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Found 317 results

  1. RobandCatherine

    Renting in Canberra

    Thought this may be useful... Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra | The RiotACT Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market. In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just makes it harder for the core of the market to secure affordable rental accommodation. Here’s a few tips to help improve your chances: Complete the application form properly – I know what a pain in the ass it is: each agent has their own form and you just keep repeating the same info. Problem is, if you don’t fill it in properly your application will probably (read: definitely) be put at the bottom of the pile. With multiple applications for each property the agent isn’t going to waste time chasing you for information that you were already asked for. Provide supporting documents, but keep it simple – the more information you can provide to make the job easier for the owner/agent, the better. You can go too far though, and an application that will take 45 minutes to read will be put at the bottom of the pile. Make it easier, not harder. I’d suggest adding: ID – Licence + other photo ID + Medicare Card. NO CREDIT CARDS. Make sure something shows your current address and DOB. And condense it all to one page. A separate page for each item is just cumbersome and a waste of trees. One SHORT introductory letter for the whole application, NOT one per applicant. Any written rental references. 2x payslips, annual payment summary or letter of offer/reference confirming income – the agent/owner can’t legally ask for this, but if you offer it you’ve made it easier for them to process your application. References – If you don’t have a rental history it can be tough. Generally what the owner wants to know is “Are they going to pay the rent” and “Are they going to look after the property”. If you can’t substantiate that with a rental reference do whatever you can to do ease their mind some other way. If you have to rely on personal references make sure they’re from someone credible. Your friends, family etc are only ever going to say good things and anyone reading it knows that. Guarantor – Again, without a rental history it can be tough, but if you have a parent or someone willing to co-sign the lease with you it’ll be a massive help. Having a letter of guarantee from them is of little value – they need to co-apply, so get them to complete the application form and make sure they can come in to sign the lease with you (if you get the place). Talk to the landlord/agent – imagine there are 20 people at an exhibition and two of them politely introduce themselves and have a brief chat. When the owner asks the agent for feedback on the applicants the agent can give more information on someone they have spoken to than anyone else who just walked through silently. Every little bit helps. Show respect for the property – simple things like insisting on taking off your shoes even if they don’t ask you to. It is such a simple gesture but it says a lot! At the end of the day this is only going to help so much. With multiple applicants for any given property only one can be successful. All you can do it make it as easy as possible for the owner/agent to select you ahead of someone else. Happy house hunting. Article taken from The RiotACT - http://the-riotact.com
  2. motherof2

    Renting white goods

    Are there any companies that we could rent a fridge, freezer, washing machine etc from whilst we wait for our container. We'll be moving to Geelong mext month. I'm keeping an I on Gumtree but may have to put a plea out for some bits n bobs to borrow :unsure:
  3. Guest

    Renting Property in Darwin

    Hi Can anyone advise me of any good letting agents for apartment / similar rental in Darwin? I want a 2 bed place for me the majority of the time but suitable for my wife and son visiting periodically from the UK. I don't know want is a reasonable price or any implications of renting. Is there any taxes involved, i.e., Council Tax as in the UK or VAT etc? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks:unsure:
  4. We shall be renting our house out. anyone any tips? To use an agent?? Insurance ?? costs involved??? Not done this before.
  5. SussexBear

    Renting back in England

    I was wondering if anyone that has returned to the UK managed to set up a rental property there before they left Oz? Ideally we would llike to move into a place of our own straight away, any tips? :cute:
  6. So it looks like it is actually going to happen!!! We will be looking to be living within a 30 min drive from Armadale WA. Having read many posts about estate agents being uninterested, rude etc has anyone on here found a good and helpful estate agent (do they call them real estate) and if so could you recommend one for the areas around Armadale. Thanks Jayne
  7. kellyjamie

    whose renting their property out?

    Hi just wondered whose renting their uk property out while going to oz? were seriously starting to think about it as weve had no interest in our house at all. Kelly
  8. p0msd0wnunder

