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Found 91 results

  1. For anyone lucky enough to have their new employer kick in some financial assistance for relocation to Oz: - have you declared the amount on one of your tax returns (either Oz or UK) ? - if so, do you get slugged with FBT (fringe benefit tax) in Oz, or is it reported as BIK (benefits in kind) in UK? .....................or do you just forget about reporting it after your 9th cold stubbie.
  2. PommyPaul

    Relocation agents

    Has anyone used a relocation agent to secure a long term (6 months plus) rental before they left the UK? I've been in contact with a few and am 80% happy that it'd work out a few thousand dollars cheaper and a whole load less hassle to use one, basically they'll view and photo 10 properties then liase with the owner/agent to sort all paper work and secure the property you want. Obviously i'd need to put an element of trust into this person that they wouldn't land me in the ghetto for 6 months. Has anyone any experiences or views on this?
  3. sandramcd

    Relocation Agents?

    Hi there, I've just been looking at calngarys fab website and wondered if anyone could recommend someone/something similar in or around Newcastle? The thought of arriving with 5 kids and not a clue terrifies me and I could just do with a guardian angel to guide me through!!! Sandra
  4. Hi PIO: Relocation, Relocation! Sorry I’m no Kristy or Phil – I do miss them, but never mind Herbster seems like a knowledgeable substitute correspondent! I’ve been promising all you folks in the WHO-should-we-use-for-our-MOVE-to-OZ department a thread dedicated to GETTING YOUR STUFF out here: THE GOOD, THE BAD & the UGLY! So here’s our tale: We had a spacious 2br cottage, in the back & beyond of rural Northumberland, North of Corbridge about 23 miles from Newcastle-upon TYNE! It took the movers around 12 hours to pack our contents into a 20’ container, which was sealed before our eyes & left our house around 3pm, Fri April 25th: ETA in Tas (not at our home) June 8th, pretty speedy! And like fools, we believed them, so arrived in Kingston May 30. We had things to DO: clean the house, get ourselves in the System but we could have waited till the 8th at least, as apart from the cleaning, we sorted our legal commitments in 2 days - as it was the container took just 65 days arriving at our door Monday, June 30, 8:59, but it still meant staying with family & friends for 61 days! We didn’t just pick a Remover out of the phone book, I had at least ½ dozen Experts come to the house, audit & propose. After our reccie to Tassie, we eventually decided on a Newcastle company, who were actually around £900 cheaper than their nearest competitor. Our choice being Kelly's International Movers, aka Doree Bonner, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who probably have an office near you. At the sign of the cat... I've been told that just the container hire is around £3K - now prices will have changed, but we paid £4K for door-to-door, including wrap & EXPORT PACK & Unpack, + £1K Insurance that they are licensed to sell, there were also the local Custom & Quarantine fees of around $400.00. (Which could be more should anything untoward occur!) :goofy: THE GOOD: I’m sure you’ll have particular concerns regarding specific items, & these companies should be comfortable & competent in answering all of them, if not, sayonara! Clearly they should be familiar with shipping to Oz, also, are they affiliated to recognized Quality Assurers’ groups? Do they EXPORT WRAP/PACK - which means every item encased! I even found one of those pesky bean shredders encased in bubble wrap! AND do they remove the rubbish afterwards...??! As we're moving again soon we've kept a mountain of it! Ummm??? Also will they take away the junk, etc., from your present home, useful service…? THE BAD: On the 2nd day we had a lad less than savvy in the ways of Export Wrapping as most of my pictures & photos were just stashed in boxes that I would never have packed like that to ship in the car home, let alone 12,000 miles on an Ocean voyage rattling round in an ISO! So watch out for that! IT COULD GET UGLY: - Also, that they have decent agent's this side - We had Grace in Hobart, who were very friendly & efficient - yes, they didn't exactly tell us what we wanted to know, when our ship didn’t come in, which was only because they didn't know either! But they hustled our stuff through Customs double quick, as they knew we were keen for it! It COULD BE BAD IF YOU DON’T: factor in copious amounts of teas, coffees & cookies – even sausage butties, & a tip appropriate to the effort... I forgot about the Ts&Cs really, PLUS the fact you need a kettle & mugs to make it IN...!!! There's stuff like that where good neighbors or nearby rellies are invaluable! Or just keep the rubbish for that purpose, which you junk instead of washing up! Sooo much to think about ahead of time, you have to get organized: Arghhhhhhhhhh! And as we took our fridge/freezer & stove AND microwave, kettle, etc., all having to be devoid of crumbs, grease, mice... Lists have to be the Order of the Day! The Truly UGLY: Obviously all your outdoor stuff has to be sanitized in disinfectant (so Q/C can smell it!) & painted - NO dirt of any kind on outerwear, or anything, - shoes, pots, garden furniture, etc... And all that potentially-to-be-INSPECTED stuff, I suggest you ensure it’s packed together & apart from anything else precious – common sense would tell you don’t pack Paddington Bear inside your Wellington’s or your garden tools in a dresser drawer! I have a feeling they might even have new rules about fishing rods, wet suits & surf boards, although mine got through ok. Check that the Movers will pack voids & flat pack difficult things like tables for you. Also what you can dismantle & what do they expect you to do ahead of time?? (Clearly this saves them time & you ££) ... That was a big project for us, meaning, a week beforehand, dismantling our wardrobe (where to put the clothes??)book & cd cases, etc (Where to stash the sounds & books??!) & then spend the next week falling over planks of lumber & murder mysteries... THE SENSIBLE: Also, this sounds logical to ME, but... always pack your screws & bits, in baggies & tape to the base of a shelf or other integral part of dismantled furniture... Don't put them all together in some pot, ‘cos you'll never find them when you want them & be cursing when you can't eat your dinner at the table, as the screws are in some pot that you can't remember/know where it was packed, or C&Q confiscated it as you put it in the Aspidistra Pot!! Also make sure they'll pack your mattresses carefully & any antiques, crystal, etc., will be properly cared for… Helpful Hint: You can take some useful cleaning/bathroom, Body Shop supplies, etc. we just packed all bottled/packaged liquids, powders (in their original containers) together in those clear plastic boxes, & put an inventory on the outside - obviously nothing flammable/ combustible or items that shouldn't mix... Shippers will then encase in their wrapping media - you can also do this with personal items that you don't want to get damp, letters, photos, etc & request loads of desiccant... I think we had a couple dozen crates all told, Xmas decs - no pine cones, straw, lambs or donkey! We filled a Hope Chest with duvets & there was no problem with down pillows, etc. They let us pack drawers with clothing, soft toys, if they won't let you do that you'll soon end up with a larger container & more $$££$$!!... :cry: I think that's enough for now, your Teddly Correspondent reporting from sunny Tasmania, Hope it helps and Goodbye for now…
  5. Guest

