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Found 46 results

  1. i have a truly fantastic house up for sale if anyone is interested in swansea south wales please pm me for details carole
  2. Hello, We are relocating to Perth in August of this year and are looking for tips on: - Nice, family oriented suburbs (north of the river) - good state elementary schools (with an English program if possible) - general do's & don'ts thanks in advance for your guidance & comments :cool:
  3. Guest

    Relocating while 175 is pending

    Hi all - I've applied for a subclass 175 visa in Dec 2009 and my nominated occupation is on the CSL and also the new SOL. I've submitted all the requested documents to my CO a month ago and I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm currently in the US and I'm planning on quitting my job and relocating closer back to home for a short period of time. Does anyone have an opinion if this is something advisable to do while while I'm still awaiting a decision on the visa? What might be the potential implications? Thanks.
  4. Hi All At about 2am this morning (UK time) I was headed for bed and I checked my e-mails one last time. I subscribe to something or other (can't remember how I got involved with it) that sends me automatic e-mails about public inquiries that I might be interested in. This one interests me: http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ewr/regionalskills/index.htm The gist of the Inquiry is that the Federal Government realises that persuading enough Aussie workers to relocate to places like Onslow and Karratha to handle the major infrastructure projects which are happening there might be a problem. If they cannot get enough Aussies to relocate from capitals such as Melbourne or Perth to the Regional Towns such as Karratha, how is Australia going to be able to get enough workers to [say, Karratha] in order to complete the Projects unless that Government allows the Project Managers to hire migrant workers from overseas? Julia Gillard is the Minister for the DEEWR. She admits that efforts to persuade the mainly State Capital-dwelling Ozzies to relocate to the sticks, possibly in a different State, has met with only "limited" success in the past. That is, not enough success to make vsiions of Aussies On The Move viable, methinks. Googling it just now, it seems that the Mineral Council of Oz has made a Submission to the DEEWR Standing Committee and the MCA seems to have published its Submission, I think. http://www.minerals.org.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/Gen_Subs/MCA%20Sub_HRComm_Regional%20Skills%20Relocation_FINAL_160410.pdf It appears in the Parliamentary Inquiry's own list of submssions, which was only published a few hours ago: http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ewr/regionalskills/subs.htm The e-mail that I received was about the Public Hearing on Thursday 13th May 2010: http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ewr/regionalskills/hearings.htm According to the e-mail, Skills Australia (the people in charge of devising the new SOL) would be addressing the Publis Hearing in Canbrra earlier today. I was too tired to work out the time difference and watch the live broadcast. I can read what Skills Australia have said in Hansard in a couple of days time instead. The conclusions drawn by this Standing Comittee Inquiry are bound to have a major impact on how many skilled workers will be allowed to migrate to Oz during the next few years and what sorts of skills the migrants would need, I suspect. If anybody has more time during the next few hours or days and can spare some time to delve into this Inquiry and its activities I would be very grateful if you could add to this thread and let us know what you think the whole thing is about and whether you have any impressions about what sort of outcomes are likely. I don't have time to investigate this closely myself right now but I suspect that it is tremendously important for wannabe migrants to Australia. Sorry for any typos. I am at work and I ought to be working, not fooling around on Poms in Oz instead. I get on very well with my current boss, who is an old friend and colleague, but I don't want to risk his wrath......:mad: Cheers Gill
  5. Hi, have spent may hours reading your posts on this website, and would like to ask if there is anyone who can help us out? We are just in the process of booking our flights to Melbourne for October, and need help on finding a holiday let for approx 1 month - 6 weeks, whilst we settle in visit schools for the children and try and sort out more permanant accommodation. Is there anyone who can help with this, or at least point us in the right direction. I regularly check domain and the other main sites. I have also been emailing the primary and high schools in the mount eliza area, does anyone have any first hand experience on these schools, or can simply recommend a good school for both primary and high schools as my children are 7,9 & 11. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi all, We are relocating to Brisbane in September and are looking for some short term accommodation (2 -6 weeks) for when we first arrive and getting settled. If anyone can recommend anyone that may be able to help it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe even a friend or family member that we could house sit for while they are on holiday?? We are looking at moving to Bridgeman Downs area, and we have two young children (3 and 7), so anywhere in north suburbs that is child friendly would be great.
  7. 1) 7KG Top loader Fisher & Paykel 701 washing machine for sale, $200 ONO. Washes clothes brilliantly, has 7 different settings plus lots of different combinations such as spin speed and water temprature plus delayed start by either 1, 6 or 9 hours. Only selling because we are moving to furnished accomadation. 2) Kids/teenager size Pool Table for sale $100 ONO. Dimensions are 4 feet 9 inches long by 2 feet 8 inches wide. Brand New, comes with ALL accessories including al the balls, triangle, table brush, two cues and two chalks. Plus the box for storing the balls. 3) Brand new soccer table for sale $100 ONO. Great for adults/teenagers/kids. Fully assembled, comes with two soccer balls. GREAT FUN!!!! Dimensions are 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. Please call or text me for any info or to arrange to come and have a look any of these items. Thanks. 0420859964. Brisbane Northside area, Redcliffe.
  8. littlelegz

    Relocating to Sydney

    Hi all, We are leaving britain in a few weeks time, and working in sydney for Railcorp who are based in sydney area. Can anyone tell me where a nice place to find rental accomadation is. I would need a house not a flat and a garden,min 2 bedrooms in a nice area but in easy 45min max to sydney. Any help would be graet. Dave
  9. Hi all... some advice is needed please. We are a family of 4 (2 young children) who are looking to relocate as we can't afford to live in NZ due to job restructuring and a major contract loss. My husband is investigating jobs in Melbourne which is great, but, we don't know the first thing about the city. Many have said how cosmopolitan it is which is all very well and good although doesn't really help in real terms. Where are the undesirable areas? What's the education system like? Are there readily available groups to join for young mums? Do we rent? Do we buy? I'm not so keen to move again, but, we need to go where the work and ultimately where the money is. I appreciate this is one long open ended query of a post but would really appreciate it if anyone could offer us any do's and don'ts. Thanks!
  10. Guest

    Relocating pets after quarantine

    My two cats arrive in Sydney on 9/7/09 where they will stay in quarantine. As we will be living in Brisbane I am looking for a company to relocate them on their release - can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks. Linda
  11. Hi all, my family and I are looking forward to relocating to Brisbane by latest summer 2009. We have a young family of two daughters Amy(7), Hannah (5) and little Thomas (2), could you please advise us on how you went about finding places in schools for your children when you emirgrated. What are the best area's to move to in Brisbane, we have freinds in Ormiston & Keepera but would like advice on all areas. We are just waiting for our visa's to come through/ sell the house and we're off, we live in Birmingham and would like to meet up with other couples who are thinking about emirgrating. All the best Anthony, Sarah & family:jiggy:
  12. hi there .. everyone ... i ll just bore you for a minute on my situ and then i will beg for info !! in july 2006 my hubby decided that the UK sucks and as a mechanical engineer working in aerospace he decided wages were rubbish aswell . having spent a wonderful year in his youth ( twenties) in sydney he has been dreaming of going back ever since . i was abit shocked but agreed to do the application ( thinking he would change his mind ..... i mean Oz ??? its miles away and what do they know of irony and good fashion !)but he didn't change his mind. anyway we bought a house to renovate and sell while we were waiting ( that was my plan as i thought once he was more settled here he wouldn't want to leave ....sadly it didn't work ) and we are now coming to the end ) two years later . i had my 2nd daughter and my lovely dad died and that is why we have been slow to finish things and move . we only have three years left on visa and we went out last may to visit my brother who lives in Perth to activate things otherwise we would have lost it . i have to say i was amazed at the beauty the friendliness and yes the culture . i dont know about eastern Oz as i ve never been but my hubs says its even better . anyway back to now . we are currently still finishing annoying last bits on house but have decided against selling as we would like option to come back in a few years if needs be and we can't really afford to sell now . so we re looking in to agencies and their cost ,,,, does anyone have any advice about that ?and what about taking furniture ? is it better to take it out with us and rent unfurnished ? also we are looking at moving to sydney as i believe there is better job opps for my husband . what is average rent for house 3 /4 beds near beach and centre ... does anyone know ? thankyou for readind this .... its been a rough time but we are finally getting round to sorting out his dream !!! last question ...will sydney live up to it ??!! lou xx
  13. Hello all, My partner and I recently was granted Australian PR and I am wondering if you could help me with the following: We have moving over to Melbourne in the second week of April 2009 and we are currently looking for a short term rental for around 4-6 weeks (reasonable priced). Also would you know of any good estate agents for the city (we are looking for inner city suburb apartments) that I could contact in relation to getting a years lease. Thanks very much in advance, PM
  14. Hi everyone, New to site and new to entire prep for relocating to OZ so any and all advise will be greatly appreciated. We would like to move to Mackay and wondered if anyone has used an agent that could sponsor us. I am an office manager and also have a public relations diploma. My husband was a motor mechanic and panel beater and spray painter for approx 20 years and then moved into construction which he has a slinger signaller ticket and dumper ticket. Any advise on the quickest and most cost effective way of doing this. I have completed the on line assesment and been told by a few agents that we qualify but then in the next breath start quoting costs in escess of £4k. Thanks again ZAH0505 :notworthy:
  15. Guest

