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Found 317 results

  1. Hi have read some horror stories on renting in oz, I have only owned properties for the last 18 years so would have no rental references to supply. what sort of ID do I need and what kind of references. Can anyone help. I understand its quite difficult to get enough points to rent. Thanks
  2. Hi Can anyone give me any advice on renting my property out in the UK. I am planning on moving to Adelaide within the next 18 months and with the poor exchange rate and low property prices would like to keep my Uk property for a bit longer. Not sure if i would be hit with a big tax bill. Would love some advice Cheers
  3. Guest

    help with renting near perth

    Hi....we are moving to perth in January and will be wanting to rent initially. We currently live in a very rural area in east sussex so are trying to research areas outside Perth? wondering if we should just rent nearer perth in a suburb initially and save the rural part for when we buy. maybe suburban life will help us to meet people straight off rather than isolating ourselves too much? bearing this in mind has anyone any advice on an area close to perth which is between suburban and rural so that we have the best of both worlds maybe?....bit stumped as to where to start looking..:wacko: thank u!
  4. Guest

    Renting In Brisbane!!

    How much should be considered a reasonable amount to rent a property in Brisbane city, from what I've seen at least 2K a month looks to be what I should be expecting to pay. Taking the plunge at the turn of the year!! Any general tips and advice is appreciated
  5. nellandged

    References for renting

    Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice! We move over to Sydney in 4 weeks and have some holiday accommodation booked before hopefully renting something long term. Looking through the posts on here people seem to recommend having references ready for when go to viewings and was wondering who its best to have them from? Obviously if you'd rented before whoever you rented off woould be ideal, but we havent rented before, we've got a mortgage here and will be renting that out when we leave. So was thinking is it best to have general character references from an employer etc or try to get something more financial from bank or building society? Any help much appreciated! Nell
  6. Guest

    Renting a room in Perth

    Hi Guys my name is Lorraine and i'm pretty new to this site. We are planning to move to Perth in Feb/March of next year, and are looking to initially rent a room for the first 4-6 months. If any of you know of anyone or are thinking about doing this yourself, could you let me know please and i could PM you. Many thanks Lorraine :biggrin:
  7. scarlet mia

    Renting our house in the U.K

    Hi We are hoping to move maybe next July and have decided the best thing for us would be to rent our house. I would much rather sell up now but there are quite a few for sale round us at the moment and none of them are selling and we are also tied into our mortgage and would have to pay a hefty fee if we was to come out of the mortgage now. So just wanted some advise we plan to rent out and the money from the rent will go into my u.k account and just pay the mortgage we don,t plan on making any money out of it or if we did it would stay in the account for if our house was empty just to help with the mortgage Has anyone else done this and is it a straight forward as it seems. Would love to hear you Thanks x
  8. Guest

    Renting unit in Bunbury

    Hi everybody! My family(me, my wife and just 1-year old son) is moving to Bunbury in November 2011 holdind 475 visa. Renting property overseas is almost impossible and inconvinient of course as you have to see the place you gonna live in advance. Hotel/motel is a good idea but I didn't expect that it is really expensive. Motels that I've found on tripadvisor or similar site have the avarage rate is about 120-140per night. Maybe it is costy due to high season but anyway I don't like spending 4 times more for motel as I'm expecting to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom unit just for 200-230$/week. That is why if anybody could recommend me more affordable living or share a room for a reasonable price just maybe for a week or two before I find a place to live in:smile:. Can pay in advance) Just send me private massage
  9. Hi i am considering bringing my three cats with me when i move to Queensland. How easy is it to find a place to rent with three cats?. Also can anyone advise of how expensive the quarentine works out in Sydney. As i would have to have them in quarantine for thirty days before i could travel them to Emerald.
  10. Hi me husband & 2 boys (5 & 1) have our 175 visa we visited perth in may for 2 weeks so that we could validate our visas, we are planning on moving out to brisbane next august have had our house on the market for 18 months we have had a buyer lined up for about a year but she has not been able to sell her house it's really frustrating, what i want opinions on is should we rent our house in the ...uk and just make the move or hold out for the sale of our house any thoughts would be greatly appreciated we so want to move out. Our plan is also for my husband to come out first and find a job and a place to live and we will follow approx 3 months later. Also any info on living in brisbane we were looking at regents park and surrounding areas hubby is in it (firewall security) and wants to be close to brisbane cbd. Any opinions on areas schools and any general information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if i have wittered on. Thanks
  11. Hi All We will hopefully be moving out at the end of the year. We are looking at house rental around Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing areas. We are ale to find constantly 300+ houses with our criteria, once we enter "pets" this dramatically reduces to less than 30. Is it really difficult to find properties that will accept pets?? We really would like some opinions as we will need to decide soon what to do with our dog. She is a terrier with a great personality, really don't want to leave her,but may have little choice. Look forward to hearing your opinions. Kev
  12. Guest