    Renting in Perth

    G'day, My wife and I are looking for somewhere to live in/around Perth. We have previously owned our homes in the UK we're thinking about renting over here, for the time being anyway. We have a couple of questions: 1) Having never rented before, we are unable to provide any kind of Landlord reference. Will this cause us any issues, or will we be able to provide a copy of our old mortgage statement that shows we never missed a payment? I have also obtained a reference from the estate agent who sold our home back in the UK, and that explains that our home was immaculate and we were a pleasure to deal with. Is there anything else that we should try and get hold of before we think about submitting any applications? 2) Suburbs. I know this is a regular question on these, and other, forums, so I'll try not to cover the same ground again. We are a [nearly] 30-year old married couple and we are looking for that "perfect" suburb where property isn't ridiculously expensive ($300-500 pw) - we're looking for a modern, 2-bed, 1-bath apartment, ideally with a space for parking the car, within commuting distance (30 mins or so) of Perth CBD, near to the beach if possible, a selection of shops - supermarket, bottleshop, pub, cafe, takeaway within walking distance, but (perhaps most importantly) we're looking for an area with low crime and high sense of community. Whilst we are a young-ish couple, we're not looking for lots of nightlife, and because we don't have kids we're not fussed about schools, so does anywhere immediately spring to mind? The 'burbs that we're considering so far, based on other recommendations are: * Atwell * Duncraig * East Cannington * East Victoria Park * Fremantle * Hillarys * Inglewood * Joondanna * Karrinyup * Mindarie * Mt Hawthorn * Mt Lawley * Murdoch * Nedlands * North Fremantle * Ocean Reef * Quinns Rocks * Stirling * Wembley Downs * Woodlands * Yokine We only arrived in Perth last week so have not yet had a chance to explore all of these areas yet, but we will do over the next week or two. Are there any suburbs on this list that you would recommend against, or any that we have missed off? Thanks
  9. Hi all I've checked through the threads and searched Google but couldn't find an answer to my question - when I rent a property in Brisbane what kind of documentation do I need to show my credit rating, references, et al? Should I bring bank account statements, mortgage statements, etc from the UK? What else? I'll be there in three weeks so a quick reply would be appreciated.
  10. Hello everybody I am going to migrate to NT ( Northern Territorry ) state. I wanna know how much money should I bring with myself to rent a small apartment in a good location of city? Waiting for your posts Regards Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  11. Hey all, Just booked flights for the 8th June but don't move out of our house in UK until 20th May. Therefore will need furnished acommodation for at least 2 months as the shipping company say 8-12 weeks! Arghhhhhh Been looking on google but not a lot of luck really. Anyone know where to look? sites etc? We are a family of 4 (2 toddlers) and will pref need a 3 bed place, not bothered roughly where, just need to be able to afford it and tram/train into CBD. HELP PLEEEEEEEEASE!:arghh:
  12. redditchcouple

    renting blind from the uk?

    Hi, Just wondered if anybody has taken a chance and booked a 6-12 month rental property from the uk,ready for when they arrived in Oz? We should be moving towards the end of the year,and would love to be sorted in our own place for Christmas. If so,how easy was that to arrange,and has anyone regretted doing it? Cheers, Scott and Sally
  13. Hi - I've been offered a three-year contract in central Canberra so don't want to sell my UK house right away and was intending to rent something (ideally a 4-bed house) in Canberra but the prices seem extortionate. Apparently the city average is about AU$2,650/month - can anyone advise on where in Canberra we might get decent value for money? Also, are the rentals really that expensive or are there any mitigating factors like local taxes being included? Regards Richard
  14. Guest

    Selling or Renting???

    Hello everybody, I'm new here, were at the stage of Skills assessment/state sponsorship for a 176 Skilled migration visa. Our heads are spinning at the moment what with form filling, evidence gathering, references from employers. Now we've started monitoring the exchange rate, which isn't good. Obviously by the time were looking at coming down if the visa app goes well, things may change. We have been milling over the idea of renting our home out in the UK, with the consideration of selling: 1) When the UK market picks up. 2) When the exchange rate favors moving larger amounts of money. I understand the Oz Tax system is very complex, any advice on timescales before incurring tax penalties on income from selling the house would be appreciated. I would hate to sell later making an extra few quid, only to lose far more from being taxed on the income a few years down the line.. When/If we get to Oz... Rob
  15. We have moved to Sydney and have been here for 6 weeks now and loving it. Must admit that there is not much that we miss about the UK and that even means family, which I am sure some people will think is bad. We decided to rent our house out and was lucky enough that a family member wanted our house and we are hoping that they will look after it. They have been in the house now for a month and there has not been any issues and we have had our first payment, which is good. However, we are starting to worry about how our house is and what they are doing to it. We were in the house for 9 years and have fully paid for it, so we are finding it hard to say that it is not ours now and that we are not living there. We have said that when we go back to the UK we do not want to stay in our house even though the family members said we could stay there. Not too sure if anyone is thinking of renting out their house, but this is something that we never thought we would feel. Strange really how you feel about a place that is yours and where you built up some memories. Hope that this is of help to someone thinking of renting their family house out.
  16. Just wondering what's the average difference in price between a furnished house and a place with no furniture? And if the place is furnished what is the usual standard of furniture? We are planning to move to WA, where would be the best place to look for short rentals? Looking forward to hearing from you guys :hug:
  17. Hi all, I'm a newbie to this forum lark so forgive me if I get things wrong, but I wonder if anyone could help me with a couple of questions please? We are moving to the Melbourne area at the end of May with our 3 year old son. We are considering renting a house in either Eltham or Berwick - does anyone know what these areas are like in terms of family activities, safety, etc? We've looked around both, but obviously you can't get much of an idea about a place in an hour or two. The second question is how easy will we find it to rent a house, ie what sort of references and paperwork will we need? As we will only just have arrived from the UK obviously we won't have any previous rental history in Oz, but we will have things like bank statements, employers' references (my OH already has a job) etc - will that suffice? Thanks ever so much for any help you can offer! Suzanne. x
  18. Hi, Me and my family are looking at moving over to perth in 2012, We are hoping somebody could help us with approx rental cost and cost of living for a family of 4. I am 34 years old, My wife is 28 and we have 2 children aged 2 and 4.We are looking at renting at least a 3 bed home with a nice large garden maybe in the Ocean reef area or area close to the beach, we want to be no more than 20mins walk from the beach and walking distance to primary schools. My wife will be working as a midwife in one of the hospitals in Perth and i will be looking at getting a part time job doing anything from about 9am until 2pm as i will be looking after the kids when they are at school. We are just looking for approx costs of renting and what is normally included in the rent and what extras do you have to pay. And what is the cost of living average food bills, cost of trains to perth or fuel cost for travelling in car everyday, is there any school fees, what else do you have to pay out for. Do you think we could live on my wifes wages approx $50000 dollers a year for a start until both my girls start school. Sorry one more question what would you approx see from the $50000 dollers a year after the taxes etc? Thankyou very much in advance for looking at my question and answering it Jamie and Family
  19. Guest

    Renting Baldivis

    Hi We are moving to Perth next week and we are looking to rent a house in Baldivis. We have got temporary accommodation for a while but want to find something more long term. What is Baldivis area like? We have two small children aged 1 and 2 and a half so want somewhere family friendly. Is it easy to secure a rental property? I would be grateful for any advice. :biggrin:
  20. So how about this, everyone who sees this thread and lives in australia gives a breif run down of any houses they've rented with details like, the year you rented it, the location and the weekly cost? Give everyone a real world idea of the cost i renting in Australia in different areas? Mine... Caloundra qld - 1 bedroom unit - $300 per week 2008 Pomona qld - 1 bedroom cottage - $280 per week 2009 Nambour qld - three bedroom on acerage - $250 per week 2009/2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom house - $50 per week 2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom on acerage - $65 per week including all bills 2011
  21. Hi All, We're an irish couple about to apply for the 175 visa and looking at area's to rent that would have good kindergarden/Pre-primary for our 2 boys (4.5 & 2.5) & also primary schools in the future. We see in these area's that the houses are much nicer/bigger as well as been cheaper!! and are slightly more country feel about them but wonder would they be ok for commuting by train/bus . One of us will have a car but the other will have to use public transport for a while anyway to we see if we need a 2nd car or not. How far would they be from CBD, though we would not be 100% sure that both jobs would be there.. Anyway if ye could rate each area under the following points ( I know, I don't ask for much!!!:biggrin: 1 - Transport links (probably to CBD) 2 - Kindergarden & Pre-primary schools 3 - Nice place to bring up young kids 4 - Local Amenities Thanks all, AM
  22. Hi everyone We are looking at renting a Property in the Gold Coast when we move in July ( once we get the magic letter of course) is it possible to get a rental from here so that when we arrive we can just move in, my Son lives in the Gold Coast so he would be able to check out any houses that we see on the internet.:unsure: We are hopefully looking at the upper Coomera area, 3-4 bedrooms and pet friendly as we have a small dog. All the ones we have looked at so far have been ready to rent now, which is a bit frustrating as they look lovely. Thanks Wilma (clubby67)
  23. Guest

    Short Term Lets in Syndey

    Hi -wondering if anyone could help. Going to be heading to Sydney at the end of June this year, now we've already got a very rough idea of where we want to be living in Sydney, but what we are looking for right now is a short term let for the first few months that we get out there. Basically as we plan on renting for a few years before buying a place we want to get a nice rental home, but we need a place to live when we first get there so have been looking at short term lets without too much luck. Can anyone recommend a good lettings agency for this? Area's we've been looking at are anywhere that is an easy commute to the CBD ideally inner west or perhaps towards the east. We've tried on domain.com.au & realestate.com.au, does anyone know of any other places? Thanks
  24. Hi! We are a young couple looking at moving to Melbourne in June. We have no idea how to go about even starting to organise it! One year visa's are organised and boyfriend has already started working for an Australian company, he is merchant navy so next trip home may be his last. We are not going to ship anything over just yet, so dont need to worry about that. Where would be the best place to be based short term while looking for a long term rental? We are looking to rent a one or two bedroom flat, near some nightlife but also easy to reach the beach? What sort of monthly rent would this be? Are furnished flats available? I am a sales rep, are there any good job sites where I could start looking? Can't wait to get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance Fiona
  25. Guest

    Renting in Sydney with Dog

    I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times, but I'm new here and have done lots of searches to no avail... I'm an English Nurse, thinking of re-locating to Oz next year. I have an 8 year old Bedlington terrier cross, who I wouldn't leave behind. I am looking at working in Sydney, but would have to rent to begin with, and can find NO rental properties that will accept dogs - even small, well behaved hypo-allergenic non-shedding ones! Any advice at all gratefully received, as if I can't take him, I may have to re-think my whole plan.....