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Found 91 results

  1. Butterflybee

    State relocation advice

    Hi, Our family of 3 have been thinking about a move to Australia for some years now (since visiting in 2002!) but have finally decided we are definitely going to start the application process. Our dilemma though is which state? Have visited Melbourne, Adelaide, Sorrento, Alice Springs. Melbourne was lovely but we have since been looking at Perth and not being able to afford another holiday there (wanting to save for move instead) not sure what to do. Our priorities are; work (I'm a mental health nurse, husband in landscaping & construction) good junior schools, affordable housing, access to good beaches, walking, golf courses and horse riding (we are keen outdoor people hence wanting a move to Australia). Does anyone have any advice/literature/web links to help us make that decision? Many Thanks :cute:
  2. Just trying to decide between the PSS and Crown Relocations. PSS have told us between 5-8 weeks for arrival of goods and Crown have told us between 10 - 12 weeks from Scotland. Looking to hear from anyone who has used either of these companies and the actual time it took for delivery of your goods to your property. Thanks a lot. Kendal
  3. Brown5

    Relocation Costs

    Hia, just completing our SS form and have got to put what we think our relocation costs will be: - could anyone please give me an idea of their shipping costs, we have a 3 bedroomed house, but not alot of furniture, 2 sofa's, display unit, 4 chairs, only taking our bed/matress, got OH tools and bikes to take, along with outside table and chairs. Probably have half a container ... I don't want to contact the removal companies as they want to know when you are going and that is the million dollar question LOL ! Going to put the flights into the equation, anything else I have to factor in ???? Thanks in advance Tracey
  4. My dogs are flying to Australia on Wednesday 16th February 2011, arriving at Sydney Airport on Friday 18th February 2011. I am using a pet relocation firm called Passport For Pets (a division of Airsupply Shipping Agents) but to save money I am arranging the vet treatments and completion of most of the paperwork myself directly with my personal vet. The AQIS guidance clearly states that Part A and Part B of AQIS Vet Certificates (sent with the Import Permits) MUST be completed, signed and stamped (endorsed) by a Official Government Veterinarian (the vet at the airport on the day of departure) and travel with the dogs to Australia however the above pet relocation firm are saying that it is not, that they only AQIS doc required is the Import Permit. Just seems a bit odd, why bother creating these forms if they weren't required but the girl at the firm I am dealing with is adamant they are not needed? I almost get the feeling they are trying to confuse me so I give up and pay for them to do everything! I have emailed AQIS today but can anyone that has done the paperwork part themselves please advise on this? I do not want them to be turned away at either airport because these forms have not been completed. .
  5. aussiechick2006

    Relocation: Phil Down Under

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has already been posted (don't get to keep too updated with having two little ones). But thought I'd let you know Phils on tonight in Perth. At 1915, BBC2 So that's my NY's eve tv sorted ;-) Hope you all have a fantastic 2011. Best wishes Aussiechick xx
  6. Hi there everyone!! Just been made a job offer for a position at Burbank Place Baulkham Hills. I have been given hotel accomodation for 2 weeks from 10th January, can anyone assist with shared accomodation or of a good estate agent that will assist in getting set up. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas to all.
  7. HI We will be leaving the UK in about 8 weeks and I need to book our dog into quarantine etc - have had a quote from Air Pets (OMG! how expensive). I would be interested to hear from other families who have moved their pets to Oz - who they used - how much it cost them in total and how they and their pets coped with the separation (its the OH I am worried about, more than the dog:biggrin:) Our house sale exchanges on 30th June and I need to get this sorted as soon as possible. Thanks Jo ps we are going to Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba/Maroochydore area.
  8. Guest

    Relocation Relocation

    Hi Everyone Channel 4 in the UK are casting for a new series of Relocation Relocation - if you are considering relocating back to the UK from Australia, we could help you find your perfect home! We will begin filming in the new year, so get in touch as soon as possible, and Kirstie and Phil could be on hand to assist with the move. Email Scott - scott.watkins@iwcmedia.co.uk for more info. All the best Relocation Relocation team
  9. Guest