    H.E.L.P. Moving to Oz

    My boyfriend has been given the opportunity to move to Oz with his work, UK based company, sponsored by a Japanes Company, and us living in Perth, WA, with two small children, 1 in reception year at school. HELP!! I have no idea where to start. I am putting together a cost document for the company on how much for what etc and I have no idea as to living costs and relocation costs from Kent, UK to Perth, WA. Anyone that can point me in the right direction, for visa, relocation, housing, childcare, schooling etc. etc. MUCH APPRECIATED. Songe:eek:
  16. lynnmarsh52

    Aaagggghhhh - help relocating cat!!

    God, I hope someone can help me!! We fly on 3rd Feb and only started making definate plans last week! I know, you don't have to tell me how stupid that is!! But we only found the perfect tennants last week for our house and they needed somewhere asap! So, here I am frantically pulling my hair out trying to pack up the house and all sorts - in just a couple of weeks! The only obstacle that I have at the moment is the cat! I was told before xmas that there would be space for him in quarantine in Feb, but now there isn't! So, ok, the cat can go to my mum's until there's room for him to go in March - no problems so far! Now doing the paperwork, I have to have a DEFRA export health certificate - which is proving practically impossible. Can't get an answer from the number for DEFRA which the vet gave me, can't get anything off their website except for how to import cows! Also need import license from the australian authorities. Can't find anything on the net, except for what medicines I'm allowed to bring in!!! How the hell do I get these bits? I really need someone to help me! PLEASE :cry: Thanx - Lynn x
  17. Hi to you all, :wubclub: Can anyone give me a breakdown of costs to relocate to Australia, from the North East u.k. 1. Flights 2. Shipping 3. Bonds 4. Rent 5. State school fee etc. and anything I may have over looked Could you please give me a rough idea, we have 4 kids between the ages of 15-2yrs and I dont want to be caught short when we get there. :swoon: Thankyou in advance xx
  18. Hi all my name is Katie! I have an opportunity to take a role in Richmond, Melbourne as a relocation package with my current employer in the UK. Recently visited Perth at Chrimbo but no doubt there are differences in Victoria as oppossed to WA. So...all the usual questions. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated by you guys and gals. I've been told that the East side of Melbourne is a nicer place to live. Is this true? What is a reasonable 'ball park' figure for renting and/or buying a 2-3 bedroomed pad a decent area?(hope that's not too vague). What is deemed a good wage in Victoria? 100,000k ? How does the cost of living realistically compare with the UK i.e. Which things are notably dearer and cheaper and in balance, is it cheaper or dearer as a whole? Probably have more questions later. Cheers and thanks for reading. KATIE
  19. :policeman:To Everybody who is moving any where in Australia. As we all know all of us are very excited with the prospect of moving to the land of milk and honey and we wait patiently for our belongings and valuables to be shipped over. Unfortunately for a family who only a couple of days ago had there container delivered unpacked carefully all day and then popped out only for 20mins to get a takeaway. When they returned home they found that thieves had broken in and taken all their electrical appliances plasma tv, kids computers etc. They hadn't sorted out their contents insurance as it had only just been delivered. The area is very new with brand new houses so all be very vigilant. These thieves had been watching them so how many are WATCHING YOU!!! Hope this helps :no:
  20. Guest

    Relocating houses

    Hi guys Does anyone know or have you heard of website/link for relocating queenslanders? Watched a programme a little while ago and have been told there's a place in Queensland, but not sure where. You can walk into a field full of houses, pick the one you like and they deliver it on the back of a truck. Don't know if they have a website, would be interested to have a view if they do, so please if you do know of it please let us know. Thanks. Eddie and Tina:idea:
  21. Guest

    Relocating to Perth??

    Hello everyone, I have been on this website a few times and got great help for my queries, but i thought id better introduce us now that we are well into the process and things seem a bit more real..!! Scary Mary!!! Im mel (37) hubby Ed (31) and 3 sproggs (8,5 & 1)and were heading for Perth early next year. Im a nurse and am applying for skilled visa and will work full time while Ed will have the pleasure of chilcare and "domestic management" .....!! Ive come up with areas like Hilaries, Joondalup, Duncraig,Carine, slightly north of perth central...Has anyone got any experience of these areas?? I would love to hear from anyone else heading for Perth... We dont have any relatives or friends(yet) in Perth so it would be excellent to hear from anyone else planning to make the move there.. Thanks Melanie..