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Found 707 results

  1. The July rental vacancy rates show that the availability of rental homes in Melbourne continues to improve. REIV Communications Manager Robert Larocca said that the rental vacancy rate for Melbourne increased to 2.5 per cent from 2.2 per cent in June and was now well above the average for the past 12 months of 1.75 per cent. Mr Larocca said “the reduction in population growth and increase in construction of new dwellings is now beginning to provide easier conditions for renters. “The availability of rental homes has been very poor for the past six years and renters will welcome the recent increase in the vacancy rate. The fact that the vacancy rate is still below three per cent indicates that there are still too few rental homes. “The highest level of vacancies is in the outer suburbs, where 3.2 per cent of rental homes are vacant. This is a substantial improvement from June, when the vacancy rate was 2.1 per cent. “In the middle suburbs the vacancy rate is 2.6 per cent – a small improvement from June, when it was 2.1 per cent – and in the inner city there has been a slight tightening from 2.4 to 2.2 per cent. “Rental homes in regional Victoria are still scarcer than in the metropolitan area, with a vacancy rate of 1.6 per cent compared to 1.5 per cent in June. Of the three main regional centres, Bendigo still has the tightest rental market, with a vacancy rate of only 0.3 per cent, down from 0.5 per cent in June. In Ballarat the vacancy rate was stable at 0.8 per cent and in Geelong there was a minor reduction from 2.4 to 2.1 per cent” Mr Larocca concluded.
  2. after worring about having to move out of our current property, my wife received a phone call today saying we'd been offered one we applied for. I thought great, it's 2 storey, good location, double garage with an extra car port on the side which are both drive through into a huge back garden. Ideal for us an the kids. Just by chance, my wife asked the agency if it was ok to confirm in the morning after she spoke to me, and please could they send us an email with the offer. Great we thought......until we got the email........."by the way, the landlord is going to build a fence to fence off the car port and the back garden"..........which more than halves the land and takes away the car port. What the hell? What planet are these people on? :mad::mad: We put all this effort into applying for it, waited 3 days for the offer, then they offer it and tell us it's being chopped in half. My wife even asked the agency when she viewed whether all the land is with it (it was huge) and she was told yes. I'm lost for words, it's just unbelievable. The guys really take the p....:mad::mad:. If we didn't ask for the email, were they just going to turn up and start fencing off half the property?!! Do I now need to ensure it's in the contract for future properties that the landlord must not take part of the property and fence it off whilst we are renting there?!!! [continued previous thread on rentals, please delete this one mods]
  3. Hi all it is me again (family of 5 landing Oct 19th). I am very worried now after sending over 70 inquiries on short term furnished rental and receiving from all of them that either the location is booked or they don't rent for less than 3 months. The locations available are ridiculous expensive (AUD 230 per night). I have through literally every single possible website searching for a 2 bedrooms (min) furnished house/flat for a period of 2 to 4 weeks without success. I am now reaching to this forum to see if someone can help us here. Is someone breaking a lease, know someone who can let a property for this period (from Oct 19th). I really really appreciate any sort of help or reference. Thanks a million. Regards, Luciana
  4. Guest