    Phil Down Under

    Hi there, I am a researcher on the Channel 4 programme Phil Down Under. We are currently on the hunt for families who are moving over to Australia or families who have recently located over there (within the last year), who need help buying a property. If you think you may be eligible and are interested, please send me an email to siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Siobhan
  10. Hello Folks, Just been offered 457 sponsorship with a financial contribution for relocation expenses. What would be a good relocation deal in AUD terms for 2 adults / 2 kids moving to Sydney?
  11. Guest

    Melbourne Relocation Agents

    Hi, wanted to know if many people had used a Relocation Agent for Melbourne, after many long hours going back and forth between Perth and Melbourne, myself and the OH have decided on Melbourne!! We would really appreciate any insight on Agents and if they thought it was worth while. Cheers Linda:biglaugh:
  12. Property guru Phil Spencer from C4’s ‘Location Location Location’ is taking his property finding and negotiating skills along with a large dose of English charm, down under. He’s heading to the other side of the world to help emigrating Brits find their perfect home in Australia. In each episode, Phil will be helping one British couple navigate their way through the Australian property system. Phil will help find, survey and negotiate the deal on their dream pad. From harbour-side homes in Sydney and Beach pads in Byron Bay to Ranches in the Outback and Retreats in the Rainforest, no property search is too daunting for Phil. For the return of this exciting series we are on the hunt for people who are looking to emigrate to Australia before the end of 2010 or people who have already made the move and now need help with their property search. They must be available and able to buy in November/December 2010. If they’ve got the papers and they would like the help of a dedicated team who will assist them find the house of their dreams all they have to do is follow this link http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder and fill in the application form.
  13. Guest

    Bridge Relocation

    Good Morning I would love to hear from anyone who has used Bridge Relocations, I know they read threads on here but it would just be great to hear from anyone who has used them... just to put my wandering mind at rest. We have SS for Perth, my OH is a carpenter and has been told that they have a job in Adelaide ideal for him, however it would mean we'd have to pay MORE money and we're a bit sceptical. We'd be happy to change to Adelaide as we have friends there, but I'd love to know first what other people think. I do know that no one can tell us what we should or shouldn't do, what is right or what is wrong but it would be soooooo helpful to hear from anyone who has gone through Bridges. Thanks , speak soon. Gemma
  14. tracy123

    Crown relocation

    Just letting everyone know that Crown worldwide relocations will be on Undercover Boss on Channel 4 Thursday at 9pm. It may give some idea on what happens after they leave your house :idea: All the best Geoffrey
  15. Hi guys I am moving to Sydney at the end of September and am toying with the idea of using a relocation agent to find a place to live for the first 6 months, has anyone one else done this themselves or able to give any good reason not to use them, Im really after the peace of mind knowing that we have a place to stay for 6 months. Any views from newly arrived Sydneysiders would be much appreciated.
  16. We've just got our 175 visa are planning to move to Brisbane later this year. We're planning a reccy trip at the end of August and would like to book the services of a relocation advisor for a couple of days, primarily to look at suburbs and schools. We're initially thinking about Scarborough / Redcliffe peninsula, but are also keen to look at other highly rated areas within 30-40 mins commute of cbd. Would appreciate any recommendations on good relocation advisors. Thanks
  17. Dont miss out this opportunity, due to rellocation we are selling our house located in Fulham SA. 3 bed, 2 bat 1 carpark, very low maintenance and located just 5 minutes walk from the beach ( Henley Beach ) and only 2 minutes walk to linear park ( River Torrens) . You can have a look at real estate .com . au and the ID is 106656399 Cheers LG
  18. JuliePaul

