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Found 707 results

  1. apickerell

    Help... again... as usual

    Hello! Ok so less than a month until we get to Australia!:shocked: getting excited! however nervous too. I have been looking for temporary rentals, like a room for rent or something small and inexpensive until we get things worked out. I have found lots of adds on gumtree, and all homes. I have sent messages but I have not had any responses...:arghh: Help... We need to get something cheap for the first couple of weeks as we will be waiting for that first paycheck to get the rental. And before anyone talks about not bringing enough money, we are bringing what we can, but I am currently living in Mauritius. If anyone knows about the money exchange, basically its almost nothing. so we have been struggling to get this all together. however God is good and is providing! I know he will provide this too with the rental but I just need to know where to turn. Not sure why no one answers their gumtree adds. grrr... Anyways TIA!
  2. Hi All I'd love some info, tips and advice. As you may know I have been searching for accommodation for my brother. I think I have found one but as the saying goes, if its too good to be true then .... So I have found a really good unit, good price etc via another forum/website but how do I know that the person renting it out is the legal/responsible person to be renting it out? Can I ask this person for some ID - drivers licence, etc and maybe sight some household bills in his/her name and more importantly can I ask to see/verify that they have the lease/mortgage in their name? I ask, because my friend here in Sydney moved into a shared place believing she was living with the owner and it turned out it wasn't and the house was being re-possessed. She had to leave immediately. I'd be grateful for any advice. BEGal
  3. Hi all, I will be arriving in Perth in April with my wife and still cant decide which suburb to go to,i am an electrician and will be looking for a job when we arrive does any one have any ideas where is a good place to start. Also does any one know the best places to look for cheap accomadation while searching for a flat or house to rent ,i have heard that holiday rentals are the way to go but cant find any sites on the web pls help
  4. Hello all, Well we are booked in for the big move, I'm moving in May (and will be working in Camberwell) and my husband is coming over soon after. We are lucky in that we have family to stay with for the first couple of months while we get ourselves sorted and the other half finds work. I want to pick your brains about where to live (and if it is doable in our budget): Option 1 Ideally we would like to live around Carlton area - central but not right in the CBD, with me traveling east (and we may be getting a housemate that works in the west) we would be looking for a townhouse or something similar for 3 adults. We have a dog (cocker spaniel) in NZ who will be staying with family until we can find a house - how hard is it to rent with pets? We would be looking at around $400-450. He doesn't need a lot of room (we have a small townhouse in NZ and he is fine) - but I'm more concerned with how hard it might be to secure a rental with a dog? Option 2 If we can't arrange this my husband and are are thinking we go north east/east/south east so we could find somewhere under $400 where we could definitely have the dog. This would just be my husband and I and he will most likely be commuting into the CBD on public transport so limiting the commute to under an hour each way is important. Thanks in advance
  5. milliem

    Advice please

    Hi Folks Two weeks ago I instructed my agent I wanted to break lease. They advertised the property. My neighbours told me today that on Wednesday last week there were about six real estate agents in the property without my knowledge. It looks like the current agent has been given the sack. Does this leave me just paying the rent for another 3 months? do I have any rights at all? The new agent has advised me to make a claim at the court to seek an order for a settlement figure. Anyone have any experience of this? Millie x
  6. We are couple migrating to Australia. This is our first visit to Australia. We don't have a job yet, but we intend to look for job once we arrive. We will be arriving in Melbourne in April. We intend to stay in a Hotel for the first 3 days and search for an apartment in Melbourne CBD. Initially, we intend to arrive with about $6000 AUD. We will then move more money into Australia. When we go looking for small rental furnished 1 bed room accommodation, what do I need to get approved? Is a $6000 in bank make rental owners happy to let us rent? Thanks much, cheers.
  7. peterhuli

