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Found 161 results

  1. Guest

    Short term rentals

    Hi i came across this website who is giving rooms for three to four days. http://www.airbnb.com. I sent a inquiry and i got the reply too. Just wanted to know whether anyone had used the accommodation booked through this website and any comments. Because i thought to rent a such a room for three of us My husband, my daughter (2yr) and myself until we get a long term lease. Please pass me your views.
  2. We have been looking on realestate.com.au and only 2 properties came up as pet friendly for Canberra and surrounding areas. Anybody know where we can look? When we searched google we got pointed back to realestate.com.au Anyone taken pets to canberra? Candice
  3. Hi all, Am new to here so thanks in advance for your help. We are moving to Perth from the UK as I am a geologist and will be sponsored on a 457 visa. We are looking for a 2 bed flat rental to begin with close to the center of Perth. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has done the same along with info on how hard it was to get a place and timescales/pitfalls etc. The company has offered to put us in a hotel for one month to begin with while we look. Great website. Thanks Again, Gufti
  4. MazPaul

    Furnished rentals

    Hi we are looking for furnished rentals in Melbourne for when we first arrive. Been searching online and found the movingtomelbourne site but very little else. Has anyone got any other sites or any other ideas of where we can look to find some where for a couple of weeks. Thanks Paul.:confused:
  5. Hi, As there are a few of us due to decend upon the beautiful town of Geraldton in the not too distant future, I thought it might be helpful to start a thread to assist with the following: House rentals Neighbourhoods Schools Doctors Supermarkets Banks Any other useful information! If anyone has anything worthwhile sharing please drop a line on this thread - Thanks!! See you all in Geraldton! :biggrin:
  6. Hi We are currently in the process of deciding when and if to return to the UK. We are governed at the moment by the fact that my four year old son is due to start school in the UK in September and we have decided that it may be better for us to return prior to that rather than next year (which we had originally planned) as we would like him to start school at the right time, rather than mid year on his own. We are currently looking at rentals initially, before we commit to buying anything, but having never rented before am not really too sure how easy it would be to secure a rental upon our return or even whilst we are still in Oz. How easy would it be for letting agents to get references/credit checks etc if we have been out of the country for a couple of years? Also, we will have to look for jobs when we arrive so would this affect our chances of getting a rental? Just wondering what other people have done really who have gone back home. I am not really able to stay with family as I need to get an address in the area in which I want my son to go to school, so I am limited to a certain area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Sheila
  7. ck10_9

    Short Term Furnidhed Rentals?

    Hi All As you may know we are moving back to the UK and we need some where to stay for 6 weeks Sept - Oct 2011. Does anyone know where I can find short term furnished rentals like this? Thanks Carl
  8. Hi Everyone, My husband, 2 children and I are coming to Perth from the UK early June'11 for a research trip and we're looking a places to rent whilst in Oz. I'd be really grateful to hear of anyone's recommendations of where best to stay and any rental agents to contact. Our children and 3 and 7 yrs. We're happy to be out in the suburbs rather then a central town location and this would be a better reflection of where we would end up living. We'd be looking for a 2/3 bed property with a garden and within walking distance of a park, beach and local amenities, but a relatively quiet location if possible. Many thanks Em x x:v_SPIN:
  9. claireg

    Rentals in Belconnen suburbs

    Have been researching rentals in Belconnen suburbs and a lot seem very outdated with their 60's & 70's kitchens and bathrooms (they liked their coloured worktops back then!!) and pricey too. We are after somewhere less dated or a new build. Apart from Macgegor which has more new builds and seems slighter cheaper, what other suburbs in Belconnen are newer and have the new builds? We are not concerned about schools as both children are under 2. Thanks Claire
  10. We are Poms who have been living in NZ for last 10 years and moving to OZ in 4 weeks. Starting to stress a wee bit as we havnt actually decided which area we want to live yet! Were just going to go with the flow when we get there:wacko: lol! We have heard alot about Pacific Pines and are quite keen on this area. Just wondering if there are any views on the high school there and the area in general. Otherwise we were looking at North Lakes area in Brisbane. Anyone who know of any rentals in either of these areas that would welcome a very house trainned labrador and 14 year old cat(kids wouldnt let us leave her!!!) any comments will be much appreciated :wink:
  11. Hi, Any one know of any 5 bed property with pool and decent size garden to rent starting in May? Looking for Buderim or surrounding areas between Sippy Downs/Tanawha up to Mons and Kunda Park. Have no pets but need the space for kids and obviously relatives who want to come and stay from UK. Cheers!:smile:
  12. Guest

