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Found 317 results

  1. Guest

    renting in cranbourne

    is this area full of red necks or is it ok for an affordable suburb, or are we better to go with langwarrin or carrum downs?????
  2. Hey again all, just a quick question. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not it is possible to rent property on a working holiday visa? It will be our 2nd WHV. Whilst Im here I'll get another one in. If a house/apmt says furnished does this mean all your bills are included to? Some sites say yes and others no so a little confused. Many thanks:biggrin:
  3. boogaloo

    Pros & Cons of renting UK home?

    Hi guys We have had our visa for 15 months now (validated last year) and are really keen to get to Perth before the end of this year but our house has been on the market now for over 6 months and not a single viewing! Everyone telling us not to waste time and to just rent out our house and go now! Obviously the pros to doing that are that we get to follow our dream and get to Perth sooner but what are the cons? We will need to clear debts and raise some funds to set up in Perth but are we likely to get a re-mortgage if giving up jobs and leaving the UK? Also how easy is it to get tenants? Would we be stung for capital gains tax when we eventually sell house We really don't know what to do - any advice greatly appreciated - we are not getting any younger!! Sue:arghh:
  4. blobby1000

    Renting in Melbourne

    Help! We are moving to Melbourne in November and I have a job in Royal Melbourne Hospital. Is it possible to secure accommodation from the UK for a period of about six months (we also have a dog, which I understand we have to pretent we are going to keep outside!) Is it plausible to just find a property online, pay for it and move in on arrival? I did hear you have to apply for a house and beat other applicants and the dog needs a reference! Sounds pretty full on! Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks Rob, Cheltenham, UK
  5. Really could do with a bit of honest advice, this is my situation, i have in savings £190.000 GBP and also rent a couple of properties out rougthly bringing an annual income of £22-24000. The house i own cant sell so i have money tied up in this property, approx £200.000. My mortgage on my current home is £237.000 so as i am on an offset mortgage i am paying the interest on £47000.00. I really need to sell my current home to enable to buy in OZ (But like most people have posted, nothing in the UK is selling so renting is the better option), i will be renting myself in OZ for at least 12-18 months. But just dont know what the best option is to do with our savings do we A- take the money and bank over in OZ and pay the mortgage out of the rental if we rent but this would be on the full £237000 or do we B- leave the savings and use the rental of our UK property to fund the OZ rental. I am hoping the income off the rents will help me to get settled, sorry to be longwinded but any advice would be welcome.
  6. Guest

    Renting a house

    Hi does anyone know if you can rent a house in Australia (Bunbury) while you are in the Uk....trying to save money on holiday rental before the furniture arrives, if you can any web site you could recommend Thanks Jackie :jiggy:
  7. Off to aus traveling in sept and looking to settle in sydney from december till march. Does anyone have any info or exsperiance about renting for this amount of time in sydney?? where's good to stay? not too exspensive but not too cheap either!! Good agents to use? things to look out for?? Thank you!:biggrin:
  8. Has anyone had a positive renting experience, or are they all bad and no one EVER gets their rent back ? ?:wideeyed::GEEK:
  9. Guest

    Renting in Melbourne

    As we all know this is a time consuming and frustrating task especially when you have only just arrived in Melbourne. We have found this new site which allows you to post your profile and pictures to prospective landlords to view. Thought this may be useful to newbies and oldies alike? :idea:tenancyone.com.au
  10. hello I'm moving to Warragul to begin working and I am looking for property to rent? Could anyone recommend an estate agent or know of someone with a property to rent? Any help is appreciated! thanks Nicole
  11. Guest

    renting a house

    Hi quick question for someone, myself and my partner have our visa and sold the house on Saturday :biggrin: we were think of coming over to Australia 3 weeks before our furniture and stuff arrives is this enough time to find a house to rent, also can anyone tell me what the process is to rent.......:biggrin:
  12. I am 90% certain that i am about to be offered a job in Sydney within the next few weeks, i would appreciate advice on the process of doing this, the best affordable areas to live in with the best schools for my 2 kids. We are not too much interested in being near the beach as having been to Australia/ Sydney last year for 6 months know that the transport system is second to none. Any advice would be much appreciated. The job is in Paramatta if that is of any help. Thanks Billy
  13. Guest

    Renting in Sydney

    Hi, I am looking to move out to Sydney in the next month and am looking for advice regarding renting... Initally, I will be staying in serviced apartments however this is a pretty pricey option and i will be looking to rent asap. I have had a look on a couple of the rental property websites but can't seem to get much info, for example; what is a standard minimum let? what documents are required for letting? how does it work if you do not yet have a job? Ideally I am looking to rent in Manly... Thanks
  14. jadepearl

