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Found 317 results

  1. My family and I lived in Tasmania for around 8 years before moving back to the UK. We moved a lot during that time and I cannot remember how often we rented or bought the houses we lived in, I only know that we owned (and later sold) a house in Cygnet for a while. We are thinking of moving back to Tassie (possibly mainland but more likely Taz) and I wanted to know a bit about renting houses. My mum's friend in Taz mentioned that finding places to rent has gotten harder as more people are turning their places into Airbnb's and stuff or prices have increased - I can't quite remember. We will most likely be getting some help from our friend in Taz but I would appreciate it if anyone here living/renting in Tassie can give some insight about the renting situation, what areas are best for renting etc. and some tips. (FYI - there will be 3 of us and most likely 1 cat and 1 dog (we have 2 cats and 2 dogs however one of our cats and dogs are quite old and becoming slightly unwell so we are unsure whether or not they will be coming with us). I do believe that this will make finding somewhere to live harder as we will have pets, but we will try our best! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou! PS. If you happen to know anything about Australian education I would appreciate it if you checked out my other topic)
  2. Hi, My wife ans I am moving to Mackay from NSW. I was checking the net and found that there is a lot of crime in Mackay. 1)Was just wondering if it is a correct representation of the actual ground reality. 2) For renting, which place is good to live for a family (less crime and less flooding issue) 3) If crime is high, then is it better to get a secure apartment or an independent house is good. Please help with any valuable advise. Thanks!
  3. Hi, after some advice please. We are moving out to Melbourne in September for husbands work, with our two young children. We tried (and failed) to live in Melbourne before the kids and my lasting memory was how competitive the rental market was. At that time we didn’t have jobs and also had two dogs but endless applications with bank statements, offers of 2/3 months rent upfront were rejected. Husbands work has offered to financially support the move for 2 months but not to find somewhere to live. Does anyone know if it’s possible to secure rental accommodation without actually being in the country, and if not, any suggestions as a short term solution?
  4. Melmur13

    2nd year WHV

    Hey everyone, Just looking for any advice ...... I'm still as clueless as my first post in 2014! some things never change My partner and I have been granted our 2nd year working holiday visas. My partner is currently waiting for a date to complete his Vetassess skills assessment within the next month as he is a plumber and gas engineer and looking to do that type of work once we have arrived in Oz and completed appropriate tests/training. As much as my partner would love to just book a flight and arrive, I would much rather a plan! So looking for advice on renting and what to do when we arrive as we do not know anyone, would it be best to book a hotel and look at properties? What is the job opportunities like for his profession within WA and also Brisbane? any advice regarding the GAP training for his trade on arrival in Oz? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Melissa
  5. Hi Group, Me, my partner and son (3yrs) are moving to Victoria in June. We are looking for a suburb that is located within a 35-40 minute commute of Melbourne's CBD, it will only be myself that will be working from the start whilst we find our feet so needs to be reasonably priced and we would like a house, any suggestions would be so helpful. The area needs to have plenty to do for my partner and little one during the day. What would the cost of living be roughly (i.e. Electricity, Gas, Internet, phone line...) Thank you to any one that can help. C
  6. Australia is in the grip of a housing crisis and the rental market is failing too many people — especially older women, according to the latest Rental Affordability Index (RAI). The report, released today by the National Shelter, Community Sector Banking and SGS, found low-income households could no longer afford to live in metropolitan areas. Pensioners and students were the most vulnerable, with some of them winding up homeless. Adrian Pisarski, executive officer of National Shelter, was involved with compiling the index and said there was, "virtually no affordable housing in any Australian city for people on low incomes". "This is now representative of a true housing crisis in Australia and a true market failure," he said. Sydney remained the worst city to rent, bleeding some households of almost 90 per cent of their incomes. Hobart was the second worst area, due to the number of people there living on low incomes. And then it was glitzy holiday destinations like Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, or the Gold Coast in south east Queensland. Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-29/national-rental-market-failing-many-australians/9205148 Full Report: RAI_2017_NOV_-_final_compressed.pdf
  7. Hey, my friend and I are both thinking of moving to the bay next year even though parents aren't happy so the won't help us find the information on the bay. We would like to know is it worth it for a year fresh out of school? Can we study there? Is it expensive? Will we find work? Are the bills manageable on a teen wage? Is there financial support there? Is it recommended for two best friends who want out of home?
  8. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    can someone advise us with the problems we are experiencing with an elderly neighbour. he is showing invasion of our privacy, noise, persistent visits to us which are unwanted. especially when my wife is alone there. we have contacted the agency and they have contacted the owner. but the man continues on the same path
  9. SARAH1974

    Should we get a container?

    Me, my hubbie and our 2.5 year old are moving on a 190 visa from Manchester to Brisbane in September. We are hoping to sell / bin / charity shop the majority of our stuff but still have a few items of furniture, pictures, clothes etc that we would like to take. I think half a container would be more than large enough to fit in everything. My question is does anyone know roughly how much this would cost and also do any firms offer space in a container rather than having to have the whole thing or half?. Also we are thinking of just paying 6 months rent up front once we have found a place - does anyone have any experience of this? Is it the norm if you have no Australian credit history, previous address etc? Any advice would be great!
  10. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving in Sydney soon, i'm nervous and excited. I would prefer renting after I arrive, however I don't have a job lined up and will also be searching once I get there. I was thinking of staying in hostel whilst I found a job or found rented accommodation. Am i doing the right thing? any other ideas? Are there any websites or advice you could give me to obtain suitable rent (I know of domain and realestate), bearing in mind I don't have a job and will also be looking. As i will be new to the city, will also be looking to make new friends, any recommendations? Many thanks
  11. Hello We are renting our house out here in the UK when we move to Sydney in July. We have never rented out house out before wanted to get some knowledge before we choose an agent. Does anyone have any tips or knowledge? Things we wanted to know about: Managed property rental Tax issues (i.e. how much do we get taxed) or anything else we don't already know about. We are having new carpets and changing the windows that are single glazed to new double glazed units. We had a new boiler last summer, and we are redecorating throughout, so it's in a fairly optimal state when we rent it out. If anyone has tips, please let us know! Thanks in advance much love The Roberts Family.
  12. Hi there, We are planning to move to oz in next autumn (depending on partner's visa). A few months ago we had a lady knock on our door saying interested in buying our house should we be considering moving. She appears genuine and remains keen to buy at a mutually agreed price (and wants to discuss buying sooner rather than later and us perhaps renting the house until we fly out). This is obviously great news as we can avoid estate agents fees and makes it possible for us to stay in our home for as long as possible. Has anyone out there had any experience of private house sales? Any advice/tips? (I'm new to this site and not sure if this is the right place to put this - please advise if not!)
  13. Hi all I have a dilemma - can anyone help? I have been paying a whopping $1K a week for a rental property in North Beach. The one year agreement is up and its time to decide what to do. Problem is we wanted to buy but the sale of our house in England hasn't reached exchange and completion even though sale was agreed mid July. Unlike in England where you can just carry on renting and give a months notice we have to tie ourselves in to another contract. I really don't want to pay $1K a week and tie myself in for a year - especially as hopefully money should be here from sale of our house in 6 weeks or so. Likewise I don't want to pay for removals to go somewhere wlse which may be for relatively short term. I have heard the rental market has dipped with lots around compared to this time last year and opportunity to negotiate leases. How easy is it to break lease if I tie myself in again and would it be preferable to do 6 months or 12 months - the owners will not agree to periodical have already asked. Would it be cheeky to try to get price reduced by 10 or 15%? If I break lease what are the costs incurred to me? Any help and advice appreciated. Sulac:nah:
  14. Hi all, We are moving over to Melbourne in January 2014. I have secured a job in Port Melbourne but still can't decide on the best areas to live regarding public transport/value for money/things to do/beaches/schools. we love the Parkdale/Mentone/Chelsea areas but also see value in the Cairnlea/Avondale Heights/Maribyrnong suburbs. We have spent time in Bayside but no time in the north west. is there anyone out there who lives in the north west and who can give me some advice? Cheers in advance, Andy
  15. Hi people, I am a first time renter and just paid my bond + first month's rent. Lease signing will be done soon. I need some advice. I have read that I should take timestamped pictures of the property when I move in and keep them as evidence. Now this may seem very stupid, but I want to know a good camera model which timestamps the pictures. I am not a big photography enthusiast - my only camera goes unused most of the time and doesn't have the feature. Any pointers on a good cheap camera that I can buy would be much appreciated. Any other tips/tricks/words of wisdom are also welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my message.
  16. aduffield76

    Bills, bills, bills

    Hi all, Please can someone help me regarding some questions on renting and rates. When you are renting a house, what is the equivalent to British "Council Tax"? we see many posts mentioning "rates" aswell as "water", "electric" etc If someone is currently renting and can give me a helping hand regarding what to expect to pay, I would appreciate it. we are moving to Melbourne in January and are trying to be as prepared as possible. Thanks in advance guys Andy
  17. Hi, I'm moving to Sydney for 6 months in December this year. The first few weeks I will be spending with family friends in Chifley and Bondi, but after that I'll have to look for my own place. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any suburbs that are particularly reasonable for renting? I won't be looking for a one bed place, probably more likely to be a 4 or 5 bed. I'm a 23 yr old guy, too, so I want to be in and around where it's busy or where there's stuff going on. Obviously, I realise I'll have to pay top dollar to live near the beach or near the town centre but equally, although it would be considerably cheaper, I don't want to be living way out of the way either. So what I'm looking for is a compromise. Thanks! Joe
  18. Guy Bourne

    Moving to Sydney!

    Hi all, I've been lucky enough to get a role out in Sydney starting in January, and whilst it's a bit early to be planning in detail, I was wondering about which areas to look at for renting. I'll be working within half a mile of harbour bridge, so ideally I'd like to be living in the city, or at least somewhere that's easy to get into the centre. I'll be looking to get a 1 or 2 bed place with my other half and our combined income should let us spend up around the $700 pw mark. Any recommendations on areas? The other thing I'm keen to start looking at is things to do in Sydney, preferably outside the 'top 10' lists you can find on the internet. Cheers in advance guys, G
  19. WE have been renting in Leichhardt, which as been going pretty well, until now. Owner is ending the lease as they want to renovate. Was 10 months on the waiting list for nursery- have to pay deposit this week. Ow have 2 months to find alternative arrangements. I am a teacher and am on 89 k per year, hubby who has only been permant resident since End of July is self employed on about 75k. MY work is on the north shore and I don't drive so I couldn't live out west- and to be honest I don't want to. We just can't afford to buy in SYdney.h Ubby won't be able to until he has worked for a year in any case. We have two children so a unit wouldn't really fit , we have loads of furniture....just ranting .....sorry!!,
  20. Me and my boyfriend are heading out to Melbourne AUSTRAILIA beginning of March. We have no where to live and are looking for some where to rent for 3-6 months furnished much preferred and somewhere not to far from the CBD. I have no idea where to begin? And how much is to much? Ergh!?!? Help ? Thanks
  21. Hi All, I am new to this forum but thought I could get some advice, I have just had my 457 via approved and will be flying into Sydney on the 16th Jan to start work in the CBD a week after, my company has given me 2 weeks in a serviced appartment in Mosman when I arrive. I am a 32yr old single male from the UK, Initialy I was thinking I would like to live in Manly but have been told it can be a long commute to do daily and difficult to get back at night? - My budget is up to $500 per week and just wondered if people had any advice or ideas in regards to the best places to live and commute to the CBD. As with a lot of other people I am a little bit apprehensive about moving to a new country on my own and want to live somewhere safe but also friendly and fun, Ideally as close to a beach as possible would be great but not sure if this would be possible? Also would people suggest a houseshare or getting your own place to make some friends? Thank you any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Pards.
  22. Looking for accommodation in Perth from the UK and finding it difficult. Needs to be near a public maternity hospital and affordable with 2 bedrooms from the beginning of February. any ideas on where to look?
  23. JimAndShelleySydney

    Hello PomsInOz, here's our experience...

    First off, apologies for what will surely be a long post. I've occasionally lurked on this forum and I thought that, before posting for any help/advice- I should reciprocate by posting about my experiences. Also, apologies to the moderators if this was posted to the wrong part of the forum! I'm a 30 year old who has been living in Sydney (Manly) for the last 6 weeks with my girlfriend. Below is a run down on my experiences with flights, visas, properties, work etc. These are just our opinions, everyone's circumstances are different and what worked for us, might not be suitable for you. Background We have been lucky enough to have go on holiday to Australia previously when visiting family & friends. We have always enjoyed our time in Australia, but new that there is a big difference between holidaying in Australia and living there. Our social network spreads from Adelaide up to Brisbane, however we have chosen Sydney as our base to be central to everyone. We also are big fans of the harbour lifestyle and it's climate. Another plus, is that being one of Australia's largest cities- we felt it would be the best place to find work (I work in I.T. and Shelley works as an Office Administrator). Visas Let's start with visas as without them, you won't leave the airport. We made our first steps into this decision by going to the Australian immigration website. They have a handy tool which helps point you in the right direction. http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/ I would recommend going here first, as no matter what advice you receive elsewhere- laws & regulations change and the first place to outline these will be by the government. As for of immigration agents, it's entirely up to you whether you choose to use such a company. But it's worthwhile noting two important things: it is not mandatory to use an agent and most importantly, companies can advertise themselves as "immigration specialists" but are not regulated if they operate outside of Australia. They can opt-in to the regulatory body that monitors these agencies- a full comprehensive list of registered companies can be found on the website for the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). If you choose to use a migration agent, you should use a registered migration agent. https://www.mara.gov.au/agent/ARSearch.aspx?FolderID=394 For us, being under 31 years means that we were able to apply for the 417 Working Holiday Visa (WHV). This entitles us to stay for 12 months and extend for another 12 months (if you meet the age & work criteria). For us it was the quickest and cheapest visa to apply for to first sample the Australian lifestyle. Finance As well as applying for your visa whilst still in the UK, you can also open up and transfer money into an Australian bank account. We used Commonwealth Bank as it was recommended by friends of ours who had moved to Australia in recent years. We are glad we followed their advice, not only were they really helpful in setting up bank accounts & money transfers- but they also hold regular 'Open Days' where they have guests from immigration agents, banking professionals, moving specialists, recruitment agencies and representatives from various Australian states. All free and no strong-arm obligation tactics- we were certainly impressed! http://www.commbank.com.au/ The Australian banks work differently to the UK, one of these differences is the charges imposed on the customer for using a competitors ATM machines. Always try to use you own banks cash machines (some banks have a stronger presence in certain states). Another option is to draw cash back out when you are paying for your groceries. Flights So getting to Australia will require a long haul flight for most of us. There are a few of things to consider when booking this. Stopovers - some people prefer to break their journey up by stopping over a couple of nights- normally somewhere in Asia. Airlines don't usually charge extra for this stopover but you will of course have to pay extra to stay in hotels and possibly apply for visas (such as Dubai). In our case- we choose to travel straight through, we had connecting flights from London to Sydney via Dubai & Bangkok. This gave us three flights of 6, 7, & 8 hours with a couple of hours rest in between which made the journey more manageable. When choosing your airline - for long haul flights, we need to be as comfortable as possible and not all of us can afford first class tickets. Their is a common misconception that the key element is leg room, but the actual official measurement is called 'Seat Pitch'. More seat pitch can mean more legroom, but it is also affected by the thickness of the seat back and other factors. http://www.uk-air.net/ There are links to various sites that keep up-to-date measurements of all the major airlines. We choose Emirates and were not disappointed- as well as comfortable economy seats, they also have an extensive entertainment system built into the head rest which has films, TV shows, radio, games & music to select from. The meal selection was also impressive as Shelley is a vegetarian and they cater for all dietary requirements from kosher, vegan, lactose. Once you have booked your flights- some airlines allow you to book your specific seats on-line (such as Emirates). To ensure you make the best choice- you could use 'SeatGuru' which shows you the layout of any aircraft (once you've entered your light number) and shows you which seats are near the doors (for extra, free legroom), have disabled seats, near the toilets, window/aisle. https://www.seatguru.com/ When picking your flight, it might be worthwhile choosing a midweek flight as they tend to be less full. On our final leg of our journey- there were entire rows empty which allowed us to lay down and enjoy some decent sleep. Property We have chosen to rent a property whilst living here, if we want to stay indefinitely we may look to buy. But for now, we are renting- and what an experience that was! I wouldn't recommend securing a property whilst still in the UK, no online research will compare to being able to physically view the property and get an idea of amenities, transport links, noise pollution, location of schools etc. That doesn't mean that you can't check for desired areas and get a feel for rental costs. Below are a couple of the most popular property websites used in Australia by most Estate Agents. http://www.realestate.com.au/ http://www.domain.com.au/ If you have never been to Australia previously, it is important to do your homework when picking your city. There are also plenty of forums on the internet and even more Aussies strategically placed around the world who can provide great inside knowledge. Australians tend to be very loyal to their hometown and the can be disparaging to other cities, so bear that it mind when they give you their opinions. CityHobo - Find the best suburb neighbourhood to suit your lifestyle and budget. http://www.cityhobo.com.au/ Local Voices - handy ranking of many of the neighbourhoods in Australian cities http://localvoices.realestate.com.au/?pid=streetadvisorhp We have opted for Sydney, namely Manly as it was central for friends and family spread from South Australia to Queensland. Also, with Sydney being a major city- we hope to find work more easily then an outback town. With Sydney being one of the largest harbour cities in the world, they use the water very well and have an excellent ferry system. The main port being Circular Quay which is nestled between Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House- so a great way to do some site seeing on your daily commute! Many Australian's find Sydney to be a bit of an obstacle- with it's traffic and people (it is the most populous city in Australia). But compared to London (my hometown) or New York, it still maintains the laid-back lifestyle that Australia is famous for. The rental market out here is pressurised to say the least, as demand exceeds supply the real estate agents hold all of the power. In fact, unlike the UK where viewings are done by appointment, the Australian markets mostly has viewings on a Wednesday or Saturday- and for only 15 minutes. So it can be quite a scene witnessing 10+ people traipsing around a small one bedroom flat (or 'unit' as they are called here). You also subconsciously start sizing up the possible competition for the unit, should you want it. It is always a fun site watching the 'viewing ballet'- you open a cupboard, they open a cupboard. You walk into the kitchen, they walk into the kitchen. You ask the estate agent a question, the sneaky b**tards sneak up to steal your precious information. A couple of useful bits of information- get organised! Have copies of your visa, payslips, references- everything & anything, the more the better. You would be surprised how many people turn up with just good intentions and expect to be handed a set of keys. The more information you have to hand shows the estate agent how committed you are, and although it is ultimately the owner's decision who gets the property- it is based on the recommendation of the agent. For properties close to the beach, remember that the owner would prefer having a tenant for the entire year. So if you are going to offer a 6 month lease, prepare to be disappointed, as a 12 month application will trump any other application. The whole rental application process can be an emotional rollercoaster, you can find properties on the web but find them to look nothing like their pictures (a bit like internet dating, apparently). We ended up having 'backup' neighbourhoods, just in case we were unsuccessful in finding a place in our first choice area. Luckily this wasn't the case as we were able to find a place that ticked all of our boxes and was inside our budget. In fact, after speaking to our friends- they said we were very lucky to find a place on that budget and get approved so quickly- so we consider ourselves very fortunate indeed!! But that good fortune was aided by the amount of organisation & planning we did. Work Beginning the process of job hunting is something that you can do whilst still in the UK. You can get an idea of the demand for jobs in your profession by viewing some of the popular job sites. http://www.seek.com.au These sites will also give you an idea of the rates/salary ranges that you can expect, which can differ from state to state. Don't fall into the trap of being amazed by the high salaries in Australia as these can be offset by the higher cost of living that you will experience. One useful tip, regularly update your profile on these sites- even it you are not actually changing anything. As companies & agencies will review candidates that have the most up-to-date profiles (as they assume that a profile that hasn't changed in months is someone who now has a job). Also, it might be worth signing up to various recruitment agencies as they may be a preferred partner for certain companies. Plus, it helps to have other people looking for work for you. Remember though, that recruitment agencies will try to get you a job and then try and get you there for the lowest wage (as it would eat into their commission). If you have the luxury of patience- don't be pushed into accepting a lower rate. Shopping As I mentioned before, the cost of living out here is expensive- if you are not a snob and are living to a budget, you can save heaps by going to some of the big stores like Target, Big W & K-Mart. These have home ware, clothing and electrical sections and can offer big savings. Alternatively, keep an idea out for the department stores like Myer & David Jones for their sales (I picked up a $800 suit for $200). There is also internet shopping with the normal sites and discount offer sites like http://www.cudo.com.au. Internet While we are still waiting to get the internet set up in our unit, a web site that was incredibly helpful was http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/ This forum has many user stories and industry professionals offering their experience and advice. Tax Tax! Don't forget to apply for your tax file number (TFN) otherwise any earnings & savings you have will get taxed and an extraordinary high rate! You will need to have a residential address prior to applying. It is quicker (apparently) to apply online then it is via post or visiting a tax office. http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/content.aspx?doc=/content/38760.htm Health Australia has reciprocal health care agreements with various countries, including the UK. However, you *MUST* apply for this!! Go to a Medicare centre and apply (bring your passport & visas) and they will process your application, it's free of charge and while you waiting 1-2 weeks for your Medicare card to be sent- they will provide you with a reference receipt which will cover you while you wait for the card to be delivered. That's about it, I'm sure I've probably missed some bits- but feel free to ask. I hope this has helped, and good luck with your own adventure!! Jim
  24. We are looking to move over to the Brisbane area in the next few months Does anyone have any suggestions of areas around the Brisbane area that are suitable. Children are 10 and 13 so we need somewhere that have good schools. If you have any suggestions please get in touch Thanks
  25. Hi all, I am planning to move to Sydney at the end of the year, I have a 176 visa sponsored by nsw. In a nutshell, I think I'll rent for a short time a serviced appartment after having arrived and will look for a house (I prefer a house to an appartment, like calm environments) to rent on a long term while at the same time look for a job (savings will pay for the rental at the beginning). I have a few open questions where I would like to have your insights. - how much time do you think I should rent a serviced appartment ? I have read rentals go fast so I don't want to run the risk of having not found anything at the end of the rental period of the serviced appartm. - what location should I target ? I'm alone, no children, so no need to find a school,etc. I'm more concerned about commute time and as I still do not know where I will work, I'm planning to look into chatswoord, artarmon, etc. as these places are close to the cbd and macquarie park which to my knowledge are where many IT engineers work (I am one btw). I plan to buy a car but think it's best to commute by train so being close to a rail line seems important. Anyone that had to go through this and give advice, you're welcome Thanks