    Rental advice for Melbourne

    Hi, I have been lurking for a while, my boyfriend and I have both found the site very helpful. He has just been granted his 176 visa and he will be moving there October 14th, I'll be heading off at the end of January. We have been looking on www.realestate.com.au to get an idea about possible areas to rent in, as he's hoping to get up set up in a place before I get there. We're looking for a one or two bedroom, $300-$400 per week, and not overly far from the CBD (20-30 minute drive), as I don't know where I'll be working (though likely in the CBD as I have an office based job). Apologies if this is slightly repetitive of what others have posted, but I've found what people post in response so helpful I couldn't resist! The areas we have been looking at are: · Northcote · Malvern · Braybrook · Hawthorn East · Camberwell · Yarraville · Coburg · Brunswick · Elwood · South Yarra Our deal breaker is basically having outside space (courtyard or balcony), as we aren't moving to Australia to sit inside! Also, good transport links. A floor of a house would be ideal, or an apartment in a small block of flats. Other than that, we are very open. If anyone has any additional suggestions, or yays or nays on the above areas that would be great. Or, if there are previous threads that relate to the above I'm happy to be signposted. Thanks for reading!
  5. Help! This is my first post on here. My husband is flying to Melbourne on 15th October and will be staying in a hotel but needs to find short term accomodation until he can find long term rental. Me and 3 kids will be coming out end of November. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated!!
  6. Hi guys, We need to move to Perth and we need to find another tenant for our apartment in Southport as the landlord has no intention to help us ending the tenancy earlier. Anyway, the house is a nice 2 bedrooms-2bathrooms-2indoor parking spaces in Southport, on the Gold Coast. It is a very very quiet complex with bbq and pool. The house is extra clean - thing that can't be usually said for all rental houses. It's walking distance from Tafe and all the schools in Southport, as well as close to the parks, which is nice. It is also close to the train station and the M1 motorway to brisbane. This house would be good also for people looking for short term rentals since the contract ends in january. However it is possible to extend it if you want. If you are in perth, or wa in general, and need to move to the gold coast but you have our same problem we can discuss about switching the contracts, and have a win-win situation.. And now let's cross the fingers...:mad:
  7. Hi All, We hope to move out of our rental, in three weeks time, (as the owner has sold the house) we are living in Monterey Keys, we are looking for a new rental either in Helensvale, Pacific Pines or Oxenford? I have look on Realestate ect, and there is not a lot on some out of our price range would love a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom and a pool if possible. Thanks Paula :hug:
  8. or Hocking, Mindarie - (Unfurnished) My wife & children will be arriving from the UK on the 1st Nov (Kids aged 4 & 2) & i need to secure a quality unfurnished rental before they arrive. We are a proffesional family looking for a quality rental. We are a very houseproud couple & so would look after any rental that is offered. (details of our property in UK are attached below for your piece of mind) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-...-33301616.html Hope you can help this desperate man, as having a nightmare with the group home viewing where sometimes 40+ people are turning up!:wacko: Regards Richard
  9. I've read many horror stories about huge competition for rentals with dozens of people turning up to open house viewings. Once in Brisbane, I'm going to be looking for a long term rental, possibly on my own a lot of the time after hubby starts work. Is it OK for me to view alone, taking along his ID? (that's the stupid question!) Are there particular areas that are massively popular and get more competition, or is it a general scrum everywhere? And types of houses? Most likely we'll just want a 2 bed townhouse, preferably in or near Northgate. As I'll be out of work the first few weeks, will I be at an advantage being flexible with viewings? Are there even individual viewings? I've heard of individual appointments turning into open house! I'll be putting the pack together as I've seen suggested many times, I'm sure this will help, but with 6 weeks to go am already pulling my hair out with stress! Cheers :wink:
  10. Guest

    Cheap car rental???

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to Hertz or Avis in Perth please? We have a Hertz car at the moment but need a cheaper rental for the next 4 - 6 weeks until we are supplied with a car. any advice appreciated!
  11. Does anybody have any recommendations for cheapish car rental companies from Melbourne Airport? We arrive on 2nd Nov and will be looking for a rental for around 3 weeks. We will need a hatchbatch type car or similar as need to pick up our labrador from the airport in a crate a day or two after we arrive (we are from NZ so he doesn't need to go into quarantine), so will need something big enough for that to fit into. We are family of 2 adults 2 kids, and will have a bag each, plus carry-on type bags. So just a standard size car, but with the hatch at the back for when one of us goes back to pick up the dog. Have tried google, but lots of confusing info and don't really know what sort of "add ons" I need?! Thanks in advance. Michelle :biggrin:
  12. We are 7 months into a 12 month rental agreement, we were rushed into takin this house as we were in paid for accomodation by my partners work, (which was awful!!!). We really want a smaller house, but bigger garden and pool, we have seen a house we would like but worried about breaking our lease we dont know all the ins and outs of doing this! what happens to our bond etc, can anyone help. We haven't decided this is what we will do just a thought!!
  13. marta