    Relocation Agents Sunshine Coast

    We are moving to the Sunshine Coast (around Mooloolaba) in January next year and were wondering if anyone could recommend any good Relocation Agents, basically we just want someone who will view a few rental properties and send us the info etc on our behalf then hopefully we can have a long term rental (6 months) in place before we arrive......? Cheers Julie & Paul :yes:
  19. Hi Guys, I promised a few friends back home that I would keep a daily blog and send it to them thought it may be of interest to some of you... maybe a bit long winded !!! :notworthy: Tuesday 8th June Well the day has arrived! I get up at 1.30 am after a mammoth 2 hours sleep and get a little wired off coffee. I have been staying with my parents for a week and a half before the move and mum had been up all night – she is probably very worried and apprehensive. We set off to Manchester airport at 2.30am and get to Manchester in reasonable time to check in for the flight to Heathrow, managed to check in 24kg’s even though the weight restriction was 20kg.. Result!! I am now sat in the departure lounge, and have just left mum and dad at the gate. They didn’t make a big song and dance, which was great as with me being overly tired I could have got quite emotional – it was a nice farewell and more of a “see you soon” It was hard enough leaving Grandma yesterday in floods of tears, it would have been tough to do it again. I have just seen the plane I am travelling to Heathrow on- and have necked 3 x calms ! I am not a great flyer and its not very big at all ! Just arrived at Heathrow the plane wasn’t the one I thought it would be… phew ! The flight was only 35 minutes, which is still making me laugh, you couldn’t drive from Ilkley to Leeds in that ! I met a lovely lady on the plane; she was an accountant for companies such as Pepsi and Persil – quite a big wig! Turns out she is on the same Quantas flight as me; she is going to Singapore on business and is getting off when we stop to refuel. She goes on to say that she has done a lot of travelling with work and Sydney is by far her favourite city, she gets all excited for me which is nice ! She said that she would love to have done what I am doing, however has kids now and said that she thought I was very brave to do it on my own and that she admires me as she doesn’t think she would be able to do it as a 28 year old single gal, this, coming from someone like her felt like a real compliment – we went for a coffee on arrival at Heathrow then she went off to lord it up in first class – only £5k for a ticket to Singapore !! might do that next time yar !! So I go off and pay £6 for a bacon and egg sandwich and smoke my head off, sat having a coffee on my own – I love being at airports on my own and in fact flying on my own it always makes me feel really independent. I am still not feeling a rush of emotion which I expected, I don’t feel scared, worried or not even that this is a big deal – it just feels like the norm-this is a little strange I am thinking, I have had people crying on me as I leave and I have not faltered once ! Just seen the plane for the long haul it’s a Airbus A380, I swear to all the gods I have never seen anything like this before – it’s a double decker and one of the engines is the size of my old house !! I have got on, and no one sitting next to me… got 3 seats to myself, so make a make shift bed and neck a couple of nytol ! Quantas are an amazing airline, so helpful they can’t do enough for you, its 12.5 hours to Singapore. Wed 9th June Just got to Singapore, that was the best flight ever – I slept for most of it (which I never do) due to my makeshift bed - great lunch but missed breakfast as I was asleep ! Its hot and humid in Singapore, we have an hour here off the plane then I think 9 hours on to Sydney. On the flight now, captain has said its only going to be 6.5 hours, that’s great !!! I look a right mess; don’t know how I am going to pull myself round to meet my new boss who is picking me up at the airport I meet john at the airport (new boss) we were the only ones looking lost ! Customs was easy, very friendly and straight through. He got my stuff in the car, and Liz (manager) had given him a bag of shopping for me, which is lovely and much appreciated – the basics like toothpaste, milk, eggs, bread, spreads stuff like that. It takes about 15 mins from Airport, and its freezing!!! It’s nice though, one thing I was worrying about missing was the crisp air we get in the UK, I didn’t know if the air was going to feel humid and clammy – it feels good, just like an Autumn morning. The city looks beautiful! The vivid light festival is on, so there are random buildings and bridges lit up with pictures, it looks amazing. Get to the apartment, its lovely and modern and nice and clean – VERY central, the opera house is just round the back. Manage to get unpacked and get a shower, into bed at 11pm and try to combat any Jet lag. Thurs 10th June Woke up at 4am, my body clock will be all over. I wake up feeling excited. Got a shower and put full make up and done hair, I feel you may have to in Sydney! Firstly I went to Vodafone and got a Sim for my phone, its $29 but you get $159 worth of credit and have to use it within a month – at first I was very confused, but this is actually really good – cheap calls internationally as well so can phone the family tonight, I know mum and grandma will be wondering how I am getting on. Next I go to Commonwealth bank, I set up an account from the UK so just needed to take in my passport and pick up bank card, they are lovely and so helpful the lady sets me up with internet banking and applies for a visa for me. Then I go down to the office, to pop in and say hello and to meet everyone, and also to give them my new number. Had a chat with Liz about areas to live, which helped. Next I go to wander round the city, it’s a really cold wind, will need a scarf tomorrow as I can feel it hitting my throat and its making it sore – so I go to a convenience store to use the internet, find some apartments in Prymont and Darling harbour which are nice, so might as well go there for a look around. I walk down to the Circular Quay where the ferries and trains are and there is a ferry in 15 mins there, buy a ticket for $5.80, its weird the ferries are just like buses and you can even call a water taxi. Going out in the harbour on the ferry gives you amazing views of the Opera house and Harbour Bridge, its really warm now – they said it was going to be about 16deg but feels hotter. I cant believe how chilled out Sydney is, I had visions of over crowding with tourists, its really not bad at all. Get off at Pyrmont and have a walk around the harbour and town is lovely, quite touristy but lots of bars and nice restaurants I think the fact the suns blazing helps – anywhere is nice when its warm ! I could defiantly live here though, it feels a little like San Francisco, all leafy hilly roads