    Questions About Renting

    Hi Everyone! I will be moving to Melbourne late June this year and am planning to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the Northern side of Melbourne. However I am a bit worried and I hope that you guys can help me with some of my queries. 1) How long does it takes for me to find a rental place? Hope it does not take me more than 1 week though. 2) What are the documents must I have to proof besides my visa, passport and funds? 3) Do you have any good /recommended real estate agents in mind? 4) Any other things which I have to take note? Thank you! Cheers, jp
  15. Hi everyone, my partner and I are starting our visa application. We don't have a house we own so when we move to oz will be renting again. I was just wondering how much it is to rent say just apartments? What are the bills like? I know buying homes in oz u get more for your money but whats the story with renting? Many thanks :hug:
  16. Hi, I have been advised by a friend in australia that tenants when renting a property are not liable for paying the council tax equivalent in australia, instead its the owners responsibility to pay this, is this true? Generally speaking have people found the cost of living in aus in regards to household utility bills cheaper or more expensive than in the uk? Thanks:chatterbox:
  17. Hi, For those who have shipped furniture over, what do you do with it if when you first arrive you rent a furnished house for a while? Do you cram your furniture into the house, or leave it in storage til you buy somewhere? Or...do you rent an unfurnished property? We will probably rent for 6 months to a year til we find the perfect house/area, and get a feel for living costs. I think its mostly furnished properties for rent, so what will we do with our furniture when it arrives? We will probably take a 20ft container and have a few beds, sofas, dining table, amongst other things so would be difficult to fit into an already furnished house. Shaz
  18. Hi I'm new to the forum and have also just moved to Perth from the UK. After waiting so long to get here and after having been here before, I am so sad how things are turning out at the moment. I know everyone says it takes a while to settle in and I have lived here before so knew what to expect but things have really changed here since I lived here 4 years ago. My husband and I are trying to rent a home and it seems impossible. For a start viewings are mostly held during normal working hours when we're both in work so we're either having to take time off or send a family member in our place. Then we fill in the lengthy application forms and hand over every single detail of our life to the agents and we're just not having any luck and have been turned down for every house because we haven't been here long enough. We both have full time jobs and are tidy, respectable people with no pets or kids but we just can't rent a house. We've gone from wanting to spend $350 per week to now viewing properties at $450 per week but still no luck. It's heartbreaking to keep finding a nice hose and then going through all the palaver of taking time off work, viewing the property, filling in the forms and then getting turned down again. We have all our furniture now sitting in the removalists storage as it's been through customs and is just waiting for us to find a house so we can have it delivered. I am despearte to start our life in Oz properly but until we have a home it just won't happen. We already feel like we've compromised on so much as my husband is a qualified, experienced teacher and he just can't find work in his field even though all the adverts scream how desperate they are for teachers here. He has now started working in construction because of this and we never see each other because we're both working much longer hours than we did at home. We are prepared to work hard to establish ourselves but I feel like I shoud at least be able to expect my own home in return for all the extra work. We came here to start a family but it feels like Perth just doesn't support 'the family' anymore as mothers and fathers both have to work full time and long hours just to afford a rent and living expenses. We keep being told to 'go up the mines' but this is not what we came here for. I don't want to be away from my husband for weeks on end just to pay a rent. Please tell me we're not alone and this will all be over soon!!! Sorry to be a moany old Pom but Paradise ain't all it's cracked up to be!!!:arghh:
  19. We approached our building society about renting out our property for obvious reasons rather than selling and we have been told we would only been able to rent it out for at the most 2 years before we would be made to sell as the mortgage we have is not a buy to let. I have friends who not approached their building society as they were not aware they had to and our just renting their property out. Anyone got any advice or suggestions!
  20. Guest

    Renting in Oz

    Hi there, I am not sure I can help - but I live on the mornington Peninsula in Victoria and have done so for the past 10 years - No.......... I am not a Pom - my Mum is and I lived there ( in Sevenoaks) for many years as a youngster. I have lived in Sydney, Melbourne, QLD and New Zealand. I am happy being a stay at home mum at the moment,,,,,, and guess what?!! - I spend my day googling and interneting my whole life away.
  21. Guest

