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Found 145 results

  1. Hope someone can put me straight? Nursing registration? We are going to QLD. Do we need to apply to the ANMC, then the the QNMC and THEN put in for our visa? I know you can not apply to the QNMC until you have passed the ANMC but can you apply to the QNMC the same time that you stick in for your visa to make it quicker? Hope that makes sense! Many thanks JOHN
  2. Guest

    School registration

    Hi Guys. :confused: Once again I must appologise if this sounds obv. to everyone else....but, we arrive in Oz on 11th Dec,and I was wondering wheather it be wise to register the kids for school before christmas or after, and would I be expected to do this in person or call/email them first. What sort of records would I need to take with me? Things just seem to have crept up on me with regards to this sort of stuff, Iv been busy organising, flight, shipping, new tennants etc and never really gave a thought to my admin. Eeeek and now Im getting just a wee bit worried that Im going to have a million and one things to sort out in 3 weeks and that I might leave somthing off the list. Thanks again. xx
  3. Could anyone please give us any advice as to how long the ANMC and QLDNMC assessments take? Also how long does the assessment stay valid for? And I take it that we have to have these done before we put in for the visa? JOHN
  4. Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone could help me as i am getting increasingly confused...not difficult for me!! I have just received my registration from the nurses board of Victoria, but now i am worrying in case i should have sent off to the ANMC as well for skills assessment?? Does anyone know whether you need both for the ENS/121 visa, or do i not actually need the skills assessment for this particular visa?? Claire xx
  5. mrscat

    nursing registration

    Can i ask for a bit of advice from all you nurses out there. I am hoping to work in queensland, however I know i have to register with the queensland health to obtain my registration to work there, however do i still need to register with the australian nursing and midwifery council as well? We are hoping to settle there permenantly but are going on a 475 visa initially. Do i just register with them both at the same time? thanks
  6. Hey everyone just a few questions again! if any one can answrr anything that would be greart! Do you know if your employer can start applying for the sponsership visa for you before you have registration? What happens if your arrival date in Australia is before you have the sponsership visa granted! cheers
  7. Guest

    vehicle registration

    Hi, we are thinking about bringing our car from the UK to Queensland when we emigrate, does anybody know what is involved with registering the vehicle. many thanks - katherine
  8. hi all my agent's registration in mara is not there he has not renewed it he says ..he is not doing it my visa process is on the way 175 will it affect my visa? in what way?? regards, Jack
  9. hoorayhenry

    Changing Car Registration

    Hi everyone Just a quickie - I arrived in QLD (thinking I was going to be living there!) and bought a car there. I am now living in Victoria so do I need to change the car rego to Victoria? Is it compulsory? If so, any ideas of cost? Thanks everyone! HH xxx
  10. mr luvpants

    ANMC registration

    been looking at the ANMC website.we were hoping to get this part done as soon as my wife qualifies (dec) but reading this I dont think we can? I have highlighted the bit that is confusing me. It says : The English Language Proficiency Test is waived where applicants have met the educational and practising requirements for English language. Education: Completed nursing and midwifery education programs leading to registration in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. OR Completed nursing and midwifery programs in Canada and gained registration in Canada through an examination that was in English. OR Completed nursing and midwifery programs in South Africa and gained registration in South Africa through education that was conducted in English. OR Completed a degree in Australia (on-shore) for at least 4 semesters, 2 years full time study, within the last two years prior to application. Please note that evidence of English is required for point 2 and 3. This evidence is usually included on the transcript or in a letter from the training institution. Practising (currently working as a Nurse or Midwife): To waive the English language requirement, an applicant must work in an English speaking country for a period of no less than twelve (12) months fulltime in one of the countries named below, and the work experience must have occurred no more than six (6) months prior to the date of the application – countries: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will need to complete one of the two English Language Proficiency Tests as described above. Please Note: The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) may require nurses/midwives to undertake an English Language Proficiency Test even where ANMC has waived this requirement. Please contact DIAC for further information. Some one put us out of our misery please! JOHN
  11. Hey, Wonder if anyone could help me, I am a nurse and wanting to find out how to get Queensland state registration - I have sent an e-mail to the QNC but got no reply. Also, OH is a builder and he'll need trade card - ? green/ blue blue card (not sure on colour). Visa application was lodged on 1/07/08. Does anyone know how long it's taking before case officer is assigned or how long its taking fro visa's on average to be allocated. So many questions, sorry! JO :realmad:
  12. Guest