    Rental Lease Question

    Hey all, I've a quick question regarding a rental lease: What is the notice period to vacate a rental which is outside its lease? I had an initial 1 year lease which ran out approx 6 months ago and didn't sign into a further lease.
  8. Hello there all you soon to be residents of Australia One of my neighbours'-daughters is renting out her family home in Miranda, which is in the Sutherlandshire, NSW. She had offered it to myself and my other half however, we are looking for a more permanent base here in Engadine Up for grabs for 9 months only so it may suit some of you "freshies" Its got three bedrooms, so would suit a family. My neighbour said her daughter would take a couple of families if they wanted to share the property. The rent is $650-670 furnished although it depends what furniture she has to provide. The bond would be 4 x what ever the final rent is agreed at. She is willing to considering letting it unfurnished too. Miranda has a big west field and the very popular "paddy's irish bakery" which services all us "paddys in oz" with the usual baked yummies from home. Its also a short hop on the train to the Cronnulla beaches!! If your interested Pm me and I can give you her number! I hope this is of some help to someone - I know how stressed out I was coming here knowing I only had a couple of weeks to secure a "home" Michelle
  9. Hi everybody, just saw this and thought it would be worthwhile posting:- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-12-31/house-hunters-warned-of-online-rental-fraud/4448074 Hope you're all preparing for a safe and happy New Year's Eve! Jen
  10. We are moving back to the Perth area at the beginning of March so we will need somewhere to live, I thought I'd try here first before trawling through the agencies... We have no preference on actual location but somewhere quiet is a must. We both intend to work in the city so good access to the CBD would be an advantage We have 2 cars and a motorcycle so either a car port or a garage is needed We are both non smokers We have 2 cats Needs to be a house, fairly large as we have accumulated a lot of furniture including a rather large dining room table We are looking at a minimum 12 months rental So if you have, or know anyone who has something that you think might be suitable please contact me. Many thanks Peter
  11. We are moving to Perth next year and although staying with family for the first 3 months, I would be interested in having some ideas of good areas to live. You may ask why we don’t ask them, always best to have several opinions in my book! My wife and I have a 2 year old daughter and 2 month old son and have been looking online for property near Midland, Perth area as I will be studying at TAFE MIDLAND CAMPUS - LLOYD STREET (Polytechnic West) come February 2013 for 2 years. We don't need to be next door, I don't mind commuting as long as there is an accessible train line and doesn’t take me any longer than 30mins - 1hr in either direction. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom house ideally with a garden, child safe. Furnished would be nice but there doesn’t seem to be many of them about or within our budget. We are looking at $300-450 a week although we would be willing to pay $500 per week if the house is fully furnished! We would appreciate somewhere reasonably priced as the above rental figures won’t leave us with much unless I can find a good paid job quickly amongst study time. Can anybody help and suggest some good areas?
  12. paddyandhollyB23