    High Demand for Rentals?

    Hi Everyone We are moving to Sydney in early March and have started to narrow down our search at areas to live. We were drawn to The Hills area which is meant to be good for families, schooling and you seem to get more for your money being a little further out. We are now looking very closely at Castle Hill and Kellyville. The question I have is around the demand for rentals. I have always read about properties being snapped up, the market being very competitive for prospective tenants, but as we have been following the sites like realestate.com.au we noticed that a number of very nice looking properties have been listed for weeks, one in particular we have had our eye on has inspections this week for the 3rd consecutive Saturday. Just wondering what people's views are on the market in Sydney and specifically in The Hills area. Could it be that the properties have been let but the status has not been updated on the website, or are properties really hanging around, in which case is it worth making lower offers? Or is it that The Hills is quite some way out from the city and so there is lower demand for properties? Just seemed strange given the numerous threads where tenants are having to offer more rent upfront, make the application stand out etc. that properties seems to be around for longer than expected. Many thanks!
  13. i have been struggling to find anywhere that rents furnished homes around the albany area, we did find one for $300 a week for 3 month fully furnished, 3 beds,2 bathrooms and 2 carports spaces but the owner had removed the listing and is now charging per week at silly rates we are trying to find furnished because we can simply move right in and then buy as and when without the stress of getting 3 beds the second we land any advise would be very helpful if anyone else has had this dilema craig
  14. Hi Guys is it possible to secure a rental whilst still in U.K? we are due to fly out on 5th Feb(2 weeks EEK!!!) and only have accomodation for 1 week and have seen a couple of rentals online but i dont know the proceedure . or do we have to wait until we arrive in Perth?? any help would be appreciated xx:biggrin:
  15. The Pom Queen

    Rentals affected by floods

    It seems that people who were affected by the floods are still liable to pay their rent even if they can't live there:no: However there was an article today that explains what can be done: Renters left homeless during the Queensland floods are legally obliged to keep paying rent on their flooded home until they “officially” end their agreement. According to the Rental Tenancy Authority of Queensland, a tenancy agreement does not automatically end during a natural disaster, even if the property has been totally destroyed. Rick Machin of the RTA said tenants could stop paying rent as soon as they had given their landlord a “notice of intention to leave”. “The agreement actually only ends if one of the parties – the tenant or the lessor/agent – take action to end it,” he said. “Where the premises are considered non-liveable, either the landlord or the tenant can give notice formally ending the tenancy on the grounds that it is non-liveable. “This will end the tenancy agreement on the same day the notice is served – but you must give notice within one month of the disaster [occurring].” Around one third of all Queenslanders rent their home and many of the affected flood victims have been renters. Mr Machin said that he expected most landlords would be reasonable in requesting breaks in leases or even rent reductions but that if any tenants were experiencing problems with their landlord, to contact the RTA. “Most people will be reasonable about this. But if people are having trouble coming to an agreement about what should happen, they can call us – we have dispute resolution,” he said. The RTA said a property is considered non-liveable when it has been destroyed or made completely or partly unfit to live in. Anyone seeking help from the RTA with dispute resolution, or with any questions regarding flood situations and their rental property, should call 1300 366 311.
  16. kateNollie