    Relocation Company???

    Can anyone recommend a good relocation company? Not sure how much we're bringing buy it seems to be a minefield of different companies offering different things so a recommendation would be much appreciated..... :chatterbox:
  6. Guest

    Relocation Companies?

    Hi All, We are looking for a good relocation company to sort out & make our move to OZ easier. Does anyone know of any good ones? Thanks :spinny:
  7. Guest

    Relocation Companies.

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or used a Relocation Company/Agent? What are they like, are they any good. Anyone recommend one around Geelong way? Any ideas please. Helenx
  8. PommyPaul

    To relocation agent or not?..

    That is the question. What are peoples views and experiences with using relocation agents to find them long term rentals prior to their arrival?
  9. Has anyone used or know of anyone who has used any of the relocation companies that help find you settle into a new country by finding rental properties, schools and generally taking the stress out of settling into your new life? I have come across them via the web and have no idea how expensive they are and whether they are worth using? We are going to Sydney, so if anyone can feedback on any of the Sydney ones - that would be fab. Jo
  10. littlelegz

    relocation of jack russel

    Hi there can any one tell me how much it is to move my dog to OZ he is a little jack and is 13 years old so we cant leave him behind. we also have a cat but we would get adoptive owner (my mum) she dosen't know this yet!
  11. Guest

    relocation tax

    hi all shot in the dark here but has anyone heard of a tax break for ppl immigrating to oz through company transfer (working for same company as uk in oz 457 sponser), i read somewhere that some ppl can claim back up to £8000 of relocation costs ,,eg container shipping and flights. any ideas or was i seeing what i want to see and reading wrong LOL I DONT KNOW this forum is the best thing for stopping the worry or prepairing for what will happen. feel sorry for the £10 poms not having a clue some not even seeing a picture of where they were going to be, but those who didnt work and came back prob never worked here either.....(wife told me to add that bit(nowt to do with my original question)) LOL
  12. Guest

    Relocation Stress

    Good morning ! Well, i went to my GP last week and came away with a diagnosis of acute stress and insomnia, instructions to see a therapist and sleeping pills. Now stress is a very funny thing, I'm not miserable or depressed, quite perky actually, I've just got lots of physical symptoms, like not having any sleep for weeks, shakes, inability to concentrate, feeling like I'm going to fall over (?panic attacks). I'm so not the sort of person that does this stuff! We're less than 4 weeks away from getting on the plane, our stuff has been packed up and is on its way, which was a relief. We no longer have a mortgage, which is fantastic, and we are having a lovely last few weeks enjoying the S. coast. I'm not particularly worried about anything, not even spiders, and all in all feel pretty positive. So it's a bit weird that it's hit me like this. Just wondered if anyone else has gone through the same sort of thing. I guess it's the total change of life that is about to happen, leaving everything and everyone familiar, quitting work, the burden of guilt that goes with leaving elderly parents. I've also got this feeling that to an extent I will lose my identity. Am I the only one having a bit of a hard time with this or are any of you cracking up too ??? A x
  13. Guest

    Sponsored Relocation Expenses

    Hi Everyone, I've been offered a job in Melbourne and my prospective employer is allowing me up to $7500 AUD for shipping costs. I've done some research and it seems this will cover a 20ft container that should accommodate our household furniture and stuff that we will bring over. However we would also like to bring over my wifes car, as a replacement in Australis appears expensive and the shipping cost at around $2000 AUD is well below what we would lose on it in depreciation and replacement costs by selling it before we go. Does anyone have any advice on typical relocation expenses that might be paid by a sponsoring employer and whether Australian Employers might commonly expect or be willing to pay for an incoming employees vehicle ot be shipped over? Any advice appreciated. Thanks John
  14. Hi We're due out to perth in April. Fortunately my company will continue to employ me over there. Does anyone know if there is a similiar system as the UK - whereas you can recieve upto #8000 lump sum tax free as relocation benefit. Any help appreciated Thanks Simon
  15. restfamily

    Relocation agents

    Has anyone used a relocation agent to help them find rental accom initially? If not have you found if easy to find somewhere. We are off to Canberra and I have heard it can be difficult to find good rental accomodation. Thanks
  16. Guest

    Pet Relocation

    Hi guys Looking to Migrate with my three large dogs! Wandering if anyone can recommend a good company to assist? I know It's gonna cost me but can't leave them behind. Looking at getting quotes but I would rather know they gonna be looked after. Hope you can help Thanks SCoop x