    Renting Info

    Hi All, Nige here, First comment on the site so be please be patient. I received my visa 175 this Wednesday and now looking into accomodation costings, etc. I've a wife and three year old daughter we're looking to get out of here about Sept' 11. If anyone can add any comments I would really appreciate it. How much does it cost to rent (very rough guide) for an average 3 bed semi or Aussie equivelent - 'any' info would be great really rushing now (Mothers Day and all) Cheers Nige
  22. Hi everyone, Can you help with my dilemma? Our daughter turns 16 and does her GCSE's in June in the UK. Want to get her into school in OZ as soon after that as possible as she will complete year 10 and go onto Years 11 and 12 so want her to settle in before starting her final years. My problem is OH is having a few probs getting a job so am thinking of just going over, just the two of us until he can join us. We're prepared to make that compromise so as not to compromise her education. From reading previous threads it seems really hard to get a rental unless you can prove you are in employment, which I won't be for a while until she has settled into school, etc and it will probs take a while to get a job anyway. How can I go about renting if I'm basically unemployed? Could put up rent for 6 months or so, would that help? Any replies much appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hello everyone. This is my first post and I'm going to be moving in just 42 days (not that I'm counting or anything) My partner's going to be working at La Trobe Uni in Bundoora but we want to rent for while reasonably close to the CBD. We got a really good vibe about Northcote, but I;ve been receiving property alerts from realestate.com.au and domain.com.au and there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of choice in our price range. (3-bed with at least one car parking space for max $500 per week) Any advice on nice surrounding suburbs?
  24. Quick summary of experiences and issues we are facing. * no standard short assured agreement, in uk..you rent for 6 months then have 1 month break clause. In australia...there is NO break clause, you rent for X months and that is that. You must pay, you can not break, unless...you find someone else to take the property. * if you do try get someone else to take the property you pay advertising fees....I dont know what that is but expect it will be expensive. * we find a good property goes fast, has 4-6 applicants and the person who takes it for 1 year or more even wins! the fact is we can't and dont want to commit to anywhere for 1 year and are suffering, so forced to take somewhere else. Issue here is actually taking somewhere for 1 year could play out better since the property will be nicer and subsequently easier to find new people if you must break the contract. * if say you have a family and a job in one area for 10 months but want some flexibility..then can you make the lease last 10 months and then ask for another 1 month extension? it is normal and ok to get extensions for short periods? or do people end up paying for months where the property is empty. I must admit I was happy renting in the UK but this forces me more to buying (in an over valued market, not so good) * when you apply for a property you need to fill in a form and give over a weeks rent in cash, and then pick up the money later...when your application fails. pain in the back end. Plus they take references from australia first since contacting the UK is tricky.
  25. Please can someone who has emigrated from England to Adelaide provide me with a blunt and down - to - earth opinion of finding rented property in the Suburbs of Adelaide. I have read some threads on here and most of them have mentioned to stay away from the regions of Elizabeth, but not actually gave an explanation to why it may not be suitable to settle their. I have researched the suburbs and tend to find that most suburbs are expensive to rent - a decent accomodation being $400 - £180 per week, which compared to rental prices here in Newcastle upon Tyne is $200 - £90 per week. Yes I must admit that the quality of the rented homes in Adelaide far excide of those here in England. But to me the rental prices in Adelaide are expensive, so I have been looking at suburbs of Elizabeth and surrounding areas of Elizabeth and found that rental is far cheaper than anywhere else around Adelaide, its obvious that they are a lot cheaper, probably because people dont want to live in Elizabeth. But I have looked at the quality of the homes and they are excellent and a couple of hundred dollars cheaper to rent than other areas. The location is great - it's near the coast and the CBD. I have found that there are a lot of families on these type of forums and these families on emigration programs on tv have a lot of money to emigrate with, so they have more options in gaining quality rental homes and which suburb they choose to settle in. I will be bringing hardley anything probably about £10k. Since I left home at 17 years old I have lived all over England, as well as Turkey, Spain and France. Almost all of these areas have been rough Council House estates, but to me, you make the best of where you live and from my experience its just the stigma of the area what is actually bad. In addition I am entitled to the full Meet and Greet service which the South Australian Government provide, because I have gained the South Australia State Sponsorship Visa (Subclass 475), which to me I am well happy with, in-fact overwhelmed with. Because they will hopefully provide my family and I with very cheap furnished accomodation for the first 12 weeks of being in Australia. Who cares where it is, as long it helps me soon as I arrive, no worries about looking for property, buying furniture, etc. Too me the home is what you make of it. You know what readers I am seriously considering the Elizabeth suburbs to start off with and then when I get settled find a suitable job then I will hopefully move to my ideal suburbs of City of Charles Sturt. Tony (39), Jane (38), Nathan (20), Shannon (16), Charlotte (10)