    Moving to Safety Bay January 2013

    Hi all We have booked our holiday rental in Safety Bay and wanted to know any of the usual stuff on the place. I have had a search and there isn't much about the place on the forum. We got a great deal on the rental and its 10 mins to the beach - ideal! Have heard that commute into city can be a bit of a prob though. Would love to hear from any in nearby areas as we are new to posting on the forum. Thanks Paddy :biggrin:
  13. Hi All, We moved from Sweden earlier in the year - around Jan. Found it almost impossible to get a rental here in Brisbane, so we took a 12 month lease when we only really needed a 6 month lease. The 6 months is coming to an end and we are looking for someone to take over the lease until mid March. Our place is very nice, in Bardon which is about 8 mins to the city and right near Paddington (trendy cafes and art galleries etc). Its a very big townhouse / apartment on two levels. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms on the top level, a living area and kitchen with massive double doors that open out to a fully covered courtyard. The courtyard is very big and was plenty of room for my 1yo and 3 yo to ride their bikes, have a cubby and a sandpit. Downstairs there is den / entertainment room, laundry, storage room, office and another room that could be used as another bedroom or as a storage room. Downstairs also has a back courtyard. Airconditioned, dishwasher, everything modern and in good condition. It was definately the best we could find in our price range. $520 per week. Its a large place - larger than some of the houses we looked at. DOuble carport at the rear of the building. I'm going to contact our Agent and ask them to advertise the house, I just thought I would post it here as I found this resource really useful when we were finding out about moving. If we can save another family the panic and stress we had in finding a place then that will make me very happy! I lived in Brisbane 10 years ago and was totally shocked at the state of the rental market when I returned. Please contact me ASAP as we are wanting to get things sorted. You will still need to apply through the agent. I've taken loads of photos so email me if you are interested. Thanks ELlissa
  14. Having bought a house further out, we are moving out of a rented 2-bed apartment in trendy, leafy Elwood. We are breaking the lease (which has until February to run). The estate agent for the landlord advises that we can save ourselves some money on advertising if we can find someone who would like to take the apartment over. It is on quiet Spray Street, which is a very pleasant part of Elwood only one street back from the cafes and shops of Ormond Road. Easy reach of the CBD but what they call a "village" feel. (OK nothing like a UK village, but, hey, this is Melbourne!). It has a garage and there is some free parking outside. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll recommend you to the agent. If you are in Melbourne already, I'd be happy to show you round.
  15. Hi There, If anyone is coming to the end of their lease or having to break their lease on a 4x2 with a pool north of Joondalup please let me know! We are looking for a place starting beginning of October. Suburbs including Ocean Reef, Currambine, Kinross, Burns Beach, Mindarie, Quinns Rocks and surrounds. We are a professional working couple with 2 school aged children, no pets. Great references including real estate agent. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello! We're just awaiting our457 visa's to come through, the dog has had the rabies jab and we're all fired up and ready for action...but not having much joy finding anywhere to live that will take a small dog. He's 8kg, and the real estate agents we've spoken to you say that homes to rent that accept pets are few and far between - or at least, they're in the minority. So I'm wondering, how did you guys and gals find it when you moved over? We're after a 3+ bed home in or around Spring Hill (or similar) and are pretty specific about what we're looking for in a home...and we're hoping that we can find something that ticks all the boxes, including having a pet. Did you find that pet-friendly homes were in a minority? Thanks, TJD
  17. Hi,myself and 4 other doctors in the UK are moving to Perth at the beginning of September to work in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. We were hoping to rent a property in Cottesloe or surrounding suburb, preferably with at least 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and fully furnished....prices negotiable! Any properties that anyone knows of that are available from September and have a 6-12month lease would be greatly appreciated! Amy
  18. Hi guys, we arrive in Perth in October and would like to arrange a holiday rental for the first couple of months that is fully furnished. Its just the two of us so we only need one bedroom. Preferably near to train station/bus route into city upto $400 per week. I have trawled through the internet and found a couple but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. Thanks very much, Kerry and Rich
  19. Hi there guys, due to serious storm damage our landlord is letting us out of our lease early and as such we really need a rental but would very much prefer Roleystone or Bedfordale. This is needed ASAP. We could possibly hang on till the end of our lease which is 29th July, but would rather not - this place is scary at the moment - the car port fell on our car on Sunday and the back of the house is being held up with metal jacks :err: Our budget is a max of $450pw and we would need a minimum 6 month lease. There's myself, my partner and two elderly dogs (both house trained and well behaved) I've emailed every agent in the area, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free. Many thanks Alan
