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Found 161 results

  1. Guest

    Direct home rentals

    Hi I am looking to rent for 12 months in the area's of Anna, Nelson, Salamander, Fingal Bay area of NSW. Does anyone know of a good direct house rental website other than real estate agents please? I am in the UK but want to have a look about before we arrive this year. Thank you
  2. I can't believe how awful trying to rent somewhere in Sydney is becoming! I have a job waiting for me, a visa about to be approved and all I want is a small studio/one bedroom place for no more than $450 week. This is not a problem so long as I can view the places first...but I'm in the UK awaiting my visa! I've searched every property site I can find and all the estate agents want me to view property first. I have searched shared accomodation and either get no reply or complete conmen. I am now at a loss, probably weeks from going to Sydney and may have to resort to spending a fortune on hotels until I can secure a place to live. I really really don't want to do the whole hostel thing as I'll be working shifts. I'm scared that, after all of this, I will have to give up my dream and my new job. I feel miserable :arghh: Any tips, suggestions would be more than welcome...I'm sure there are others out there who are doing what I want to... Thanks... X
  3. Guest

    Sydney Rentals

    Hi My girlfriend and me are looking for places to rent in Sydney, our budget is anything up to about $500 a week for a one bedroom place. Firstly if anyone has anyhting to offer let me know, we are looking now and and hoping to be in somwhere by early June. Also i'm on a tourist visa ATM but looking into defacto, because of this we are applying for an initial 6 months with a rolling contract with a 3 week notic period. My question is does anyone know if this is common in Oz, or are we putting ouselves at a big dissadvantage by asking for this. Thanks
  4. Guest

    furnished rentals

    We are moving over to WA in October this year, looking at SOR, can any1 recommend any websites for renting furnished property please? we have been keeping check on realestate, etc but there doesnt seem to be many furnished properties available :smile:
  5. The Pom Queen

    Pet Friendly Rentals

    are now easier to find now that the Real Estate.com.au website has been completely revamped and includes a pet friendly search feature! How it works is you: Choose your basic search (location, property type, bedrooms etc) Once the first page of search results load, choose the Refine Search By form to select “Pets allowed” Remember though that just because a property doesn't say pet friendly it doesn't mean you cannot ask. Landlords and agents do not like putting pet friendly as at the end of the day they would prefer someone without pets, BUT, if no one else is interested in the property most of them would be more than happy to discuss this option with you. Kate:wubclub:
  6. We've finally decided to study on the sunshine coast, Nambour Tafe. Anyone have any helpful tips on securing long term rentals, suitable for a family, in the Sunshine before we get to Oz?? thanks!
  7. Stupid question probably but when I'm looking at house rentals on domain or realestate.com.au are they usually furnished or not, I'm guessing not but most show the rooms with furniture in them. We're shipping ours so wanted confirmation. Cheers, freebo
  8. Hi we are flying out on xmas day and after a stop over in HK we shall be landing in Brisbane on the 29th December. Can anyone point us in the right direction for a short rental in the sunshine coast area please? JOHN
  9. Regards to all Pls advice, what would be the economical or lowest rent in regional Australia for small house preferably 1 or 2 bedroom. We are planning to move to australia next month pls help us.
  10. Hi, :chatterbox: In need of some answers moving to Australia in April/May 2010. But concerned about getting a rental. As agreement forms need information such as income and addresses? Sold house in UK and have money to pay but will we be able to rent without ever renting before in UK or Australia and when currently looking for work? Also have a toddler so can go without our possessions for a long time and do not want to keep relocating or paying out for short term accomodation. Eventually want to buy but need work first. Very concerned about the whole thing. Have alway had our own place and with a little one even worse.
  11. What will be the cheapest rentals in Albany, Bunbury. I am looking for 1 bedroom apartment:jiggy:
  12. Hi Me and my husband are hoping to move to Perth in November, initially we plan to use short term property rentals. Our problem is that we have a border collie that we would like to bring with us. We can leave her in kennels in the UK while we find work and long term rentals etc but what we are having difficulty with is establishing the reality of finding rental property with a dog in tow! We've tried using websites, and even when we search for pet friendly sites we end up with properties that say no pets! But most don't give pets allowed as a search criteria! My hubby has sent a few emails to a few letting agents but so far no response. Another suggestion was that we find properties we like then ask about whether they allow dogs, thats not going to work as we can't get a long term rental until we are in Perth and we need to decide what to do before we go! So we can find her a new home before we leave. Can anyone recomend any websites that are for pet friendly websites or advise us the reality? Thanks
  13. Hi There, We are relocating back to the UK later this month. Does anyone have a 4 bed house they would like to rent in North Essex. South suffolk?..up to 2000 pounds PCM? Tanya
  14. Off to Victoria on 8th Feb! at the mo feeling rather calm - wondering how much competiton there is for houses in areas like Warragul, Traralgon, Drouin, Pakenham? Anyone had good experiencee with real estate agents, who r sympathetic to UK migrants? Thanks heaps :hug:
  15. Hello, does anyone know of a company that deals with month by month lets or short term rentals please in Brisbane? Moving in 2 months!! Thanks.
  16. Hi Guys :tongue: We are only 3 months away now from moving out to Melbourne and I have spent hours on the net looking for somewhere I can rent short term (for a few months) when we arrive while we search for a house. All the places I can find online are roughly double the weekly cost of a rental. We want a place Bayside on the Sandringham line so maybe Brighton, Hampton etc, yeah I know these are pricey areas but I'm happy to pay A$500 - A£600 a week for a 2 bed. What I don't want to do is pay A$1000 a week while looking for somewhere. If anyone knows of a place I could rent for 6 - 8 weeks bayside at a reasonable rate (i.e under a A$1000 per week!) please let me know. The agencies aren't going to take us seriously until we are actually there and I don't want to rent a place long term that I've never seen before except in photos. Buy the way if anyone can recommend a good real estate agent in the area please let me know. We need to be within 1 hour of the CBD and have minimum two rooms, apartment or house. But it doesn't have to be anything special as long as it's cheap (a granny flat in a back garden would do as long as it's close to town). Any help gratefully received. Cheers.
  17. Guest

