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Found 95 results

  1. Hi there I know there are lots of threads relating to removal companies and who to use but we are close to booking one now and i am still confused. I liked dorree Bonner and have pickfords coming next week. John Mason cannot fit me in for a quote until mid sept (this is when we would need packing up). crown came in way too dear and there wasn't a lot of movement on the quote (20ft 880 cu ft). Pss the cheapest but I have read a few threads which say that a lot of stuff got broken and the packing wasn't great. As we are taking most of our belongings and furniture i would like to know that it gets there in one piece as money to replace will be ltd. Any experiences are gratefully received - positive or negative but please keep them honest and realistic. (don't want posts to be deleted as i will be back to square one!!) thanks
  2. Hi all, We have just received some competitive quotes to assist with our move to Oz - not much to chose between them all pricewise. However, wary of small print items, which could catch us out - any feedback on aspects we should look out for? Also, I hear rumours that some removal companies may be in some financial difficulties due to the downturn in the UK - again advice welcome. Would BAR membership provide cover if it all went horribly wrong? Thanks in advance Martin
  3. Guest

    OMG removal guys are here!!

    The removal guys are here as I type. They are taking everything and we don't fly out till 31st August. Starting to panic abit now but still exciting!!. Keep you informed Ange x:arghh:
  4. Guest

    good removal firm?

    Hi All Have just sold my house , got my visa last year and now would like some advice on the best way to ship my stuff over. Any good ideas? cheers Lee
  5. Guest

    Removal men here as i type

    Hy guys, Well as i type this there are guys whizzing around with brown tape all over the place packing up our gear. If i stand still too long i may end up being parcelled up with it all. I cannot praise the staff and removal guys at Anglo Pacific enough, they have been fantastic and any queries i have had have never been a problem for them. I will post before were on our way but for the time being i'd like to thank everyone here on Poms in Oz for their help, support and encouragement. For those just starting or nearing the end of the whole process, please don't give up or lose faith. It will come in the end. Bye for now. :jiggy:
  6. Has anyone recently made the move and can recommend any shipping companies from north east England to Sydney?? I have asked for Hoults and Pickfords to come and give a price, hoping it will all fit into a 20' container, might be less. Recommendations or who to avoid would be great as I think I might get one or two quotes more yet. How much notice do they usually need before packing and shipment?? Thanks everyone
  7. Guest

    removal company

    Hi just a few questions, we have 8 weeks left till we move and can't decide on removal company, had afew good quotes and the best one is PSS which advertise on here but never heard about them before. Please can you tell if they are good or bad! What about their insurance it doesn't say a lot in the paper work just 2.8% of value. Also they say about if you have boxes for some items then they will be better packed in them, but i thought if you pack them in original boxes you would have to proof they are over a year old, i have no receipts. Thank you for your help.:wacko:
  8. Guest

    removal issues

    hi there, i'm moving to brisbane soon but have been getting removal quotes around £3500 based on 20 foot containers!! too much!!! does anyone know if self loading the container is a good idea? anyone know how you go about arranging this??? cheers:wacko:
  9. Ok, this is for you lot who are already on the other side of the world and transported your household goods over with you. The main reason we are not going to just sell every thing and buy new when we get there, apart from the cost, is that we feel it would be really hard for our girls (4 & 6) to give up all their toys. It’s bad enough them having to leave their friends and family and our two cats. So to make life easier for them we decided that we would take these along with our own stuff; electrical goods, photos and things. My main question is; When the people come and pack your goods up do we need to supply the boxes that everything went into when purchased, or do packers prefer to just put everything into their own boxes. For example I keep just about everything and have most of the original boxes for our electrical items. However, the boxes are dirty now (been kept in the barn), and wondered if it would be better to just get rid of all the boxes and let the packers pack everything in new boxes? Can anyone tell what the process is? Also, for anyone who may have moved over from France, can you recommend a company to us? Thanks for your help. :wubclub: Tasha x
  10. Hi there Just wanted to know if anyone else who has experienced simliar can shed a little light on something for me please. I've started court proceedings (no solicitor) to get a court order to take two of my children to Oz with me - the absent father will not give permission for me to take them, even though he doesn't maintain a decent level oc contact with them! I've had the first (directions) hearing and the court has ordered CAFCASS to file a report which is ''Limited to the Mothers application to remove the children from jurisdiction'' Obviously this "limited to" specifys in some way the report that CAFCASS will produce, what exactly do they mean by this though? Thank you in advance for replys Saffy x
  11. Hi Does anyone know of a cheap company in Adelaide so i can get some stuff back to UK? Im in Adelaide and everywhere ive got quotes from have been way too expensive (like most things here). Im not leaving behind my personal effects, photos etc so can anybody help? thanks
  12. chippy2

    removal companies

    :smile:hi to eveyone,moving back to the uk got a quote today from pickfords lets say not very happy,can anyone tell me best company and prices please as moving from brisbane back to sunny west yorkshire,well west yorkshire.
  13. Guest

    John Mason removal quote

    John Mason have quoted us £3150 for the complete service to Perth. This seems really good, especially as Pickfords were £4026...however can I ask if there are any hidden costs we need to be aware of with Mason's apart from the Aus customs charge & insurance? We still have Anglo Pacific to come round but tbh if mason's will agree to £3k (got to try!) and there are no horror stories I think we'll go with Mason's. (ps the reason this quote is so reasonable I think is because we're in temporary accomodation after we sold our house so lots of stuff is already wrapped!) Cheers!
  14. Guest

    Removal Firms

    Has anyone used European Van Lines before? We have just been quoted £2195.00 for taking all our stuff which works out to just over half a container. Which I think is really cheap, but has anyone used them before? Thanks for any replies :wubclub:
  15. toughspiders

    Removal Companies Costs?

    Hiya I have had one quote from John Mason - they want £4k for a 20ft container and another 1k to ship along a few extra bits....I think this is expensive? Is it any cheaper to get a bigger container??? Is there a chance some of you out there can give me the names of The companies you used? The size of the container? And the cost please???? I obviously want to save a few quiddies if i can cheers Bex x
  16. Guest

    which removal company

    Hi, We've just had pickfords round today to assess our stuff for removal and it looks like with the amount of junk, we will be tight on a 20ft container. This is probably compounded by husband wanting to ship his motorbike as well. But I'm happy enough to take the opportunity to have a good clear out. We will have a few others, Crown, Anglo Pacific over as well but I presume that they will all be similar. SO, how do you choose which to use? Are there anythings we should look out for in particular. The man from Pickfords was keen to stress that they would do their utmost to get the job and price would be keenly negotiable... Any advice would be most grateful! Thanks!
  17. Cob

    Removal quotes

    hi everyone we are off to the Mornington Peninsula, hopefuly by the end of jan 09. can anyone recommend the names of reliable removal companies so we can get some quotes on containers etc. It will be a large household move, no pets to worry about though. Also are there any airlines that are helpful on excess baggage? cath
  18. Guest

    Which removal firm to use???

    Hi we are still in our planning stages for the move, but as a general question we wanted to hear about which removal firm to use? Its all well and good seeing adverts on websites etc, but we thought it better to listen to you all on here that have made the move or those of you who have already arranged an removal firm.... We are bound for Brisbane and are currently based in Warrington, Cheshire. We look forward to you responses and suggestions of who we should and also should not use.... Regards Steve & Adele :jiggy:
  19. Guest

    Removal Companies!

    :err: apart from PSS and Anglo Pacific are there any other removal companies that people can reccommend ? thanks ! (oh and Crown - I just saw their ad pop up on this thread!)
  20. Guest

    Naming a crap removal frim

    Ok, just about had enough. We used xxxxxxx from the UK to ship our belongings over. They then used yyyyyyyyyyy on this side to deliver our goods. Firstly we paid for the sole use of a 20ft container. Our stuff arrived in oz in a shared 40ft container. We found out on the day we were leaving for oz that yyyyyyyy was the firm who would be delivering our goods. When we paid the bill beforehand we were told a different company altogether would be delivering our goods at this end. When our goods did eventually turn up from yyyyyyyyy, the two delivery guys arrived and low and behold they had somebody elses inventory. How hard can it be to deliver a container to a customer without checking name and address agreeing with the inventory. After they unloaded all our belongings we had a flat screen tv scratched on the face, a broken bed, broken chest of drawers, numerous pieces of broken crockery (some old 'willow' china plates as well) and items missing including pans, toy boxes etc. 3 months have now gone by and we're still no further on. Have received only vague emails saying 'yeah, we'll chase it for you' but nothing substantial. We're now wondering whether it's time to get the ombudsman involved. We personally wouldn't recommend either of these companies. eddie:sad:
  21. Guest

    Need Help on Removal Comp

    Hi Guys, looking around at Removals and i was wondering if anyone had use 1st Move, Pickfords or John Mason. If anyone would like to recommend one to me in the Southampton area i would be very greatful XX:wacko:
  22. Hi there Just after some advice really, we have had 2 reasonable quotes from King and Wilson and Grace Removals and I really don't know who to choose. Has anyone had any experience of these? My gut instinct is saying Grace removals but if anyone has any first hand experience I would be interested to hear please. Many thanks Madge
  23. melpaul

    removal company

    hi guys just woundered if anyone has heard of or used meridian movers had a realy cheap quote of them jusy woundered if they were any good any info appriciated thanks mel:notworthy:
  24. Had Allied Pickfords come around this morning. We have been given 2000cuft(40ft container) and 64cuft for air freight.:radar: However, still waiting for visa!! Should be here any day!!:jiggy:
  25. Guest

    Removal companies

    Hey Guys Just wondering if any of you could recommend me a good removal company as i am struggling to find one. Cheers :jiggy: James