  20. Hi everybody This is my first post to PIO... ...and we are leaving in only two months from now! :arghh: I have secured a job in Sydney which is great but as a result we are having to work very quickly to pack up our lives in London and arrange everything at light speed for when we arrive in Sydney. We are very lucky to be provided with four-weeks temporary accommodation by my employer when we arrive which is fantastic but this is still not that long to try to arrange rental accommodation thereafter. We are pretty sure that we want to base ourselves in the Eastern suburbs on the basis that they: offer a quick(er) commute to the CBD where I am working are close enough to be able to walk to the beach and are a short hop from the airport (I will need to travel quite a bit for work and my OH's family is based in Brisbane All of the above sounds like a recipe for very expensive rental prices which is perhaps a conversation for another day. What I was really keen to understand was what everyone thought about the strip of suburbs from Bondi down to Maroubra. Other than a couple of visits to Bondi we haven't spent any time in the area before. I lived in Northern Beaches for a year about 12 years ago but other than that we know basically nothing (my Aussie OH lived all her life in Brisbane before coming to Blighty). We have seen some very nice-looking 3/4 bedroom houses in South Coogee and between Coogee and Randwick but we don't know whether these are nice areas, accessible, noisy, clean etc. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated as we really have no idea what we are doing at the moment... The few people I have spoken to have told me that Bondi is where it's at for night life etc but after more than ten years of living and working in London this is not necessarily the draw it once was. I am 33 and my OH, who is expecting our first child, is 29. That's not to say we don't like going out and enjoying ourselves, we quite like being close to the CBD but we also appreciate a bit of space and a bit of peace and quiet - we currently live on quite a quiet street in London. I drive a Vespa in London and I am keen to drive either a high powered scooter or motorbike when I get to Australia so good/fast public transport is not a must-have. If the CBD is bus/trainable in up to 45 minutes then that should be fine. Any thoughts, comments, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  21. Hiya--Just give me a ping if anyone has or knows of a short term furnished/semi furnished accomodation in the south of Sydney -- like anywhere from Penshurst to Panania--or in the sutherlandshire--anywhere from Alfords point to sutherland/como. Might need it for 6-8 weeks. Cheers and thanks for reading.
  22. Hi folks, We're moving to Melbourne this December and we obviously are going to need some place to stay.. The thing is I'm not sure how can I find an apartment remotely? Is it even possible? How can this be done? To complicate the things even more, we land at December 28, which is 3 days before Sylvester and it's also a weekend, so I believe that the city will be "paralyzed". I'm really stressed about this and I consider to move our flight few days forward to Jan 3. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks!!
  23. Hi, We are moving out of our lovely family home in the gorgeous Woodlands suburb in Perth (close to the CBD... my partner cycles/runs to work in the CBD every day). Woodlands, aka Perth's secret little Gem, is ideally placed close to excellent schools (Hale, St Marys, Churchlands, Bold Park & Woodlands Primary which has a new "One to watch" headmaster) and the beach is only a 5 minute drive away. Woodlands has a great community spirit with it's own lake to walk around with a nice cup of Latte from the local cafe (people drive to Jackadder Lake from surrounding suburbs to walk/use the excellent playground/visit cafes... it's that nice!). The house has 4 bedrooms, study/playroom, 2 large living areas, 2x bathrooms, 3x toilets (2 in the bathrooms and one extra one on it's own!), Air Con (reverse so it can blow hot or cold), Alarm System, Salt water pool (fenced and solar heated), Alfresco Area, Gardens to front and back, dishwasher, Retic (for those not in the know this is a good feature as it is a "free" bore water sprinkler system, which means you can have nice green grass even in summer and it wont cost you a thing!) and a car port. The house was freshly painted and carpeted for when we moved in 9 months ago. This is a break-lease initially for three months from the beginning of June (to see out the remaining three months of our lease), so ideal if you want to give the area a try, but the owners (who are professional & friendly, unlike many rental agents) will be keen to carry on the rental beyond the three months for the longterm if you are interested. This is a great opportunity to get into the Woodlands area as rentals are rare. Drop me an email if you require any further info.
  24. Guest

    short term rental

    Hey everyone, i was just wondering if its possible to arrange a short term rental in hobart for about a week or two? :cute:
  25. I'm moving to Melbourne to go to school in July 2012. I've been looking at suburbs to rent in not far from the city with maybe a 30minute commute. I would like to rent a decent 2bedroom at no more that $250/week. Can you help me find out some good suburbs.