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Found 46 results

  1. Moobear

    Very beginning

    Hi everyone, My family and I are in the very beginning of our process (covid has of course put a pause on it) we know we want to come over using a 189 visa. However we don’t know exactly where in Australia we want to go and would love some advice from those in the know. We have two kids (8 and 2) and them attending good schools is a MUST for us. My partner is an electrician and neither of us drive so would need to be somewhere there are local or commutable work opportunities. We would also love to be walking distance to the beach as we live in a coastal town now and our favourite thing to do is walk to the beach. Thanks for reading
  2. Hi everyone , myself and my wife are wanting to move from Perth to North Queensland around this time next year once we have broken free of the shackles of our 457 visa. I have lived in Home Hill , and Bowen and think the pace of life would suit us perfectly. Just wondering how people think we would fare looking for work and which area would be more promising .. I plastered back home for over 6 years (not sand cement too much) but will have been scaffolding up north in the mines almost 2 years by time we move and my wife is a mental health community coordinator. I know the mining industry has slowed oz wide and therefor Im prepared to look at doing whatever suits work wise but my wife will specifically looking for work in her field. Does construction etc really slow down when the wet season hits ? We plan to do a weeks holiday in october from cairns down to mackay just tp get a feel for where we will officially try and lay roots .. man the house prices are amazing in comparison to here in Perth .. really excited at the prospect of living back in the gorgeous north queensland
  3. :wink: If you are moving overseas can highly recommend ReloUK especially if you live in the South East (West and East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey etc) This is a company on the up and the man at the helm, a really clued up businessman goes above and beyond to make sure you get the same quality service as the big guys (John Mason, Pickfords etc) and ReloUk are nowhere near as expensive. We moved out here and the service they provided was faultless. Always good to go on recommendations. We dealt with Billy Cook, Consultant working out of the Pevensey office and he was so helpful at explaining the moving process and made our experience of moving 9000 miles away far less stressful. Plus no breakages or damages...always a plus.
  4. Hey does anybody know of any meets or groups in Bunbury or the surrounding areas here on the west coast? Originally from South Yorkshire recently moved here from the US and have been in Bunbury only 7 months. Also if anybody knows of people moving out from the UK that need assistance here on the ground for Place to stay, getting a car, getting registered with a GP and generally getting setup I would be happy to help as its still fresh in my mind… the wife’s back in the US right now and I have time on my hands and the cats getting bored with the conversations Thanks K. I also just had a caravan shipped from the UK so shipping and clearance is even fresher in my mind
  5. I am relocating my family to Sydney in September on a Business sponsored 457 visa. We have two young girls aged 6 and 4. My office is based in Neutral Bay but we are likely to live in the Eastern suburbs, Rose bay or Bronte as we have friends in these areas. Mosman is also an option as it will be close to work. Can anyone help with one or all of the following questions. What are the good schools to look at? How difficult will It be to enrol in the schools if we don't arrive until September? Should we do this before we leave? Will my girls get into Catholic schools if they are not baptised although I am a Catholic? How negotiable is the rental market, 3 bed houses seem to be in the region of $1200 a week upwards? How long would the commute be from Rose bay to Neutral bay if I was driving at 7am? Can my wife work on my business sponsored 457 visa? We are planning to take a container of furniture. Is there any point bringing white goods and TV's? Will they be compatable? I have tons more questions but any help with these would be great Thanks in Advance Mark
  6. Guest

    Relocating to Brisbane?

    Hi I'm English and have decided to make beautiful Brisbane my home. If you are taking the plunge and moving to Brisbane please check out my website: http://www.moveover.com.au Emigrating is never easy but Brisbane is a fabulous place! Good Luck to everyone Jackie
  7. Hi, my partner and I have been lurking in the shadows of PIO for what seems like years!!! She is an Aussie citizen, returning home, I'm coming in on the "I'm with her visa" (OK, the 309/100 sub-class). We have been planning this since 2006! The planets are aligning and at last we have been able to tell people - what a relief.......!! Living together for 8 years, so defacto visa no problem. Business interests in UK and Oz, so job not really a problem - though I may start on a contract job first to fill the coffers more! Location not firm yet, though will start in Rockingham, WA staying with family and use it as base-camp for road-trips (and air-trips!) to find the ideal piece of land. ETA in WA? Well....target August-October, visa and 'leave to remove' permitting..... Interested in hooking up with people that know the Rockingham area (we lived there for for almost a month, but only checked out the beach!). Info needed about schools (especially Rockingham Senior High - anyone got kids doing the maritime programme?), dentists, doctors etc. Woo-hoo!! We're on our way! And the GBP/AUD rate is FINALLY creeping in the right direction!
  8. Guest

    Starting the whole process

    Hello there, I'm looking for ANY advice that people have with regard to relocating to Melbourne. We are a family of 3, Aus husband, 4 yr old son and me, British citizen applying for spouse visa. Visa not a problem. I am trying to get my head around the move. I am likely to be able to get agency work as a nurse as I have before, but the thought of being without our stuff for 3 months fills me with dread and I don't know what we will do! We plan to travel for approx 8 weeks on the way. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk! We are so excited, but have lots of questions. All help will be really appreciated. Claire, Luke and Charley ))
  9. Guest

    relocating to adelaide

    Hi, I am new to the site, myself and family are currently waiting for our 457 visa to be finalised and then we will be on our way.(hopefully) My husband has been offered a position on the Dampier project but we will be moving to adelaide as he has family there. He will fly in and out on a rota bases for his job so it will just be and my 2 boys aged 9 and 5 living in adelaide. Just really wanted to touch base and see if there is anyone who can offer us any advice on relocating. I've been doing some research but i'm finding it hard to get my head around all the information out there. lol I'm nervous about what to expect, and i'm pretty clueless about what i should be looking for in an area to settle in. I really like the look of Hallet Cove area but most important to me is good schools for my boys. I am looking forward to being able to spend more time outside(english weather doesn't really allow for that) and getting my boys involved in clubs etc. As i've never visited and have no friends there, i will be starting from scratch any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was told there is quite a large expat community online and would like to get involved in that if possible. Thanks for reading Lisa
  10. Hi everyone, I have a quick questions...... probrobly a common one too.... I am looking into the possibility of shipping around a third of a 20ft container over to Perth from Glasgow in the coming weeks and have been given a quote from a couple of companies. However, I have been quoted over 2000 pounds plus a 3% insurance charge and 245 aquis charge when the container arrives in Perth..... I thought this was quite expensive as I only live in a small 2 Bed house here in the UK. Is this expensive or are my heads in the clouds??? Also if anyone could recommend some Relocating Compaines this would be very helpful??? Any other comments are welcome!! Thanks
  11. Hi All, just registered on here - looks like a great site. We have relatives in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney - though none immediate sadly. I'm over the age which qualifies for points and so is my wife. Our children are 16 and 17. My wife is a teaching assistant and I am a Project Manager (Software and Bureau Operations). I contacted a Visa company and had a free evaluation which basically said I needed sponsorship as we didn't automatically have enough points and would need to secure a job first. Thanks for any help you can give :smile: Cheers, Simon.
  12. Hi, Myself, my partner and our 1 year old son are looking to relocate to queensland next year. I am currently in early stages of applying for permanent residency for queensland and am completing the skills assessment. I am a clinical nurse specialist in substance misuse and was looking for similar roles in the same field but unfortunately I am not finding many, if any in Queensland. Does Queensland offer many job opportunities for drug and alcohol nurses? Should I be looking at other states? Please can someone help or point me in the right direction as I am worried I may not be able to find a job. Thanks
  13. Hi, My family and I moved from the UK to Brisbane six months ago and now my work have offered me a promotion on the condition that I move to Sydney. In brisbane we live in a good area by the sea in a 4 bedroom house with a pool for under $600pw. We are next to a great free public shool and I can commute to work in under an hour so moving will be hard. I'll get a decent pay rise but I am resigned to the fact that the cost of living in sydney will eat all of it up. Can anyone advise me on the best place to live in Sydney. Our requirements are: Family oriented area. Low crime and anti-social behaviour 3-4 Bedroom house for upto $1000 p.w. Good primary schools for two boys (4 and 6). Either public or private (<$10k per year). Max 45 Minutes to the Circular Quay area by public transport. Close to the beaches (max 20 mins). I have looked at Mosman and Manly both look good but there aren't a lot of properties in our budget. Any locals know of areas that are almost as good but cheaper?
  14. Guest

