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Found 72 results

  1. Guest

    Last Remaining Relative Visa

    Hi All, Im new to this site and i was hoping someone could help me with the last remaining relative visa. I have lived in Aus for 2 years have become a permanent resident. However my Mum is living on her own in the uk. She's 52 in good health and would love to move here soon. Please can someone point us in the correct direction. Thanxs
  2. Hi, My one and only sister has been living in Sydney now for several years and my parents have applied for the CPV Visa which should be granted in September next year if all goes well. I have no other family in the UK. I am planning to apply for the last remaining relative visa once my parents have received their CPV visa but just wondered from what date I could do this i.e do my parents have to validate their visa before I can apply? Do my parents have to prove they are "settled" before I can technically apply? Or can I literatally apply the day after they receive the visa/validate their visa? Any thoughts/comments appreciated. Thanks. Frizz
  3. Guest

    Last Remaining relative visa

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me answering my tricky question, I am australia PR. My sister just got spouse visa (temperary resident visa in Australia). My elder brother is the only one in the family not in Australia, I believe I can sponsor him as he is the last remaining relative. My questions: 1. Is it neccessary to wait another 2 years until my sister gets her PR (from TR->PR)? 2. As my sister is not in Australia yet ( she will come 3months later). Can my brother submit applicaiton now? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, Well, first of all let me explain my situation for you. I am Brazilian, 21 years old and I'm graduating in computer engineering by the end of the year. I decided to move to Australia, first because of job opportunities and quality of life and second because my sister and my brother-in-law already live there with a Permanent Resident visa. I've been looking many kinds of visas up to now. First I was planning to go there with a Student Visa and then get a job and be sponsored (which was my brother-in-law case), then I decided to wait for my Italian citizenship to get a Working Holiday Visa and, the last idea was to migrate with a Skilled Migration Visa. Well, due Brazil doesn't be an english speaker country, we are required to have an IELTS grade, and this is mandatory for Skilled Migration Visa. The problem is that I still don't have it, my plan was to do IELTS tests in Australia. My Italian citizenship will take too much time to get ready, at least one year plus the time to get the passport and then plus the time to apply for the Working Holliday Visa. And last but not least, the Student Visa, which I'm still analyzing. Ok, once this explained, I'll start my enquiries. My brother-in-law discovered the Remaining Relative Visa (115), that called my attention. I'm fully eligible for this visa. I still have some questions though. Doing a research on internet I found out that process time is about 6 to 9 months, and that's ok for me. But my questions are: 1) After the visa being granted, is there a limit time for me to move to Australia? How long can I still stay in Brazil even though with the visa granted? 2) Is the Assurance of Support necessary in all cases? No further questions at this moment. I think those are my main concerns now. Sure there will be others, but those I couldn't find answers and I'm sure your help will be valuable. Thanks in advance and sorry for the grammar mistakes and misswrites. -- Jonas
  5. Guest

    Remaining relative

    Hi just lodged my remaining relative visa.... have two children 18 and 19 at present the visa proves they are dependent on me (so very very true!!!)..... heard mixed info about how long they take.... has anyone got any idea?...cheers Karen x
  6. Hi there, I am currently living in South Africa. I have done a bit of research and according to my parents immigration lawyer I am entitled to apply for the Last Remaining Relative visa(115). My sister is PR in Australia and my parents will get their PR in a week or two(allready been approved). A few Questions: According to the immigration lawyer she said my visa is not a quick process (12-16 months!!) because I am applying in South Africa, Is this true? Now I heard some of these 115 visas has been granted in 3-4 months but theirs were applied on London etc. Would it be quicker of I apply in OZ(ill go on a 3 month tourist visa)? Any more info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  7. hi i would like to ask advice regarding my plans to apply for last remaining relative visa.my mom and dad and sisters are in australia, my other brother is in nz. i have a daughter which is 6 years old living with me now. my doubt is that, about 10 years ago, i applied for a visitor visa and was granted.but i have written in that application my half-sister who i met just a year before that application and who i havent been in contact for 10 years already. i dont know where she is now. would that affect my application? and also , i have been granted an Australian fiance visa before but i did not push throught with my fiance.will it have an impact too? and then there's the case with my child, her father is australian citizen.and i applied for her to become an australian citizen but she was not granted that..does it affect our application now? thank you for your time and help.
  8. Hello All, Im looking to migrate to Austrailia in the next 11 months and was hoping I can get advice on the best route to take. I currently have my Father and both Brothers and Sister out in Austrailia as permanent residents. My Father went out there 5 years ago on a Skilled Migration Visa. I am the last sibling left in the UK. I have been reading the forum's and have come up against a few dilemma's! Although all the family I speak with is infact in OZ I still have my mother over in England. I have had not had contact with her for over 5 years now. Will this stop me applying for a Last Remaining Relative Visa? If it does not, can some please recommend the best agency to go with as I understand that the Visa is one of the hardest visa to get! If it does cause a problem which Visa App would you recommend to go with and who is the best agency to get things done. Thanks in advance for all / any help.
  9. Alan Collett

    Remaining Relative Visa Applications

    As more are starting to be eligible for this visa class I have written an article on Go Matilda News: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Hopefully of interest to some. Best regards.
  10. Guest

    last remaining relative visa

    has anyone heard of the last remaining relative visa and if so what criteria is needed to obtain one.
  11. mr luvpants

    LAst remaining relative

    Just curious......What defines a "last remaining relative"? Is it just immediate family or if you have aunts, cousins etc you cant apply? JOHN
  12. lee74

    Last remaining relative

    OK can anyone help point me in the right direction, I am currently living here in Perth on temp visa and will be a year or so before I can apply for PR. My Mother (age 52) is desperate to move over ASAP she has no other family over in the UK her father lives here in Perth and is Australian Citizen her only brother lives here in Perth too but is also on temp Visa at present but should be PR soon. I thought of the possibility of last remaining relative as I would be right in thinking she has no other family in the UK so could she pursue this and use her father? Many thanks, Lee
  13. Guest

    Last remaining Relative

    First post...looking forward to some reply's:spinny: I applied for a Contrib Parent Visa 143 on 27 June 2008 and am awaiting a case officer. My Daughter and Husband are Australian Citizens and our sponsers. Our other Daughter wishes to apply for Last Remaining Relative. If and when my CP 143 visa is granted, how soon can she apply for her LRR visa and does she have to wait until we activate our CP 143 visa. Do we have to be settled and resident before she can apply or after activating our visa can we return to the UK and remain whilst her LRR visa is being processed.
  14. Guest

    last remaining relative...Help!

    hi all,, i have seen an agent about what visa to go for and i have been told. that last remaining relative is my best option.. the only problem is my little brother has gone back to england for a while and i was wonderin if he has to be in australia for a certain amount of time before i can apply for last remainin relative..he an the rest of my family already have permanent residense..
  15. Hello I'm new to this forum. I am currently living in South Africa, and hopefully applying for the Last remaining Relative visa(115) my sister has her PR and my parents in the necxt two weeks will have theirs. According to the immigration lawyer she said my visa is not a quick process (12-16 months!!) because I am applying in South Africa, Is this true? Now I heard some of these 115 visas has been granted in 3-4 months but theirs were applied on London etc. Would it be quicker of I apply in OZ(ill go on a 3 month tourist visa)? Any more info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  16. Hi Everybody. Apologies if this is already a thread but I couldnt find one with the same situation. I am a dual national I have British and Australian Citizenship and have been in Sydney / Australia for 5 years and have no intention of living anywhere else now I came in as a skilled migrant on a PR visa and then got citizenship which I am very proud of. I have 2 brothers and no other siblings. My middle brother wants to apply to move to Australia. He has visited me on many occasions and loves it here. We have one other younger brother who lives in the UK and no other siblings. We lost our parents 9 & 11 years ago. Neither of my brothers have spoken to each other for 8 years. They had a huge falling out a year or so after my parents died and they have no desire to keep in touch with each other (which hurts me as I am close to both of them). The brother who wants to move here is finalising his divorce now and then he wants to start afresh over here. He works for himself as a graphic designer / media and has qualifications but not a degree. I know the last remaining relative visa states that there must be no other sibling but I wondered if there were ways around getting him a PR visa or on the road to one. ANY HELP would be greatly received by him and myself. Thanks in advance.
  17. hi all i am trying to get my son as permanent resident in oz under last remaining relative..an have been told to look at bridging visa's.. how do i go about doing so?? thanks
  18. Hi all, My son currently in australia at the moment with us and we need to get a permanent residensy in place..how do i go about getting him over here using my last remaining relative option?? thanks
  19. Hi As you may or not be aware i was planning to get into oz on a student visa but my oh has decided that he no longer feels confident in doing this:frownxmas:. I am now wondering if i was to apply for the last remaining relative visa as all my family are in oz would how long would it be before i could sponsor my partner for a spouse visa? many thanks emma x
  20. Hello, i was hoping someone can advice. i am currently in Australia working on a 457 visa. Mym mum and dad are australian citizens and the rest of my sisters are Permananent residents. they are at school/ working in Australia apart from one who is back over to the UK selling her house. She plans to be back here in feb to set up home in melbourne. i believ I am eligible for the LRR visa as I have no partner and no other family members in the UK or anywere else. I just wanted to ask : Can I submit my application now even though my other sister is in the UK at the moment ( she is an australian PR)? for the application fees, do I need to pay the 2nd installment for myself and both my kids ( 9 and 10 years old) As I am working in australia will I still need the AOS of $5000 Approx how long will an onshore application take to be processed? What details do I need to prove all my family are residents ? Thanks. its a very expensive process so going to lodge the application myself so any advice would be apprecatied !! Thanks
  21. I'm not using an agent so I'm getting confuesed! I've got a few queries, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the deal. Me and my mother are applying for a remaining relative visa, following my father's death. The relatives we have in Australia are: My mother's brother (my uncle) and my half-brother and half-sister (or my mother's step-son and step daughter) However, My mum is the main visa applicant and I am over 18. How do i prove i'm dependant? I live at home, after quitting uni without a degree. Nor do I have a skilled trade. Although not currently working and regretably on benefits to pay off the student loan, I am starting a new job that won't earn me anywhere near enough to move into my own place. Will my situation count against the application? Also, do we need to submit evidence to prove we have no other immediate relatives left in the UK?
  22. Guest

    remaining relative or not

    Hi, can anybody clarify this: My family are going to Australia (obviously) but need to understand the remaining relative visa as its so confusing: My son is independant and cannot go on our visa, he is from 1st marriage....... he will be my last remaining relative in UK if we go without him...but does this count? OR because his Dad is in UK, is my son classed as having close relatives here and not allowed to use this visa? Please help!!!!