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Found 161 results

  1. pau1evs

    friends melbourne

    :wubclub: hi there we are family of 5 with twins who are 12 and a younger un whos 7 hoping to move to oz as soon as the house sells !!! still undecided whether perth or melbourne although hubby has had telephone interview for melbourne fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so would love to hear anyone else in same boat or already living the dream looking at rentals around mornington and up towards melbourne for about $350 per week anyone know of any good rental sites or good areas around here xxx many thanks carole xx
  2. Hi there, we are moving to Melbourne by the end of this year with our two cats and wondered if anyone could recommend a good area to rent temporarily before we plan to buy? By good area I mean pet friendly, good public transport, friendly neighbourhood and modern houses. We can pay up to $1600 AUD. My husband will be working at Airport West and I am hoping to find work in the CBD. We will have one car between us so public transport is important. Any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks Soraya:smile:
  3. Hi, I will be going to Oz for a validation trip for my 176 visa. Just need a share flat for a week or so. Can any one suggest which sub-urbs in perth I can avail it. I prefer staying with an Indian family. Any idea where does the Indian community stay in Perth.:biggrin:
  4. Hi Folks, We are hoping to move to Adelaide in Feb 2010 and would like to know if anyone can give any advice or suggestions for reasonably priced short term furnished accommodation for us to rent on arrival. We would probably be looking to rent for say 4 - 6 weeks while we sort out something more long term. Not too bothered which suburb. Anywhere within 15 miles radius of Adelaide CBD would suit.
  5. Hi, as title say's we are looking for a rental in the Geelong area. 2 -3 bedroom upto about $400 max a week. At the moment we are in a Big 4 holiday park (would recommend this 1 Riverview Barrabool rd.) but have to be out by Sat so getting a bit panicy lol. All/any help please. Cheers Pez & Sandra.
  6. Guest

    temporary rentals on arrival

    Hi all nice to come back on this site and hear that so many are on route or even arrived, so happy for u all, me and my hubs have booked our flights and coud really do with some advice on temp rentals, we are hoping to live arround the coomera area and would prefer to get a temp rental for about 6 weeks on arrival, any body got any chat on this please let me know Sue Rob:biggrin:
  7. Hi, when we arrive in Perth next yr we are lucky to have friends to stay with for a few weeks till container arrives but wanted to know what references do they ask for when you apply to rent somewhere ? If my OH doesnt secure a job before coming over etc ? Can we use refs from mortgage co here etc ? Thanks :smile:
  8. We are arriving in perth on 20/11/09 and we are looking for short term rental around the byford area. Any offers or advice welcome Many thanks John
  9. The Pom Queen