    Renting in NSW

    :huh:My husband has secured a job in Mt Thorley and just wondered if anyone knew of any letting agents I could look on. I have been on Domain and Real Estate but it always seems to be the same houses.
  13. Hi PIO, Were moving to the Sunshine coast from the UK in late October and having been looking at rentals. Has anybody manage to get a rental before they arrived? Is it easy? or is best to wait till you get there. Trouble is that they only do viewings on certain days, then there might be 10 different couple wanting the same place. To be honest we would rather have one ready for when we arrive. Any information would be greatly appreciated. cheers, Kim
  14. We fly out on 6th December to Brisbane but hope to be living in Sydney by late December/early January but our main concerns are; 1) Whats the cheapest way of getting our two cats to Aus? and 2) How easy is it to rent accommodation (flats) in the main cities (Sydney/Brisbane) with pets. We have two cats and will seek unfurnished properties but uncertain whether or not people rent flats out to people with cats?:rolleyes:
  15. walker2012

    Renting my uk property

    Hi We are moving to Perth in about 12 months and were just about to put our house on the market, but with the current exchange rate been so bad we are considering renting it part furnished, we have equity which we needed to move but hopefully can save about £10000-12000, would this be enough cash to get set up, it just seems pointless bringing a load of money with us with such a poor rate. I think we just need to start earning the Aussie dollar and then hopefully everything should be cushty, anyway any advice is much appreciated Thanks Lee
  16. Guest

    Renting agencies???

    Hey guys, We are moving over in October...looking to rent rather than buy, going to Brisbane, no jobs yet...any advice regarding how to do things for the best. I have been looking at areas, rentals, etc but it is really hard to sort anything from here as I suppose it is going to have a lot depending on the areas we find jobs:frown: anyone know of any agencies or companies that sort these kinda things out for you before coming over?? We have decided to probably stay in Brisbane for a while when we first come over to sort out a rental, look at areas a lot more and sort banks out and things but if there is anyone we can be put in touch with before doing all this ourselves please share....:rolleyes: Thanks,, Dennise
  17. Does anyone know if you have to pay council rates for living in a rental property.
  18. dinkydoo

    renting with a cat

    Hi, We are hoping to make the move back to to Oz in the future, we were in Sydney a few years ago but didnt have my beloved cat Ozzy! I have been looking into rentals and not very many places are 'pet friendly', how difficult would it be to find a rental with just one cat?? I really cant bear the thought of not taking him with us but wonder whether we will struggle to find an apartment that we could have him with us, do we ship him over to find he cant live wth us??????? Help me please so I can take him with me!!!!!!!!
  19. Hi, My wife and I will be making the move in February next year. I have got a job in Sydney. We will look to rent a place. Nothing extravagant. Apart from weekly rental costs, what other costs are involved ? Here in the UK we pay council tax, water rates, gas and electricity, TV licence etc. I see from other posts that there is no TV licence but what about the other items I just mentioned ? Cheers Andrew
  20. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone rents properties out here,and how does it all work,rules ,regulations,Tax,Insurances, The Laws,Safety etc.Would you recommend it as a long term investment?is it a lot of hassle?Me and Wife were thinking of doing this in a couple of years if we can,Renting out furnished to Newcomer Poms.Any Advice please,thanks.:biggrin:
  21. cartertucker

    Renting ~ Council tax?

    When you rent a property in WA ~ For long term Do you have to pay 'council tax'? :unsure: (or whats the equivalent?)
  22. Guest

    cost of renting in the UK??

    Could anyone please give me an idea of the cost of renting a 3 bedroom house in the north west of england?? Thank you!!
  23. Guest

    Renting in Tasmania & dogs

    Hello Looking at renting for the first year as doesn't look like our house is going to sell before we go, how much of a problem is it going to be with a dog? Looking for a 3 bed property around Launceston.....:hug:
  24. Hey all, I've recently relocated from the UK into my girlfriends place in Melbourne. It's pretty small but took her ages to secure because of all the challenges of renting - it's certainly different from the UK where the application + acceptance process seems a lot easier. We've been looking for a larger place and found one that my gf has fallen in love with. It's spacious and in a great location, but has a horrid bathtub that has cracks allover the floor and ideally needs replacing. 1) Does anyone have any suggestions on making an attractive application? The cover letter, application by me with no Aussie (or UK) rental history etc. 2) To "sweeten" the application ourselves we have decided to offer some money towards the replacement of the bath - we love the place as somewhere to live, but the bath is ultimately a bit of a showstopper. It's 500 bucks which ultimately pulled out of nowhere... doe you think this would get their attention? TIA for your help! ~Tyler
  25. scmercer

    Renting in the UK

    Hi everyone We have just sold our house here and are returning to the UK at the end of July. I really need to get a rental asap as my son is due to start school in September and I need an address to get him a place. I have been trying to contact letting agents about properties that are up for rent, but they don't seem to be taking much notice, maybe because I am still abroad or because I haven't been resident in the UK for 2 years and they are not sure what to do about the credit checking. I have asked my parents to view a few properties and I have tried to apply for them but only been told they have already been let. I am willing to pay the rent upfront for the letting period as I know the lack of credit history and the fact we wont have jobs when we return may be a problem, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Has anyone managed to secure a rental prior to their return and how did you go about doing it? I am getting really worried now as we literally only have three weeks to sort something out. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/unsure.gif