    DVD/film online rental

    I am not sure if this the correct place for my question. Apologies in advance. I would like to find out if there is something like Easy Cinema/Love Film in Australia where you can rent films via the internet. With Easy Film you order a packet of a particular number of films you would want to rent, for example, six films. You then have to use up the credit for the six films until a certain date. You choose a list of films on their website, and the films on your personalised list would be sent to you as soon as they are available. You could keep the films for as long as you liked, but you would only get the next film on your list when you returned the other film. I hope that makes sense. In any case I would love to find out if there is something similar down here. I now there is Blockbuster and co but I was wondering if there is something like Easy Film available.
  14. So missed out on the Mindarie home I had my heart set on today. There were only two conforming applicantions so missing out on a 50/50 is fairly disheartening - although the agent was very encouraging about the strength of my application. So what were other people's experiences in this area. How many applications did you put in before you found a home? How do you make yours stand out? Did you offer more than the requested rent? Is that even allowed? Would appreciate some advice in this area.
  15. Hi all, Could you tell me time frames from arriving in Melbourne to finding long term accomm? We'd like to know how long we need S/T accomm for upon arrival. Our company have booked us two weeks and we'd like to know how much more we would need approximately. Thanks!
  16. Hi all, We moved from the UK last Monday and are currently in temp accom provided by my husbands company. We are looking at Berwick as it is close to my OH work in Hallam. Struggling to find a) the properties to be available and b) the open inspection times often clash and then you miss out! Went to view 2 yesterday and another 10 people turned up... So worried we wont find anywhere by 3rd Oct :unsure: I guess I am finding it a struggle as I have 2 little ones to drag around each house with me.... Anyone got any advice or tips? Time is not on our side!!! :wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Car Rental Brisbane airport

    Hi every 1, Just got a quick question, Does anybody know of any good car hire companies from Brisbane airport want to hire a car when we arrive for a few weeks, any feed back would be great chris :biggrin:
  18. Hi all, We are in the process of buying our first WA home and will need to break lease on our current rental. If anyone is interested, it is a 4 bed, 2 bath with a pool and is SOR. We're 15 mins from the city and in an excellent school catchment area. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I can forward the details and photos for you to look at. Janette :smile:
  19. About to do medicals so things moving along now, but we are not planning on going until March, so are looking at a furnished rental for the month of April. Anyone have any recommendations? I will be working at mater womens hosp in Cleveland so would love to be quite near to that area as we will be looking for a long term rental and schooling in that area. Thanks sam (Midwife)
  20. Help folks, We're coming to Perth in Mid Jan and are wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap car rental company? We're thinking of renting for a month or two before we buy a car to give us time to choose the right car. thanks J & B
  21. Rubbidydub

    Rental income from uk

    Hi all! Can someone give me some advice on the following please....... Just securing a buy to let commercial investment mortgage as we are leasing our pub and restaurant out to get us over to Oz because things just ain't selling at the mo! 2 questions ........firstly is it better for us to deal with our own accountant in the uk or find a new one in oz as we will need to pay tax on our rentable income? And secondly with monthly rent coming from our uk investment what is the easiest way to get the surplus income after our uk mortgage is paid over to Oz on a regular basis? Any advice would be grateful Cheers in advance Marcus
  22. Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help with my queries. I have been offered a job at Uni of Western Sydney, and visa permitting, will be heading over in December. We are coming over on the first instance on a long stay 457, so will not be selling our house but renting it. My salary will be roughly $87,000 (or $103,000 with the tax package thing). I am thinking this equates to roughly $4800 pcm - I have tried to use the calculators that I have found via many of the helpful posts here, but not sure I have got it correct. We are wanting a two bed place in central Sydney, so I think we will need to supplement my income with some of the rent we will get in the UK for our house. This will be paid into our UK bank account, and we need to keep an account here in case of repairs needed or periods of unoccupancy when we need to pay council taxt, etc. I bank with Nationwide, but unfortunately they stopped their free overseas withdrawals a while ago. So, is there anyway we can regularly access this money without having to keep paying the % fee that overseas transactions incur? Cheers, Ali
  23. My husband has been granted 457 visa and we are moving to Melbourne in January 2012. He is starting his job in Jan 16th and we are planning to fly over to Melbourne in end of December or end of January. Anyone knows good real accommodation in South Melbourne? We would like to book it online or arrange it over the phone, so that we can stay there for a month till things are settled. Any help appreciated. Thanks for your help. Alex
  24. Hi Everyone We are due to leave the UK early Jan 2012 as need to be in OZ before Febuary 18th. Can anyone please shed some light regarding Holiday let / Rent. We are led to belive that prior to us arriving we have to sort out a holiday let which is far more expensive than renting a long term rental. Are there any rules that stop us renting straight away, or is it the credit rating thing that perhaps puts a hold on this? Any advise would be great as we dont want to throw money away.Thanks. Richard and Jo
  25. Hi, just wondering if anyone has managed to secure a residential let (unfurnished, not a holiday let) before leaving the uk? Flying out on 14th September to Perth and staying with my brother for the first week or so. Not sure if I'll manage to sort out a rental in such a short space of time so wanted to know if it was possible to arrange one before leaving. Checked a few of the real estate sites and found several suitable properties but they all require a viewing of the property before you can apply. Any help / thoughts will be much appreciated.