    WARNING - Scam on rentals

    Hi All I know that this has probably cropped up before with the odd comment, but I really feel people should be aware of what is happening. There is a website called "Gumtree" for Melbourne ours is: Classifieds – Gumtree Melbourne Free Classified Ads – Gumtree Melbourne Online Community We have recently had a client who has lost over $2000 to a scam artist on this site and ended up in Melbourne with no rental accommodation and $2000 out of pocket. What is happening is that people are advertising furnished rentals on there at what seems to be a very good price. They tell you that they are overseas at the moment and can you send them the full payment by different means rather than bank transfer as they do not have access to their bank, they send you further photos of the property etc and you correspond backwards and forwards for a while and then send them the money. The problem is you then arrive over here and when you arrive at the accommodation there is no key to be found. You try knocking on the door only to find the owner answers and has no idea what on earth you are talking about and have never heard of the website. Now this isn't just on Gumtree but is happening on some house share websites as well. Now don't get me wrong there are the genuine property owners who advertise on here as well, BUT please for your own piece of mind ask for proof that they own the property, this can be simple things like asking them to send you through their rates notice, utility bills, a copy of their drivers license etc.:wubclub: It is funny but we picked up a family today who have booked our accommodation and services and even though we are a fully registered company they still had a few doubts as to where they were sending their money and it was through them contacting a few of our former clients (which I never realised) they were told that we were indeed genuine and that they were fine to book with us. Now I wish everyone was so on the ball, but I have to admit when we first arrived we were also very naive, we found someone on the internet and sent them well over $8000 and we had no idea who they were. You get so excited about getting the visa and want to get over here that sometimes we all let our guard down. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE always be wary and ask for proof that they do own the property!!:notworthy:
  10. Hi there, We're heading off to Canberra on 27th September and will be staying in temporary accommodation for the first week (organised by the ACT). We're looking for somewhere furnished for about 6 weeks while we organise a more long-term rental to coincide with the arrival of our shipment containing our furniture and belongings. We've been looking on allhomes for rentals, but most of them are long-term unfurnished rentals. I would be very grateful if anybody has any advice on where we might begin our search for a short-term furnished rental for about 6 weeks. Any information is greatly appreciated. Cheers,:notworthy:
  11. Hi I have heard on the grapevine that you need I thinks its 100 points to be eligible for a rental which include points for having an Ozzie driving licence, Ozzie bank account etc. Is there any truth in this and if so what is the criteria? Any advice would be appreciated. Debbie :skeptical:
  12. Looking towards our move to Adelaide in September and trying to find out about pets. Loads of people tell me dogs are really popular in Oz but I'm struggling to find our if landlords are likely to have an issue with me bringing a dog? I'd hate to miss our dream home rental owing to the pooch, but likewise I would miss her if she didn't comme. Any help or advice greatfully recieved...
  13. Hi all I have been accepted for study in Joondalup to start in February 2010. The house we had in France has now sold (yeeehaaa) so we have decided to go to OZ in August. First on a visitor visa and then apply for a student visa whilst we are over there. Because we are gonna be over for quite a while, we are looking for a rental property. It doesn't matter what type pf property it is (appartment, house,flat etc) - just as long as it has 2 bedrooms and is self contained. Does anybody have any info regarding this request? I have been on quite a few websites so far, but thought someone might know of other routes we don't know about - or may know soneone with something to rent out. Thanks Sue. X:biggrin:
  14. I was just wondering how hard it really is to find a nice rental? Did you view lots and put lots of applications in or did you just look at a couple before you found what you were looking for? Thanks Emma x
  15. Hi All, I've just had the magic sticker pasted on my passport and am planning to depart for Canberra in August! Prior to accepting the job offer, on retrospect, I have not done a detailed search on housing rentals and thus now I am worried about rental costs after seeing that many rentals are available for the entire apartment/house and none for rooms. As I'd be staying alone and the costs of renting one entire house for myself looks rather high on first consideration now, I'm fine with renting a furnished bedroom in a household. Is this common in Canberra? Or are families less comfortable with sharing the house with their tenant? Is this more prevalent in the housing areas near the universities? I'm looking at areas near Phillip (where i'd be working at) and south to the city centres (Woden, Belconnen). My budget per week is A$150 to share a house with other tenants (could be 3 bedrooms thus 3 tenants in an apartment, house, perhaps), or A$100 for an ensuite room with the owners with access to basic kitchen facilities and TV. Are these budgets realistic? Thanks for any advice in advance.
  16. Guest

    Longer Term Rentals

    Hi all! Just a quick question.... In terms of a longer term rental and securing one after being in Brisbane for a number of weeks, what do agents ask for in terms of proof of income to enable me to get a rented place? Am just planning on doing some casual work and certainly not have anything secured in first few months as will be studying but do have enough money to support myself whilst doing so and can prove so for the length of the lease, whether it be 6 months, 12 months etc. Does anyone envisage me having difficulties being able to rent somewhere?
  17. Guest

    Brisbane Rentals

    Hi, I need to starting looking for a new place to live, quite keen on a studio flat in the CBD. Whats the best website to check ? Thanks in advance..
  18. Got my Visa in January (shocked how quick - applied in June - and easy), had a month of second thoughts, then a few weeks of I really ought to do it as I have wanted it for so long (about 1986!!) and have only this week decided that I will. (such behaviour might annoy those who have been waiting a year, but by nature I am not adventurous, and I don't like travelling so just about everyone who knows thought I would never get round to applying - I have been talking about emmigrating for as long as anyone knows me - never mind actually going) The decision came down to Melbourne and Sydney - with Melbourne the winner. Now I have to make plans getting there etc. Once I arrive i will probably stay in a hotel, I have comparatively few possessions - I rent a room in someone else's house - and don't know anyone in Australia. So my requests for information are: How would I go about getting a furnished flat in Melbourne? Do you know any reputable agencies? What are the typical costs? Thanks, Mike
  19. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne Short Term Rentals