    Rentals in Perth

    Hi, How long does it take from saying yes to an estate agent on a rental to being in the property. We need to try and time our shipping dates but need to know if there is a rough time frame of saying yes to a property and being given the keys. Whats the normal lead time on this? Thanks
  17. Hi Could someone let me know what the Schools are like in Caloundra please? My Son will be 6 when we move. We will also be bringing our Dog with us, does anyone know how hard it is to get a rental secured when they have a pet? Lisa OH Carpenter
  18. Guest

    Mornington/Eliza rentals

    Hi Everyone We are looking at rentals in Mornington/Mount Eliza and have spoken to the real estate agents many times they are really not at all helpful, they say we have to view before they will consider us, also looked at holiday lets but they are so expensive. Does anyone know of a company that will view for us, or how other people managed to secure a rental property. we are moving from Brisbane and are very reluctant to fly to see a property we might not get. We have sent an email to the 'Move to melbourne' relocation company, just awaiting a reply. Any other idea's. Thankyou Angie x
  19. Hi Folks Im on the look out for a furnish rental in and around Perth for about 6 months, can anyone reccomend a site where they offer such a thing? Alot of the rentals are unfurnished which could be an expensive nightmare till our stuff arrives from the uk. Or do you think we should go to an unfurnished one? Dont know what to do!!! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Txx:confused:
  20. Guest

    Pet Friendly rentals in Perth

    Hi there Me and my husband are currently renting a 1 bed fully furnished flat. The lease runs out beg of jan and we love to move to a house where we can get a dog. I have started looking on Reiwa but so many places say no pets. Does anyone know of any companies that are more leniant than others? We dont have a dog at the moment but I would love to get an ex racing greyhound. I can supply references from a couple that we house sat for stating that the dog was well looked after and the house was kept clean and tidy and I can also supply info from the greyhounds as pets website which basically says how quiet, clean and lazy greyhounds are :biggrin: If anyone has info that would help me, that would be fabulous. Thank yoooooou xxx Laura n Mick
  21. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Fingers crossed we will be moving out to Oz this side of xmas (depends on the house sale) There are 4 of us 2 kids me and hubby. I will be working at Joondalup hospital as an RMN (if I spely it wrong I very sorry). We would lke to know what places are ok to live especially if Ive not got a car to begin with we will be renting initially so any tips on how much is a reasonable amount of rent which places to avoid which are ok which are fab would be very much appreciated. Thanks all Avril
  22. We are in the process of finding a rental for our move and eventhough we have found some pet friendly ones they still say that the dog has to stay outside. Does anyone REALLY do this? I know you could be thrown out for going against the signed contract but surely there are ways around it. I know my dog will want to be outside, when we are at home, but for his and our safety I would want him inside at night and when we are out. We would be in the rental a few weeks before he arrived. Is it worth agreeing to keeping him outside and hope that they might soften a little.
  23. saunders clan

    House rentals on Gold Coast

    Hello everyone. I am flying out to Brissy next April with the family and my parents and this time am wanting a 4 bedroom house to rent for the 4 weeks we are there rather than staying with family. I have got my brother working on this as he lives there but I thought I might just ask you guys if you have any good contacts or know anyone who rents out property in the Robina/Burleigh areas? We would preferably like a place with a pool and Burleigh is our favoured choice. If you can help I would be most grateful. :cute: Cheers guys, Kate
  24. Guest

    Losing hope

    I've recently moved back to Perth to be with my boyfriend. We are currently living with his parents with our dog, and are desperately looking to move out. I've looked everywhere for dog-friendly rentals and it seems to be impossible. The ones we do find are either run down (and too far away) or way above our budget. I'm grateful we have somewhere to stay with the dog until we find somewhere to rent, but we can't stay here forever :mask:
  25. I've just been reading through some threads regarding rentals in Australia and how long it takes to secure something long term once youve arrived. As i understand its different depending where your based. We have booked a couple of weeks in short term holiday accomodation at the end of this month, hoping we will be able to get something long term in that time frame. After reading some threads i'm concerned it may not be as simple/quick as i thought. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get something secured in the Sunshine Coast? we do have references and copies of bank statements etc, we will be based in the Maroochydore/Alexandra headland area. Advice appreciated! thanks