    Nursing registration WA

    HI all , How long does it take approx for nursing registration in wa? thanks you !! lianne
  13. Hi I am hoping to migrate with my hubby under HIS 175 Visa. I am a registered nurse and want to know if i need to apply via AMNC for a skills assesement or can i just register with which ever state we end up living in.I Have searched previous threads but they all seem to relate to people needing skills assessment for thier own nursing visa. Can anybody give advise
  14. Hi everyone I'm looking to buy a new car and pick it up from Brisbane when I arrive. The car sales woman has said to register the car in my name and to put number plates on I need an Oz driving licence (which I obviously don't have) OR get a customer reference number. Can anyone help me in this? Is it correct what she has said and, if so, how do I get a customer ref number? Thanks in advance HHx
  15. Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it takes to register with the nursing board of western Australia please? (We have just sold our house!!!) Thanks,Sarah.:cute:
  16. koalakids

    Nursing registration in Victoria

    Hi! Everyone, I have been trying to download the application form for nurse registration from the NBV site. It won't let me open it at all. I have tried other ways in but they keep getting blocked. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I was wondering if any of you PIO ers had kept a copy of this doc so I could use it? We are stiil hoping to leave in June so only 21 weeks left to tie up all the loose ends!! Thanks for any help. KK
  17. Hi, We have just been granted our visa and all is feeling a bit topsy turvey at mo, nothing more so than the process of getting ajob when we finally arrive. :goofy: We applied under Dave's trade - carpentry etc, but I am a secondary English and Media teacher and am hoping to get mysel registered etc before we go. Am really concerned about registration process etc and would be grateful for any tips or hints about the whole process. I did the traditional route of BA and then a PGCE - rather than a BED. Is this generally acceptable?? I have been a mentor for trainee teachers for 8 years and have a fair bit of experience, especially in challenging schools. Does this count or is it all tick boxes and letters after your name? I have also read (somewhere??) that I need transcipts of my courses; is this degree and post grad, or just post grad? And what exactly is an acceptable transcript? I did a pilot scheme course - which has since been adopted with modification - and not sure a true outline of the course would exist!! ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Guest

    Nurse Registration NSW

    Hi there, New to PiO, so I've got my 1st question? I'm about to start the process of applying for nurse registration in NSW, any hints or tips on what's what and how long it's likely to take. Thanks Shona:v_SPIN:
  19. Hi all Thought I would share this info with you as I know there are quite a few plumbers/plumbers wives on here struggling to find out how the system works for Registration/licensing in Oz. I have been wondering if people, like my OH, who have already passed their TRA would be able do to the new stage three - practical skills test to gain Registration, whilst still in the UK?????? I have sent numerous e-mails to numerous people and I have finally got an answer from VETASSESS (the new training body for tra) this is what they have said: Unfortunately, the assessment process VETASSESS will be providing from September 1 will be a single assessment process - ie, it will not be split into two separate services of a Competency Profile (paper-based assessment) and the Practical Skills Assessment. The explanation and fee structure for the assessment is staggered into three stages to ensure that only applicants who have a chance of passing the practical skills assessment pay that part of the assessment fee - this means that in order to undertake the practical assessment you would have to begin from scratch and complete the Competency Profile first, even though you have already passed your TRA assessment. Practical Skills Assessments are unlikely to be scheduled before January 2008. You will need to weigh up the factors and decide whether the cost and time involved is worth pursuing the VETASSESS assessment, or whether it would be quicker and/or cheaper to pursue another option (licensing course). So basically.............. we would have to wait till begin 2008 and pay just over $2000 or still have to do it the old fashioned way of waiting till your in Oz, waiting for a Registration course to come up at you local TAFE college and then get your Registration/License that way !!!!!!!!! Some plumbers only bother with Registration and then get licensed plumbers within their firm to sign their work off, but obviously they get paid less ! It makes me mad......... :arghh: especially as most plumbers like my OH have already paid for and done all this in the UK (City & Guilds, Corgi, ACS, Gas safety & heat efficiency etc., etc., !!!!!!) Anyhow, the new system seems much better (and pricier!!) but at least you end up Registerd and can start work straight away when you get to Oz !!! Heres the link below for anyone applying under the new system: Good luck :wacko: http://www.vetassess.com.au/index.cfm?menu=1.3a
  20. bruce 7

    Nursing registration

    Help, using hubbies log in as desperately need advice about nursing registration. We've got our visa and eventually I'm getting round to getting registered in Oz. It says you need a certified copy of initial registration!!! I registered with the UKCC in 1994 and don't have the original copy of that, I phoned the NMC and they sent a statement of entry which shows my initial registration date, will that be okay or am I going to have problems. Help, please, hoping to have this sent off on Friday.