    The long term rental market is very tight at the moment in Melbourne and around 8 or 9 people turn up for the same property and put applications in. When you first arrive over here, you will really need to book in to short term furnished accommodation for around 4 weeks until you find a rental. Most people get a rental within 4 weeks of being here, although some people do require longer approx 6 weeks, it depends on how you recover from the jet lag, some people arrive and just want a weeks break before getting started. The reason we say 4 weeks is that from the properties that are available for rent, agents only open the properties up once a week (Open for Inspection) for a period of around 10 – 15 minutes during this time everyone who is interested in renting the property turns up and then if they like it they put their application in. Sometimes once you have put in an application you may not hear back for 1 or 2 weeks which means that 3 weeks is gone applying for just 1 property. We recommend people do not stop applying for rentals, keep going for all the properties you like, putting in an application is not legally binding until you are accepted and are asked to sign the contracts. When choosing short term furnished accommodation most people have no idea of how much they should be paying per week. Below I have done a quick guide to short term rental options in Melbourne and the costs involved. As some places go up and down in price according to season, I have based them all on one weeks accommodation starting from 1st April , based on a family of 4 (2A 2C) Campsites Most people would expect this to be their cheapest option, unfortunately this is not always true. There are a number of campsites located around Melbourne that offer cabins. Now Cabins are not 5 star accommodation, in fact some of them are no more than a shed on legs with no room to move especially when you have lots of luggage with you, but if you are desperate and you need somewhere for a week then I would recommend them. Big 4 – Dandenong – $924 Big 4 – Frankston - $1003 Big 4 – Melbourne $1085 Hotels I have quoted for a variety of hotels from 3 star to 5 star. Holiday Inn – Flinders Street - $3080 (max 3 in a room so 2 rooms required at $1540) extra per day of $27.50 for valet parking. Marriot Hotel - $1884 - $30 per day for car park. Travelodge - $1043 Comfort Inn - $1050 Relocation Agents These are a variety of properties offered by expats who have made the move themselves, they often come with free services. Monbulk - $400 per week Seaford – 4 bed – Free Car Hire for duration of stay $805 Carrum Downs – 2 bd – Free Airport Pick Up, Meet and Greet, Suburb Tours and Food Package $850 Mornington – 5 bed - $800 Berwick – 2 bed - $880 – Swimming pool and gym on complex As you can see all the above are cheaper than staying on the campsites and some offer a saving of $100's on free services. Apartments Quest Apartments – Frankston - $1440 Quest Apartments – St Kilda - $1715 Dockland Apartment - $1595 Seacove – Mornington - $1500 Hostels Melbourne Metro – Family 4 bed room - $940 Base Hostel – St Kilda – 8 bed dorm (sharing) $812 Cooee – St Kilda – 4 bed dorm $877.80 If anyone wants the websites for any of the above please let me know and i will be happy to pm them to you. I hope this gives you all some idea of the short term rental market, obviously there will be places cheaper and other more expensive but it should give you a good guideline to work with. Also another factor to take in to consideration is that the short term accommodation gets booked up quite quickly especially around the Australian Holidays. Kate:wubclub:
  20. Does a rental need to be sorted out before you get to oz, or when you get there, If before you go how do you go about it, also what documents do you need, Many thanks
  21. Guest

    house prices and rentals

    call me naive,but i have watched the recent dose of wanted down under and have found it frightening how the cost of properties are different to just 12 months ago,it seems you would need to have a large mortgage to live in oz, also taking into account any equity from uk house is rapidly getting less,. can anyone relate to that or am i misinformed by the wanted series. we are about to lodge our 175 skilled but await bad news on property prices... many thanks guys..
  22. To all members hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year i know we did. i post our accommodation here occasionally we have helped many new migrants settle here in Perth, and have repeat guests year after year come holiday with us. Check us out at http://www.perthvacationrentals.com All the very best Sam & Fiona
  23. We have the visas, and we are going to Brisbane for A Rekkie. Going to be in Brisbane around February 20th for about 2 weeks. We would ideally like a house/apartment/holiday home rather than a hotel, so we can do some cooking for ourselves. We want to be not too far from Brisbane, not too far from the coast.] We would need 3 bedrooms there are 3 adults and 3 children. Would love to hear from anyone whos been there done that and has any recommendations (or places to avoid) for accommodation. Also any 'must dos' whilst we are over there would be great to. Would be grateful for any advice, Cheers. Julie
  24. jo90

    East Coast Car Rentals???

    Hiya! Has anyone used East Coast Car rentals??? Any help greatly appreciated!:wub: Jo x x
  25. Guest

    Campervan Rentals in Perth?

    Im looking to hire a decent camper van in Perth fairly soon and wondering if anybody could point me in thee right direction? NO "Wicked" Campers as my wife is 6 months pregnant and would not appreciate that! I need something comfy and not to over priced.:emoticon-signxmas: