that wasnt good enough. He phoned up the case officer and he said she was really cheeky on the phone. He was to now write a statement saying why he didnt disclose it and what the details of the conviction were. The thing is a caution isnt a conviction so thats why he didnt tick one of those boxes or is it? anyway wrote a statement and sent it off by special delivery so they will get it tomorrow. Any thoughts people?
  13. Hi Everyone, Just wondered whether anyone can confirm at what point in the process meds are requested. My understanding is that with the paper based apps. you were asked to do meds towards the end of the process. Our agent has told us with the online applications you are requested to do meds 28 days after the application has been submitted. Can anyone that has submitted online just confirm when exactly they were asked to do the meds. Thanks Andrea
  14. Can anyone help with this? Have had an email from our Agent today: I have today received a communication from the ASPC. They have requested evidence that your sponsor is able to fulfil the sponsorship undertaking (for example, latest income tax assessment; current pay slips or other satisfactory evidence of alternative income; evidence of major assets; including bank or similar accounts; details of real estate/motor vehicle ownership). Please ask your sponsor to forward certified copies in the post to me as soon as possible and I shall forward them to the ASPC immediately The reason for my concern is that our sponsor is elderly, on a pention, does not own a car, and not even sure if she owns her house! Any advice welcome!!!
  15. Guest

    Second VAC requested yippeeee

    I m Smiley grandma's daughter-in-law, also acting on her behalf with immi, great news we just received an email requesting 2nd installment, it asks for payment within the next 28 days with a view to granting the visa after july 1st. It also says she has to enter Australia by 31st january 09, i presume thats when the meds expire. Believe it or not can't get hold of mum to let her know, i think she's gone shopping, she will b so excited when i tell her, I will have to wait up till she gets back.,( im in oz) so who ever reads this in the next couple of hours will know before mum does. all the best to all who are waiting.
  16. I wonder if anyone can help. Pickfords rang me about doing a home visit to see what stuff we want to take, but when I said I didn't think I would have a residential address in Melbourne until we had got there and looked for a place to rent, they said I would have to give a residential address and phone number for the delivery. Is that right? I don't know how we will find our rented address until we are actually in Australia, I thought I could email the removal company once we were settled after a week or so - isn't that what most people do ? Or should we be looking to rent from the website, beforte we leave here? I'm afraid I will choose a town we won't like, then have to uproot the children again ... can anyone please give me advice? Also - has anyone used 1st contact or excess-baggage? I know Crown has been mentioned a lot on this forum, so am going to get a quote from them. But Allied Pickfords scared me today and made me think I was mad to not have aplace arranged already !!! Diane
  17. We have applied for our Visa on line and submitted it. The money has been taken but we are not sure what to do next. On the application status page it says - You and/or your dependant(s) are required to undergo a medical and/or X-Ray. We only applied a few days ago and it seems a bit soon to be booking medicals. Do you think we should wait for another message that says you need to book your medicals now, or shal we just get on with it? I am not sure if they are telling us for future referance that we will need to undergo medicals or if they want us to do it now.
  18. Guest

    exam years advice requested

    Hi, Hope you can help. We are seeking emigration to QLD from UK in the next 12 months. My 14 year old son is about to start studying for his GCSE's (2 years starting September) and we are worried how the move will effect his future during this critical time? Any advice would be gratefully received. Among the standard UK curriculum courses his options include: Double Science, Geography, Music and Drama.
  19. Guest

    info requested

    Hi all, Can anyone explain to me what NO1 and NO2 nursing posts are? What do I apply for? I have been qualified for nearly 3 years now (BSc(Hons)) and on band 5. Any info much appreciated. Also, would it be better to get a permamemt position or do bank work? Thanks :err:
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  21. Guest

    requested more evidence

    Hi, i am new to the forum but i already have a question. We have applied for a 136 visa, the application was sent and received 13th Sept, today i have a case officer great news i know but now i have to provide more evidence of my sons (19yrs)dependency. When i applied he was 18 and at college, now he has left and has a job in a warehouse for a bit of money untill we go and he decides what career he wants. I just dont know how to do this, he is dependant because he lives with us and i do all the mum jobs for him. I cant bear the thought of going without him....Please can someone advise. Thanks Marie :cry: