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Found 707 results

  1. koala09

    Holiday rental????

    Hi all, We have our one way tickets booked for the 10th Jan (OMG still can't believe it lol) but we are looking for a holiday rental for the first few weeks until we find a rental to settle in. Any idea's on best places to look? Or does anyone have properties that we could rent for 3 weeks? We have been looking on the realestate.com.au website and emailed about a few, but no one seams to get back to us. Help!! I want to find somewhere soon. :wacko:
  2. We're flying into Brisbane airport at 0050 on a saturday morning and wanted to have a hire car booked from this end. my problem is however, i cant find anywhere open at that time in the morning with most of them closing at 12. I reckon by the time we get through immigration and stuff it'l b bout 0200. Has anyone used a rental company at that time of morn?
  3. We are arriving In Sydney end of Sept and I have approx 2 weeks to find us a rental unfurnished property we can call home. We have decided we want to live Eastern Suburbs - at the moment we are thinking Bronte, Bondi, Clovelly, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Randwick with Coogee being the most southern point. I have 2 questions - firstly I have heard most primary schools are pretty good in these areas but are there any I should avoid? Second question - We need to ensure our property is an easy commute to CBD on public transport (around 30 mins?) Are we on the right track with these areas or are we spreadingthe net too wide?
  4. Guest

    Rental Percentage

    Hi, My wife and I are moving to Sydney from the UK next February. Only I will be working at first until she can find a job. What percentage of a salary would people here consider reasonable to pay for rent ? Obviously Sydney rents are quite expensive, so the percentage would probably be higher. Here in the UK my mortgage is about 25% of my take home pay each month. I am expecting it to be closer to 40 or 50% in Sydney. Is that stretching in too far ? Cheers
  5. Hello, how long did people on here on average stay in short term accommodation before securing a long term rental? We are trying to at least make an attempt at keeping our finances under control and looking at the prices for short term rentals we would like to keep that stay as short as possible. We are hoping to get out early next year on an employer sponsored Visa and would love to move to the Robina/ Varsity Lake area. Also we are a bit undecided on what type of short term accommodation to go for. We have three children (who will be 2,5 and 7 when we get there) and were looking at holiday parks as well as rental houses/apartments. We thought that a holiday park would be a nice opportunity to start the move off with a holiday feel which will hopefully help the children to get over the first shock, but we're wondering how comfortable that might be as a family of five over several weeks - which brings me back to the "how long" bit of my question :biggrin: Would love to hear other people's experiences on this! Thank you! Mel
  6. We are moving out of our rental early (10 days) and luckily it has been booked 1 week into this time so we only have 2 days rent to pay instead of 10.. This has worked out fine for us. The owners have asked us to pay until the day before the new people move in. We plan to be moved out a few days before. As the house is still ours (but empty) up to and including that paid up date, the owners cannot ask for their keys back or get in to do maintanence, etc before then? Right or wrong?? Just checking as we are anticipating a few problems with them.
  7. Hi guys,we are moving back to London and we are looking for someone to take over our rental from mid september to mid January. We are in Sutherland,very close to the train station. If anyone is looking for a short term rental please PM me and I will give you more details. Also I am selling some furniture and white goods all 5 months old,again PM me for more details
  8. Hi We arrive in Brisbane in Sept and are staying in Ormeau but need to secure a rental for as soon as we arrive, is there anyone on here that knows of anything becoming available? I have been looking on the real estate site but there is not a lot available and my friends in oz are saying that the rentals are going really quickly. If you know of any rentals please let me know. Thanks
  9. My family are relocating to the Sunshine Coast in November and are looking for a house to rent. We've looked at holiday lets but because of the time of year they are either extremely expensive or don't have availability over Christmas. We'd like to find a house in the Maroochy/Alex Hills/Cotton Tree/Mooloolaba areas with 3 beds or more and aircon. (A pool would be nice but it's not essential.) We're a professional couple with teenage children and don't want to pay any more than $450 a week. Can anyone help me please?? :unsure:
  10. cms72

    rental costs

    Hi, Arriving in Oz September so starting to look at rentals. Just a bit unsure of how much rent I'll be able to afford & don't know if I'm aiming too high! I'll be earning $64K per annum ....(as a midwife) Wanted to rent around the Cheltenham area.... Can anybody already living over there give me a better idea of what my rental budget should be?? :unsure: Would appreciate any feedback! Clare
  11. Dear all, We have made it to Perth 2 weeks ago and are now currently house hunting (rental). We are however a little unsure what our top budget pw should be as we are unfamiliar with day to day living costs and utility charges. We want to live the dream for the first year in a house with a pool (we have young kids so don't spend much going out so the house will be our little luxury) so are not looking to save just break even. My partners wage is $80K plus super. We will have no transport costs (buying car outright and partner commuting by bike) except petrol. As for food shopping there will be four of us (2 adults a 4 year old and a 1 year old). The only other outgoings will be for entertainment. Our current top budget is $700pw.... to much? Your advice gratefully received. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hey everyone, Hoping that someone might be able to help.... Moving to Sydney with my partner on the 30th Aug.......very scared! We have accommodation sorted for the first two weeks with the company that I am going to work for, but not 100% sure when we are best contacting agents to start looking at properties?? Any advice?? Some people seem to have contacted them before they left and then others say wait till you arrive..... I've had a look at the domain website (on an almost daily basis) and seen a few furnished and unfurnished properties that are within our budget ($500-$550 pwk 1 bedroom). We have a good idea of areas that we would consider living in...(Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Newton) and have a list of other areas that are slightly further away that we would also consider if we were struggling in the locations we like best. We have also looked into cheap furniture packages and rental of white goods etc....so quite clued up with a lot of it just need some advice on when to start annoying the rental agents??? I was thinking of trying to arrange viewings (from the UK) for our first weekend in Sydney but have now started to panic as there are some lovely apartments available for the week that we would have to move in and they are doing viewings on them this weekend! I am now worrying we will be left with something really rubbish!! Do they always view on set times or are there some that you can view by appointment? Thanks!!!
  13. vixxy666

    Household costs for perth rental?

    Hi does anyone have a list they wouldnt mind sharing with me on there household bills in perth in a rental, im just trying to make sure we'll be able to afford it. we are a young(ish) couple no children. Thanks so much Vicky
  14. hi all, we moving to melbourne beginning of september, and looking at renting somethere. in the uk they advise you to leave the white goods (fridge/freezer, washing machine etc) in when renting out. my question, when renting in oz do they leave the fridge etc in the house? thx all.... getting excited now :biggrin:
  15. Hi Everyone I am getting very worried, I have spent best part of this week trying to secure a furnished rental for our arrival in Perth within the next 3-4 weeks. The rentals seem to go very quick, and change throughout the day, due to the time difference, you wake up thinking you have a rental, then overnight something has happened and you no longer have one, so have to start the process again. Has anyone got any advice what I could do, or any good agencies i can contact, we are quite flexible with areas. Thanks Kim
  16. Hi, Just wanted to put it out there that we are looking for a 2 week holiday let from 2 Feb - 17 Feb for just me and my wife while we check out the suburbs for ideas of where we want to live later on next year. Obviously we dont want to pay through the nose but please get in touch if you can recommend anywhere or put me in touch with anyone who can help! Dont want to be in the city but want to be where we can easily explore north and south of Perth. Thanks in advance Gary & Sue:hug:
  17. Hi All, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for finding a short term rental/holiday let in perth SOR ive tried all the usual sites like stayz, aussie move, lets-perth etc and i cant find any suitable properties that are available, im frantically searching as i am waiting to book my flights and i gave my notice in at work today. Any information would be greatly appreciated Donna xx
  18. Hey there, I am wondering what income I need to declare on my Aussie tax return (my first one since moving here last year). I have some property in the UK still and receive some rent from it. I do a self-assessment in the UK for that income but I'm wondering if I need to declare it on my Aussie tax return as well? I won't be paying any tax in the UK on it so no double tax relief. I am resident in Australia for tax purposes. Anyone in a similar situation know anything about this? Thanks,
  19. We are a family with four adults and two children desperately trying to find some reasonably priced accommodation for end of march '12 for three weeks. Proving very difficult because of the size of our group and the houses to rent through stayz etc are proving to be quite expensive. Was quoted $6500 for one of them! Tried the big4 caravan park and that was extortionately basic. Ideally we would prefer an apartment or house with three bedrooms. Anywhere in Melbourne or suburbs. If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful. I suppose I am looking for a cheap break equivalent to the haven caravan price of £250 a week for the six of us but just can't find anything cheap in Oz. We are going out to validate our visas and are on a very tight budget, but we want to entice our teenage daughters out there so don't want anything shoddy!!
  20. Guest

    Realistic rental £££

    This could bridge the property and finance threads, but I thought it would be better to go here. I'm going over to Sydney at the end of the month (and can't wait) but wanted to know realistically how much rent I should pay. Using - http://www.payme.com.au/lafha-calculator.html on an £85k salary I will take home £6,286 a month. I've been looking to pay around $400 a week if possible. Should I be worried about paying $500 a week on that salary? It seems the extra $100 a week opens up quite a few nicer properties (I'm working in the CBD, so want to be 30 mins from there) Thanks Adam
  21. Hi, I am moving out to Australia in a few months and just wondered the procedure for renting a property. I have never rented before but own a property in the UK. Will I need some sort of references? Also, im guessing that i will need to take untilities bills as evedience - Is that anything else? Thanks in advance for your assistance
  22. Hi We are due to come over 2 adults, 2 Children to validate our visa in Feb and is looking for a cheap weeks accomodation not too far from the city or coast (so its easy reach for things to do for the children on public transport) Some family friends have offered to put us up too, but we would like a weeks break on our own too to make it more like a holiday. We are looking for Melboure city suburbs. Hotels are really expensive Thanks for your help
  23. Richste

    Rental Success!!

    Hi Guys, first off, just like to say how nice it was to meet those of you who attended the meet up. Just had to post to say that we heard today that we got our long term rental in Weston Creek - exactly where we wanted to be - made up!! First one we applied for too, and its my birthday today - how good is that?! As far as the applications go, word of advice - bank statement with as much $$ as you can muster - especially if you are not yet working - I'm sure that's what swung it for us. Apart from that, the previous advice on this forum site was invaluable re application pack - we went for as much ID as we could find as you need 100 points (passports, Medicare cards, driving licences, birth certificates) along with reference from UK landlord, letter of introduction and the copy of an Oz bank statement - oh and we put in a mortgage statement from the UK to prove we are responsible payers. Oh, and be nice to the agent showing the property - ours definately knew who we were after the viewing - might have helped a bit. Anyway, happy to share letters etc we provided if it would help anyone - PM only. Richard & Steven:smile::biggrin:
  24. Now it's not a regular occurrence where a realestate agent will work with someone who is still overseas, especially if it's a nice property. However, I have been chatting with an agent today who has a gorgeous 4 bed home available in Sandhurst, Melbourne (lovely area), now as you all know there is still a legal obligation for you to view a property, however, she is more than happy to do all the paperwork over the internet and then when you arrive show you the house and then sign you up the same day. This is a great opportunity and although I don't usually post properties on here this is not connected to me in any way just a very nice agent. The property info is: When you walk inside this beautiful home you will be delighted! With only 1 previous occupant it is still brand new. Features Include: * Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe * A further 3 spacious bedrooms with built in robes * Open plan kitchen with gas cooking and dishwasher * Gas ducted heating * Additional living space, perfect for formal dining or theatre room * Outdoor alfresco entertaining space * Double remote garage * Landscaped gardens This magnificent home is only a short drive to local shops, schools & Sandhurst Golf Club. A truly stunning property that wont last long
  25. kirra

    furniture rental co?

    Anyone used a furniture rental company to plug the gap between securing a rental and waiting for your container to arrive? Im thinking it might be an option and saw this company: http://www.revolutionrentals.com.au/index.html anyone used them or can tell me how they managed the gap between moving in and furniture arriving? thanks ps..thankfully my family can all chip in and provide us stuff like bedding, plates, cutlery, pots n pans..its more for the big items like washing machine etc which my mum and dad just wont have laying around spare :biggrin: