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Found 95 results

  1. gaz n family

    Booking Removal agency

    When we go about contacting removal companies (sorting it at the weekend) how helpful are they really? Their websites are full of "come and use us" adverts, but in reality how helpful are they? Do they advise you on what you can and cannot take? What needs to be spotless? Provide you with the tools to do it yourself? please, if you have any tips on how to approach this i would really appreciate them. Finally how long does it typically take for them to return their quote once they have attended for a survey?
  2. hi, situation is like this, one of my OH's friend were sent back by immigration authorities in one of the middle east country due to his tourist visa expiry date ,however they do not put any stamp on his passport. and now they were applied for 175 visa and didn't think too much about this incident. is it something to worry? now my frined is little worrying . any help would be appreciate thxxxx jess
  3. Can anyone recommend a CHEAP (note the capitals for emphasis!) removal company for a small house move in Brisbane? We are moving from a 2 bedroom, 5th floor apartment in the city out 20km to a low set house in the suburbs. We only really need all the big heavy furniture and fragile stuff taken. We thought about doing it ourselves, but frankly we'd rather we had professionals with insurance doing it. Has anyone used any local companies they could recommend for a cheap and quick move (this weekend!)
  4. Guest

    Removal companies

    Hi All, Any recommendations for removals companies that any of you have used and acan recommend ? Thanks Darren and Jackie:wink:
  5. Hiya we havent got that much to move really jeep and bits of furniture but not enough for container or anything, can anyone recommend a company that could move for us or have you done it? thank you
  6. Guest

    Removal Companies

    Hi. Would anyone be able to recommend removal companies to move interstate. Thank you
  7. Guest

    My removal story

    After carefull consideration we decided on using a local firm, a small and hopefully a more personal service. So we used a company in birmingham. Got a v reasonable quote and signed up. The guys who packed us were very helpfull and got the job done in good time so we bought several crates of beer as a thank you. WE had our stuff shipped before we flew out, as we were staying with relatives we could, so only a couple of weeks after we landed our stuff was ready, so 2 weeks in a holiday rental, signed up on a house and the furniture delivered the same week. They decided to use a third party removal company to deliver to our brisbane rental, but we were left to unpack the boxes ourselves, not what we had paid for, never mind we are here. Our furniture was damaged but we got quotes and the insurance paid, rather have undamaged furniture as it was made in belgium and v expensive. We tried to ask why we were left to unpack and dispose of boxes and packing, but after all parties blaming each other and us out of pocket we disposed of the waste our selves. tried e mails and phone calls but some one was always in a meeting , e mails in the trash bin, not looking for money back just a sorry, Guess the moral of this rambling post is choose VERY carefully as the promises you get when handing over your uk cash are long forgotten on the other side of the world.
  8. We leave for Sydney on a 457 on Monday. We are leaving everyone and everything we know behind. Excitement soon turns to stress and low mood.. We are all dreading the family "goodbyes" on Sunday. Any survival tips? Cheers Paul, Sally, Samuel and Rosanna
  9. Hi all, In 5 weeks we fly to Brisbane for a month and when we get back we will be looking to ship our house contents probably sometime late september, all depending on when our house sells. So, I've had some quotes from various companies and the prices really differ form £2K up to almost £5K, some offer storage and some don't and we will need one that offers storage at the other end. What are peoples experiences of shipping companies and who should we avoid! We don't mind spending a fair bit as long as everything gets there in one piece! Tanks! :jiggy:
  10. Looking for anyone that has used REMOVAL SERVICES SCOTLAND LTD (RSS) for shipping household furniture to Perth or any where else in Australia. Would like to find out any experinces of the company to see if they are any good. Looking for an insurance company to use for shipping aslo any advice??? any help would be good
  11. ozerjon

    removal companys

    Hi I am looking for recommendations for removal companys from uk to perth. I have received a quote from anglo pacific for 4300.00 for a full container. I am obviously looking for a reliable company but as everybody is i am trying to reduce our emigration costs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Cath:goofy:
  12. Guest

    removal of children

    Hi Guys Like some ones help if poss,what form do you need for the removal of children from the UK. Now we have our visa our friends have decided to go through the whole process but she has children to a previous marriage but her ex has agreed for them to go so she wants to get that part sorted i told them i would try and find out . Hence you guys Regards Pom64
  13. biffo

    Which removal firm?

    There are many comments on this forum about which removal firms to use - or more impotantly which ones not to use. As we cannot display the names of certain removal firms for the fear of legal action for some reason, I thought that a list of removal firms that could be used would be good and any feed back on first hand experience with them. If the names have been bleeped out, then I would avoid them like the plague, so a list of reputable firms which I would choose from should be all that is left! Please add to the list and post feed back of good experiences with the companies that are in the list. Thanks. Here's a starter list; Pickfords, Crown, PSS, Anglo Pacific, Doree Bonner, Atlantis Ltd, Bishops Move Have fun, and list your removal company here.:jiggy:
  14. Anyone used good removal companies from Perth to UK? Used Excess International coming here but would much rather not use them again! OSS dont ship from Perth otherwise we would try them. Thanks!
  15. Guest

    Removal Firms

    Has anyone used European Van Lines before? We have just been quoted £2195.00 for taking all our stuff which works out to just over half a container. Which I think is really cheap, but has anyone used them before? Thanks for any replies :wubclub:
  16. I've had two removal companies out to give me quotes for removals, and now that the quotes have come through, I'm seeing discrepancies between what was actually said when their representatives were here and what is actually laid down on the quote, ie, costings, and particularly timescales! Really annoying when you get told in your home that it will take 6-8 weeks, then when the quote comes, it says 8-10 weeks on the basis that thats the cheapest route. If you want the 6-8 weeks schedule, its dearer!! I also felt they gave you a little 'false' information like, 'yeh, we'll build a box for that table so its nice and secure....', but when the quote comes through, if you want a special box its extra! Also found a few other bits and bobs that are really annoying. I also found that there was a stark difference between the estimated volume of goods that we had between the two companies. One estimated nearly a third more. I always felt we were going to be a bit tight on a 20' container as we're taking a car in it, but the last thing I want is to go with the company that said we had less, only to find out that it wont all go in, and the rest either has to go as groupage or as excess baggage or something. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Julie
  17. Guest

    removal companies from oz

    hi, just wondering if any one could give me some names of removal companies that operate out of melbourne? we are looking in to returning to the uk, and could with some names and addresses. thaks elaina
  18. Hello all, The removal company comes in tomorrow and i'm at the point where i don't know where to turn next! The house looks like a bomb has hit it as we have put anything we have a box for in it's box! How did you label what is going what isn't going? How tidy was your house when they arrived? Did you feed and water them? Just not sure what to expect- any advice would be great- before i pack the Computer!! thank you all
  19. HELP We have just finalised the booking of our container and now we have found this HUGE document in our folder. Has everyone had to do this? I can understand them wanting a valuation, but this is asking us for the exact number of CDs, coats (woman), coats (child), skirts, sweaters, towels etc etc etc. They are packing us, I thought they would be doing the itemisation. At this stage we haven't really finalised exactly what we are taking, what we are selling and what we are dumping. HEEEEEEELP!!!! Please give me some advice about how to get my head around all of this. OK, breathe, breathe breathe, put the kettle on, go back to bed and hide under the covers for a month or two.......:arghh:
  20. Guest

    Removal from Jurisdiction.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advise or have been in a similiar situation. We went through a Removal of Jurisdiction case with my step son's mother last year and were successful and have now been living in Australia for 12 months. My husband and step son are going back to the UK in January for the agreed 2 week annual visit completely at our expense as agreed at court. My question is if his mother has not been making any contact via email, webcam, phone or letter are we still legally obliged to bring my step son back to the UK every year for a visit. We are aware that if we do not adhere to the court order my step son can be removed from our care and sent back to the UK however as she has not followed the court order to stay in contact with her son and I have made all the contact possible is she also not following a court order? Would just like to know for next year. Cheers
  21. Guest

    moving back to uk removal costs

    It lookes as if we may have to move back to the uk. and was just wondering if any body could give us an idea of shipping costs back to uk for a 40ft container. Thanks Dave and Julie
  22. Hi, I'm after abit of advice......can anyone recommond a good international removal company? We want to look at shipping our car aswell.....any help would be most welcome -stories/nightmares....do's and don'ts. Thanks
  23. ravensfield

    Removal vs Freight Companies

    I have had quotes from a few removal companies and a few freight companies to ship my things to Australia. I am only shipping about 20 tea chest and 3 or 4 small furniture items. The costs range from £1154 to £279! The dearer quote includes packing and carriage door to door. The cheapest quote is only up to arrival in Sydney and I would have to pack everything myself and arrange an agent in Sydney to get my things through customs and deliver it. Does anybody have experience of shipping using a freight company? What are the pros and cons?:confused:
  24. I urgently need some advice please. How do I get as quickly as possible a court order to remove my daughter from the UK. Her Father is already in Australia but wont give his consent to bring her to Australia and Diac will not allow us to emigrate without it. She is 15 years old. How do I approach the courts and is it a family court?