leading down to the harbour, I sit and have a coffee and take it all in, while calling some of the apartments that I have found – none answer and leave messages to try and view. I can walk to work from here, and also get the train, bus or ferry quite easily to anywhere so that’s cool, going to go and check out Newtown tomorrow another suburb close to the city, but its not near the water I don’t think. Get the ferry back to circular quay and walk back to apartment, only 5 mins walk. Just going to chill out tonight, there is loads to do but don’t want to spend any money until I get work started and get paid, so just going to take it steady there is plenty of time to see it all ! Think I will call the parents and grandparents on my new phone ! Great day, and I really feel safe and happy here… I can see myself being settled. Friday 11th June. Just woken up, its 5am… good ! I used to get up really early back home so don’t think this is any different really. Just text a few people, and had a coffee while looking over the train map.. I got a text last night from someone I met through the Poms in Oz website and there are a group meeting up on Sunday… how exciting, its going to be great to meet people that are in a similar situation. I am going to get the train to Newtown today, and have a look around then maybe head down to Elizabeth bay, and double bay – other areas I am thinking about living in… looking forward to seeing the beach ! Well just got back, went to Newtown – it was a little town in itself.. very grungy there were a lot of people with dreadlocks and different coloured shoes or socks… and an incredible amount of people talking to themselves. The shops were what I like to call “shops of crap” very quaint but just sold absolutely loads of nothing…there are some really cool coffee shops there though and probably more pub type pubs than you would find nearer the city.. Although with the amount of people shouting at themselves, I am not overly sure I would feel safe here coming home from a night out, I set down in an internet café thing and start the flat search AGAIN,. I have called over 40 apartments and not got a single reply so far, apart from one guy who said “ I am on a mission from God and expect my new flatmate to join me” thought it best to leave that one. I find a flat in Pyrmont, sharing with one girl called Jessica, double bedroom, own bathroom looks cool - $380 a week…With a gym and pool - well worth a look – I get excited about the area as I head back – I walked down through botanic gardens for the first time, and they are stunning, the Kookuburrows are just hanging out like pigeons would in the UK and they even landed on me, the bats in the trees are the size of cats, and I actually found them quite sweet, as they were trying to hide their eyes from the sun,,, I did have spiders in the back of my mind though… a lot of trees… mm best get out of here. I walked down through darling harbour to Prymont - I love darling harbour its cool and they are starting the soccer fest for the world cup tonight and there are loads of big screens in the harbour and floating footballs its very festival like and looks ace. Just been to see the apartment, that’s going to be a no go!!! It was sharing with a Chinese girl in a two bed, but she also had her sister living there too, they couldn’t really speak English and just followed me around while I looked, the apartment was a pig sty and very basic for the money they are asking for. The gym and pool were not in the same building and you had to walk 15 mins to them, I didn’t even bother looking I think basically they wanted the rent to cover her sister staying there for free. So now I am going to go an buy an internet dongle, I need to put more effort into the flat search obviously and my two snatched hours at internet cafes wont do ! I buy one for $80 with Optus at a newsagents and it has 1gb of whatever on it… (don’t get it) and I am going to go home, phone mum and grandma and get on with the search. Sat 12th June, Woke up at 7.30am.. a bit of a lie in for me ! I get straight on the internet and find flats that are perfect, until I see the last line which will say something very dodgy. Looking on Gumtree, domain and real estate and also signed up to roommate and flatmate.com Find 4 in Pyrmont, speak to them and it’s a no go, all gone. So, right, I am going to have to go further out – originally I wanted to be by the beach – so lets go back to that.. I find 20 in bondi and 2 in double bay.. I called and text all of them, no reply apart from the one in double bay.. he just said this is the address meet you there at 2.30 today – very arrogant. Ok well that’s fine, I will go look around double bay. Got the ferry over there, and walked around – it reminded me of France a little bit, its very designer orientated and has a strong café culture. There were teenagers dressed up to the nines in chanel, or whatever other designer, meeting for a coffee, mmm when I was that age I was necking a bottle of hooch at the train station ?!?! Beautiful town though, and I walk down to the beach, which is small but lovely, there is a sea pool thing called red leaf that you walk to through a garden and its stunning – yes I could live there. So I found the apartment, and it looks lovely outside, quite an old fashioned building – but clean and has character – I started thinking to myself – this is it… nice area, not a bad commute to work lovely pool and beach,., great. All the flat needed were a few basics, i/e clean, and reasonable size and I would take it there and then. The guy showed up (still arrogant) and took me in, well damn me if I wasn’t launched with a short sharp shock back to 1920 ! It smelt damp, there was no light, had carpets that were covered in mud, sofas that were filthy, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get home to get a shower. Feeling VERY deflated, I head down into the town, I thought buggar it I am going to blow some cash that I cant afford on lunch, so I sit with the trendy people and have 2 glasses of wine and a chicken ceaser salad – which I have to say was amazing $40 please…. As I am sat there wondering where to look next and wondering what the hell to do I get a text, it’s the ONE apartment this morning in Bondi that I was really keen for… Sharing with a girl called Sarah and she seems normal, the room is only $240 a week and its right over the road from the beach, the only thing that has worried me about this area is the commute to the CBD but hey, beggars cant be choosers and at least if I can find somewhere decent for when my works apartment is up on the 24th for a few months, then I can relax and actually concentrate on starting this new job, in a different market, with different colleagues in a different country !! ha ha… So I am going to see that at 12 tomorrow and hopefully we can put that to bed and get sorted.watch this space… :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Bridges relocation to oz

    hi everyone,just to let every one considering using this visa agent that it money well spent , it made our move from yorkshire last year to adelaide as smooth and hassle free as possible. have heard some right horror stories about other familys coming over and having to sort accomodation,mobiles,schools,etc.etc but more importantly they got a excellant salary package for myself .thank you tony mooney you made our lives so much easier
  21. Guest

    Relocation Agents

    Hi, We have recently spoken to an agent that says that they can possibly get my husband an employer sponsor in Australia as an electrician. As with all agents there is a fee attached where we pay £500 upfront and then another £1000 when a job offer has been made which seems quite reasonable. My husband is currently awaiting his Vetassess skills assessment results back that should be positive. As this seems like a reasonable offer at a reasonable cost it would be very much appreciated if anyone could give us their dealings with an agent called Bridges Relocation or a similar agent (they only work on the relocation not on the visa itself). Any advice would help. Thanks Kel & Si
  22. redditchcouple

    bridges relocation

    hi all,just wondering if anyone has used this company to help find them work in oz. I spoke to tony mooney yesterday in leeds and he basically said that he could line me up with a job out in adelaide as soon as I could get out there. Any info or feedback would be much appreciated.
  23. We have received the email below which may be of interest to anyone moving back to the UK. "I’m getting in touch regarding the Channel 4 series Relocation Relocation. We are in the process of making the new series and we’re looking to make contact with ExPats who are looking to move back to the UK. The programme offers an unrivalled opportunity, with access to some of the best property hunting expertise in the business. Over the last decade, presenters and property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer have successfully helped hundreds of house hunters into new homes. We are looking for people who intend to return to the UK and would appreciate our help buying a suitable property. If any of your members are interested, we’d love to hear from them. Thanks for your time and best wishes. Tony" If anyone is interested please PM me and I will pass on the contact details. Rob Admin
  24. Hi there, Is there a small family business out there that helps families with relocating to Perth ? ie furnished accomdation, pet friendly accomadation, airport pick ups etc ? :wubclub:
  25. Guest

    Relocation help

    Hi there, Hubby and I are coming over on a working holiday visa mid august. We've been searching on the net for rental accomdation. Do you know anyone who helps with relocation in WA ? We are also bringing our dog with us, I'm a little worried this will limit the accomdation available but she is very well behaved :cute: thanks guys :wubclub: