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Found 707 results

  1. Hi, I have been in Sydney since Feb 2nd this year. Up until the 25th of Feb the company I am working for paid for my hotel stay in the CBD. Every weekend since I have been here I have been looking for a place to rent. It has been one of the most demoralising experiences in my life. The system here is appaling - it lags way behind the system in UK. First thing you realise is that you get very very little for your money. My job pays $50,000 plus overtime per year so I cannot afford much. I am looking at places between 350 - 400 per week. Considering my house in the UK has a mortgage of £400 per month for a 3 bedroom with a large garage, paying $1600 a month here (£1088 approx) gets me the equivalent of just my garage. Secondly, the 'open house' system is very poor. You get a 10 minute chance to view a place. Don't get me wrong, you don't need 10 minutes to look at a place, I usually know within 10 seconds if I like the place or not. It's just that getting to several places on a Saturday (which is when most viewing are) is very difficult. eg, I find a few places I like the look of on the Domain website/app. First one is open at 9.00am - 9.10am. Second place is 9.15 to 9.25 but it takes 20 mins to get between them so you miss the second viewing. Each weekend I have had to miss at least 3 viewings due to this. To make things harder, several times the agent has turned up a few minutes late, which obviously has a knock on effect meaning that I have to abandon my plans to get to the next viewing. The 'agents' that turn up are really just people with keys and application forms - no skills needed. When I have asked them questions before they open up the property, the reply is often "I'm not sure - I haven't seen the property myself yet". This is usually followed by fumbling as they try to find the entrance to the building. I travelled 20 mins to one place and when I got there the agent apologised because she was unable to get hold of the keys and that if I was still interested I could come back the following Saturday. Another situation was where I paid $20 in a taxi to get to a place because the previous agent was late, and when the agent arrived he apologised to everyone waiting that he had just been informed that the property had already been leased. More time and money wasted. Yesterday I waited outside a place with about 10 other people - and when the agent hadn't turned up after 10 minutes I decided to phone them - they told me that they had no idea about a viewing on the property and that the picture and address on the website were wrong. In the words of Peter Griffin "it really grinds my gears". Everyone always mentions about the pictures on websites for the properties....it really is true. Don't believe them, what looks like a sparkling new kitchen often turns out to be a pic from 7 years ago. A lot of the pics don't show inside, just a shot of the building and a view from the balcony - there is a reason for this which becomes apparent when you enter. Some of the photos on the website look like they have been taken by a child - so bad it's laughable. It makes me wonder what estate agents actually do to earn their keep. There are a lot of good things here however the real estate system is shockingly bad. I had read posts for months before I came warning about the system - but I never imagined it was this bad. i am sure something will turn up eventually, but at this point it has me questioning my decision to come here. Here's wishing y'all better luck than I am having. Take care Stereo
  2. I am moving to Sydney from the UK with my husband and young daughter and wanted advice on where the bst location in sydney area is to rent. I am looking for area with children play groups etc..... good location but good links for travel for my husband!? any advice!?!?!?
  3. Hi, looking to see if anyone has any recommendations for agents of short term rental in Perth. We are a family of 4 arriving 17 April, would be for about 4 weeks. Any advice is appreciated, thanks :biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Having rented many houses in the UK for 12 years as a tenant, I'm really shocked at how difficult the Australian system is and how much is geared against the tenant. I'm getting really stressed about it. We found our first property here very quickly and I'm beginning to think it was beginners luck. Our house seems to be owned by an investment company (we rent off an agency), so for whatever reason they've decided not to renew our tenancy after 12 months of being there. They gave us 3 months notice before our contact is due to end (in 4 weeks) which is totally pointless because you can not find a rental 3 months in advance. In fact this is where the whole problem starts. Most rentals want you to move in straight away. There are very few which are available at some date in the future, even if you find them, they won't take viewings until closer to the date. So it's very difficult to find something a few weeks in advance. But you can't leave it to the last minute, as it's not a first come first served system. You have to submit your application (probably along with several other people), then wait days until you find out whether you've got it. So you might think to submit applications for several properties to make sure you get one. But no, it's written on every application, that you must accept the rental if it is offered, so you can't apply for more than one at a time. Then the whole application form is bad too. They are all different and want contact numbers, addresses and emails for current and previous rentals and employers. They want up to 4 professional and character references plus current rental reference. They want 100 points of identification, different agencies give different points for certain IDs. Some only give 25 points for passport and driving license. Then only 20 points for bills. And you have to do a separate application for each adult (the bills are in my name, not my wife's, so she's struggling to get 100 points with a driving license, passports and bank statement. As if she'd forge all of these just to rent a house, she won't even be paying the rent). Then to cap it all, it's written in the application that the landlord doesn't have to make the property available on the date they agreed. On top of that, it's also written on there that you agree to accept the property in the condition that it was in when you viewed it. Some of these places are dumps just when the current tenant moves out, with over grown gardens etc. The agency always verbally promises that it will be tidied up, but in reality you don't have a leg to stand on. So you can complete the application, get all your references sorted, get all your ID sorted, agree to move in if you get the rental, then turn up on the day and the landlord doesn't even have to let you move in, for an indefinite period. What the hell? Why are tenants treated like second class citizens and landlords are like some kind of god? This is really stressing me. We have been perfect tenants, but have to move out on a certain date in 4 weeks time, but can't afford to overlap 2 rentals for 4 weeks. I'm stressed just finding somewhere, before we even consider packing up all ours and the childrens' stuff and moving it by ourselves. :arghh: Why can't they just use a first come first served basis. So if you're the first to see and apply for a property you like, providing your credentials are ok, you've got it. It's easier for the land lord then as they only have to check one application instead of a dozen or so.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Brisbanes Vet Pleads for Pet Friendly Rentals