    Relocating Funds?

    Hi all, I am moving to perth in april. I have been granted WA state nomination. Is Relocating fund as asked in the sponsorship letter is necessary? Please sugguest.:huh:
  15. Hi All, We are in negotiations with OH company over relocation to Brisbane. They will only pay 50% of flight and shipping costs. This move wasn't planned and with me at home for the last few years with two little ones our savings have somewhat dwindled. We are looking to make some savings and just wondered what others have done. For example our youngest is 1.5yrs and strictly speaking we don't have to buy him a seat on the plane (£500 saved) however would this just make a long flight horrendous? Do they take kids in the hold :twitcy: only joking! We could cut down the amount we are shipping, currently sole use of 20ft container (£3800 plus AQIS and insurance). Would this go down much or just cost us more when we get there having to replace stuff? Thoughts anyone pls?
  16. Guest

    Cost of relocating to Mackay

    I expect to be moving to work in Mackay just before Christmas. I have been horrified by the price of property and the general cost of living there though. My quick question is this: how much money would I need in my back pocket ($AUSD) to get the essentials of relocating sorted out when I move out and even before I start working? e.g. first month's rent and bond, cost of furnishing apartment (as it seems finding a reasonable furnished apartment is nigh on impossible), buying car, insurance for car etc. Thanks so much for all your help guys.
  17. Guest


    :confused:can any one help we are relocating to Darwin because of work and are looking for house sitting position long term in that region have been going though different sites none have Darwin or surounds So am hoping that some one here can help
  18. Hi folks, We are looking at relocating from Queensland to WA this year sometime and I have a few questions.....(Many of which, I know, will have been answered before!). We've spent 12 years now in Queensland in various locations (Brisbane, Townsville, Hervey Bay and currently the Sunshine Coast) and did spend one year in Adelaide but hated the cold. This is my first question; 1) What's the weather REALLY like in Perth? My wife and I like the heat but more especially, we like warm evenings which we didn't get in Adelaide. As soon as the sun set in Adelaide, it went cold. What's Perth like for this? I know there is less humidity in WA but does this SIGNIFICANTLY affect the night time temps? 2) We also HATE the rain! 3) Which suburbs are desirable on our budget of $500K? I've been looking north of Perth in places like; Wanneroo, Clarkson, Butler and even as far as Yanchep (Don't mind the travel). Any advice? (just me and my wife, late 40's) 4) What are the areas to avoid? i.e. crime rates, bogons etc! 5) What is a WA winter like? As alluded to before, my wife and I (especially my wife!) HATE the cold and panic when it gets to 20 degrees! 6) I have been a manager in the sales industry (construction) for some time now, what are the job prospects like? (My wife is an employment consultant) 7) Any other advice for two acclimatised Poms would be most grateful Cheers!
  19. Hi there to anyone that can provide me with any current information regarding tickets and clearances to be a Carpenter/Joiner in Australia. I am a carpenter Joiner with 35 years experience and I have city and guilds I have previously worked in Sydney in the late eighties early nineties where I had a gold licence and I then worked in Perth from the mid nineties to early 2000 and then I unfurtuneatly had to return back to the UK. We are now wanting to return and give Adelaide a try but it seems that in the nine years that we have been gone alot has changed I have been reading in the threads that we now need blue cards and what are vetassess? do I have to sit trade tests? do I have to take any other courses such as a two day bookeeping course? or can I just come back and continue as before?:arghh: Very confused
  20. I've noticed on a couple of threads that there are a few people relocating (or have relocated) to Brisbane this year. I thought that it would be good if all those relocating (or those already relocated) could sign-up to this thread so that we can all keep tabs on each other and - in the not too distant future - meet-up in Brisbane? We're flying out to Brisbane on 27 July 2010 and will be looking to live in or around the Kenmore / The Gap / Sinnamon Park / Chapel Hill / Ashgrove areas. Matt (34), Sharon (34), Jacob (5), Isobel (21 months)
  21. We are moving over on 4th Dec to NOR, we are in a holiday rental until 18th. What do you think our chances are at finding a 6/12 month rental in that 2 week period? I know the realestate won't even entertain you until you are there, but I have suddenly gone into serious panic mode that we might have to just take anything we can, or worse still not get anything and be homeless on Christmas Day! Our house sale has gone through really quick so thought it would be better to get over there a.s.a.p to get the boys settled before they start school, but now I'm having serious doubts and feeling that we must of been a bit niave about it all, has anyone been in this situation? can anyone give me any good pointers?:wub:
  22. Guest

    Relocating to Australia

    Hi All, I am a new member and I was just wondering if anyone could offer advice, tips, and information on relocating to Australia. I just turned 25 and I graduate this Spring with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Business Administration. I currently work with kids who have Autism and would like to work in a Human Services field in Australia. I have never been to Australia and plan on visiting Melbourne this summer to celebrate my graduation. I have always wanted to settle in Australia mostly because of the Healthcare system. I was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 21 and I have been Cancer free for 3 years now but as most people know the US Healthcare system lacks both quality and access to those who have a pre-existing condition. I have been told that the job opportunities are great and the cultural diversity is limitless. With all of this being said, I am very much intimidated by the process of relocating to Australia from the visa application to the costs. It just seems so daunting. Any advice and information would be very much appreciated.
  23. Say if the chance to emigrate is no longer an option and you did not want to stay in your current immediate area - which part of the UK/Eire would you prefer to be in? Or for those of you who have returned from Oz/abroad - have you moved to a different area than where you originally lived in the UK/Eire. What are the merits of the new area over where you were previously? I have travelled to a lot of areas in the UK (mostly through previous jobs or holidays - although all motorways look the same when you are a sales rep :SLEEP:) but have never moved far from where I grew up. I dont think that I will stay here for many more years though and will probably move to another part of the UK if emigration is not an option. Where are you and where would you rather be if you had to stay in the UK?
  24. Hello, I currently live in tamworth in the UK. My husband works for AECOM and has just got a job which will be in Melbourne. Not sure where to live in Melbourne.....need a garden though, don't want to live anywhere rough, we've been checking out crime rates for all areas in Melbourne. Is Glen Eira ok??? seems to be, but does anyone live there? We have no leaving dates yet, but his work is sorting everything out. I keep feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing but I suppose that's only natural. We have a 19 month old girl, who I hope to put in to nursery after a couple of months as I hope to find work on a part-time basis, hopefully with the police. I really up for a new change, my husbands visa is for 4 years, I will rent my gaff out, so if we don't like it we can come back, but hopefully it will be a good crack. I have travelled round Oz back in '99, but this will be a lot different. Hello to any new people, speak to you soon:wacko:
  25. Debbie Emblem

    Relocating to Melbourne

    Any advise please. We're relocating to Melbourne in January with our 6 year old son. Never been to Melbourne before, never mind Australia! Can you let us know which are the nicest and most reasonable suburbs to move to. We're thinking about Geelong, Sunbury and the Eastern Suburbs. Also looking for a good primary school. Can any Mum's and Dad's recommend a school? As if we haven't got enough on our plate, we're bringing our pet dog with us. How difficult is it to find rented accommodation which will allow dogs. We're going to be in a Serviced Apartment for the 1st month, but really need to rent once our dog is out of quarantine.