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Found 95 results

  1. Shazzi

    Good Removal firms??

    Hi Can anyone recommend any good international removals firms..or likewise tell me the ones to stay away from!! I have spoken to a couple on this site who said they had a disaster with their removals firms ie. things arrived broken/bashed or stuff did not arrive at all...compensation claims have been delayed or paltry amounts have been offered for items which cost a lot of money initially. We are currently based in Fife, Scotland so we are looking at both local firms and national ones and are coming to Brisbane end of Aug/1st week in Sept...I think we will need a container to ourselves for all the things we are going to bring out but any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. stillhere

    removal company's any advice?

    hi all just wondering if any one can recommend a good removal company will be going to brizzy/sunshine coast area. were not taking a great deal but have a couple a v. expensive bikes which we cant bring ourselves to let go! I know theyd b great in oz but dont wanna take them on the plane with us UNLESS anyone has had experience with this did you have to pay baggage excess on them? was they in one piece when they arrived? did you pack them at home or airport? any advice on taking or shipping please huge thanks inadvance:notworthy:
  3. well this is it by Wednesday we will be camping in our house with no furniture. Pickfords come any minute to start packing us up. Spent all day yesterday with a jet wash and a scrubbing brush getting the mud off everything (it hurts to type) We are at home until 27th May. Ohh and discovered yesterday that you can't sell a car without an MOT so had to book that in This is fun:wacko:
  4. I've had quite a few different quotes for removal companies but wanted some recommendations.. we're moving from ireland to brisbane.. can anybody recommend a good removal company?
  5. Guest

    removal companies

    HI can anyone recommend removal companies to go with. We are moving from Scotland to Brisbane. Had a quote from Crown and was quite interested in using them but they are not responding to my emails or calls:arghh: so that has put me off a bit. Any suggestions welcome:smile:. Thanks Lou
  6. Hi there. We are moving from one side of Brisbane to the other. Could anyone recommend a really good/reasonably priced removals company (which could come and pack our stuff up and move it over there)? Thanks so much!
  7. Hi All, What are the approx removal costs to Oz. We are trying to get a full financial picture so that we can budget / decide for definite & how long it would take. I have been told a visa would cost approx £1000, is this for everyone in the family or per person. I would be looking at a 457 teaching visa. Are the visa fees for children the same as adults? Cheers, Adele
  9. Guest

    Removal Insurance

    Hi All, Was just wondering if most of you used the insurance services of the company who did your removals or sorted out your own transit insurance?? Was quite shocked the other day when i realsed how much transit insurance can cost. If anyone did get their own insurance who did you use??? thanks Nicola
  10. My name is David, I'm 37 years old and currently live in the UK with my wife Jane, and our two daughters Dani and Tiegan. We are keen to start a new life in Australia and we are looking for a good Australian company to offer us sponsorship. I am a fully trained asbestos removal specialist with 6 years good experience. I have worked on a range of Industrial and commercial projects, on demolition and renovation. I have also worked on the North Sea Oil rigs and have experience of confined spaces. I am a hard working, trustworthy and reliable employee, and given the opportunity would prove to be an asset to a good company. My wife Jane is bilingual ands is fluent in both Thai and English. She too is a hard working and conscientous person who is looking for employment in which she can use her language skills. If you can offer us the opportunity of sponsorship or any help, advice or contacts please send me a PM.
  11. Guest

    removal companies

    Me again, Think I've put this question in the wrong bit - never mind. Have booked a container with Removalgroup.com ( Sutton Coldfield area), they had a great website and lots of solid testimonials. Only spent £50 deposit at the moment, so if anyone has heard 'bad things' now is the time to make a lot of noise!! Their quote seemed to be on a par with a couple of others ( who bothered to reply) they do full insurance, and to be compliant with the insurance; they pack, create the inventory, load the container, ship, store for a month, and deliver anywhere in Queensland, unloading the container at your new home. So it all sounds good at present. Ideally do not want to see our settee amongst flotsom on a beach in the South China Sea on Sky News, with a bloke running up the beach selling my "Dark Side of the Eighties" CD! Although my wife would consider that a blessing in disguise. Should have subscribed to this website BEFORE doing some of this stuff but always have been a bit of a loose cannon. Roll on Xmas - Never eaten Brussell Sprouts off a brabecue before. Ta Perry
  12. Hi Myself and my fiance are in the process of getting (I hope) RSMS visa for Canberra. I have a job with the Australian government and they are sponsoring the visa. We have submitted out application and gone for our medicals. We just have a few little things left to be sent and then we must wait and see what happens. Anyway, in the meantime we have put our house on the market (we were going to sell it and move whether we go to Australia or not). Now the problem is what do we do if the house sale goes through faster than the visa! Will any removal company take our stuff and wait for the result or will be have to put our stuff in storage and get them to pack it for removal once we get the all clear for the visa? Also we had two companies in for quotes on the removal to Australia (PSS and Pickfords). I am thinking at getting more quotes but not sure who to go with. Both of the firms were very professional so far. If anyone has any advice or experience of these companies I would apprecaite hearing from you. A private message would be fine if it isn't possible to put opinions of particular companies up for legal reasons. Thank you for your help. Best of luck to anyone else out there trying to get this all organised, I know how you feel :wacko:
  13. Hi Everyone. We are getting closer every day to the big MOVE. Can I have some suggestions of the best firms to move our stuff from the UK to NSW. I have also looked at the cost of cars in OZ!!! Anyone got any experience in shipping their cars from UK to Australia? If so any tips? Cost and taxes would be a good start. Getting v. excited.
  14. Hi guys As the thread says, I am after some recommendations for removal/shipping companies, as I wish to start getting quotes Any suggestions from people who have used these companies would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance Kim
  15. Hi Guys My Family and I are moving to Qld in the next month or two, I have lots of questions but right now I am researching international moving, anyone know any good firms to use?? Thanks a million PS please say hello I will respond.
  16. Guest

    Removal concerns.

    Hi everyone. This is very premature, (habit of a lifetime.............:err: ) I live in a property which has a very narrow access lane down to it. You can just about get a transit type vehicle down it without demolishing the surrounding walls. (Which I've tried to.........believe me!) If I wanted to take my furniture etc with us, do any of the firms do a take and drop with such vehicles or are they they all the traditional artic size lorries? We had problems moving in, moving out will also be problematic and we were considering just leaving everything for the guy with the house clearance pickup to get rid of everything. Bit of a waste really, the furniture is good kit, not massive money but never the less, something I'd prefer to take with us if we could. As I've said, this is a bit premature seeing as we're miles away from going, but everytime the wife breaks a mug or something, I'm getting paranoid about replacing it!!!! Dan
  17. Hello We are moving to Alice Springs 1st week of Jan 07, can anyone recommend a good shipping company that they know of. Thanks for your help Neil & Sarah
  18. ali

    Best Removal Company

    Any tips for best removal company? Heard Crown and Pickfords are good. Any horror stories? We're taking as much of our furniture as possible. What do they do when they come round for the quote? Thanks Ali
  19. Guest

    removal company for small moves

    Hi everyone, can anyone reccommend a removals company for small moves. We are not taking furniture just smaller items. Taking dvds, stereo, clothes etc. I have had a few quotes but they seem expensive. quoted £700-£800 for 2 cubic metres ?if this is a good price. any info would be helpful cheers claire
  20. Guest

    DIY removal ?

    Has anybody tried to move themselves ?We are so skint I need to save some kind of money for MY NEW LIFE!!! Rich.