    Brisbane vet Michael O'Donoghue has seen too many people have to give up, or put down, their pets because they could not find a rental property that welcomed animals. "It's very heart-breaking, people euthanising their beloved pet because they can't find accommodation," he said. The People and Pets veterinarian is pushing for more pet-friendly rental properties to be made available to encourage more families to adopt animals and stop the displacement of loved family members. Advertisement: Story continues below According to the RSPCA, 30 per cent of pets surrendered to the organisation are from owners who cannot find adequate accommodation. Mr O'Donoghue's effort to publicise the need for more pet-friendly rentals, and his ideas for homes to be built to be morewelcoming to cats and dogs, have been praised by the celebrity vet Katrina Warren as part of a competition calling for ways to create a pet-friendly world. His perspective is also shared by Tenants Union of Queensland coordinator Penny Carr, who said renters struggled to find properties that allowed pets and often had to settle for homes which were unsuitable in the short term while finding a new home. "It's really difficult and I think it is really unfair especially for kids who are denied having a pet as a child because of these unreasonable restrictions," she said. The Residential Tenancies Authority states a tenant can only keep pets on a premises if their tenancy agreement states pets are allowed. It does not allow landlords to make pet owners pay a larger bond. Property Owners Association of Queensland president Bruce McBryde said, apart from body corporates and real estate agents warning against landlords allowing pets, owners were also wary of the cost of damage to their properties and the difficulties in recouping those costs. He said it was difficult to get tenants to take responsibility for damage caused by pets to rental properties since the RTA allowed for no extra protection for landlords. "Ideally if you really want to make landlords more pet friendly you need to change the regulations to allow them to take a bigger bond," Mr McBryde said. "At least then the landlord would have more incentive." Mr McBryde also suggested routine treatment for carpeted homes. "Perhaps in the legislation it could be mandated that if you have carpet you would need to have a flea treatment before you leave the property, similar to how tenants have the carpets shampooed," he said. Mr O'Donoghue was supportive of the idea of mandating flea treatments when a pet owner leaves a carpeted property. But he did not believe dogs and cats were more destructive than children or teenagers. "Generally a normal bond should cover any sort of damage a pet could possibly do, it is only going to be a scratch on the wall or replace a bit of carpet," he said. "But I find in my own personal experience that young children are more destructive to houses than pets are." Ms Carr agreed. "Tenants already have an obligation to restore the property to the same condition as it was when they got it except for fair wear and tear," she said. "If tenants don't restore their property there can be a claim against their bond and sometimes there are orders over and above the bond for tenants to compensate." Ms Carr said she would love to run a test case on whether pet owners had a right to house pets on their rental property. "I think there is an argument in saying that not allowing pets is a breach of the right to 'quiet enjoyment of the property'," she said. "You have a contract which says this is your home and you can't do anything illegal in that home, but other than that you have a right to peace and comfort and privacy in using that property." RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the organisation urged landlords to be a lot more sympathetic to people who want to have pets. "If you look at it logically someone who is going to take good care of their animal is going to take good care of their property," he said. Mr Beatty said the Companion Animal Council provided contracts for landlords and tenants to sign when entering an agreement to allow pets on to a property
  6. Hi all I'm hoping to get over to Australia for a year on a WH visa from July this year. I own a flat in the UK which I don't want to sell at the moment and I'm starting to look into my options for while I'm away. Ideally I'd like a friend or a friend-of-a-friend to 'flat sit' rather than rent it out officially. In theory, the 'tennant' (for want of a better word) would live here and take on all the bills (excluding my mortgage and block service charge payments) in return for cut price rent. I really just want someone to look after the place and get anything fixed that needs doing without pestering my parents and as long as my mortgage payments are covered I wouldn't be looking to make any profit out of the arrangement. Has anyone done this sort of thing and does it work? I'm trying to avoid having to tell my mortgage provider as that will result in a hike in the repayments by about 1.5%. Any advice? thanks :cute:
  7. Hi everyone, we (hubby and I) will be arriving in Brisbane in early June. I have a job at the Mater hospital and we need a short term furnished place to rent untill our furniture arrives from England and till we find a suburb where we want to settle more permanantly. Ideally I dont want to be commuting for more than 30 mins, hubby is hopeing for a job at Brisbane docks so anywhere between the two would be great. Can anyone help with advice on a nice suburb and letting agents who would be able to help with this. We have been looking at Springfield Lakes, Collingwood Park, Ferny Grove, Redbank Plains, Wynumm and Manly. Many thanks Lynne:confused:
  8. Can anyone help please, we are looking to get a rental in Mindarie for as soon as possible :wideeyed: 3/4 X 2 budget approx up to $550 p/w
  9. Hi, Urgently need a short term rental around Mandurah, WA. Rockingham - Pinjarra considered although nearer Mandurah the better! 2 Adults & 1 small child. 30th December 2011 - 31st January 2012 allthough can be flexible on leaving date. Help appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, I am wondering if any of you would know of any short or preferably long term private rentals available in Baldivis, near enough to Settlers Primary School? I am looking for a 4 x 2 type of property available from end of December / early January. Thanks, Becks x
  11. crosbyx4

    short term rental for when we land

    we are due to arrive in melbourne 23rd Oct and i have been looking for a short term rental / holiday appartment type property for our inital weeks whilst looking for something more permanent ........ will be working in knox area can anyone recommend anywhere please :cool:
  12. Love Shoes

    Rental Agents in Bundaberg

    Hi There, I know it is ages off yet, but I want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. My husband is due to start work at the beginning of February and his employers are providing temporary accommodation until I arrive early April. We have two small dogs, they will be out of quarantine mid May - can anyone recommend any good agents in the Bundy area? We will be looking for unfurnished 2 to 4 bedrooms, the less bedrooms the better. Modern property, preferred no pool, something nice. Budget around 350 maximum. Also if people can advise me as to what we need for a rental, I.e., passport´s, previous land lord´s reference, bank statements, (blood test, and police checks!) the last two were hopefully a joke! Kind regards Any advice that anyone has is more than welcome.
  13. Hi Everyone, we are off to Queensland ( new job) so we have to brake the lease on our 3 bed/ 1 bathroom, fully furnished house in St James ( Upton Street) Perth $420/wk all whiteware plus beds , sofas, dining table.. the lot small easy care section.. covered area for drying the laundry.. 20 min from Perth CBD by bus (just round the corner 3min).. quicker by car.. anyone interested? its a Ray White property.. so still have to go through their system (the ususal.. prooving ones lineage back to King Charlemagne as a minimum) ask away if you need any more info Six it
  14. Hello:biggrin: Hope some can help us, we are looking for 3bed 2bath and 2 car garage, in the Mandurah region. We don't have any pets. Regards Julie
  15. Libbysmummy

    decorating a rental?

    Sorry really stupid question but i've never rented before, are you allowed to paint/decorate a long term rental or is it just at the discretion of the landlord? Thanks Libbysmummy x
  16. Hi everyone,I came across this couple when I was searching for a rental and thought they may be able to help some of you out. They have a 2 bed apartment above there own home,fully furnished and includes all bills from $600 a week short or long term rent negotiable. Inbox me for Jonathan's details Heres a link to photos http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/255791 Mandi
  17. Hello Can Anyone Help We Are Arriving In Perth 6th Jan Looking For A rental For 6 Mth's Around Inglewood, Morley , Anywhere In This Area Considered ,2 Adults & 2 kids Aged 13 & 8 ,Girls .We Have References & Are Professional People From Ireland ,Thank You For Your Time :confused:
  18. Hi all I just moved into a furnished apartment in North Sydney, and the real estate agent said I should change the electricity bill to my name. The electricity was turned on when I moved in, and I was a bit worried about getting caught for the bill of the previous tenant. The real estate agent said I didn't need to worry about that, as my rental contract showed the date I was moving in. I had 101 other things to handle so I didn't consider it further. The agent has not been helpful for my questions, saying they don't deal with such things. Anyway I've had a few days to sort other things out, and now I'm trying to figure out which electricity company I should contact, and if I'm supposed to get the meter read or if the tenant who moved out should have done that. I've just spent a few hours on the internet trying to find out the correct process. If anyone can offer advice I'd appreciate it.
  19. We are relocating back to Blighty and need to break our lease agreement. Its a 3 bed (all doubles) house based in Manly, Brisbane. It is in the catchment for Manly State Primary School which has a fantastic reputation and a very long waiting list unless you live in the catchement area. The house is less that five minutes walk to Manly train station and about 25 minutes drive to the City. The rent is $440 a week. Manly is a lovely family friendly area with lots going on for children. Please message me if you need any more information. Thank you.
  20. Hi we have booked our short term accomodation and are happy with it- someone contacted us from this forum and we checked out the property and their website etc. A third party (from this site)has asked were we are staying as they will need accomodation in the future. They are wary of booking with anyone and handing over cash without checking the property and owner out more.... can anyone tell us how they would do this??
  21. Hi all, We are moving to Melbourne at the end of May and are going to be looking for rental properties. My question - which should be obvious anyway from the title - is whether most properties already have fridges and washing machines? I know they usually have cookers, but I'm not sure about white goods? We're renting out our house in Scotland and will be leaving our fridge and washing machine here, so we need to know whether we'll have to buy new ones out there. Thanks! Suzanne.
  22. Guest

    Nor rental available

    Hi We are living in a rental in Duncraig which we will be moving out of in 3 weeks and it will be available for rent from 5 December. It is a 4 bed/2 bath house which is just 10 mins walk to train station, 5 mins drive to beach and Hillarys Boat Harbour and 5 mins drive to shopping centres. Duncraig High school is in walking distance. The rental is $450 a week. If anyone is interested the link is below. It is better than the photos make it look. http://www.realestate.com.au/propert...raig-405934021
  23. hi all we are moving to mornington,south frankston area march 2012. we are family of 4 including 3 girls ages 11 and 13. We are looking for short term rental approx 6 weeks in the above area. Preferably walking distance to beach. also pet friendly as we have a very WELL BEHAVED 5 year old cocker spaniel who will be joining us after his 30 days in quarentine. Any ideas?? collette & paul. x
  24. Hi We are getting into Sydney on 28th Nov and looking for some advice on what to do rental wise to start with. How long do we book a short term rental place for? and how long will it realistically take on average to find a more permanent rental flat? we are looking for somewhere with easy access to North Sydney. We have asked around the people we know in Sydney already if they have a spare room, but its not looking very promising at the moment with no replies. we have seen a couple of holiday rentals, but they aren't cheap, one in manly was 600-700 a week, with a deal to be done on a months rental. basically what would people suggest we do? thanks
  25. Guest

    Rental Availibilty NOR

    Hi all, This has probably been discussed several times before but I was hoping somebody could help with the current rental situation, mainly in the Northern Suburbs. We are arriving on the 2nd Nov 2011 and have a short term (expensive!) let arranged. We are looking for a long term rental in the Quinn's rocks, Clarkson, Butler etc areas. I keep reading posts on various sites that competition for the available rental properties is fierce, and that decent accomodation near schools tends to be snapped up immediately, and this is not just the areas I have mentioned. Is anyone currently looking at the areas above? And if so, is it that hard to get somewhere of decent standard? It appears that there are plenty of properties on realestate.com etc so I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me. I have employers references, mortgage statements, references from the agency letting out our house in the UK, even one from the estate agent we briefly had the house up for sale with so we are coming prepared. Many thanks for your time, Chris