    Holiday Rentals SOR Perth

    Hi all, Looking to go to Perth for our reccie either April or October and been doing some research into holiday rentals. Most that are coming up are for north of the river and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for south of the river - ideally around the secret harbour area. We are hoping to move to that area when we finally get our visa hence the preference. Any info gratefully appreciated. Karen and Colin
  18. Hi All Could someone please let me know about the availablity of broadband internet access in Sanctuary Lakes? I have read some previous posts and it seems to be hit and miss! Thanks so much:chatterbox:
  19. Hi All Just moved to Melbourne and finding it extremely difficult to find a property to rent. We are have been provided with temporary accommodation by my husband's employer but this is due to expire mid December. I am looking at Keilor Downs, St Albans...... My experience so far with the lettings agents is a nightmare, they don't give you the time of day! We have 2 cats and have been told that landlords dont want any pets! They don't want to accept application forms until one has inspected the property (fair enough) but on the open inspection days, hundreds turn up (slight exaggeration) and they seem to give priority to ones without pets. Please help!!!!!!! Any advice will be much appreciated!! Thanks Soraya :chatterbox:
  20. Guest

    Rentals in QLD !!!

    Hey guys, I know its been done to death but , When renting what is included ie rates/water etc. Is it the same for all. Or are they all different? Kev
  21. briggs

    SA Rentals

    Hi!!! We are due to be in SA on the 1st Feb 2010!!! i can't wait!!! so excited! 6 weeks and counting. Basically, i wanted to know where the best place is to find a 1 bedroom apartment/flat in the CBD area or the out skirts. Don't want to pay anymore than $250per week. Any ideas guys?? :-) Thank you for your help x
  22. Hi, my family and i are moving to Oz in 5 weeks (2 adults and a 1 year old) and are worried about how we secure a rental property in Oz from the UK(have been looking at Wynnum and Capalaba along with Burleigh Heads). Is this at all possible as when requesting details and interest in some properties the estate agents don't seem interested. I get the impression that i can only rent when i arrive, same with the job. Apply for jobs as an electrician and get the same response. any help with this would be great Thanks. I'd hate to stay in a hotel with no definate house at the end of it. Also different subject, what is the job situation like for electricians in these areas? and will anyone take on UK spark to complete their QLD License? Thanks Again Mat
  23. pau1evs

    melbourne friends help rentals

    melbourne friends help rentals hi there i am wondering if anyone know of any good rentals for 1 person like a studio flat or even guest house accomodation around oakleigh / mornington area thats not expensive as hubby has got a job and is going to have to make the move asap while we wait to get house sold Has anyone made the move the melbourne or in the process what are the areas like around here ???? schools???? sooo many questions can anyone help thanks carole
  24. pau1evs

    melbourne friends help rentals

    melbourne friends help rentals hi there i am wondering if anyone know of any good rentals for 1 person like a studio flat or even guest house accomodation around oakleigh / mornington area thats not expensive as hubby has got a job and is going to have to make the move asap while we wait to get house sold Has anyone made the move the melbourne or in the process what are the areas like around here ???? schools???? sooo many questions can anyone help thanks carole
  25. Hi All Just posted this in the Victoria section but for anyone considering Melbourne.... We have 2 property owners who are willing to rent their property out on 6 month contracts. One is unfurnished and in South Yarra, the other is rented furnished and is in Mornington at $525 per week. For people who are arriving with pets both these owners are happy to consider pets. This is great as not many landlords offer 6 month rentals in Melbourne. Plus to get one of them which is furnished is even better. It gives someone a chance to come over and spend 6 months here finding out if they can get work and if they life the place before shipping out their furniture or commiting to a 12 month lease.:yes: