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Found 72 results

  1. Guest

    Last remaining relative

    :wub:Hi all. Someone please help me on getting my visa the quickest way possible. I have 2 brothers both of which are now Australian residents, my parents have applied and are waiting their CPV's. Does anyone know roughly how long the last remaining relly visas take to come through? My parents are hoping and praying that they get theirs by Aug/Sept this year, is it quicker to be onshore and apply for mine whilst I am holiday there at xmas? I am divorced and have 2 dependants that will be coming with me(ex has signed agreement for this already). I know they wont be ale to start school until we are residents but could we stay there on our hoiday visa until our residency visa has been granted and get them home schooled? (We are going to Brisbane) Please could someone advise me on the quickest way to get our visas, I just want to go NOW!!!!!! Thanks Jo. x
  2. We have applied for a parent visa and are investigatingr the possibility of getting my son over on a Remaining Relative visa. I know these are taking longer now and I understand all the conditons, which I believe he would meet. My query relates to how soon he could apply for this after we have moved to Australia? Does he have to wait till we are 'settled' or would my daughter or son-in-law be able to sponsor him? My daughter is sponsoring us, so not sure how many people you are allowed to sponsor.
  3. perthbound60

    Remaining Relative Visas Timescale

    Hi, I applied for a Remaining Relative Visa through London in April 2010 & have had my medicals, PCs & Assurance of Support arranged. Does anyone know how long these Visas are taking to be granted? Thanks for any help you can give me
  4. Guest

    Last Remaining Relative

    Lodged January 2010. Not heard anything since bridging visa granted. Anybody else out there waiting same length of time? Will be grateful for any info
  5. Guest

    Remaining relative 115

    Hi I am considering joining my family in Oz and think I can go through the remaining relative visa. I just am still 50/50 on should I stay or should I go! Anyone been through this visa application? From what I have read its 6-8months to be processed and the cost approx $3100? Just looking for advice on anything that I will need to be aware of if I go through with this, IE additional cost etc. Also not looking to go for a year and keep reading emails about the amount of immagrations being reduced! Does this affect last remaining relatives? Thanks in advance!
  6. Guest

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Anyone got any ideas for me as getting desperate? I am a permanent resident (eligible for citizenship beginning September) married to an Australian citizen. My eldest daughter is here on a sponsored work visa but is marrying an Aussie in October so can apply for spouse visa instead. My parents are also here as permanent residents. My youngest daughter (25) is currently out here on a working holiday visa which expires in Novemher but wants to stay here with the rest of her family and we had thought would be eligible for remaining relly BUT....because her biological father is somewhere in UK this apparently prevents her applying for the visa. This seems very unfair and illogical given that this 'parent' has had no contact with either of his children for years and has no idea where they are and vice versa......surely a person should be allowed to stay with the majority of their family that do care about them?
  7. Can anyone please help to clarify for us if we are eligible for this? My partner and I are desperate to get into Oz! My brother is a citizen and is willing to sponsor us (my only remaing sibling) my partner does have a sister in Uk and parents. We have two girls 2 & 5. We are 42 & 43 so don't have a lot of time to get this done, my partners' skill was removed from the list on the last cut in June, so options are reduced - big time! Does anyone have experience on these family sponsorship visas? Thanks in advance. Karen P.S We are British Citizens but are residents of Spain (8 years).
  8. Guest

    Last Remaining Relative

    I am of Indian Origin living in Australia as a permanent resident for the last 3 years. I have one brother who is leaving for US for further studies and have a widowed mother who would be all alone in India post August this year. I am planning to bring my mum here on visit visa but a bit confused on what would be the right approach. I do not intend to apply for the parent visa, as the wait time is really long and the contributory parent visa could be an option but a very expensive one. I did skim through the LRR visa but not sure which one to begin with. Confused over bringing my mum on visit visa and then applying the LRR visa (on shore) or apply the LRR visa (off shore) and then bring her here on a visit visa. Any guidance on what would be the best approach would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  9. :laugh:Hi everyone, I'm in shock, I've been asked for the last payment and my passport for the visa, it's only been six weeks!
  10. Ok i've got to ask the question whether it be right or wrong.... Got two mobile contracts on three for myself and partner and a broadband deal with talktalk, theres still six months left on each contract and we're going to be leaving for oz soon. Collectively to end the contracts early its going to cost me over £600 Has anyone had to suffer this and thought "what the hey" and gone without paying them before? I realise there may be repercussions but the possibility of doing a houdini has crossed my mind....
  11. Guest

    Last remaining reli visa

    I have now been asked by my c/o for my 2nd payment before they stamp my visa:biggrin: I am so happy right now !!!!!! sun is shining and I'm off in October Woo Hooo Outta this godforsaken hole finally :biggrin: Big thanks to gollywobbler I owe you all the help and listening to my rants you have been awesome i need to buy you a drink. PM me
  12. Can anyone please help, I am currently on student visa with my 10 year old son in Ausse & my daughter is on a 1 working holiday visa as a hairdresser, which we have just found out that its been taking of the SOL list, she has been working for the last 5 months; :mad: Can my daughter apply for a last remaing relative visa as her big sister & husband are permanent resident for the last 6 months in Ausse, all my siblings are here; Any help or info would be great, from a desperate mum :arghh:
  13. Hi, I have been living in Australia for 2 years and next year plan to go for PR iva 457 sponsorship. Once this is approved we want to sponsor my parents to come over on a Contributory Parent Visa. However this leaves my brother on his own. He is in his 30's but has no partner and my parents would not want to leave him behind. Unfortunately he does not qualify for a visa independently however we hoped to sponsor him on a last remaining relative visa. Does anyone know much about this? We dont want him to be left behind waiting in England. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, does anyone have any idea of the length of time likely to get a last remaining relative visa (offshore) please? I already have my police certificate and am about to lodge the first part of the visa, I haven't had my medical yet, just in case it takes some time!
  15. Hello everyone, I guess this issue must have been discussed somewhere but umm just to meet my particular need, I hope you guys don't mind if i repeat the same stuff here :wink:. My brother (Australian) and my sister (PR) they wish mum and I to migrate to Australia. I have been reading through the immigration site and somehow I could not manage to locate a specific migration category which would let both of us to do so within a short period of time :confused:. I would be really appreciated if anyone of you could narrow down my search into a particular set of migration categories so that I could seriously focus on those categories rather than trying to understand the entire website :cute:. Will be looking for any inputs and thank you all guys.
  16. Guest

    Last remaining relative visa

    Hi all, I`m in the uk, my sister has been in oz now for 35 years. She is my last remaining relative, and I am going to try to emigrate there. Can anyone please tell me if I have to pay a bond as well as the fees on a last remaining relative visa? By the way I will be applying for it in Oz, not in the uk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Terry. p.s. Hi again, does anyone have a rough estimate of the time it takes for the Australian goverment to approve a last remaining relative visa. Thankyou. Terry.
  17. Guest

    remaining relative aiting time

    Hi can anyone help PLEASE!!!! My inlaws are applying for a contributory visa, and my sister in law + 2 kids are applying for last remaining relative visa. Does anyone know the waiting time on these visas??? Thanks:arghh:
  18. Morning all After giving my c/o a kick up the arse asking whats happening with my visa ? He cam e back saying He doesn't have certified copy of my passport ( thats a lye more like ya lost it mate) my stat dec is worded wrong was never told / found what wording was needed on stat dec so if any one could advise the exact wording that would be cool . and I need to send in australian police checks, Why? I lived there in 04/05 back packing and the other year again for bout 9 months is this why ? and how do I obtain them from this side of the world. last rant is :mad: if I hadn't chased him up how long would it have been till he requested this :arghh: god they are wind up merchants I swear I look forward to your words of wisdom fellow sressed out applicants Regards
  19. My partner (de facto) and I applied for a 176 family sponsored visa in May 2008. I recently wrote to DIAC to complain about the way we've been messed about etc, and they replied with the usual guff, however, they also suggested trying to apply for a Remaining Relative visa. My only living family (two brothers) are both now permanent residents in Perth, so I would be eligible for the visa by myself. I was under the impression though that I wouldn't be able to apply for this visa as my partner has all his family over here in the UK still. And as we've already got a visa in the system with him as my de facto, it would look v dodgy if I were to say that I was now single (especially as I'd want him to come with me)! Does anyone know if it would be a good idea or not for me to apply for a Remaining Relative visa? Any advice really would be very helpful. Thanks! Liz
  20. Guest

    last remaining relative

    Afternoon all Has anyone gone on one of these and how lon did it take ?? put mine in about 2.5 months ago , got conf of docs rcvd by post and got a co appointed within two weeks of app, since then not a dicky bird ? Will it all go of with the request of my police chq's and medical and start flying along. Any info would be cool as im desperate to get over to see and be with my folks. Regards Keith
  21. Guest

    remaining realtive visa

    hi can any one help we have applied for the class 115 visa in feb o9 we had our medicals in may 09 and have since had no news has any one got any idea how long it takes and do we have to have another medical if we still have no news we are hoping to go to caloundra queenland thank you tara
  22. Hi I have been reading through posts on here and looking at the Immi website to get as much info as I can for my situation so I hope I'm not duplicating threads but I have a few queries and would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer..? I am a British citizen and have an Aus Resident Return Visa (valid until Dec 2010). My partner (same-sex partner, together for just over 3 years and living together for 2 years) and I are contemplating moving to Australia permanently however it may not be possible to do this this year. I therefore have questions around two scenarios: 1) If we migrate this year (i.e. before Dec 2010), I can enter Australia and stay in the country on my permanent residency. Would a De Facto/Partner visa be the best solution for my partner to enter Aus? 2) If we cannot migrate this year and do it from 2011 onwards, things start to get tricky. I have looked into the Last Remaining Family member visa on the website as all of my immediate family - 2 brothers and parents - are Australian citizens. However, 1 brother has recently moved back to the UK after living in Aus - does this mean I am now no longer able to get the Last Remaining relly visa as there is a clause about all family having to be normally resident in Aus? Also my partner is French and his family is in France - do they have an impact on me getting this visa? If I can't get that then I guess I have to go the points route although I have not looked into this very much as it seems quite long-winded w.r.t ensuring my job is skilled and getting assessed etc? Does the High Comm in London offer appointments for you to go and talk to somebody about visa options or do you have to go to a private visa service / migration company to discuss options? (I've sent the High Comm an email but not heard back yet..) Thanks!
  23. Just want to say thanks to all the advice from all on here but finally got my onshore remaining relly visa granted !! 22nd dec yipeee this is after my co told me they could not find my last VAC on the system but got it all sorted , good luck to everyone and although no expert if you are going through this visa more than happy to give advice and hope . best xmas news ever Thank you xxx
  24. Guest

    Brother as a remaining relative

    Hello everyone, I have read a lot of information about the remaining relative visa option but I still have a few questions I need answering. I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to help.:biggrin: I am an Australian citizen and have a brother in the UK. He is my only sibling and both of our parents have passed away. My brother is keen to join me in Australia however, he has a little boy (9 years) who he has joint custody of with his ex partner. His son is dependent on him and stays with him half of the week. Here are the things I am not sure about:unsure: From what I have read my brother would still be classed as my remaining relative until his son is no longer a dependent. Is this the case? If my brother can apply for this visa can he add his son onto it even if he is not sure as to whether his son will come to Australia with him? (the split between my brother and his partner is messy) Would this visa allow my brother to go to the UK and spend a couple of months there each year (to see his son IF he didn't come out here)? If my brother was able to apply for this visa and it was granted would he have to live here straight away? I know that sounds like a strange question but depending on how long the visa took to be granted and what was happening with his son at that time, selling of his home etc could effect how quickly he could relocate. Many thanks for reading and any information you can offer would be very much appreciated. Eliza
  25. HYPOTHETICALLY, what problems would there be in a married person, (whose close rellys (parents, siblings etc) are ALL in Aus (citizens) but cannot claim LRR visa due to wives rellys back in UK) divorcing, getting last remaining relly visa and then shipping wife over on partner visa???? any thoughts!